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My Smucker’s Trip!

Smucker's sign at the Smucker's store

I told you guys that a few weeks ago I spent a few days in Ohio.


Well, I was invited out by the nice people at Smucker’s.  They had a fun few days planned for about 20 bloggers.

We got to snoop around the place, meet the Smucker’s executives, and learn all sorts of cool things about the Smucker’s brand…like hello, they own Pillsbury Baking, Hungry Jack, Crisco, Eagle Brand, Folgers, Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee and Jif to name a few.  We even were allowed to play in their test kitchens…and got to make fancy coffee, ice cream and pie.

I met some super cute and sweet ladies…here’s Kate, Leslie and Shaina.

We got to go shopping at the adorable Smucker’s store…

and then I posed with the Pillsbury Dough Boy like the big old dork that I am…oh yes I did.

Everyone that worked for or with the Smucker’s organization were completely lovely and gracious.  I really had an amazing time while I was there.

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864 comments on “My Smucker’s Trip!”

  1. Cool basket! I don’t think the picture with the doughboy is goofy at all, I went to Kennedy Space Center and took a picture with a statue of an astronaut.

  2. I love smuckers!! That basket looks amazing and so full of so much stuff. It is amazing all the products that they are a part of.

  3. One should never pass up on the opportunity of a photo with the Pillsbury Dough Boy or any other famous icon.
    Didn’t realize the Smuckers company made so many of the products I use.

  4. Cristin (Pinkie) of Cristin's Cookies

    Oh this all looks so yummy! I love peanut butter, hubby loves Folgers, daughter loves Funfetti cakes, mom loves jams. Can’t go wrong! Thanks for the fun give-away. And I would have taken a photo with the Pillsbury Dough-boy too! 🙂

  5. What an amazing gift basket! I’ve been traveling for work and have discovered that too many countries don’t sell Smuckers Grape Jelly – I’ve started traveling my own 🙂

  6. I am hoping Smucker’s will do nationwide distribution on the white lily flour products someday. My southern relatives will be relieved if they do. Love the pic of Dough Boy, did you poke hime like the commercials used to? Daughter loves smuckers jellies.

  7. When I was younger, I grew up really close to Orrville ohio, and now one of my good friends works for Smuckers! What a great giveaway.

  8. What a wonderful giveaway!!! i LOVE THE DOUGH BOY:) mY BROTHER LIVES IN oHIO AND TOOK ME TO THE sMUCKER’S STORE. What an adorable store!!

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