Folgers Fresh Break Giveaway

So the long days of summer are just beginning.

Isn’t it great?


I love having the kids home with no schedule…I mean, at least for the first week…

Of course I’m kidding.


Today I’m giving away a fun little gift to kick off your summer.

Stopping and taking a break with an afternoon coffee is a necessary luxury, but it’s super easy with the new Folgers Fresh Breaks.

Don’t dismiss it just because it’s instant, trust me.  It’s perfect in a pinch!

ANNND it’s GREAT to bake with!  Those chocolate brownies and cakes that call for brewed coffee?  Annoying, right?

These Fresh Break packets are perfect for a single cup.


Anyhow, this little giveaway is perfect for summer days.

You have a huge Land’s End Bag, a Kindle Paperwhite, which is the PERFECT Kindle for beach and pool reading (hello, no glare!), and great travel mug and a sampler pack of Folgers Fresh Breaks (Folgers Fresh Breaks Breakfast Blend (Mild Roast), Columbian (Medium-Dark Roast) and Black Silk (Dark Roast) varieties).

Giveaway valued at $200

Honestly, your summer is going to be super relaxed 😉


Use the widget below to enter the giveaway…It’s easy!

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563 Responses

  1. Pauline

    It’s super hot where I am, but I still need a coffee ‘break’ first thing in the morning to get me up and ready for the day!

  2. Rachel

    My coffee break is at around 10 AM, after I’ve gotten the kids off to school, cleaned up from the morning craziness, and had time for a workout and shower. Then I can settle in with the daily crossword and a cup of coffee and relax for a bit!

  3. Sarah

    I don’t get many breaks during my day between work, kids, and home, but I pound coffee from the minute I get up until late in the day. I guess my coffee “break” time would be early, early in the morning when I’m actually alone in the quiet…my one short peaceful moment.

  4. Danielle

    I normally hate instant coffee, but these are actually pretty decent! Great for when I dont have time to brew a pot or just want one cup. That’s normally around 3pm!

  5. I would love to win this. I bake all the time and you’re right, it is a pain to have to make a bunch of coffee for just one recipe. This would be perfect.

  6. mommabean

    Coffee is a must in the morning when I get to work and I also like to sneak a cup in at around 2:30 right before I pick my girls up from school!

    1. Carla Rubin

      Sorry–missed the question–answer is, right after dropping my kids at 2 separate schools but before picking up from 2 separate schools!

  7. Terri C

    I try to sit a few minuets and relax about 3 before I gear up for the rest of the day. Sometimes I think that’s my favorite cup of the day.

  8. Jeana Pigott

    Who doesn’t love an easy peasy quick cup o’ coffee!!! With 5 littles running me ragged, I need quick and easy!

  9. Diane W

    My favorite time for a coffee break is a lazy weekend. No one around, just me and the dog. It’s super quiet and relaxing! Better yet is if it is a cool morning that I can sit outside on my deck. It’s surrounded by trees and it makes you feel like your sitting in a tree house! Neat combo of things for the giveaway!! Thanks!

  10. Rita Lautenschlager

    Immediately after my feet hit the floor is the best time for a coffee break for me! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  11. Nancy G

    What a great giveaway. Would love to be having a nice cup of coffee while relaxing on a beach reading. But with my busy life, this would be hard to do. 🙂 But nice to just daydream about it.

  12. Melissa

    I usually only have coffee in the mornings, but some afternoons I need an iced coffee as my treat if I’m hopping on the bus!

  13. As soo as I wake up!! I am the happy mom of 3 wonderful & high energy kiddos & coffee helps get me through the morning!! Good luck to eveyone & thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  14. Lori

    Opps and the question is I have a coffee berak all day long, coffee is my only choice of liquid, besides water, that I drink.

  15. Debrah

    My best coffeebreak is when all the kids have been dropped off at school, and I sit down in my chair, dead silence and my coffee. Just give me 15…..

  16. Rachel

    ahhh. my coffee break starts at 5 am with the news and a book…then a double shot once the kids get up at 6…off to school at 7 then Another coffee break at 8 with coworkers!

  17. Jill

    My coffee break is first thing in the morning after the rush of getting my daughter to school and sometimes I have iced coffee in the afternoon for a little pick-me-up treat!

  18. Deb McKathan

    Wow! Thanks for the opportunity. Love your blog and I am baking one of your recipes right now – the brown sugar bars with toffee bits in them.

  19. Donna

    3 pm….I need some help to start making dinner and to get the house in order before my husband comes home from work. I don’t want him to think I sit around reading blogs all day!

  20. Lisa W.

    I love to take a coffee break in the late afternoons, while I sit on my patio & read a book. This would be great for those afternoons when I watch my grandsons, since my son doesn’t have a coffee pot.

