BluePrint Cleanse Giveaway!

Today’s giveaway is a bit of an opposite day here at Cookies & Cups.

I mean, fruits, vegetables and cleansing?

Well, hear me out.

While I make sweet treats almost everyday of my life and enjoy those treats,  I try to consume it in moderation.

And to be honest with the summer ending and the holiday season fast approaching I needed a reset.  Just something to get my body back on track.

I do a cleanse usually once a year, sometimes twice, and this is the first year that I tried BluePrint.

I originally did one back in June and loved it so much just did another a few weeks ago…


My experience doing the cleanse was really great…

I ordered the cleanse online and they give you 3 choices: Renovation (meant for the first time cleanser, someone who isn’t a huge fruits and veggies eater), the Foundation (a veggie lover who still likes dessert) and the Excavation (very food conscious people, who consider green beans a good snack..hehe)

My first cleanse, I chose the Renovation and the second one I chose the Foundation.

Both times I chose the 3 day cleanse…which was perfect for me.  You could certainly do longer, completely up to you.  But I do have to say after 3 days of juicing I was ready to chew on something πŸ™‚


You get 6 juices to drink each day.  And I have to tell you I enjoyed all the juices.  Especially the final drink of the day, the Cashew Milk…it’s sooo good, on a cleanse or not!

I never really felt hungry, and that’s the honest truth.  It takes a bit to get used to drinking your meals, but I never felt deprived.  A few days I found myself really trying to finish the juices.

They ask you to really try not to eat “food” on the cleanse, that the juices will offer you all the nutrients you need..but if you do feel like you have to eat they have a great list of foods that you can enjoy.


After the first day I felt instantly less bloated, lighter and well…cleaner.

BluePrint offers a great support system and will answer any questions along the way.

It’s meant to rid your body of impurities, regain your alkaline balance and normalize your digestion and metabolism.

The calories in the juices keep you feeling energetic, unlike some cleanses, you won’t feel tired ot lethargic…in all honesty I feel more energized than ever.


I understand if you have a million questions about the cleanse, and BluePrint has a great FAQ section that can be found HERE..

I know most of you will wonder if you lose weight on the cleanse.  I can only speak from my own personal experience and the answer is yes…I lost a solid 6 pounds…but I do have to say that the way I felt after the cleanse is easily one you will want to stick with.


So whether you are trying to lose weight, or regulate your body before all the Halloween candy, I 1000% recommend this cleanse and will do it again in the future without a doubt.


And I am SOOO excited to tell you the nice people over at BluePrint have agreed to give away to one of my readers a 3 day Cleanse of your choosing!

What you will get is 18 juices, enough for a 3 day cleanse.  You can choose the Renovation, the Foundation or the Excavation…which ever one suits your life the best!


I am really excited about this giveaway and hope you are too…I just love the cleanses that much.


Here’s what you have to do to enter…

Leave me a comment here letting me know why you want to cleanse!

You can get additional entries by:

Leave me a comment for any additional entries!

You can enter up to 3 times!


The giveaway is open until October 27th at 11:59 pm EST

751 Responses

    1. OMGoodness I would be sooo excited if I got this!! I’ve been struggling to hit the gym or cook at home (always healthier than eating out for me) because work has gotten absolutely crazed. I tried making my own juices but again – no time. This would be a LIFE SAVER just to give me a food-break and kickoff some longterm healthy-eating habits… as long as it doesn’t coincide with Football Sunday hahaha. Just sayin.

  1. Laura R.

    I’ve ruined my body with Chinese food, ice cream, baked goods, etc. I NEED to clean my whole system out and start fresh! I’ve lost a lot of weight and exercise regularly, but my body still needs to get rid of all the nastiness that I’ve put into it.

  2. Tracey c

    In spite of my yoga and jogging, I juuuuuust can’t get my eating on board with my healthy living plan. Perhaps this will help!!

  3. Jessica

    When I quit working to stay home with the kids I started gaining back the weight I lost at work being on my feet. Need something to get me going in the right direction again!

  4. I am a single mom of three that owns a candy business and I am a cancer survivor. When life gets me down I eat sweets … I am on a roll now to better my life by getting organized in my business and home .. I am the last on my list … I feel this would help me break a habit and get on the right path… I hope i win cause I really need an extra push

  5. Sharon

    I have gotten myself a bit out of whack lately . . . following too many food blogs (love yours, btw) and making too many goodies. I do exercise regularly but that’s not quite keeping up with the food intake . . . need a reset (great phrase!).

  6. I need a cleanse because while I’ve been pretty good during tailgating season (Saturdays are my “go crazy” days), this week has been both delicious and downright shameful. Example: I ate your famed pudgy cake for dinner on Thursday and breakfast and lunch on Friday. Help! πŸ™‚

  7. Tina M

    I am in desperate need of a cleanse. I am 41, over weight. I am working on eating better & working out. A cleanse would be a good fit to what I am starting to do πŸ™‚

  8. Angela J.B.

    Somehow I’ve gained 6 lbs recently (perhaps it’s all the baked goods and ice cream, yikes!) — would LOVE to do a cleanse to feel better and lose those 6 lbs or more. Thanks!!

