Father’s Day Le Creuset Giveaway {Closed}

Hey people!

Did you know Father’s Day is coming up?  Yeah, it’s like next weekend.


I am always stumped at what to get my husband or my father for that matter…

Enter Le Creuset.


I am giving you a gift for both the man in your life AND your Dad.  No shopping necessary!

How cool is that?

I will assume they both like wine.

If not wine, then I will go next best and assume they both like gadgets.

AND if they like both, then bonus!


Up first is the wine opener to end all wine openers…The Le Creuset Advanced Lever and Foil Cutter

It is super fancy…here are the details…

It retails for $170 and it’s a beast.


The next wine opener is a touch more modest, but completely impressive.

It’s the Le Creuset Winged Lever.  This is really the perfect wine opener.

Here are the particulars…

It retails for $50.


So…what you need to do is enter to win.

It’s easy.

Tell me who you would give these to…or if you were just going to keep them for yourself!

Doesn’t matter to me.


The contest is open to all US residents and will remain open until Wednesday, June 13th at 12:00 pm EST


The winner of the giveaway was comment #206.  Congrats!

Keep up to date on all Le Creuset happenings on twitter at @lecreuset and facebook.


Good luck!!

256 Responses

  1. I know my dad would have loved the first opener. He was a science man and an avid wine lover. Sadly this will be my first Father’s Day without a father. But I could always use it myself and think about my dad whenever I use it.

  2. Cristina

    My father would LOVE this wine opener! He is a great lover of wine and is always on the lookout for small unknown vintages and loves to show them off to my family. We always have wine at dinner, just a glass. And I just learned his wine opener broke recently so this would be perfect!!

  3. katie

    I’d give them to my husband.. It’ll be his first fathers day gift and he’s a big dork and would love these tools

  4. Tom S.

    I would use these myself! I open one or two bottles a month and it takes so long with my little IKEA corkscrew thingie. Hook Me Up!

  5. Susan G

    My sister and bro in law are the winos in the family, so I would give one to them. And I’d keep the other to replace my dollar store corkscrew.

  6. Mary Esposito

    I would give it to my son. He is a true blessing in my life and he is always so appreciative.
    THe look so wonderful -thanks for the opportunity!

  7. Sarah

    I am 39 weeks pregnant and this would be a great first fathers day gift for my husband and we could celebrate the birth with a bottle of good wine!

  8. Tamara Lin

    I would give them to my husband. We need a new wine opener and it would get plenty of use. 😉 Thank you for the chance to win!

  9. Shari

    One to my husband (because *I* like wine) and one to my father in law (because my *MIL* likes wine), because the two of them like to make us happy!

  10. Jennifer W

    They would be MINE! But then I would realize that my Daddy loves wine so I would pass the first one to him and keep the second.

  11. Emily Freeburg

    I’m not even going to deny it. I would totally keep it for myself! My Dad’s more if an Old Mil Light kind of fella anyway 🙂

  12. Lauren

    I would probably keep it for myself but I would share. My sister, mother, and I love wine so it would be perfect for us!

  13. My poor spouse is awful at opening wine, he would get one for sure. The second one, maybe my mom – because she is the wine educator in my life. You know, things like “do not drink wine out of a box, unless you’re camping, tailgating, or have none left in a bottle”

  14. I would give that first one to my husband. He loves gadgets and we are occasional wine drinkers. I’m not sure about the second one. My dad’s more of a bourbon drinker, but I bet my mom would get some use out of it. 🙂

  15. The winged opener would go straight to my ridiculously amazing father-in-law and the advanced one would go to my hubby since he can’t open a wine bottle for the life of him lol 🙂

  16. Juli

    Wow, such a great giveaway! I would give it to my father. He just started dating again, so it would be a great thing for him to use on his dates. He’d love it!

  17. Katie

    Um, I love my dad, but I also love wine. My dad taught me to be honest, so I gotta admit I’d keep this for myself 😉

  18. Dianne Guilinger

    after years of depending on others to open my wine, I finally learned to do this for myself! Now when my husband travels, I can still enjoy a glass of wine. I would keep it for myself, but share it with whomever wants to do the honors of opening the bottle

  19. I would love to win these! I mean, I would love to give these to my non-wine drinking husband and dad so that they could open a bottle of wine for me! Yeah! These are totally cool gadgets!!

  20. Lisa

    I would give it to my husband so he would look like a pro when opening a bottle for us when we have our “romantic dinners” after the kids go to bed.

  21. Jeanie

    Oh, I would give it to my husband, he’s not just the best dad to our kids, he’s also my best friend. Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there!