  21. Terri

    first thing in the morning before anyone gets up – it’s my quiet time, I can collect my thoughts before heading off to work or beginning my morning routine

  22. Chanpreet

    I need a coffee break late morning/early afternoon. It helps keep me going strong through the rest of the day!

  23. Dana Coughlin

    What a great prize, I would love it when we travel to Montana. I drink my coffee first thing in the morning and at home we only buy Folgers.

  24. Nicole A

    Oh my goodness! I have all kindsa grabby hands! I can’t think of anything better than a quick cup of coffee and a kindle!

  25. Nicole A

    I drink coffee all day long. Seriously, it might start to be a problem. I think my favorite though is late at night when the kids are in bed and I can snuggle in a blanket on the couch with a steaming mug and watch a show in peace.

  26. Tracy

    Great give-away! I like a coffee break after packing lunches, fixing breakfast and getting everyone off to school. 🙂

  27. Kat T

    A coffee break? I don’t know, but I’d love to bake some Irish black bread with fresh coffee, or brew a pot for my husband on the weekends.

  28. Tracy t

    My coffe break starts when I get to the office! And then again after my first meeting. From there it just continues on!,

  29. Nicky Smith

    I’m usually ready for my coffee break around noon. I love making cold brewed iced coffee 🙂 so easy to make exactly how I want.

  30. Amy P.

    I work 12 hour night shifts at the Emergency Department at the hospital. My coffee break starts just before my shift, about half way through, and then again when I’m off work if need be. 🙂

  31. I work 12 hour night shifts in the Emergency Department at the hospital. My coffee break starts before my shift, half way, and a couple of hours before shift change! 🙂

  32. Sarah

    I have five kids, age 6 and under, and we homeschool. Coffee is a must-have first thing in the morning, just so I can function!

  33. If the coffee is good enough for you to bake with, then it’s good enough for me 🙂 Might be a great solution rather than keeping a jar of instant granules around!

  34. Sheryl

    There is a time a day NOT for coffee?!?! 😉 I drink coffee right up until bedtime, I switch to decaf a couple of hours before bed though.

  35. I’m just about out of the coffee I keep stashed at my desk, so this would be perfect. :0) I’m also really curious about the paperwhite – I’ve not seen one before.

  36. My best coffee break is on the weekends around 11:30 or 12:00. I have an almost 3 year old who usually goes down for a good nap about that time and that’s when I get to really relax with a yummy cup of coffee 🙂

  37. I start my day off with 3 cups of coffee – during the summer I enjoy another cup around 8pm (I’m one of those lucky people that can go right to sleep after a cup of coffee) during fall and winter I like a cup or 2 around 3pm, it takes the bit out of winter plus it just a cozy feeling.

  38. Alisha

    I don’t NEED it every day, but I do often start my day with coffee. It makes me a nicer and more productive person. Then at about 3:30, I’ll frequently make myself an iced coffee to get through the “afternoon snackies.”

  39. Jessica

    If I drink coffee after noon I cannot sleep that night! Therefore, I can only do coffee breaks in the early morning!

  40. Elizabeth

    I start every day of working from home with a fresh cup of coffee, but I love baking with instant coffee powder too!

  41. Katie

    I start my day with a run and then coffee while I am stretching and getting ready! 🙂 You have the best blog!!!!!!!!

  42. Julie W

    I normally have coffee everyday around 9 a.m. out of habit. But I have to have coffee in the afternoon on work days. It keeps me going the rest of the day.

  43. Roberta

    What a nice give-away! My coffee consumption starts on my commute to work and continues throughout the day–hot or cold, I love the stuff!

  44. Camilla AveryCamilla Avery

    A more accurate answer woulld be “When do I take a break from coffee?” lol It is usually my first waking thought. Ido cut myself off by about 2 so that it doesn’t keep me awake at night.

  45. Alyse

    I am in CONSTANT need of a coffee break! Especially because I’m frequently up much too late reading, and I don’t own a kindle yet!

  46. Tara

    coffee addict…..most needed time is the “1:00AM I’ve got to get finished decorating this cake!!” that’s when I am most in need of a pick me up. 🙂

  47. Emily Owens

    I’m one of those people who HAVE to have a cup of coffee (at least!) when I wake up or I get a massive headache. Folgers is my go to brand – always yummy!

  48. Kristin Dodson

    Luv following you on FB and your posts always inspire me and get my sweet tooth twitching. Luv your blog and this giveaway as well!

  49. Marilyn M.

    First thing when I wake up in the morning and another fix at 3 o’clock in the afternoon 🙂 Oh, how I would love to win this! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  50. MichelleH

    I start my day with a cup, then have another after lunch while grading math work. A cappuccino and a biscotti make an excellent reward.

  51. Anne Weber-Falk

    Gosh I like a nice cup of coffee in the am while the house is still quiet. I listen to the wind and the birds. So relaxing and wonderful. Thanks for the opportunity to win this nice prize package.