  9. Rachelle

    I love your blog, and therefore trust your opinion since I find we’re very alike in the snack/dessert department! I’ve done a non-juice cleanse years ago and think it’s time to try another; can’t lie that your weight loss experience interests me too. πŸ˜‰ Good luck to everybody!

  10. Alexa

    I feel like lately I’ve completely fallen off the wagon as far as healthy eating goes. A cleanse would be an awesome way to get back where I need to be!

  11. I have never tried a cleanse because I always wanted to talk to someone else that had tried it first. There are so many products in the store and you just don’t know what to trust. I think that I would start off with the first level like you did, but then try the second level the second time because I do eat pretty healthy to start with.

  12. Never actually did a cleanse. I’ve been wanting to for a while. But I do drink green smoothies 1-2 times per week. However, I am the heaviest I’ve ever been in life (outside of pregnancy).

  13. Emily Andersen

    My husband has done cleanes before, before we were married, and I have always wanted to try one as well ! Juice for three days? I love a good challenge!

  14. Laura

    I’d like to cleanse to try it out for the first time. I LOVE to eat, and I try to be as mindful as possible, but I also love sweets. I train for triathlons and road races, and I think that this would be a really great way to “reset” my system after my race season and right before I embark on marathon training. πŸ™‚

  15. Ashleigh H.

    I need a good cleanse- such a great way to jumpstart a diet. I’ve fallen off the wagon recently and need to clean out my system and get back to healthy!

  16. I have never tried a cleanse, but here it is great for your body. Would like to try and see just how great it possibly makes me feel. πŸ™‚ Thank you for this chance.

  17. Ash V

    I’m typically a healthy eater, but for the past couple if weeks I’ve been in a bit of a funk. I’ve been eating desserts more often and not always picking the healthy snacks, so I think a cleanse could give me the jump start I need to get back on track.

  18. Stephanie B

    I NEED a cleanse! I just had my 3rd baby and took the liberty of eating everything that sounded good to me during my 9 months of pregnancy. I’m sure this wound jump start my weight loss.

  19. Sophia

    I was recently diagnosed with liver failure due to complications from my four pregnancies (youngest 8 and oldest 14). I have been wanting to try a cleanse but there are so many out there nowadays.

  20. Cara

    I’ve been wanting to try this for months now but never thought I could do it. Would love to get a jump start on my healthy living plan to combat the holiday sweets!

  21. Beth

    I lost 15 lbs and just put it back on. I’m hoping a cleanse will be the motivation I need to lose the 15 lbs and more! Also, I want to be in a good weight before I get pregnant so that pregnancy weight won’t be too much to take off.

  22. Jill Hartley

    The move to the south has killed my diet. I need to cleanse my system out! On top of that, i found out I have a gluten allergy. I’d love the opportunity to get those toxins out of my system so I can start feeling healthy again!

  23. justginster

    I just recently moved and have been having trouble adjusting…my eating habits haven’t been so great as a result =\ I’d love the opportunity to get back on track! Thanks for this giveaway!

  24. Kim R.

    I want to rid my body of the toxins, and garbage that I also put into it to start over fresh and healthy. I have never cleansed before as well, and would only consider an organic cleanse and this one looks like a fabulous one to try! Would love to give it a whirl!

  25. Priscilla

    I saw that you were doing a cleanse a couple months ago and was intrigued…so happy you are doing this giveaway. I have never done a cleanse before and have wanted to try for the longest time. This one seems to make sure you aren’t hungry (which I was worried about because my willpower isn’t super strong). And the possibility of weight loss is an added bonus! I have lost about 20 lbs since April and trying to shave off about 10 more or so for my wedding next May, so this may help me achieve that.

  26. Vicki P.

    I have always wanted to try a cleanse but was hesitant. Your endorsement makes it much less daunting. Would love to see if it has any impact on my digestive issues. Thanks!

  27. Cassie

    I want the cleanse because I’m 6 months away from my wedding and I’ve hit a plateau. It would be great to do the cleanse and get back to losing weight.

  28. I have always thought about trying a cleanse and I appreciate you sharing your story. I think it would be a great way to start fresh this fall after a busy summer. My worry in the past has been would i have enough energy and how to work it around social situations that involve food?! I definitely wouldn’t be able to bake because I would want to taste it all!

  29. I’d love to try a 3-day cleanse. I’m a vegetarian with food allergies and I try to eat well but I get so busy, what with being a soccer mom and a grad student, lol. I get all out of whack in the fall and start to feel fun down and wiped out. It would be great to have some help getting back into balance.