  22. Whtiney

    I would gift this for my father. I have so much admiration for him. Growing up I thought he was the smartest, toughest guy around. Now that Im old enough to know better, I still admire him for his passion for family, keeping us happy no matter what the circumstances were, always doing his best to keep us smiling, even in hardship.
    Happy Fathers day to all the special men out there.

  23. I would give this to my Dad…One of his two favorite things to indulge in is drinking red wine and smoking a good cigar. He also can never get the wine bottle open! So maybe this would help him…Thanks!

  24. Danielle DaVault

    I would definitely give them to my Dad. I would give him the world if I could. I have been in and out of the hospital constantly for the last 3 years, and he has sat by my side every second of every day. He is my rock!

  25. Melanie

    One I would keep for myself since I nicely mangle every bottle I open with my cheap manual thing. The other would go to my bestie wine drinking friend who always has the right bottle for any occasion. Or even when we just happen to get together.

  26. Chrisanthy

    I would give one to my dad, who really needs a new wine bottle opener…he still uses one from the ’70’s! 🙂 And I would keep one for myself!

  27. Marion

    I would like to give them to my hubs, which meansthey are as good as mine. We share when it comes to kitchen tools.

  28. Patty Tiesch

    I would give these items to my husband. He loves to drink wine and other drinks it would go perfect because a friend of ours had won a cooler and probably around 50 bottles of mixed drinks and they gave us some of there wine bottles because they are not wine drinkers. So this would be awesome for my husband to have. Thanks for the opportunity. Hope I win!! Love your site it rocks!!

  29. Anne Weber-Falk

    I would give one to my son and keep one for myself. Dad does not drink and neither does my husband. He would love to do the opening of the wine with one of these though.

  30. judy jursch

    I would give this to my very deserving husband…he gives so much of himself all the time…it would be nice to give something back to him!

  31. Lori

    If I win I will send them to my sister. She has alot going on. She is in the Navy and had to move to Spain. She is pregnant and loves wine. What a great gift it would be for her 🙂

  32. Lori H

    I might give one to my youngest son as they got us started on wine but I would be keeping one if lucky enough to win!!

  33. Priscilla M

    I’d give both to my husband. He’s becoming a wine drinker and I think he would like to have something like this.

  34. Katy Judy

    I would give these to hubby – alas dad is gone- and boy would he be surprised !! Along with a nice bottle of wine and turn on the stereo and chill !!

  35. Catherine

    One would be for the most amazing Dad…the man who adopted me and showed me the true meaning of unconditional love and commitment. The other to the man who took me, 3 kids and and has loved and cared for us for the last 25 years, my husband. I’ve been so blessed by both of them.

  36. My boyfriend has finally developed a taste for wine, so I know he would enjoy either of those gifts! He’s been such a good dad to his beautiful daughter, so he certainly deserves to be showered with gifts on Father’s Day – this could be one of many!

  37. Danielle

    My husband and Dad are big wine drinkers, in fact they like to try new wines together. So the both would get one. They both cook and love the Le Creuset store, I usually have to drag them out.

  38. Ashley

    I would give one to my husband. He just built a beautiful wine cellar in our basement. I’d probably save the other to give as a wedding gift.

  39. Neither my hubby, or my dad, drink wine – so I would give one to my mom, and one to a long time family friend who makes her own wine 🙂

  40. MaryB

    I would give one to my hubby and the other to my son who will be enjoying his first Father’s Day as a father himself.

  41. Heather H.

    I might just be tempted to keep it for myself, since I just bought my parents a Rabbit wine opener gift set, and mine is wearing out.

  42. Missie McLagan

    I would give this to my husband. He likes littles things like this and when I need my wine
    opened here we go haha. Thanks for doing this

  43. Lara Ryan

    I would lovingly give it to my husband. So that he can in turn, lovingly open a bottle of wine for me. It’s all about helping one another in my house! 🙂

  44. Heather M.

    I’m embarrassed to say that I cannot operate a corkscrew. SOOOOOOOOOOO…I would give this to my sweet husband for Father’s Day, but I would secretly be getting it for me to use too! 🙂

  45. DeeDee Baggett

    I would give one to my husband and then I would benefit from it too ! I would give the other one to my Son who is graduating from Veterinary School this Friday and will finally be able to relax and enjoy a nice bottle of wine !

  46. Terri F.

    I’d definitely give it to my husband. He’s the wine opener and has broken a couple of our cheapo ones. It would be a fun Father’s Day gift for him!!