  52. Alyssa

    I don’t see a widget… am I brain damaged here? Lol
    I’d love to win this! My Kindle desperately needs an upgrade… and I’m having my afternoon coffee right now! I don’t drink it every day, but when I need it, there’s nothing better… Yummm!!

  53. Tristell C

    Coffee Breaks are necessary BEFORE picking the children up from school, then having to shuttle them around to practices.

  54. Jill Bybee

    I need a coffee break the moment I wake up!! Ha ha! Also, around 3pm is nice, that’s when I start loosing steam at work! Now if it were my day off…the entire day is one big coffee break!! 🙂

  55. Mishelle

    6:30-7:30 pm. It’s the home stretch before the kids go to bed… sometimes 10 mins, to myself with no one screaming “M0M!” would be such a blessing.


  56. ColleenB.

    Wonderful giveaway. Thank you for this opportunity.
    One thing we do and that is we drink lots of coffee at our house.

    Have a great weekend

  57. Joann Drye

    Some days my coffee break lasts all day..but I have to have at least a couple of cups in the morning, and by 3 in the afternoon for sure another pick me up cup.. but I can drink coffee til 10pm and still go to bed and sleep…sometimes I wish it would keep me awake but it doesn’t.. I drink Folgers Instant because I live alone and don’t want to make a full pot unless I know company is coming. So the singles are great to have too.
    jo in Sapulpa Oklahoma

  58. Tamra

    Really, any time of day. I love to have my little kick in the morning and I usually have a bit of a slump in the later afternoon that requires another jolt of caffeine. Luckily, I can still go to sleep after having caffeine late in the day 🙂

    Also, has anyone tried Vietnamese style coffee? My partner and I recently got in to it when he returned from Vietnam and it’s AMAZING!

  59. Sarah

    I need a coffee break after I’ve settled in at work. I check e-mails, get situated and then hop up for a cup of coffee that I nurse for the next few hours. And if it’s an exceptional day (good or bad, haha!) I might have another coffee in the afternoon. Love it : )

  60. I HATE mornings, so that would be when I’d need it the most. But also the middle of the afternoon – any chance to just shut down and relax for a few moments, get my breath, and continue whatever I’m tackling. 🙂 Thanks for your very generous giveaway!! Be blessed!

  61. Silla Kumari

    It’s the perfect start to begin a great summer! I really love your blog! I love you! Thank you for your awesome posts!

  62. Anne-Marie

    Great summer giveaway! I drink coffee all day long. And can’t wait to try your chocolate buttercream recipe!

  63. beth j

    Don’t speak to me until I have had at least two cups in the AM then again at 11 am and at 2 in the afternoon and usually that’s it.;)

  64. Claudia

    What an awesome giveaway. Too bad I don’t get a summer break, working mom here, boo. Oh well, anything for my babies.

  65. Oh wow. Every time of day is good for a coffee break! But the most dire of situations seem to come about 2:00 in the afternoon. I think this is because it’s really supposed to be naptime at 2! 😉

  66. shirley knieper

    I have only been drinking coffee for the past 1/3 of my life. I don’t know why I waited so long. Now I take a coffee break every chance I can get and I make excuses for driving past my favorite Coffee Place so I can stop in. My favorite time for a coffee break is any time I have the opportunity to sit down and rest.

  67. Toni

    Great giveaway, coffee and reading – an awesome combination 🙂 My coffee break is usually around 4pm..that’s definitely when I need a boost.

  68. Colette @ JFF!

    Coffee opens my eyes every morning!
    But, I’m nuts about it – I’ll sprinkle a bit of instant coffee into my milk with cereal, over ice cream.
    It’s always included in my chocolate recipes.

  69. Tanya K. Moyer

    Great giveaway! Thanks! My coffee break (usually a frap) happens throughout the day! Whenever a pick-me-up is needed based on my day!! 🙂

  70. Trina Brillhart

    Mid morning when I need that extra push! Also, early morning, early afternoon! Help! I am a coffee addict 🙂

  71. Juli

    Hi Shelley, I dub thee The Buttercream Queen 😉 I have to stop for coffee at 10 am every weekday like clockwork!

  72. Katrina

    That’s a great idea to use it for baking! I’m one of those “refuse to get out of bed until there’s coffee” kind of people.

  73. For me, there is no such time that you CAN’T drink a coffee. And I love it steaming hot with just a bit of milk and half a spoon of sugar… you can easily make me fall in love with you just by bringing me coffee…

  74. sherrie goolsby

    The minute my feet hit the floor in the morning I am heading downstairs to get my coffee. What a wonderful give a way!

  75. Diana

    I am not even a coffee drinker but I would love to win the gifts! I promise I would use it all….and find a recipe for the coffee!

