Chips Ahoy on the brain -cupcakes

About a week and a half ago I took my bi-monthly trip to BJ’s (a Costco-like place, if you’re not familiar…get your mind out the gutter 😉 ~ anyway, my 5 year old begged me to buy this huge box of Chip’s Ahoy cookies. I, personally, am not a huge fan, as I enjoy fresh baked chocolate chippers better, BUT for sanity sake I caved and let him get the ENORMOUS box. So now I have a pantry of packaged chocolate chip cookies. What to do?
So in my OCD way I have been compulsively trying to figure out ways to use them.
First, let me tell you, my kids love them. I couldn’t figure this out. They beg me to make chocolate chip cookies, which we do about once a week, so I was perplexed how you could like the Chip’s Ahoy and be satisfied with them when they are so used to my homemade version. Well, after observing (and sampling) for a bit I have made my determination…
they are not in the same category and cannot be compared…each stand alone. AHA!
2 entirely different cookies with obvious similarities but overwhelming differences.
1) Chips Ahoy – convenient and ready to eat
2) Homemade – procedural…ask mom “can you make cookies?” me either groaning or willing, depending on my mood…then you wait.
3) Chips Ahoy – crunchy, therefore perfect for soaking in a tall glass of milk.
4) Homemade – soft and gooey ~ never around long enough to get especially crunchy, and while good with a glass of milk, not great to dunk.
5) Chips Ahoy – Less filling therefore you can eat more…and more is better, right?
6) Homemade – Rich, buttery and filling…one or two goes a long way
7) Chips Ahoy – well, duh, they’re Chip’s Ahoy–somethings are just classic
8) Homemade – the cookie dough. ok- this one can’t be touched, homemade wins =)
But I will give props (yes, I just used that word) to the people at Nabisco for the decades-long staying power of their Iconic classic…I am sure they can finally sleep at night now that they have my begrudging approval 😉
So here’s my first use of them…It’s a version of my Chocolate Chip Cookie dough cupcake…this time with a Chip’s Ahoy crust.

I made my standard go- to brown sugar cupcake that I love, but deposited a Chip’s Ahoy at the bottom of each cupcake liner before filling them with the batter.
Easy enough…also tried the cookie dough frosting this time by making the “eggless cookie dough” recipe that I found here at Hello Baker
which is a great blog.
My recipe for cookie dough frosting that I have made in the past is easier and equally as tastey, but if you want to go all out, give Hello Baker’s a try.
I garnished with, what else, a Chip’s Ahoy.

Stayed tuned for round 2 of Mission:Chip’s Ahoy

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  1. Bridget

    son is the same way….he would think he’d gone to heaven if I bought a big box of Chips Ahoy! 🙂

    I love the idea of one at the “crust.”

  2. Andrew's Mom

    I made these for my son's birthday party and everyone loved them – someone said they were so good they wanted to puke – I'm assuming that's high praise!

    1. did you make them urself? im in the 6th grade and am trying to figure out something i think my brain does not like to work uggghhhhh!!!! my goodness its just a brain fart fo sho 🙂

  3. my goodness! trying to make some darn cupcakes for my math class for halloween and just cant come up with ANYTHING! its so freaking hard if you have any ideas hit me up :0

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