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Beach Cookie Mania

Individually wrapped beach cookies
 So I want to say thank you out there for being patient…
Just to let you know I completed the 400 cookies in 2 days and feel great about it!  I think I have the “cookies in mass” technique down, so bring it!
I left for Austin last week and after spending some fun time with my dear friend who lives out there, I started work.
I will say being on Texas soil gave me a warm, cozy feeling…which one could argue was just the effects of the copious amount of salsa I ate…or, possibly, the excruciating heat radiating my now-Yankee bones…but either way, cozy and warm.
I did observe, though, that (at least within Austin city limits) there has apparently been a resurgence of the rhinestone.  There were “fancy faux gems” everywhere: belts, sandals, purses…
You don’t see a lot of rhinestones up here, although the gold-plated, nameplate necklaces that Jersey-girls seem to love definitely hold their own in the garish jewelry contest 😉
Now, back to cookies and stuff…
The theme for the Dell cookies was “beachy”.
So I did board shorts…
Board Short Sugar Cookies
Flip Flops…
Frosted Flip Flop Cookies
Sand Pails
Frosted Pails
and beach balls
Frosted Beach Ball Cookies
This is about 1/4 done with the bagging and tying with curling ribbon…
Individually wrapped beach sugar cookies with curling ribbon
Lesson learned: don’t underestimate the bagging process.  It took a long time.
So there you have a little glimpse into my latest big project.
I have been busy lately with stuff, but while we are on the subject of beach, I did this order a few weeks ago for a beach-themed wedding shower:
Pink frosted flip flop sugar cookies
they also wanted some assorted cookies along with the sugar cookies…
I made Chocolate-toffee chip, Snickerdoodle and White chocolate Kit-Kat cookies…they were YUM!
Assorted Cookies
they also ordered a version of this cake that I have made before.
So, there you go…I will tell you I am beached out…until next time 🙂

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39 comments on “Beach Cookie Mania”

  1. kuriouskitteh

    Wow, you did an amazing job, knocking down 400 of the most adorable cookies I've ever seen in just two days! I particularly love the "sand" on those sand pails, very nice touch =).

    ~Kurious Kitteh

  2. You are amazing! I could never pull that off. And they all look awesome! I love the sand pail cookies. And the platter you did with the flip flops and palm trees. Great job!

  3. Shauna from Piece of Cake

    This is incredible! Such great shots, too. Wish we lived closer, we could collaborate!

  4. Your cookies are to cute! I think the sandals are so fun. great job!

    It is SO hot here. Now you know my pain πŸ™‚

  5. Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes]

    That's an amazing job!! You simply have to tell us how you pulled it off, I mean, how to approach such a big order and complete it in 2 days!

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