  30. Kim Pollari

    What do you do after having 6 wonderful kids, put them first for 25 years, knowing you have years before your baby high school… Find a contest like this, win it, and put yourself first for 3 days!

  31. Gen

    I have recently regained 30 if the 47 lbs I lost 2 years ago, and sprained my knee trying to be active. I need all the help I can get! Lol. Would love to try this cleanse.

  32. I’m a med student, and studying nonstop doesn’t always make for the healthiest eating! I would love to use this to get back on track, especially with the holidays coming up πŸ™‚ I’ve heard so much about blueprint cleanses and would love to try one!!

  33. Leanne

    I have been feeling so yucky the past month, belly feels angry, no energy, eating horribly and just feel all around off, it sounds like this cleanse is just what I need!

  34. Angelic Roberts

    Have wanted to try a cleanse but confused by all the options.
    Nice to have one recommended. Body definitely needs a reset.

  35. Serene

    I have been breastfeeding/pregnant pretty much non-stop since I got married 5 years ago. It’s been great, but I am planning on weaning my third daughter soon and I would love to do something to sort of reboot my body and claim it as my own again, haha! A cleanse would be a perfect reset button!!!

    I am following on Facebook.

  36. Kimberly Munoz

    I’ve never tried a cleanse and would love to try one. I have lost 10lbs so far and I think a cleanse would be a great way to aid in helping me lose a bit more. =D

  37. karen

    i was just looking into cleanses and looked at blueprint! i tried to pick it up at my local whole foods, but they were sadly sold out. i’ve never done a cleanse but wanted to try one to flush out my body.

  38. Marina

    Business travel takes over my life every Oct. and Nov., which means terrible airport food, airplane snacks and late night hotel dinners. A cleanse would help to bring some health and balance while on the road.

  39. Traci

    I’d like to do the cleanse just to jump start my routine and start to lose the 15 pounds I have gained in the past few months. I need an inspiration. Some of these stories are pretty inspirational tho.

  40. Carla

    We are about to celebrate our baby’s first birthday and I am READY to get back to my pre-baby self. This cleanse would be a GREAT jumpstart!!!

  41. Ashley W

    I would love to try the cleanse because I have had digestive issues for over a year that no doctor has been able to figure out. I think it would be great to try giving my system a little break.

  42. Stephanie Y

    I would really like to try blueprint, I have read on other blogs like joythebaker that its phenomenal! it seems like it would be a great kickstart to the holiday season coming up! It would also be great to lose some lbs that I have gained this year!

  43. Nicole P.

    Oh, I REALLY would *love* to win the 3-day cleanse! I just had a birthday, and after a really hard year, I am *hoping* and *praying* that this year will be so much better! Birthdays, to me, are sort of like a *fresh start*: A new beginning. Kind of like my own New Year’s=)… So, I would *love* to win the cleanse because it symbolizes a *fresh start* — Wiping everything fresh and starting brand new!

    Thank you for your blog, by-the-way! I *adore* it! <3

  44. Nora Leigh

    I’d love to do a cleanse, just as you said, to “reset” myself. I haven’t been eating too well lately and this would be a great way to get back on track!

  45. Elizabeth

    I’ve heard great things about the BluePrint cleanse. While I’ve been trying to eat clean and cut out the junk, I still find myself feeling low in energy on those days when I can’t get enough fresh fruit or veggies. A cleanse would be a great way to start getting back on track!

  46. Steff

    I am very intrigued by the cleanse idea and agree with some of the other commenters that it would be great going into the holiday season feeling lighter and cleaner rather than weighed down!

  47. Megan

    I am preggo and have been dipping into the Halloween candy WAY to much this year and want to stop craving the sugar and make sure not to gain a ton of weight. So I wouldn’t do it for the weigt loss, just to cleanse and easily get the nutrients from the veggies/fruits.

  48. Rachel Brown

    I am almost 51 and did a really good cleanse 6 years ago, lost 35 lb. I kept it off by eating healthy and walking until 2010 when my son was in a terrible accident ,he went through 25 surgeries, still has some he wll have to do and i had him in hospital bed for 15 months. then my daughter was hit by drunk driver in 2011 and had few rough months. thank God they are both still alive! Now i need to get my healthy lifestyle going again! Would love to try this!

  49. Jessica

    I seriously need a cleanse, and I’ve been wanting to try this one for a long time! My diet has been completely off for the past few months, and I definitely need to get rid of the this extra “junk” before the holidays!

  50. julia

    Ive been wanting to try a cleanse fir awhile just to jump start a healthy lifestyle but ive been nervous. Ive heard great things about blue print so I’m hoping I can try!!

  51. April

    I’ve heard of cleanses before but usually I just hear how people feel deprived and they don’t stick with it. I think a 3 day cleanse would really help me out.

