Cupcake Cake Flag

Summer is close people…are you happy?
I am happy.
Summer means no homework for the kids.  I am pretty sure I hate homework more now as an adult than I ever did as a student.  Having to beg my first grader to sit still and write his spelling words 3 times each is TORTURE…for me!
And then we run into the issue where I get stumped.
On 1st grade math.
It’s that new math…right?
And another reason I love summer… Big Brother...
Don’t be a hater.  It’s solid reality programming.  Do you watch?
So, this coming weekend is the kick off to the summer season, Memorial Day weekend.
Corn on the Cob
…and the inevitable strawberry/blueberry jello flag dessert that always rears it’s played out head around this time of year.
So, my friends…stay away from the jello and come on over to cupcake land. It’s more fun.
Cupcake cakes are one of the things that I get the most questions about…(sorry cake wrecks ~ I know how you feel about the CCC)
Soooo my friends I decided to put together a little how-to for ya.
It’s not rocket science, but sometimes a step-by-step helps…here goes:
Start with a 1/2 sheet (13×9) cake board…
Now, I am assuming that you have already baked your cupcakes.
When you bake your cupcakes you need them all to be the same size….different heights on the cupcakes won’t work for a smooth finish on the cake…
My trick for this is to use my 1/4 cup measuring cup to measure out batter.  All the same amount of batter = the same size baked cupcake.
I have found that a 13×9 board will hold up to 40 cupcakes.
In this case I was asked to do 20 chocolate and 20 vanilla.
Make your frosting.  You CAN NOT use canned frosting here, people.  If you do, I highly recommend adding powdered sugar to thicken it up a bit, otherwise your frosting will sink into the cracks in between the cupcakes.
My buttercream recipe works perfect.
Now, you will need to put some frosting on the bottoms of outside cupcakes to hold the cake together and work like “glue”.
There is no need for you to smear frosting on all the cupcakes…just the outside is enough.
Now, I crumb coat the tops of the cupcakes a little bit…
Then blob on some major frosting and with an offset spatula smooth it all over the top.
Once you have a nice smooth surface to start on, you’re ready to decorate.
I cheat and use a toothpick in my frosting sometimes to outline my design.  If I mess up I just smooth it out and start over…
Now, color the frosting…
And bag it up in Ziplocks, or in piping bags ~ whichever you prefer.
Decorate it up, baby!
and voila…
See how easy that was?
I hope everyone has an safe and fun holiday weekend!

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  1. Cookie Sleuth

    This is so much better than the usual Jello thing. The detailed step by step instructions with pictures are so helpful!

  2. Raina

    This cupcake cake is amazing looking! Thanks for the great tutorial. I would never have tried to attempt to make the cake without it. I showed the post to my 13-year-old daughter who loves to bake, and she loved it and now wants to make it for the Fourth! Thanks! I agree with you on the homework..what a pain. Wait until they have Geometry like my son. He knows not to even to bother to ask me for help on

  3. HoosierHomemade

    How cool! I've seen the cupcake cakes, but never made them. Thanks for sharing such a great tutorial on it!
    And thanks for joining Cupcake Tuesday again this week, I'm just thrilled to have you!

  4. Melody

    Wow! That is amazing. I love it! I am, as we speak, baking the cupcakes for my daughter's birthday. It is on Memorial Day and I am going to make the flag cupcakes found in Hello, Cupcake. I hope it turns out as cute as yours!

  5. Shauna from Piece of Cake

    Ahhh! This is terrific. Makes me proud to be an American so I can put stuff like this in my face. Great work!

  6. Kristan

    How awesome!! I have never made a cupcake cake, so I'm glad to see how it's done…I've often wondered about putting one of those babies together.

    My son starts Kindergarten this year…I'm studying already!!

  7. katie@tulsadetails

    I am seriously impressed. Pretty sure my flag would come out looking like it was for another country : ) Really cute!

  8. Joanne

    I have to say when I first saw this, I thought it was just a regular sheet cake. And I was impressed. And now. I'm just in awe!

  9. I run for cake!

    Super cute! I've always wanted to make a cupcake cake! Thanks for the step by step instructions, looks easy enough! Have a great holiday weekend!

  10. Thru The Bugs On My Windshield

    Sweet! No, really! LOL! And cute to boot! Love it! Happy Memorial Day! Remember our troops!!

  11. Wahzat Gayle

    This looks divine!

    I am with you on the homework thing… I cringe every time I see the school bag full of homework. I am stumped by Maths..but phonics railroads me everytime 🙁

    Have a great memorial day weekend

  12. GrapeSugar

    Love it, great idea for this weekend! So do you make a thicker version of your regular frosting?

    Oh, and I got really excited the other day when I heard Big Brother, I completely forget about it so it's a nice surprise…AND Wipeout…I don't know why I laugh out loud at that show! Well, I do know, it's all those people falling down! lol

  13. Sinful Southern Sweets

    Oh my gosh! This is awesome! My girls are going to think I'm the best mom ever when I make this for them!!

  14. bridget {bake at 350}

    That is the cutest flag cake I've ever seen. That is the cutest "cupcake cake" I've ever seen. So, in conclusion…that is really cute!

    Great tips, too!


    This is so cute! I just came over from Craft Gossip. I love over to link to this if you didn't mind.

  16. Bridgett

    I know for a fact that I hate homework now more than when I was the one who was actually doing it. Crazy but true but the kids' homework drives me batty!
    This is such a darling idea. You always do a wonderful job on each of your projects.

  17. Molly

    Thanks for the step-by-step instructions. I would never be able to make my icing look that smooth though! Also, I love Big Brother too! No shame in that. haha

  18. grace

    I've been wanting to make cupcakes soon and this has been really helpful, thanks! I might even try my hand at your buttercream recipe =)

  19. The Duchess of Wessex

    You are AMAZING!

    Thanks for the step-by-step because until I read the entire post, I was wondering how you got the red stripes so perfect!

    Bravo, you!

  20. Jo.King

    A friend asked me to help with the cake for her child's birthday party, and I wanted to do a cupcake cake, but couldn't figure out how to keep the cupcakes in place. Thank you!!!

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