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A few recent orders…Wonder Pets and Gymnasts!

Gymnastics-decorated birthday sheet cake in a box

Here is some a few of things I have been doing lately…non Halloween related. I know I have been bombarding y’all with Halloween treats, so I figured i will take a break, for the moment.

Gymnastics-themed birthday party thank-you card
Sheet cake decorated with gymnastics them and Happy Birthday Reagan & Lauren
Close-up of a gymnast decoration on a cake
Gymnastics-decorated birthday sheet cake in a box
Two round Wonder Pets logo cookies
Side view of stack of 3 Wonder Pets logo frosted cookies
Two frosted cookies decorated as Wonder Pets capes
3 cookies decorated as Wonder Pets capes

Anyway, I got another order for a cupcake cake…
This one was for 2 sister’s having a gymnastics themed birthday party.
I was asked that the cake resembled the girl’s invitation…
So, I did my best, wanting to put 2 gymnasts on there, so each girl was represented!
She told me that the girl’s both have red hair, so I personalized the cute little gymnast…
I’m working on making the icing as smooth as possible…any suggestions?
Another order that I just got done with was for a Wonder Pets Party…
We decided to do the capes, which I think are really sweet ~
She asked for cookie favors and I think they turned out super cute.
I forgot to take pictures of the them all bagged and bowed, but I am sure you get the idea!
I loved how these came out!
They are actually on their way right now to the birthday party in Alaska! How crazy is that?
I hope they arrive safe and sound!

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18 comments on “A few recent orders…Wonder Pets and Gymnasts!”

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  2. cookies and cups

    kb ~ Sorry about the search for the cape cookie cutter…in this instance I cut my cookies by hand, but if you have a large bell cookie cutter from Christmas that might work.
    Sorry πŸ™

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  4. Little Miss Baker

    oh how cute!! as a former NCAA gymnast I totally love your gymnasts you did πŸ™‚ I bet the girls loved them too. Nice work and the capes are super cute too! xo

  5. The Duchess of Wessex

    Everything looks Ah-mazing and that is a Great use for the gown cookie-cutter. SO creative!

    You must (please!?) post photos of just how on earth you do your cupcake cake. I cannot wrap my mind around how you get the "cake" top to look so smooth and well, just like a cake!

    Thank you for your Blog and for sharing your ideas. I'm inspired!

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