Eye Candy

A navy multi-layer baseball themed cake with a hat on top
I’m gonna keep the verbiage to a minimum here because there are going to be lots of pictures.
Pictures of stuff I have made and haven’t posted.
Here are some tries at fondant…
A baseball cake for a little guy’s birthday.
 The hat is made from rice krispie treats covered in fondant.  It weighs less than cake and is fun to mold!
 Here is a Toy Story Cake for my little guy’s best friend!
Sorry the picture is not so great, we were in a rush to get to the party!
This cake is actually decorated with buttercream and fondant is only used for the planet on top and the embellishments.
And a sweet ladybug…
 Loved making this one.
I made some cookies to match the cake…
 And now some cupcake cakes…
Of course Toy Story..
 and Thomas.
I made some cookies to go with Thomas also.
And lastly some cute cupcakes I made for a party where they decorated cookies.
Chef Hat cupcakes.
Aren’t the rolling pins precious?
Here’s the kit they used to decorate the cookies, so fun!
 wish I was invited 😉
 Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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42 comments on “Eye Candy”

  1. fondant is gross. Been to too many weddings and birthday parties watching people eating around the fondant on overpriced cakes. It’s just a bad idea!

      1. Don’t know gum paste. Hope it tastes better than fondant. LOL You did say it was your first try with fondant though?

  2. I love the chef cupcakes, could you send me the how to's on them? My niece wants to be a pastry chef and I would like to surprise her with them at her party..u can send me the infor @ eangelgod@comcast.net

    Thanks Eddie

  3. The Addicted Baker

    You had me at the rolo. HOLY MOLY if those were in front of me, they would be eaten in five seconds. Great job!

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