  52. I’ve always wanted to try a cleanse but never knew which one to try. I was always afraid of not having any energy and feeling hungry, but this product sounds great. I too am a lover of sweets and could use a reset.

  53. Tia

    I would love to try this-I’ve been under so much stress lately that I feel I need to step back and reevaluate MANY things, including my diet. Thanks for the chance!

  54. i almost feel as if this couldn’t have come at a better time. i have been finding it very difficult to maintain my energy lately, so this sounds like the jumpstart i need!

  55. Mercedes

    I just started really buckling down on my eating to help myself lose some weight that I’ve piled in the past two years or so, and I think this would be a great way to help jump start that process!

  56. Sheila

    I’ve been ‘forced’ to cleanse due to a procedure before and afterwards felt amazing. I struggle with ongoing stomach issues and cleansing left me stomach-issue free for a couple weeks (a record!). Thanks for such a great opportunity.

  57. Theresa P

    I want to cleanse because i have had a few friends say how amazing it is. I’ve wanted to try, but at the same time, I didn’t want to buy the veggies, etc and find out I hated the drinks and quit. Reading your recommendation, I am more excited to try it!!! I would really love to win and give it a shot!! I was even more excited when you said you didn’t feel drained and had energy/felt full!!!!

  58. emily

    i would LOVE to win the cleanse because i cannot stop eating junk food. i think every time i consciously tell myself not to eat junk food, it puts it in my head and then i eat it. i NEED to clear my body, mind, soul and this cleanse would be perfect to get me back on track. a FRESH START! thanks!

  59. Wild Child

    I would desperately love this cleanse to reset my system and for other health reasons. I have done a cleanse before, and then went overboard on the sugar. I hope I win because this would really give me a great start in the right direction!

  60. Elin

    I have been losing weight and toning over the course of two years. I’ve been interested in trying a cleanse because I’ve read so much about them and would want to know if they do in fact work. Plus, I’m not a huge raw veggie eater. Fruit I have no issue with, but if there is a way to get those nutrients without eating raw celery again, count me in!

  61. Kelly Hendel

    I want to win the cleanse because I have been feeling so unhealthy the last few months. I’ve fallen off the exercise wagon and haven’t been watching what I eat. I need something to kick start myself back to healthy living!

  62. Katy

    I’m trying to lose 10 more pounds and it is going very slow. I’m hoping this cleanse would also help me feel less bloated all of the time.

  63. jeni Lutz

    with my daughter being in and out of the hospital and lots of doc appt and one being 4 hours away I eat alot of fast food and way too much soda I need a cleanse

  64. Tammy Jennings

    I love your blog and subscribe via email, I just finished making your salted caramel cupcakes for a Christian school fundraiser. I have never done a cleanse but I sure need to be cleansed! LOL I am feeling bloated, lethargic and need to restore balance in my body (also I need more energy to keep this 46 year old body up with my 3 year old son!!) Thanks for the chance to win!

  65. bubbieone

    Before my first bout of breast cancer, I was healthy, a former runner, and aerobic instructor.
    Whizzed through the cancer, no prob.
    Then whammo…….cancer in the other breast!
    Mammograms, ladies, mammograms!!!!!!!. Both were found in routine mammograms.
    Whizzed through again, but it was twice in one year, 4 surgeries, and lots or treatments, and the last 3 years have taken its toll. Fatigue, more fatigue, and a general ill being.
    Some say its getting older…………hmmmm…………can’t be can it????
    I could sure use a refresher, for my body!

  66. Kristie

    I would love to do this cleanse before I start the insanity workout! Knowing that i will have a fresh start from the inside will motivate me even more to reach my health goals on the outside. I’m doing my pre-new years resolution πŸ™‚ help me out!!

  67. Marcia

    I have never done a cleanse but am so intrigued. I exercise daily but LOVE sweets — and your blog! Would love to get into better eating habits.

  68. carly dunavant

    I actually tried to win my own on their twitter website but just barley missed out. I would love to engage in the cleanse to reset my whole body. To flush out all of the bad and have a good healthy glow to my mind and body. Thanks for the giveaway!

  69. Monique

    For the past 8yrs. I have always had stomach problems.To me it all started after I had my son who is 8 already. I would get real sick. Being so backed up. I would honestly go once every two weeks. I knew something was wrong. I went to the doctors to fine out what seems to be the problem. Did all these tests and nothing. Got no where. Then I looked into getting a colon cleanse. It’s seemed to help me out, but honestly I would have to go a lot to be feeling good. I can’t afford to pay for every visit. This is why I am entering. I could definitely use this. Being a stay at home mom and a mother of 3 ages from 8 to 2 I need the energy to keep up with them. Thank you!

  70. Melissa

    I have been wanting to try a cleanse but I’m scared! Since you give this one such high marks, that gives me hope. I would love to win this!