  47. joanne

    I would give this to my husband for our home bar. He is difficult to buy for and these openers would be perfect!

  48. Terri Betz

    Cool! I’d give them to my guy! He cooks! And very well too! He keeps wines for cooking and with these we could toast his cooking…..and I could open them by myself! 😀

  49. Jacqui

    I would definitely give this to my dad! I have been searching for the perfect Father’s Day gift for my dad and have had no luck so far. This would be perfect!

  50. Jennifer

    My Daddy isn’t a wine drinker, so I’d keep these for myself and then get him something less kitchen-oriented and more outdoorsy.

  51. jackie

    Oh my dad would go insane for this! He is such a big wine drinker he always like 60 bottles of that two buck chuck from trader joes and then tries to tell us the story behind it every time he’s had one two many haha! He would definitely get some use out of it!

  52. Dot Ball

    Great giveaway! I broke my husband’s wine opener during W.I.N.O.S. (women in need of socializing) night so he’d definitely get one. Since it’s almost father’s day, I’d give the other to my son.

  53. Lyn Mackay

    I would give the first one to my mom, she loves wine and i would keep the second one for myself, i currently do not have a decent wine opener. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  54. Kendra

    I would give this gift to both of my parents, seeing as they always have trouble using those cheap cork screw openers. It would be nice to have a wine opener that wouldn’t risk poking their eyes out every time they try to get a bottle open.

  55. Heather Spooner

    Oh, I would be keeping the opener for myself. But I would happily share some of the wine with the men folks in my life. Thanks for the giveaway!
    heatherspooner1981 at gmail dot com

  56. Carol

    My dad died about sixteen years ago, so I would give the first one to my husband, and the second one to one of my sons.

  57. Margeaux

    I would give them to my dad! Unoriginal, I know – but he’s a wine aficionado and I’ve been stumped on Father’s Day gift ideas for him.

  58. Rebecca Ednie

    Id keep one as I cannot open bottles myself. I have arthritis and am not that strong. Looks like these would make it easy. I’d give the other to my sister as a bridal shower gift. She’s not even engaged yet but to everyone but her it’s just a matter of time 🙂

  59. Shreela

    To my DH, as my father doesn’t drink wine, and me and my mother mostly drink boxed wine. But DH thinks boxed wines tastes like gasoline LOL, so he gets the fancy bottled wine hee hee, thanks!

  60. Cookies4kids

    I would give the first one to my son-in-law who loves to cook, and always serves a good wine with dinner. The second one I would give to my husband who opens the wine when we have a dinner party. It’s always good to keep nice things in the family!!!! Thanks for the oppportunity to win these gadgets.

  61. Ashley

    I would have to say that I would give one to my dad – he needs one, since we are always searching around for a wine opener when we are over for dinner, and the other to my hubby – unfortunately my father-in-law will miss out on this one, since if I give one to my hubby, it technically gets to stay with me (not thinking about myself at all….)!!!

    Great Giveaway!! Thanks, Ashley

  62. Mary Prevost

    My significant would LOVE this (we’ve been together 7 years now). He used one of these over at a friends house (he loves gadgets) and he’s wanted one ever since – which unfortunately is not in the budget. Of course his 9 yr old son will probably think it’s some sort of weird space toy (he’s into Star Wars right now)…lol . I’d give the other one to one of our friends who just started bartending and could really use one .

  63. Chrissy

    I would definitely give my dad that first crazy gadget opener- he loves that kind of stuff. My husband never opens the wine for some reason, but I would still give it to him for Father’s Day as I have yet to find something for him. Win-win, right?!

    On another note, I just now discovered your blog through a pinterest post (Buckeye Brownie, OMG!). I could have written that post myself- my thoughts and actions EXACTLY!! 🙂

  64. Kelley H.

    I would give them to my brother and his wife. They are huge wine lovers and would love something like this. Thanks for the giveaway!

  65. I am starting to get more into wine and sometimes my Husband ventures to taste some. My family ALWAYS brings wine and complains that I don’t have a wine opener that’s up to par for them:). Hey, what can a girl say, I am just getting started. My husband would be happy to get one of these so he doesn’t have to listen to our family complain..hhahhaaha…good luck everyone!!

  66. Kelsey

    Well, here’s the deal…I can say I am gonna give them to my dad; but he doesn’t imbibe …I could say I am gonna give them to my husband,,he’s a great dad too…but he doesn’t drink wine…so….without further ado..I am going to get them for myself..and give them to them for gifts for father’s day for both my dad &hubby…,,I am so very sure they will just make sure they give back as they coud not use them,,,heheheheh..sneaky? yes 🙂 Of course I will have a back up gift for them just in case ?

