Strawberry Shortbread Bars

These Strawberry Shortbread Bars are the easy version of a thumbprint cookie! They’re buttery, filled with sweet jam and a little sugar glaze drizzle!

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Swiss Meringue Buttercream Recipe

Here is my Swiss meringue Buttercream recipe and tutorial! I love buttercream. It is a fact. I was in the supermarket a while ago snooping around their bakery. Sometimes they give free samples out to kids, so I was just checking to make sure that their, ahem, free kid samples...
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Peanut Butter Snickers Brownies

So, I was in Target last week. Nothing unusual about the visit. Had the normal things on the list: toothpaste, chicken nuggets, socks… I did, however, pick up a few items that were a little, um..personal. So when check-out time came I tried to pick my lane wisely…you know what...
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Hot Chocolate Krispies

 Well, it’s another snow day in the Northeast. Dude, this weather is getting really sucky. The kids are home from school again and while I love the little buggers, they have confiscated my itouch, played every board game known to man, built 13 different “forts” (with my good pillows) and...
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The Snow Day Rule

Today it is snowing. You guys know the rule about snow days, right? Here’s the super mathematical equation: Snow Day = Eat Day. (SD = ED) Baking, slow cooking and basically sitting around all day thinking about what I can eat next are my past times of choice when under...
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Homemade Marshmallows

 How has your January been so far? You know what I did? I cleaned out my pantry! While I am sure that’s not big news to you, for me, it’s HUGE! I hated every second of cleaning it out, but I will tell you that I discovered a few curious...
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Sugar Cookie Truffles

Hope everyone had a festive holiday! Whatcha doing for New Years Eve? We usually spend the evening hanging out with friends at home in happy pants, eating and being comfortable. We aren’t big fancy party go-ers. To get me in heels and pantyhose there has to be something pretty special...
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Guest Posting

Hey guys, I just wanted to give you a heads up that I am guest posting today over at The Girl Who Ate Everything. Christy is the super cute host of that blog and she oh-so-kindly asked if I could share a Christmas cookie for her 12 days of Christmas...
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Santa Hat Party Mix

This past weekend my husband and I got together with some friends and had a game night. Game nights are fun, aren’t they? Aren’t they? Well, they are supposed to be fun. Until… Men vs. Women. Apparently as a married adult it gets all kindergarten on game nights. When you...
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Double Chocolate Mint Cookes

This recipe came from a cookbook that I just received from Tate’s Bake Shop.  The first time I had ever heard of Tate’s was in a Rachael Ray magazine where they rated best chocolate chip cookies.  Since I fancy myself a bit of a chocolate chip connoisseur I was intrigued....
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Cookie Dough Brownies

 My kid’s are scared. Maybe scared is not the right word… they have a healthy respect for the power that is Santa. What they ARE scared of is the possibility that Santa won’t bring them presents on Christmas. That’s fear in it’s most primal form. As a parent, I have...
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Saltine Toffee

This Saltine Toffee is an all time favorite treat of ours…all year round! Now that Thanksgiving is pretty much over… C’mon, lets face it…you know as well as I do that Thanksgiving is over way before the day actually comes. Thanksgiving gets lost in between Halloween and Christmas. Don’t ‘cha...
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Tiny Peanut Butter Cup Blossoms

The tiny peanut butter cup blossoms are so small! Perfect Elf Food! So, pretty much everything is cute when it’s itty bitty, right? I mean, baby clothes are just so dang precious… puppies. mini cupcakes. Size 2 clothes. I mean, don’t the small sizes always look better than the larger-ish...
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Cookie Fun…and an Ann Clark Giveaway!

Hi everybody! Wanted to do a quick post with some recent cookies that I have done lately… Here goes… First, some golf cookies  I covered the balls with fondant.   I packaged them together.  and brushed on luster dust to the “club” so it shimmered. Next, some balloon cookies.  ...
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Pumpkin Pie Pop Tart Cupcakes

I have a confession. Please don’t judge me. Here goes… {deep breath} My name is Shelly and I am an over-emoticoner. I might have just coined a new term, so for those of you who are like, “whaaa?” here’s the deal… I am a frequent over-user of the emoticon.  You...
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