  71. Stephanie

    Wow! I am looking into this. I want to do a cleanse because I have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I am also an athlete. I sometimes have a lot of toxins and inflammation in my body and a cleanse seems like the obvious answer. Thank you!

  72. I’ve always wanted to try a cleanse and have friends that swear by them, but I’m always worried about headaches and being hungry. This sounds like an excellent system to try though.

  73. Jeanne

    I need to cleanse because we have been traveling a lot lately and I have not been careful about what I eat and drink!! I am bloated with all the fat and alcohol I have been consuming!!

  74. I’ve just almost completed my first month of being a vegetarian, and I’m planning on doing a juice cleanse to celebrate – this would be super awesome! *pick me pick me πŸ™‚

  75. Shelly

    I’ve always wanted to try a cleanse, but thought I’d feel like I was starving! Since you recommended it, I’d love to give it a try!

  76. DMarie Huntington

    I have never done a cleansing process before & after reading your explanation, feel it is something so very necessary to do. Feeling good would be the main reason & a weight loss would certainly help. It would be great to be the fortunate recipient of BLUEPRINT CLEANSE giveaway. Thank you.

  77. I have been eating so much junk lately and just being lazy in general. I’ve given up Diet Coke as my first step to treating my body better, this would be a great next step.

  78. Charlotte

    I have always wanted to do a cleanse but didn’t know where to turn. This group looks like the right way to turn and winning a set-up for 3 days would be a good way to begin.

  79. Nancy

    I have never done a cleanse and think it would really be helpful for me because I feel bloated a lot and need to get about 8 to 10 pounds off that are creeping back on. This sounds like just what I need, something that isn’t going to be harmful. Thank you!!!

  80. Colleen

    I have never done a cleanse before and have always wanted to try one, but I always thought that I would feel really tired after it, but you make it sounds like it gives you more energy and that is exactly what I need. I need to reset my body and I would love to try this. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  81. Rebecca Ednie

    I take narcotics 24/7 and the side effect is making my system ahem, sluggish to put it politely. I try and drink water, add fibre etc but still not much improvement. I’m sure this would recharge my system and any bit of weight loss would help as I am still holding baby weight from December and I need to look good (well better anyway) for my sisters wedding in march. Every little bit helps! Enough reasons? LOL! πŸ™‚

  82. Megan Tracey

    I’m 2 years post divorce and have yet to start dating…finally decided to give it a try and this would be a great way to feel refreshed and rejuvenated for dating!

  83. Elena Rosenthal

    I have heard about blueprint and have wanting to try it forever, but I’ve been South Korea for the past three years. I want a cleanse!

  84. Paula Pardue

    I have been entertaining the idea of cleansing but had no idea what to use. Your timing is perfect. Thanks for the chance to win! I am following BluePrint on Facebook and Twitter.

  85. stella

    I was just thinking how bloated I am and then saw this post and realized what I need is a cleanse. Been meaning to try this out.

  86. Laura Buchanan

    I would live to win this cleanse!!! I have not been eating healthy this entire year that I have lived at Fort Knox. Gettin ready to move again and know sticking to a diet will be tough!!! Want to get to feeling healthy as well before I get pregnant!

  87. I would like to try a cleanse because I’ve developed a wicked sweet tooth, despite eating healthily most of the time and working out daily. I feel like I need to embrace a short term change to help me kick that craving for dessert following every meal.

  88. Ronnie J

    My summer started off with my daughters boyfriend having a traumatic accident and being on life support for eight days. Though is recovery was swift the incident led to an abrupt change in eating habits and more takeout than I’ve consumed in years. A month or so later one of my daughter’s classmates accidentally drowned. It’s been emotionally exhausting but time for me to get back on the right track with my eating and exercise. This would be the perfect jumpstart.

  89. Ann

    I need this so bad! I was doing GREAT eating clean for months and then some family events helped me justify diving off that wagon…into half the recipes off your site haha. I just need a kick start to get back to my good habits and this looks like just the thing!

  90. Elizabeth

    I would like to do the BPC cleanse for a refresh/restart before my husband and I make a big move from FL to CT for his job. We are really excited and I wanted to be as ready on the inside as I am on the outside!

  91. Crystal

    This cleanse is GREATLY needed. I’m marathon training and went off my diet this weekend. A cleanse would get me focused again. Plus it’s very expensive. I don’t have the funds to get it on my own.

  92. Justine Geiger

    I need this clease because I’m a broke law student who needs to break my caffeine addiction (due to said broke-ness) and also cannot afford $300 ($300!) for a cleanse! I’ve always wanted to try one of these! Gimme dat juice!

    PS – I follow BPC on Twitter and Facebook πŸ˜‰

  93. I would love to win this cleanse but would actually give it to my husband! He has not been feeling very well or had much energy lately. He’s also under a lot of stress with work and his mother is having some health problems. I think that a cleanse would really help him get to feeling better.

