Cookies and Cups Chronicling my life in sugar Sun, 01 Feb 2015 18:58:34 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Sugar Break… Fri, 30 Jan 2015 14:00:29 +0000 Like I told you guys last week, I am knee deep in book photography and recipe testing. Actually waist deep. Or neck deep. Whatever. It’s deep… So instead of fooding it today for you. I am going rogue. Let’s talk. 1. That picture of cupcakes up there are for my book. Can’t sha...]]> 17 Honey Whole Wheat Peanut Butter Cookies Thu, 29 Jan 2015 15:31:15 +0000 These Honey Whole Wheat Peanut Butter Cookies are soft and delicious. The whole wheat flour adds a nutty flavor and the honey is a nice way to sweeten naturally! January is just about over… Dare I ask if you stuck to your resolution? I mean, assuming that your resolution had to do with calorie...]]> 7 Smoky Cauliflower “Mac and Cheese” Tue, 27 Jan 2015 23:47:25 +0000 Smoky Gouda Cauliflower “Mac and Cheese” isn’t really mac and cheese…there is no pasta involved and you won’t miss it AT ALL!! SO delicious!!!! OK, this recipe is totally off the beaten path for me. I mean unless you consider the loads of gorgeous cheese sauce. So yeah,...]]> 6 Orange Pound Cake Sun, 25 Jan 2015 22:58:34 +0000 This Orange Pound Cake is so soft and fluffy and it’s  flavored with fresh orange juice and zest. SO good!! Today we’re going to talk about Orange Pound Cake. Now, before you yawn and act all bored, just give me one quick sec, kay? Pound Cake is ALWAYS a solid choice. I mean, except when...]]> 46 Friday Chat Fri, 23 Jan 2015 14:29:37 +0000 Oh hi friends… I am so tired. So. Dang. Tired. The past 2 weeks I have chained myself to my kitchen. On purpose, of course. I’ve been knee deep in desserts! Not a bad problem to have, I guess! You see, I had this BRILLIANT idea that I would take 3 weeks in January and remake all my recip...]]> 27 Cheesy Chicken and Bow Tie Pasta Thu, 22 Jan 2015 12:58:39 +0000 Cheesy Chicken and Bow Tie Pasta…a simple totally yummy weeknight dinner! I am so sorry to do this to you guys… I mean not REALLY sorry, but kinda sorry. My overuse of cheesy dinner recipes has clearly become issue… But the thing is, I have been craving cheesy-cozy like whoa…...]]> 8 Quick, Simple and Delicious 30 Minute Meals Mon, 19 Jan 2015 13:20:15 +0000 I’ve got some Quick, Simple and Delicious 30 Minute Meals all in one place for you! I am ALWAYS looking for easy meals…like all the time. I really don’t do complicated at dinnertime. I mean after a whole day of doing stuff, last thing I need is to get all up in the kitchen and do m...]]> 14 Carnitas Mac and Cheese Thu, 15 Jan 2015 13:08:24 +0000 I love this Pork Carnitas Mac and Cheese…it’s a simple slow cooker Pork Carnitas recipe mixed into a creamy, slightly spicy mac and cheese! Have I got a dinner idea for you… I’m not going to pretend it can be made in 30 minutes. It can’t. But I will tell you, it’s...]]> 20 Crispy Bits Chocolate Chip Cookies Tue, 13 Jan 2015 23:53:12 +0000 You guys are going to flip for these Crispy Bits Chocolate Chip Cookies! They’re made both crispy and soft with a fun secret ingredient. Perfect for everyone! You guys. Today we have something special. Oh yassssss. These are not just a regular chocolate chip cookie, friends. These are the cook...]]> 36 Brown Sugar Pound Cake with Salty Butterscotch Sauce Sun, 11 Jan 2015 23:11:55 +0000 This Brown Sugar Pound Cake with Salty Butterscotch Sauce is the perfect buttery combination of sweet and salty! Welp, it’s still winter outside. I mean, it’s January and I guess it’s allowed to be cold, but I have to admit that I am O-V-E-R it. I will say that while I hate the col...]]> 22