Beagles and Bassinets

I got an order recently for cupcake toppers….specifically, Beagles and Bassinets.
They’re for a baby shower, and that’s the theme! Beagles and Bassinets~isn’t that cute?
So, here’s how they turned out…
I wish I could have put one on a cupcake to show you for size proportion (they are about the size of a medium strawberry) and also for cuteness, but I didn’t make any extras. By the time I was done with them they didn’t even look like beagles anymore, just some weird brown and white dogs…you know like when you write the same word over and over and it doesn’t look like a word anymore, just a random group of letters…the same thing with the beagles! I looked at them the next day to get a little perspective and decided that,indeed, they did look like beagles…phew!
For those of you out there who work with fondant regularly I give you a high five… While it is basically like playing with Play-Do it is really time consuming. Hope they arrive safe and sound!

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Smitten Sugar

Oh my those beagles are the cutest things ever!

Tracy @ Sugarcrafter

Oh my gosh, those beagles are SO. CUTE. Love them!!


You go girl! They came out great!

I know exactly what you mean! Happens to me all the time! The more I look or think about things the more I question myself.

Me and My Pink Mixer

Adorable!! Love the beagles!

Snooky doodle

how cute ! these are adorable! you really got great patience I get bored doing the same topper. the babies are cute too. 🙂

Monica H

That are too stinkin' cute! I love them.


They look perfect!

Susan Ayers

Okay, I have a question? What about coloring or flavoring the marshmallow fondant? Is there a way to do that?

I love the decorations!

cookies and cups

susan ~
Yes you can absolutely color the fondant, just use a gel based color and knead it in!
the flavoring I have never done, but I would assume using a flavoring in with the water would work great!