  94. I’d love to do a renovation cleanse. I was born with a bad gut and everything I seem to eat irritates it. Maybe with a cleanse I can feel like what a healthy belly is supposed to feel like!

  95. Talar

    i’ve heard so much about this cleanse and have a few friends that have tried them. i’d love to try it, just to jump-start healthier eating before the holidays!

  96. JoAnn Stoker

    OOOOOO I need a cleanse! We went to Amish country today! Auction with homemade Fry-Pies and then the amish buffett restaurant. Please I feel soooo full but it sure was good!

  97. Jennifer

    As a working mom of four, I know I could use a cleanse. Always running from one thing to another with fast food as a necessity sometimes.

  98. Jeanie

    I need a cleanse! I am recovering from a cold and allergies. I think a cleanse would do a body good. My idea of eating vegetables is carrot cake or blueberry donut.

  99. I really want to do a cleanse as I am making a conscious effort to lose weight, have started jogging and just today went to Whole Foods to start taking supplements again for high blood pressure (runs in my family) and general health. A cleanse could really give me the jump start I need. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  100. This sounds great! I do a lot of juicing but often I am just to tired because of the time it takes to wash all the part. I have also tried several cleanse diets (including Dr. Oz) that were horrible. Therefore, I would love to try the Blue Print products.

  101. Melissa

    I first heard about this cleanse a couple of weeks ago and thought it sounded amazing! I like to do cleanses every so often, and this one sounds perfect.

  102. Emily

    I just recovered from an injury that caused me to stop exercising and watching my diet for awhile and would really love to use this as a way to jump start getting back into shape!

  103. Dacia

    I was just talking to a friend about needing to detox. I’ve had an unusual increase in junk food, fried foods, and preservatives. These are no-nos for my system. Need desperately to give my body a break. I Would love to try this cleanse.

  104. Megan h

    I just moved cross country about two months ago and am trying to readjust to the climate and altitude- definitely feeling sluggish and overweight from having an ice cream place within walking distance of my new apt. I also liked and followed bpc!

  105. Michaela

    I would like to win the cleanse because I’m getting married and I’m working on losing some weight before the wedding so I can feel confident being the center of attention (which is something that makes me really nervous!)

  106. I definitely need to cleanse this body!! I’m afraid of the upcoming holidays, and I think that if I just had a jump start (like a cleanse!) it would help me stick to better choices during the Halloween-New Year eating frenzy!

  107. Alexis OBrien

    I am a 29 year old mother of 3, ages 9, 2, and 4 1/2 months. I work 40-55 hours a week as an office manager and medical assistant in a very busy derm/skin cancer surgery office. I wake up at 4 each day to make sure I am in the office by 5-5:30am and often don’t leave the office until after 4pm, in time to tidy up the house, cook dinner, spend time with the kiddos and get them ready for bed by 8pm and I exhausted. I also wake up throughout the night to nurse the baby. I have not done very well with my eating habits since I am on the go and just eat what is easiest. I don’t want to just do a cleanse but add in these juices in a concious effort to eat healthy foods along with it; I feel like this would be the help I need to get headed in the right direction to getting back my healthy thinking ways. I would love to try this cleanse out. My mind, body, and soul needs it πŸ™‚

  108. I liked them and followed them on twitter. I have always wanted to do a cleanse but they always had pills and seemed like a pain in the but but these come with everything you need. I have been stuck at a weight plateau for 6 months that I need to break!!

  109. Julia

    I have read a lot about this cleanse! I wanted to try it but did not know if it would actually work. I could really use this right now!

  110. Kristy

    I need the cleanse because with 6 kids I find it difficult to eat right and I’m trying to drop weight. Bbefore. The holidays. It be awesome to try it

  111. Jenah Parris

    Wow! A cleanse w/different levels! I would love to try the renovation level. I always want to to this good for you stuff, but it all tastes terrible! I am not a big fruit eater, although I do like a lot of veggies. My habits could use an over haul and I need to lose weight! I am trying to get into a healthy mind set so I can make permanent changes and set a good example for my girls!

  112. Jennifer S

    Life has changed A LOT for in the last year, I got out of a bad marriage, sold our old house with bad memories, and started over. I need to cleanse the body as I have my life and soul!!

  113. I would love to have this cleanse to kickstart my life- I just moved to a new locale after feeling quite down in the dumps for a few years. I am trying to put myself out there and really just put my best food forward, but the ice cream store within walking distance of my apartment sees me more often than not. I follow BPC on Facebook and Twitter because I want to get healthy but can’t get motivated nor have the money,

  114. Karen Argo

    I’ve been dying to try Blue Print cleanse!! I’ve recently been looking for a cleanse to do before the full-on holiday madness hits & I have no idea which one to choose. I recently heard of BPC, please puck me. Please!!!

  115. Annemarie

    I have been trying to motivate myself to do a cleanse! This one sounds great and would get me to do it and start feeling better!!

