Birthday Cone


On any given day there is a debate going on in my house.

Here are some of the latest…

1) Best Pop Tart Flavor…

2) Are chickens dinosaurs?

3)  Best Journey song…

4) Can you really tell the difference between 2% and Whole Milk?

5) Are tennis balls yellow or green?

6) Cup O’ Noodles vs. Chef Boyardee

7) Would you run and hide or unite and conquer when zombies take over the land?

I am sure you are sincerely concerned with my answers on these most difficult and important life questions…

Geez, stop begging already!

1) Brown Sugar Cinnamon, 2) No, 3) Separate Ways, 4) No, 5) Yellow, 6) Cup O’ Noodles, 7)  run and hide (duh)

You might have a difference of opinion, but I’m just gonna tell you that you are wrong.

My answers are clearly the most accurate, based on years of research.

Our most recent disagreement has lead me to today’s post.

You all know what Drumsticks are, right?  They are a delicious pre-packaged ice cream cone that come in lots of flavors.

Here’s where the disagreement begins…

What is the best part of the Drumstick?

One of my son’s says, “The ice cream”

Wrong answer.

My husband says, “The nuts on top”

Wronger answer.

I now begin wondering who it is I live with and what alien has invaded their body.

Clearly, the correct answer is the chocolate at the bottom of the cone.  There is no other answer!

So, in that vein I decided to one-up the Drumstick.

How you say?

With frosting.  Get on board people.

Delicious buttercream frosting at the bottom of your favorite ice cream cone just seems like an idea that should have been invented long ago.

I deem it the birthday cone…but you know as well as I do that there needn’t be a birthday to enjoy frosting.  It’s one of my golden rules.

Let’s begin….

Here’s what you’ll need:

Ice Cream, Frosting, Sprinkles, an ice cream cone and Chocolate syrup..if you’re feeling messy!

Now take a generous tablespoon of frosting and push it into the bottom of the cone.

Now fill the cone with your favorite ice cream.

Top with syrup and sprinkles and you’re done!

There are so many variation on this the possibilities are endless!

Have a great weekend!

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Angie @ Bigbearswife
July 29, 2011 6:57 pm

ooooo wonderful!! I love it! I made drumsticks weekend before last and I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!

bridget {bake at 350}
July 29, 2011 7:01 pm

Oh, you are so right…the CHOCOLATE!!! But now that frosting enters the picture, I’m going to say FROSTING! 🙂

July 29, 2011 7:03 pm


July 29, 2011 7:18 pm

Dipping it in Magic Shell instead of Hershey’s would also be tasty, and now they have a cupcake flavor of Magic Shell!

Lauren at Keep It Sweet
July 29, 2011 7:29 pm

So cute, love it!

Patti S
Patti S
July 29, 2011 7:29 pm
You are so right…the chocolate in the cone and the cone itself with said chocolate are the best part. In our house we have arguments over what they’re actually called. My husband calls them nutty buddies, I call them drumsticks or sundae cones. I agree with the pop tarts and cup o’ noodles too, and Best Journey song..yep, Separate Ways..great song! Although Don’t Stop Believin’ is real close. My daughter had the orchestra version play for the processional at her wedding a couple weeks ago. ? ….but the zombie thing I have to disagree with ya on that one…I gots… Read more »
Deliciously Organic
July 29, 2011 7:32 pm

I love this idea!! So adorable.

Meghan @ Domestic Sugar
July 29, 2011 7:32 pm

I would run from zombies. They do not work well with others. Super delicious looking. I love that Ice cream!

July 29, 2011 7:48 pm

I love this Shelly! If I make these I’ll have to add the candle, even though it’s no one’s birthday. It just seems like the right thing to do. 🙂

July 29, 2011 7:51 pm

Right away I thought chocolate….now I see how wrong I am. Frosting is genius and I never thought of chickens and dinosaurs but now I might.

July 29, 2011 8:01 pm

My favorite part is the chocolate, I totally agree with you. But of course, as a buttercream lover I would go for it also.

July 29, 2011 8:15 pm

Love this birthday treat!

July 29, 2011 8:22 pm

This is great! Everything is better with a little frosting 🙂

July 29, 2011 8:45 pm

yummy!!!!!!!!!!.like ur idea

July 29, 2011 9:02 pm

omg i just died and went to fatgirl heaven!

July 29, 2011 9:35 pm

Besides great taste and texture, frosting works perfectly in preventing drips from the bottom of the cone. Can’t wait to try it!
Thanks for answering all those pressing questions, Shelly:)

July 29, 2011 9:55 pm

well . . . i beg to differ but THE CONE is the best part of a drumstick . . . BUT i must also concede that i’m rather ‘meh’ about chocolate except on occasion . . . yes, i am weird . . . but you already knew that, right???