  67. Kristin A.

    I would keep those bad boys for myself. The first one would probably sit on my counter as a sort of trophy,haha. And while drinking the wine I used either to open I would remember my father fondly, especially his love of gadgets and good drink (he was more of a liquor man).

  68. My husband would get it and we’d take it to our local winery for picnics, kite-flying, and board games with the kids. It’s one of our favorite family activities (and the wine tasting makes it even more fun for mommy!).

  69. Kristi

    Oh, I would so put one of these to use with the wine club I just signed up for! And Pops would totally appreciate as well, since he’s just now starting to get “in to” wine.

  70. Sharon Chaffee

    Well, my Dad has been gone a like time….and the ex-husband? Let’s not even go there. I do, however, have the most awesomest (it’s word….Just ask me, I’ll tell you) brother-in-law who loves wine and broke his wine opener while opening wine for my birthday a week ago. OH the guilt!! It would be such a relief to replace it for him.

    (Do you need an assistant in the guilt business???)

    1. shelly

      Well, apparently I do the guilt business because you were selected as the winner of the wine opener! I will be mailing you the details!

      1. Sharon Chaffee

        Woo hoo!! Thank you! I received them in the mail the other day….AMAZING!! I haven’t delivered it yet, but I know it will be a smashing success.

        Hmmmmmm, I may consider a career change to “Giver of Guilt”……

        Thanks again, Shelly!!

  71. AC

    I think I’d give it to my brother and his wonderful fiancee, who are getting married very very soon! He loves tools and wine and this would be perfect.

  72. Keri-Danielle

    I would give one to my dad who got me into wine a few years back. And then I’d obvi keep one for myself. Who doenst need a little one for themselves?!

  73. Claudia

    I would give them to a couple (good friends) who will hopefully be able to properly celebrate father’s day soon. 🙂

  74. Jane

    I’d love to give them to my daughter — even though she’s only 23 she’s worked in the wine industry for 8 years! She’d love them.

  75. Nadean

    I would give this to my son — he and his wife just had a new baby girl and the could use it to open the wine to clebrate the birth of their little girl with all their friends and family

  76. Kim Yue

    I would give this to my SIL–with one child in college and the other just graduated from college trying to find her first job, I see her needing to relax with wine much more often now 🙂

  77. I didn’t even know Le Creuset made wine openers! I would keep the less expensive one for myself and give the more expensive one to my sister who is a big wine connoseuir. My husband doesn’t drink so he misses out : P

  78. Ying

    If I won, I’d actually give both of these to my dad, as there’s no one else I know who’s a big wine-drinker and who happens to be eligible for Father’s Day gifts.

  79. Erika J

    My dad loooooves wine so he would be super excited for this new toy. I’d probably keep the second one for myself since my “will never break” rabbit opener went kaput.

  80. Renae

    I’ve always wanted to try a Le Creuset product but they’ve been out of my price range. I would keep the second wine opener for my husband because he loves his wine (particularly the cabernet savignon variety). As for the first hefty beast, that would definitely need to go to my own father who isn’t a wino himself but needs a great wine opener to support my mother’s obsession. So really, it’d be a gift for 4! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win and I can’t WAIT to try my hand at those caramel coconut bars. Tomorrow.

  81. Cindyb

    I would give it to my dad because it would make his life a bit easier. He has been having a hard time since my mom has been gone….

  82. AmyT

    My husband would love eitherof these for fathers day. Thanks for the opportunity and the recipe. He will get the coconut bars for sure!

  83. Gina M Maddox

    I would give it to my cousin as a wedding gift. Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  84. Tonya

    I would give this to my husband, but I would use them when my “Dimwit” friends come over monthly for conversation and wind.


    My husband and I like to think we are wine connoisseur’s, we are part of a wine club, we get a bottle of wine every 3 months ( I KNOW, HEAVY DRINKERS, HUH?) So, whenever we do get a new bottle of wine, a new wine opener would be great to open it with! (Right now he has one of those all in one tools, kinda like a Swiss Army Knife, that he uses to open our wine with.

    Thanx for the consideration!

  86. I think this would make a perfect gift for anyone- I am a HUGE fan of Le Creuset! With Father’s Day coming up, I think I would definitely give it to my dad… but I can also think of plenty of loved ones who are avid wine drinkers that would certainly put this to good use. Thanks so much for running the contest (and writing such a great blog)!

  87. Joetta

    As selfish as it is, I think I would keep it for myself. I turn 21 in September and this would be a nice early present to myself!

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