Praline Bundt Cake

Praline Bundt Cake is a soft brown sugar bundt cake topped with pourable praline frosting. It’s as delicious as you think it might be. Maybe even more!

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Lemonade Brownies

So these aren’t really “brownies”. You probably guessed that. They aren’t lemon bars either..they are a hybrid. Can you tell I’ve been watching Vampire Diaries?  Ugh…obsessed.   Anyway, my kids have been bugging me like crazy to have a lemonade stand outside, but since it’s been 4 million degrees out...
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3 Musketeers Cupcakes

Here in the heat of the summer there’s nothing I crave more than a heavy chocolate, sugary cupcake. Ok, fine I lie. A little bit.   But I try not to compartmentalize my desserts into seasonal quarters.  I feel like that’s kinda mean. Apples aren’t only for fall.  Citrus isn’t...
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Peanut Butter Crunch Eclair Bars

Soon I am re-doing my kitchen.  And by soon, I mean it’s starting this week. I am excited and nervous. Nervous because my husband is doing all the work. He is a DIY guy…hence his carpenter jeans. Not nervous about his ability.  Of that I am certain. Nervous about the...
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Salted Rolo Brownie Cookies

I just got back from vacation. Which basically means I need a vacation.   No one should be expected to go back to real life for at least 2 days after you return home. One day back is reserved for laundry, unpacking, grocery shopping… And the next day is for...
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Brownie Bottom Caramel Cheesecake Bars

I am a cheesecake girl. Loud and proud. Like, if I were on death row and had to pick a last meal it would start and end with cheesecake. Not that I have thought about that possibility or anything. Whatever. And since I am scared of making an actual cheesecake...
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Cake Mix Toffee Bars

I have decided that there are 3 types of people: Beach people, pool people and people who wish they were beach people, but sadly are not. I am the third type. The wish I was, but really am not, sort. I blame the sand. Anyway, I bit the bullet and decided to go to the beach the other day with my friends and family. Normal beach stuff happened: sunscreen, fistfuls of Doritos, bikini judging, my kids building sand couches...yes, I said couches. They can't be normal kids and build sand castles. A bit telling, don't you think?

Sodastream Giveaway – Closed

Hey guys!  Hope your 4th of July celebration was spectacular!   So I want to say a giant thank you to each and every one of you…your constant support, your comments, your subscriptions to my posts, your tweets, your pins… just everything. Annnd I recently reached 20,000 facebook followers which...
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Fluffernutter Sandwich Krispies

These Fluffernutter Krispie Treats are fantastic! And super easy! There are a few things that I have learned as I have gotten older… I’ve learned that flat front pants are better than pleated. I’ve learned that classy isn’t in how much money you have, but how you treat people. I’ve...
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Nutter Butter Icebox Cake

My husband’s favorite dessert is icebox cake. If you are unfamiliar, it’s basically a chocolate pudding and graham cracker lasagna. I, however, am not a fan. Not sure why…maybe the soggy-ish graham crackers, maybe it’s because I hate making pudding…ALL THE STIRRING!  Seriously it takes milk 14 hours to start...
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Brownie Batter Week Recap

Brownie Batter week has officially ended. I am in mourning.   I am also exhausted!  Trying to start a food trend on the internet is hard work.   BUT with the help of my bestie I think we did a pretty alright job of it. We worked our brownie batter...
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Brownie Batter Bark

So this is the final recipe in Brownie Batter week. Besides being Brownie Batter week, it’s also been no-bake week, because really baking is batter’s mortal enemy. And in most parts of the country it’s like 2000 degrees outside, so turning on the oven and baking a load of treats...
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