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How to Decorate Cute Cupcakes

I swear, cute cupcakes make the world go round! Today I’m teaching you How to Decorate Cupcakes that look good, taste good and stand out on any dessert table. Let’s get started!

A line of three colorful decorated cupcakes with a green background

Easy Ways to Decorate Cupcakes

As a mom it feels like I am always making cupcakes for SOMETHING.
Whether it be for a birthday party, soccer snack day or indulging a craving on any given day there is a cupcake being baked, or being planned.
I want to help you ladies (or gentlemen?).
A few tips on how to make cute and tasty cupcakes for any occasion.
We will stick with vanilla for the sake of ease on this one…
Tip 1: If you choose to use boxed cake mix, MAKE YOUR OWN ICING.
It is easy people, and by leaps and bounds better.  People care about the frosting.  The end.
How often have you ever seen a cupcake bottom being eaten with the frosted top left over?
Let me answer that for you:
Very few people will know (or care) that you have used a box mix if you top it off with delicious, easy homemade buttercream.
Tip 2:  Sprinkles.  Sprinkles make everything better.
They hide imperfect frosting swirls, they add color and let’s be honest…they’re just cute.
When adding sprinkles, if you have beautiful swirls, add a pinch for cute embellishment.
If you have slapped on that icing here’s what you need to do:
pour your sprinkles in a small bowl and dunk your cupcake.
Cuteness made simple!
Three cupcakes shown from the top with various sprinkle decorations
Now, for you overachievers:
Tip 3:  White candy melts + foodwriter = adorable personalized cupcakes that people will die for!
(Like I have said before, AmeriColor is the way to go with the foodwriters.  I haven’t had such great luck with Wilton, but that’s just my opinion!_
You could easily do the same idea with fondant as the decorated cookie  does so well, but if you are a little afraid of the fondant, or don’t have a ton of time try the candy melts.
Two vanilla cupcakes with baseball decorations on a paper towel with two foodwriters
Flip them over and draw whatever you want.
A vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting and a small edible soccer ball decoration on top
Two vanilla frosted cupcakes decorated with a red heart and a purple flower
 I did these on mini cupcakes, but you could easily do them on regular sized cupcakes as well!
A baseball, flower and soccer ball cupcake arranged in a line
Now, get out there and make those cupcakes 🙂
I am linking these up to Hoosier Homemade’s Cupcake Tuesday…go check it out!

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32 comments on “How to Decorate Cute Cupcakes”

  1. Cupcake Activist

    I admit it, I'm a box cupcake baker sometimes. I like the idea of making my own frosting. It usually doesn't take very long and should make a huge difference. The sprinkles idea is good too. Thanks!

  2. Okay, I felt like you wrote this for me. 'Cause my cupcake decorating skills needed help and I don't want to invest a tremendous amount of time of them. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

    Oh, how do you get your frosting so nicely mounded (the top is round)?

  3. I run for cake!

    You are right…sprinkles are the best part of cupcakes! My favorites are the rainbow colored non-pareils! So much fun!

  4. great tips!
    the frosting is definitely the key for me. i can eat just about anything if there's enough fluffy, sweet stuff on top. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Diane {}

    very cute and creative! The cupcake with all the multi colored sprinkles reminds me of an ice cream cone rolled in sprinkles, which they do not tend to do out her on the west coast and it brought to mind all the ice cream cones I miss being rolled in sprinkles in NJ…thanks for reminding me of "home"

  6. Great tips! Thanks! What a great idea with the candy melts. I have to get out and get me those pens. Those cupcakes are adorable.

  7. I love the little toppers. I'm baking cupcakes for the SPCA Cupcake Fundraising Day and I was looking for something simple to "fancy up" my cupcakes. These will be perfect ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so much!

  8. bridget {bake at 350}

    That is pure genius!!! Candy melts! I just "organized" my chocolate basket…meaning I took everything out and looked at it…this morning. I have TWO opened bags of white candy melts. Cute toppers, here I come!!!

  9. How cute!! Love the mini cupcakes…and I agree totally on the Americolor markers…they are the only way to go!!

  10. Domestic Sugar

    I totally agree with you, the sprinkles make the cupcake. As a kid, I would always pick the cupcake with the sprinkles! ?

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