  76. Nana in Texas

    I LOVE Cookies and Cups! And I love Folger’s! A cup hot in the morning to start my day is just right. And this is a fabulous

  77. Megan

    I enjoy my coffee first thing in the morning, but sometimes save it for my daughter’s first nap so I can savor it! I am also known to have a mid afternoon coffee too as a treat.

  78. Colleen

    I like my coffee first thing in the morning for breakfast and then another around 11am. I don’t know, but whenever I see your “Cookie and Cups” in my inbox, I immediately think it would be lovely to sit down and relax with a steamy cup of coffee and one of your cookies, or brownies or anything sweet you’re sending our way that day!

  79. I used leftover coffee (that is a rare occasion in & of itself…) and coconut oil in my last batch of fudgy brownies. The hubs ?s him some brownies & iced coffee!
    What an excellent giveaway, Shelly. Thanks for the chance to win some good stuff.

  80. Donna Ingalls

    First thing in the morning and mid- afternoon are the coffee break times. Of course Folgers is the best!

    1. Cathy Babineau

      First thing in the morning and soon after lunch to power me through the afternoon… Always have Folgers at work. 🙂

    1. Shelly

      There should be a widget in the post allowing you to enter. You need to leave a comment but the widget allows you to officially enter. How are you viewing the post? I know sometimes there are glitches if you are viewing from a mobile device.

  81. Olga

    Love to have a couple of cups in the morning with my morning tv. A friend and I always take a day for garage sales and/or shopping and end our day with dessert and coffee at a coffee shop

  82. Jennifer O

    I learned how much I loved coffee when I gave it up to try and get pregnant. I held strong and used no caffeine FOREVER! I was quite happy when breast feeding ended and I could start enjoying my cup of joe again. Thanks for the opportunity to win this.

  83. Oh my gosh how cool is this give a way. Girl, coffee break is anytime from fresh out of the bed til just before climbing back in. Been drinking the java since i was very young and hope to always keep a fresh cup by me.

  84. Sharon M

    What an awesome way to start the summer!! I would love these items!!! My coffee break is around mid-morning. But having coffee begins at breakfast!

  85. I always start my day with coffee (usually two travel mugs full!) I usually need another coffee break around 1:00 in the afternoon. Now that summer is finally making an appearance, that’ll be iced coffee for the time being. =)

  86. Wild Child

    I always start my day with coffee, but I can drink it anytime during the day. Hot, cold – I’m all over it. I love, love, luuuvvveee….coffee!

  87. Denise A

    The best part of waking up! [and anytime thereafter when you want to relax and drink something delicious and revitalizing]. 😉

  88. Wendy

    I always have coffee first thing in the morning…then I make another pot of coffee around 1:00 pm to get me through the rest of the day.

  89. Dawn

    First thing in the morning. During our long Alaskan winters, I would also have a coffee break around 3 to warm up and recharge before picking the kids up from school.

  90. Kelly

    I drink my coffee first thing in the am while I am relaxing before starting my day 🙂 Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  91. Lisa

    2pm is when I hit my afternoon slump – I have to get up and walk around. Dread it when someone schedules a meeting for that time since I know I won’t be my most alert.

  92. TheGeek

    When I work closing shifts, I need a coffee break around 8:30-9:00pm, or I’ll never make it to closing and cleanup around 11pm.

  93. Gina S

    I take my coffee break around 9:00 am. Time to relax and unwind after getting hubby off but before getting kids day started!

  94. Michelle

    You are so right – this would be perfect for all those recipes that call for coffee. And a Kindle Paperweight would be the perfect addition to the summer!

  95. Julie

    I’m more of a hot tea drinker, especially in the mornings, but I do love to cook with coffee. Great idea to use these!

  96. Mindy

    I need a coffee break when I first get to the office. By that time, I’ve already finished my gigantic travel mug on the way to work and I need more!

  97. Brianne

    I definitely need my coffee to start my day!! I need a coffee break around 2:00 to pick me up again!!

  98. Leah

    Coffee in the morning! And the afternoon! And aw heck, the evening too. I’ll drink coffee anywhere anytime and Folgers is my absolute favorite!!!

  99. Mrs Horn

    I am up for a coffee break before and after riding the metro. You need to be awake to see all the crazy stuff but, sometimes the metro naps sneak in.

  100. Laurie Weil

    I wake up with a cup but once I get to work, sometime around 10 a.m. is coffee break time. I look forward to it as it is a class pick me up.

  101. Wild Orchid

    I can always go for a coffee break in the late afternoon.

    Entered the rafflecopter as “Wild orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  102. Misty

    Coffee is for special occassions at my house. And by “special” I mean days that require me to be awake and alert!

  103. I actually don’t like coffee, but I like to have a cup of tea when I get to work. It’s 12:30 and I’m usually starving, but it’s still early for lunch.