Communion Cake

This super simple Communion Cake is such a fun way to celebrate your kid’s first communion. Made with moist vanilla cake, buttercream frosting, a rosary decoration, frosting flowers and a classic cross shape, this cake is a godsend!

A Blue and White Communion Cake in a Gray Cardboard Box

This Communion Cake Is Easy To Make!

I made this easy Holy Communion Cake and think it turned out pretty well. This is a great decorated cake for beginners, as the decorations are simple and the use of fondant is minimal, yet pretty.
I baked 2 half sheet cakes, and allowed them to cool.
This vanilla cake recipe works really well if you’re looking for a sturdy, yet delicious cake.
I cut the cakes in the shape of a cross, making sure that both cakes were the same.
You can do this by making a sketch of a cross on paper and using that as a guideline.
I stacked the cakes and used my perfect buttercream frosting as the filling. You could also use my Chocolate Frosting too.
A Close-Up Shot of the Rosary Frosting Decoration on a Communion Cake The Side of a Communion Cake with Blue Frosting Beads Bordering the Buttercream
Next I bought some white fondant. I like the brand Satin Ice, It’s easy to work with and tastes good!
I dyed some of the fondant blue and rolled it out to about 1/8- inch and cut it into the shape of a cross to place on top of the cake.
I also rolled out some white fondant and cut it into a circle to make the name plate. I wrote on the nameplate with a food coloring marker.
I colored some of the fondant with a light blue food gel and then formed it into small balls for the rosary beads.
I made the cross out of fondant also for the end of the beads, and sprayed it with a silver food coloring.
I bought light blue sugar flowers to decorate the top of the cake, but you could pipe those on too with frosting.
A Close-Up Shot of a Cross Cake with "God Bless" Written on Fondant

This is an easy cake to make and turns out so cute!

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26 comments on “Communion Cake”

  1. Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes]

    Hehehe even though I am not a Christain, I found this post very entertaining. Beautiful cake!

  2. bridget {bake at 350}

    I *am* Catholic…and I am in the library reading this post trying my hardest not to laugh out loud!!! Oh my goodness! The ashes! My mom said when I was in 1st grade in Catholic School, my class when to Ash Wednesday Mass and I wouldn't go up…I thought they were HOT ashes!!! (I guess I didn't remember from the years before?)

    Anyhoo…your rosary!!! That is fabulous! I just made fondant this week and I'm thinking I need to make a rosary from it now. Would it be wrong to eat it, though?

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