  116. Would you believe I’ve never tried a cleanse? Always been a bit skeptical but your experience sounds very positive! I really would like a detox to eliminate bloating and just cleanse my system.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  117. Hannah

    Hi, I would like to try the BluePrint Cleanse because I’ve tried to do other cleanses on my own at home but I feel like I’m just not going about it the right way or I would give up half way. Even while eating healthy and clean. I would love to try a pre-made cleanse and see the result I’m supposed to be getting.

  118. Keshia

    I need a cleanse so that I will feel rejuvenated to be able to finish off the rest of my looooong school semester in graduate school. Thanks for this giveaway!

  119. Lisa

    I have been wanting to cleanse for some time now. (My mouth is full of sweet teeth and I need to seriously reset) The reason I haven’t, honestly, is because I’m lazy. Too lazy to get all the ingredients for the recipes I need to eat over 3 or more days to cleanse. And that is after figuring out a menu. This sounds like an awesome and easy way to do it!

  120. debbie myers

    oh i want a cleanse. the way u described it i cant wait to get to their website and read more. that whole bloat thing that u talked about, seriously, why do we have that. thanks for the chance.

  121. Pattie

    I have 50 lbs to go to get to prebaby weight and I need something to give me a kick start. I’ve been researching cleanses lately and think one will help.

  122. Sarah

    I’d love to cleanse because Thanksgiving is coming up and I’m just thinking ahead about stuffing, sweet potatoes, pie … πŸ™‚

  123. Courtney

    I have never done a cleanse before. Always wanted to give it a try, but never got the courage to go through with one. This one sounds good!

  124. Liz Simon

    I have the same sentiments as you, big fan of BPC & Cashew Milk!! Great way to get ready for the holidays. I follow BPC on FB and Twitter.
    Thank you!

  125. Sara O.

    I want to lose a little bit of weight before all the delicious holiday food. I have never done a cleanse before and I’m interested in this one. Would love to get it, poor college kid here can’t afford to do it without winning it.

  126. I have never done a cleanse, but I could certainly use one. I’ve been eating so poorly recently and I need to get myself back on track. I think a cleanse would be very helpful.

  127. Jessica Z

    I want the cleanse to get my health and fitness back on track after slacking off during these 12 hour student teaching and work days since August!

  128. I read about this on cookies&cups and even researched out the basics of Blue Print when you wrote about the cleanse the last time…I have never done a cleanse, and work with gals who do weird/inconsistent ones all the time. This has always turned me off from their methods, which seem a tad sketchy in my book!
    I would love to do my first cleanse with Blue Print, a reputable and Shelly-recommended company!

  129. Courtney M

    Ever since starting college, it’s been tough trying to make the right food choices because of convenience. But I’m determined to turn over a new leaf, and I feel like a cleanse would definitely to steer me in the right direction. I’ve always wanted to try the BluePrint Cleanse!

  130. Alexandra

    I am in desperate need of a cleanse! I just started working again, so my eating schedule is way off, meaning my diet is way off too! I need to hit the reset button – but cleanses are too expensive, and I am literally below the poverty line. This would be great for me! πŸ™‚

  131. Candice

    University student meals. >.<

    This would definitely be a good way to get rid of all the unhealthiness I've accumulated this semester!

  132. Angi M

    I’ve been wanting to try BPC for some time now…but at $225 for 3 days…its a bit out of my price range! I would LOVE to win this to finally get to try it πŸ™‚

  133. Raisa Harper

    A cleanse would be lovely and as a college student a little out of my budget ): here’s to hoping!

    Fb:raisa harper

  134. Sandra

    Never tried a cleanse before. Sounds like this one would be good to start with. Busy working mom of the girls and always on the go with no time for me. Just imagine my eating habits, lol.

  135. Michelle

    Oh, I’d love a three day cleanse! This fall has just been really stressful and my eating habits reflect the worst of it. I’m getting back on track now, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to kick it off with a BluePrint Cleanse?

  136. Heather Hollifield

    I’ve been wanting to try a cleanse for about a year now but haven’t know which program to choose. I’ve been doing weight watchers for 1 year and have lost 22 lbs. I feel like I need a boost to get the weight loss happening again.

  137. I need to cleanse for the emotional benefits, honey. I have a lot of toxic thoughts blocking my brilliance. I just recently suffered a break up, I just lost my job, I don’t exactly have a stable home, I need to get out more often, I need to be this and that and this…and I need to remember that I am okay and everything is okay…Cleansing helps you focus and gives you this mental clarity that is just gorgeous! I want that, I NEED that right now! Bring on the greens!

  138. Jackie J

    imagine my surprise when I went for a doctor’s visit & saw that I was diagnosed as obese… it was something about that word that bothered me… I think I’d took it better if it simply said fat/overweight… I would like the cleanse to help fast start my weight loss goals… my goal is 30 lbs lost by spring & the remaining 30 by fall 2013.. plz anyone who reads this WISH ME LUCK!! Thanks

  139. Kathy Green

    I have not done a cleanse in a long time. I always feel so good afterwards, I’m not sure why I haven’t done it in such a long time.

