Candy Box Smash Cake

Have a birthday coming up?

Well, I think you need your own individual cake.

The thing to give your little one on their birthday nowadays is a “smash cake”.

It’s a cake they get to “smash” around and eat with their hands with no regard to cleanliness or manners.


Now that I think about it, it doesn’t really seem fair that little kids get to have all the fun…I mean, I WANT MY OWN TINY CAKE TOO TODDLERS!



So, if you’re on-board with everyone getting a personal sized cake that you don’t have to share on your birthday click HERE.

I’m doing a guest post today over at showing you how to put together this cute little cake.

It’s easy, trust me.

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  1. My daughters 1st birthday is this month and I’ve been dreaming up her smash cake. How about I just give her a ding dong, and Ill make myself this cake? After all, Im the one who did all the work this year, so I deserve to jam my face into cake, right? She just lays there while I feed her, wipe her butt, and toss toys at her. I guess she did roll over, eat a few worms, and crawl into the closet and proceed to throw the ENTIRE contents into the middle of the room. So I guess she did SOMETHING this year 😉 And my novel is over.

  2. You’ll come make me one in August, right?! It’ll be DH’s 40th birthday and my birthday will be overlooked ’cause of it (our birthdays are the same day… Aug 23rd). I like chocolate cake, chocolate frosting and LOTS of chocolate and whatever kinda candy you wanna throw on it 😉

    please and thank you much!

    ok fine… I’ll make my own but this is SUCH a great idea!!

  3. Stacy K.

    Adorable! Grown ups need their own smash cake too. This reminds me of the candy barrel cakes that I make — round cakes with Kit Kats all around the sides, M&M’s on top & a ribbon tied around it.

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