Birthday Cone

Close-up of a birthday ice cream cone with a candle

On any given day there is a debate going on in my house.

Here are some of the latest…

1) Best Pop Tart Flavor…

2) Are chickens dinosaurs?

3)  Best Journey song…

4) Can you really tell the difference between 2% and Whole Milk?

5) Are tennis balls yellow or green?

6) Cup O’ Noodles vs. Chef Boyardee

7) Would you run and hide or unite and conquer when zombies take over the land?

I am sure you are sincerely concerned with my answers on these most difficult and important life questions…

Geez, stop begging already!

1) Brown Sugar Cinnamon, 2) No, 3) Separate Ways, 4) No, 5) Yellow, 6) Cup O’ Noodles, 7)  run and hide (duh)

You might have a difference of opinion, but I’m just gonna tell you that you are wrong.

My answers are clearly the most accurate, based on years of research.

Our most recent disagreement has lead me to today’s post.

You all know what Drumsticks are, right?  They are a delicious pre-packaged ice cream cone that come in lots of flavors.

Here’s where the disagreement begins…

What is the best part of the Drumstick?

One of my son’s says, “The ice cream”

Wrong answer.

My husband says, “The nuts on top”

Wronger answer.

I now begin wondering who it is I live with and what alien has invaded their body.

Clearly, the correct answer is the chocolate at the bottom of the cone.  There is no other answer!

So, in that vein I decided to one-up the Drumstick.

How you say?

With frosting.  Get on board people.

Delicious buttercream frosting at the bottom of your favorite ice cream cone just seems like an idea that should have been invented long ago.

I deem it the birthday cone…but you know as well as I do that there needn’t be a birthday to enjoy frosting.  It’s one of my golden rules.

Let’s begin….

Here’s what you’ll need:

Ice Cream, Frosting, Sprinkles, an ice cream cone and Chocolate syrup..if you’re feeling messy!

Now take a generous tablespoon of frosting and push it into the bottom of the cone.

Now fill the cone with your favorite ice cream.

Top with syrup and sprinkles and you’re done!

There are so many variation on this the possibilities are endless!

Have a great weekend!

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