Beagle cupcakes

I made these Beagle cupcakes in honor of our recently departed Beagle’s birthday. They came out cute and the kids loved them.
We ate them in her honor!

In the past year or so I have jumped on the fondant bandwagon, so being a little bit of a newbie I have questions. I have mostly worked with Marshmallow fondant that I make (which tastes really good)…but have heard that Satin Ice fondant is really good too. I have tried the Wilton fondant and thought it tasted grody…and it’s all about the taste, right?
Question to any readers…what tools/brand do you use when working with fondant that you couldn’t do without?
Thanks, I love reading comments!

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  1. Julia from DozenFlours

    These are adorable! I bet these took you a bit of time to make but are really great!

    I have always used Satin Ice and really love it, however I have just started to make my own fondant and like that too.

    Have you tried using gum paste instead of fondant? For figurines and decorations where some stability comes in handy, it is a lot easier to work this as it holds shapes better and isn’t as floppy. Wilton’s gum paste is pretty good (although I would agree that their fondant is an abomination!)

  2. Melissa

    I have Satin Ice fondant in several flavors and I can eat it plain!!! That’s how delish it is. Wilton fondant is so gross.

    Definitely go with the Satin Ice. It will save you a ton of time and it tastes equally as good as homemade marshmallow fondant.

  3. cookies and cups

    thanks for the tips. I am going to order the satin ice…probably in white to start…how long does it last in those tubs?

  4. cookies and cups

    Also, was wondering about the gum paste, so thanks Julia for the tip on that…tried marzipan and didn’t like it too much, plus I am allergic to almonds…I heard of molding chocolate…like a clay-type. Has anyone used or made that?

  5. Bridget

    These are so cute!

    I’ve been wanting to try fondant for a while. You’re inspiring me to give it a shot…one of these days! 🙂

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