A few Halloween cookies

So here’s some news…I have gotten a pretty sweet gig! Dell…yes, THE Dell has hired Moi to fly out to Austin, TX and make all the decorated sugar cookies and trayed cookies for their company Halloween party. WOO HOO!! I may have had a little help on this one…my best friend works for Dell…in corporate sales…and she has been talking me up! So, the lovely lady in charge of the party planning over there decided to take a shot on me. I am going to make 500 decorated sugar cookies for favors and 30 dozen assorted drop cookies. I had the option of making the cupcakes as well, but as I only have 2 hands and 1 oven it will not be happening. I was upset to have to turn down that opportunity, but I want to make sure that I don’t over-extend myself. I will take any advice you would like to give, so comment away!
I have a list of about 10 possible sugar cookies, but need to narrow it down to probably 5 different kinds. Not sure what I am going to decide on yet, but am I know I will make Frankenstein, a ghost and probably a mummy….the others are still up in the air. She was thinking about a vampire, but I don’t have a vampire cutter…any suggestions? Also, just made a facebook page…become a fan!

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  1. Mini Baker

    these are so adorable!! and thank you for posting them early because it reminds me that I need to find a halloween costume!
    -Mini Baker 🙂

  2. bridget {bake at 350}

    You GO girl!!! Oh my gosh…so cool!!! Do they have a big kitchen that you'll be using?

    All of your cookies are so cute! 500…I'd vote for simple. 🙂

  3. Monica H

    the candy corn and spider web are my favorite!

    Congrats on the order. that's wonderful. I love about 5 minutes from THE Dell 🙂 it's pretty big around here.

    have fun! When are you coming?

  4. Risa

    Thanks for visiting my blog:-). I just LOVE sugar cookies…although I'm not very good at royal icing and decorating. Maybe I'll get better soon.

  5. cookies and cups

    Thanks guys! I kinda liked the candy corns too. Will post a few more that I have…didn't realize I had so many Halloween cutters!
    Therrien ~ I just did the eyes with royal icing, just with a small tip and a dot!
    bridget – no…I will be using my best friend's kitchen…hence the 1 oven, do u think it can be done??!! It's gonna be a cookie frenzy…I agree, simple is going to have to be the theme!
    Monica-I am coming the last week in October. Their company party is October 30th and have to have the cookies there Friday morning.

    Thanks everybody for the input!

  6. thereddeer

    Oh wow! How exciting – that is a lot of cookies – you are going to be very busy. Did you say you were making bats? That would be cool.

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