  140. Justine Geiger

    I need this clease because I’m a broke law student who needs to break my caffeine addiction (due to said broke-ness) and if I don’t get it, the terrorists have won!

    PS – I follow BPC on Twitter and Facebook

  141. Siouxsie

    I really need a boost. I’ve recently lost 14 lbs and I’m sort of in a rut. This cleanse would give me that little jump start to continue my journey!! @siouxsie212

  142. Kelli

    This sounds interesting, my husband and I were just talking about this since he thinks I grew up eating alot of Junk, you mean cheetos are not a food group?? Thanks for the info!

  143. I have been looking for a cleansing system that does not require me to mix anything. I like the idea of only having to open a bottle and drink drink drink. BluePrint makes it easy to accomplish my cleansing goal. When I saw the posting by Holly Robinson Peete, I had to investigate. I like that it is all natural, thus giving me an excellent start to my proposed vegetarian diet journey I will be embarking on soon to help decrease my risk for diseases. I follow you on twitter!!!

  144. Andrea

    Due to recent stress I think I have eaten my weight in candy corn and candy pumpkins!! I’m always willing to try something new and these look great!!

  145. Jess Coleman

    I’m cleansing my life and I’ve started by removing toxic people from it. I’m now working on my spiritual side. I think this winning this cleanse would complete the cleansing cycle for me.

  146. M Morrow

    I’ve always wanted to try this cleanse! Weekends are toxic for me food/drink-wise. I need a cleanse to start the week RIGHT!!

  147. Nell

    Between full-time work and full-time grad school, Ive lost the ability/energy to go to the gym and cook healthy meals. Im struggling and a cleanse is just what I need.

  148. Anne

    I am a very youngest grandmother with 4 very over active grandsons with a working mother. I have then at my house alot. With all the fun foods I try to invent for them and all the desserts they demand and seem to thrive on, I would love to have a cleanse…….actually, I’m in dire need of a cleanse. Oh and I simply love your website. It’s been a tremendous help with the little guys. They love everything I have gotten from here. ( I love it too, one reason I need the cleanse. I love it too much…….hehehe). Thanks for sharing all your wonderful and fun recipes.

  149. Lynda M.

    I have been wanting to try a cleanse, but didn’t know which one really works.
    Since hitting the big 50 this year I have been on a quest to eat right, exercise and just be as healthy as I can.

  150. Meghan Smith

    I managed to survive two pregnancies with no real weight gain…that came after. I think it is time for me to take care of myself a little bit!

  151. Rhiannon

    I’ve done BluePrint 2x and both times it got me on board with eating healthy! This past July I went on vacation and since than I can’t get back on track. I’d love to cleanse again, but unfortuantly they don’t sell it in stores near me and I can’t afford $240 on a police dispatcher salary so PLEASE choose me πŸ˜‰

  152. Crystal

    I would love to try this cleanse! I have been thinking about doing a cleanse for quite some time and have been checking out the different options! This looks like an awesome one!

  153. I’ve been looking at this for a while but can’t afford it! I had a back injury two years ago I’m still recovering from and gained some weight because I’m not allowed to exercise. This would be perfect to kickstart some great weight loss!

  154. gabriella

    being in the middle of a job transition has been stressful and while i keep to a really healthy diet and workout regime my schedule has been partially thrown off the last couple of weeks. i would love to try the cleanse out as a restart to my normally healthy ways

  155. Jenn

    Football season at Penn State means tailgating, means beer and chips and dip. And cookies. And lots of other bad-for-me foods. A cleanse sounds like just what I need!

  156. Julie

    I’ve done cleanses before and am interested in trying a new one. I’ve been craving sweets and gaining wait (couldn’t be the sweets I’ve been eating).

  157. Lisa S

    I have been back to exercising and trying to eat healthier. This would be a great way to jumpstart my weight loss. Definitely had too much fun this summer!!

  158. Katherine

    I travel a lot for work and have recently found myself overdoing it with convenient, unhealthy foods that zap my energy. I would love a chance to reset my taste buds and get motivated to start eating cleaner.

  159. Ali

    I want to clense to kick start my half marathon training! ((for my first race, of any kind EVER!)) So I can use all the help I can get!!!!

  160. Kristina

    I’ve always wanted to try a cleanse and think a little refreshment is what my body and diet needs after a little indulging!

  161. Carrie

    This would definitely be something that would help give me a kick in the butt to get back onto my gym schedule. Even more, I need a reset – too much over processed junk food lately & I desperately need to get back to good, wholesome healthy food again, not to mention losing those few pounds I’ve gained this summer! I hope I’m picked! Thank you!!!