Craft Fair

I had so much fun participating in my very first Craft Fair! With plenty of my signature cookie bouquets and a brand new homemade cupcake, I had the sweetest table there!

Flower and Butterfly Cookies Sticking Out of a Basket at a Craft Fair

Creative Craft Fair Desserts

This past weekend I participated in my first Craft Fair. It was a small, local “Spring Bazaar” and a great first experience in selling to the masses, as opposed to individual orders. I made a lot of Spring and Easter themed cookies as well as a few of my standard cookies that I love. I showcased my sugar cookies and Cookie Bouquets and added a few other signature items for fun. It was a lot of work trying to make a large selection of cookies, but overall I loved doing it and enjoyed getting to meet some new folks. I also debuted a new cupcake that, as of now is my most favorite cupcake ever ~ but more about that on my next post =)
Here are some pictures of some of the things I made and sold.
Easter’s coming, last minute ordering is available!!! 
This was my table
A Landscape-Style Shot of my Table at the Craft Fair
Here were some loose cookies ready to be boxed up
A Gold Plate of Easter-Themed Cookies Lined with Green Parchment Paper
and some that were individually wrapped for gifts and/or Easter baskets
Baseball, Ladybug, Bunny and Cross Cookies on a Table at a Craft Fair
I also made a small cookie bouquet as an example, but sold the cookies individually on the sticks
A Container of Spring-Themed Sugar Cookies Attached to Sticks and Wrapped in Plastic Wrap
Here are just some of the treats that I sold as well as the cookies for some variety
A Craft Fair Dessert Stand Holding Homemade Cookies and Rice Krispie Treats
Giant Crispy Treats
A Plate of Jumbo Plastic-Wrapped Rice Krispie Treats
Chocolate chip sandwiched with Homemade Buttercream ~ YUM!
A Plate of Individually-Wrapped Chocolate Chip Cookie and Buttercream Sandwiches
Packaged Chocolate chips
A Cardboard Box with a Clear Plastic Top Holding Chocolate Chip Cookies
Cute Jumbo Bunny Crispies
Two Bunny Head Rice Krispie Treats on a Layered Dessert Stand
Some Pretzel Hugs sold by the box
An Open Cardboard Box Filled with Pretzel Hugs
And a few more boxed cookies
A Box of Homemade Bunny and Carrot Sugar Cookies
Thanks to everyone who came!

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7 comments on “Craft Fair”

  1. Oh, I forgot….in answer to your question on my blog….yes, I’ve frozen them already decorated and it works great! πŸ™‚ Yay!

  2. cookies and cups

    cali- you just have to find the right recipe for the cookie dough and make sure it is super cold when you bake it so they don’t spread…try “no fail sugar cookies” (just google it and the recipe comes right up), they really hold their shape and taste great too

  3. I love the sugar cookies! Sooo cute! I have sooo much trouble with cut-out cookies….they never keep there shape right…lol. I love the pink and white bunnies! I hope you had fun!

  4. cookies and cups

    Thanks guys! It was a fun day and a learning experience. I had a few left over which made my son’s teacher happy =)

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