July 29, 2011 10:10 pm

I am right there with you…the chocolate in the bottom is the BEST part! How about melted chocolate on top and underneath the frosting??? Best of both world and sure to keep the zombies away:-)

Georgia Pellegrini
July 29, 2011 10:15 pm

As someone who is not very good at baking, this is a dessert I can totally get behind!

Tara @ Chip Chip Hooray
July 29, 2011 10:16 pm

These are adorable!! (By the way. You’re totally right about the chocolate at the bottom of the cone. Psh. It is essential to ice cream enjoyment! …but I still think tennis balls are green. Sorry. :P)

July 29, 2011 10:37 pm

Totally the chocolate at the end of the cone. It actually works quite well around here because I eat the chocolate coating, my husband eats the ice cream, then I get the last half ot the cone with the chocolate in it!

Jessica Martin
July 29, 2011 10:55 pm

My favorite pop tarts are the brown sugar and cinnamon! Feel free to check out my blog!:)

Cookie Sleuth
July 29, 2011 11:21 pm

It depends on the day what my favorite is! Right now I want something crunchy… 🙂

Maris (In Good Taste)
July 30, 2011 12:07 am

I love this!

Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen
July 30, 2011 12:26 am

You are a genius! Frosting really should be it’s own food group, it’s goes well with everything. And I totally agree with you on everything, especially that the chocolate at the bottom of the cone is the best part, I mean who doesn’t know that?

July 30, 2011 12:45 am

Have you tried a Skors Drumstick. It has caramel in the bottom! Much better than a regular old drumstick!

July 30, 2011 2:25 am

How very appropriate. It’s my birthday 🙂

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve been so busy doing my own blog that I haven’t stopped by in a while! You changed your design!! It looks awesome 🙂

Thanks for always posting the BEST stuff!

{Sweet Treats Thursdays}

July 30, 2011 2:26 am

–also, the chocolate at the bottom of the cone is CLEARLY the best part.

July 30, 2011 3:22 am

this little cone is something that anyone can do! That is awesome…in other news, I like brown sugar cinnamon too, but would challenge your journey selection.

July 30, 2011 5:27 am

What a great post and the answer to so many of life’s questions…but I’m with your hubby…I like the nuts on the top… However, I like your version better than the store bought!

Elizabeth L in Apex, NC
Elizabeth L in Apex, NC
July 30, 2011 11:14 am

Girl! That is the best idea since, like… well, since the Reese’s Stuffed Crescent Rolls! It’s the perfect reason to save just a little of that buttercream. Word.

July 30, 2011 5:33 pm

You are SO right. Obvi. I always lived for that chocolate…except it was usually all melty when I got to the end! You could have so much fun with the buttercream, playing with flavor combos!

July 30, 2011 9:14 pm

I love this idea! I agree with a commenter about using Magic Shell around the cone, but … what about putting magic shell on TOP OF the frosting! Then ice cream, more magic shell and sprinkles? 🙂

Diane {Created by Diane}
July 30, 2011 11:35 pm

what a yummy looking cone that is 🙂

July 31, 2011 3:15 am

You made me LOL, THRICE! Terrible joke, only Golden Girls watchers get that joke. You should email my hubby and tell him its almost my birthday and things like this really win wife points =)

Kjersti Helberg
July 31, 2011 5:41 am

I forgot to comment on this on Friday but it was so perfect that you posted this idea the day you did! 🙂 My little brothers birthday! He was on a birthday vacay but it will be fun to do this for him when he gets back.

July 31, 2011 5:57 am

This is FANTASTIC!! I definitely need to make me one! Thanks for making me laugh, too 🙂
FYI, I gave you an award today on my blog 🙂

Amy | She Wears Many Hats
August 1, 2011 1:21 pm

I’m on board. Just don’t leave without me. Yummy!

August 2, 2011 2:45 pm

AMEN SISTER! BTW, I’ve been lurking around here for months and love the look of your new design. However, I’m uber-lazy and like to just scroll down & see your whole posts rather than having to exert all that extra energy & click on each older post… That being said, YOU ARE HILARIOUS and get funnier by the minute! I love this post – and you’re so right about the chocolate in the Drumstick. The frosting inside is an even better idea. GENIUS!

Heather@ Sweet Sins
August 2, 2011 4:00 pm

I love the bday cone! I think this is a great idea!!!

August 3, 2011 6:46 pm

What a darling idea! Icing, ice cream, sprinkles, chocolate sauce & a cone? *heaven*

Cori Melzard
August 7, 2011 11:39 pm

Oh dear lord, I couldn’t agree more! I do this too, except I use Nutella!!

August 17, 2011 3:54 pm

I’m thinking pb icing with chocolate ice cream. Yummmmm!