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PMS Bars

These PMS Bars are salty/sweet perfection! They’re chewy and rich and super simple to make! I know, I know…these bars have a very unfortunate name. I get it. But it’s really just the perfect way to describe the salty/sweet/chocolatey/buttery perfection we have going on here.

Glazed Butter Pecan Cookies

These Glazed Butter Pecan Cookies are a melty shortbread cookie with fun secret ingredient! These little sweet treats might not look like much, but ohhhhhhh they arrrrrrrre. They really are. I’ve included a kinda-sorta “secret ingredient” that makes these little meltaway cookies completely irresistible!

Brown Sugar Meatloaf

Brown Sugar Meatloaf is an easy weeknight meat that combines sweet and savory in a classic dish! I know, I know. Meatloaf. It’s just about the most un-sexy food out there. But I”ll tell you sexy is WAY overrated. WAY.

Dirty Chocolate Chip Cookies

These Dirty Chocolate Chip Cookies are super soft chocolate chip cookies loaded with Oreo bits and ROLLED in Oreo dust! LOVE these! I never get tired of a chocolate chip cookie variation. Nope, never. And I feel like since we’re friends, you might feel the same way.

Dulce de Leche Filled Churro Sticks

These Dulce de Leche filled Churro Sticks are so simple, crispy and cinnamon sweet! They’re perfectly portable which makes them great for a party! So my Tex-Mex week with Mantitlement is coming to an end. I kinda-sorta feel like I want Tex-Mex week to be every week…right?

Cowboy Caviar Pizza

This Cowboy Caviar Pizza is a simple dish that’s perfect for an appetizer or a light dinner and packed with amazing Tex-Mex flavor! So I’m onto my second recipe for Tex-Mex week with my friends over at Mantitlement… I know you might be wondering where the sugar is?! Or maybe...
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Skillet Frachos

These fun Skillet Frachos are Nacho Fries aka “Frachos” which are crispy French Fries topped with all your Nacho favorites!! There are just days that call for French Fries covered in cheese. We’ve all been there…some of us are there more than others…it’s cool, this is a judgement free zone....
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Sweet and Savory Fruit Salsa

This sweet and savory Fruit Salsa goes perfect on grilled meat or even eaten with chips! Grilling in the summer is a norm around here…But making a quick meal beyond a burger or a steak gets a little trickier…

Perfect Apple Crisp

This Perfect Apple Crisp recipe is no fail, simple, buttery and ALWAYS a favorite! Ok, so I know it’s not fall…apples aren’t technically “in season”. And an Apple Crisp always evokes feelings of sweatpants and a cinnamon burning candle, but yet here we are in June, and I’m making fall-ish...
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Union Square Cafe Bar Nuts

This Union Square Cafe Bar Nuts Copycat Recipe is so simple, seasoned to perfection and best served warm. They are literally the BEST NUTS EVER! Over the last few years I have become a little obsessed with nuts. It’s a little weird. I don’t know what happens once you turn...
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LGG4 Phone and Camera Review

Hey friends! I’m popping in today to talk about the new LGG4 Smartphone. I am not an electronics reviewer by ANY means, but LG and AT&T sent me the the G4 to play around with and I want to share what I think! And what is even more fun is...
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White Chocolate Coconut Cream Cheese Cookies

These White Chocolate Coconut Cream Cheese Cookies are loaded with white chocolate, crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside and packed with rich flavor. This is the type of cookie my husband likes…you have white chocolate, coconut and a crispy-chewy texture. Baking cream cheese right into the dough keeps...
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Lemon Curd Pound Cake with Limoncello Glaze

This Lemon Curd Pound Cake with Limoncello Glaze is soft, rich and buttery. It has a hint of lemon zest and is swirled with lemon curd. It’s all topped with a Limoncello Glaze that is to die for! I love a lemon dessert. That hint of citrus in a buttery...
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White Chocolate Raspberry Muffins

These White Chocolate Raspberry Muffins are sweet, soft and loaded with juicy raspberries! Muffins are kind of my new favorite food group. I mean, they’re a perfectly acceptable cake for breakfast option…

Easy Pesto Chicken

This Easy Pesto Chicken is packed with flavor, and is one of the quickest meals you will ever prepare! This meal is so hyper simple it’s almost not a recipe. And I am sure in some circles it ISN’T considered a recipe. But that’s fine…you call it what you want,...
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Kentucky Butter Cake

This Kentucky Butter Cake is CRAZY moist, buttery and coated with a sweet buttery sauce that crusts the outside and soaks into the cake making it amazing for days. What you get is a stunning, sweet, buttery, soft cake that is as perfect on its own as it is topped...
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French Toast Muffins

French Toast Muffins…easy, delicious and moist muffins topped with a sweet Cinnamon Swirl French Toast Streusel. I have been a pretty busy bee around here lately. With the school year winding down it seems like things should be all casual and easy. They aren’t.

Bombshell Oreo Brownies

These Bombshell Oreo Brownies are super fudgy, loaded with Oreo cookies and simple to make! They’re everything a brownie should be! Sometimes you just need a brownie. And sometimes you just need an Oreo. And sometimes you need both. Yes, that’s me right now.

Nutella Crunch Cake

This Nutella Crunch Cake is really easy, crazy moist and topped with an irresistible crunchy Nutella topping that is good enough to snack on alone! We never get tired of Nutella around here. Or cake. Or Rice Krispies. Or sweetened condensed milk. So basically today’s cake is all our favorite...
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Our Trip to Universal Orlando

About a month ago my family and I went on a little mini vacation to Universal Orlando. It was a last minute trip I planned basically to celebrate turning in the first draft of the manuscript for my book! Woohoo! We have wanted to take the boys to Universal for...
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Marshmallow Fluff Krispie Treats

The Marshmallow Fluff Krispie Treats are packed with the MAXIMUM amount of marshmallow…both minis and Fluff to create the gooiest, softest krispie treat you will ever have! There once was a time that I created the Perfect Krispie Treat and put it on the internets and claimed it to be...
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Marshmallow Conversions

All your Marshmallow Conversion questions answered in one place! One of the most frequent questions I get on my site, whether it be on email, in the comments section or on facebook is about marshmallow equivalents. For example, “How many cups of minis is 10 ounces” or “How many regular...
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