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Frenemies and Granola Bars

Overhead view of two homemade granola bars with chocolate chips and pretzels
I have a problem that comes in the form of a cotton/spandex blend.
My black yoga pants.
They are what one would call a “frenemy”. They pretend to be on your side, make you feel good and then stab you in the back when you are least expecting it.
BYP and I met a few years ago. No, it wasn’t during yoga…although I did try yoga once and almost fell asleep. We met on Oprah. Yes, Oprah. She introduced me to this versatile leisure wear about 2 years ago on one of her make-over shows where she transforms ladies from frump to fab. Be a cute mom and still be comfortable. YES! That’s what I want! Plus, they were like the one thing on that episode I could actually afford. Oprah holds that kind of spell over me.
I immediately rushed to purchase the pants…tried them on and found God. Literally. Thus, a relationship built in comfort heaven was born. I am not the mom who looks cute at the bus stop. I am the mom who, when my kids get older, will pay me to stay inside when the bus comes.
Yes, I’m the crazy pony-tailed lady in college sweats and fuzzy slippers frantically rushing my kids out the door, trying not to spill my coffee and waving goodbye to them as the bus pulls away. I have long aspired to wear khakis and sweater-sets to wish my children a good day, but I tried that once and it just didn’t feel right 😉 Plus, I am lazy. So when I heard of these pants that I could wear to bed AND to shop in I was sold.
I own entirely too many of this deceptive loungewear. Far too many. In fact, I can’t even bring myself to type the number. (Also, my husband will read this and he might send me to BYP rehab)
Now, here’s the problem…they lie. Over and over. They ARE versatile, they ARE comfortable, they ARE flattering. They have elastic.
These past 2 years I would have never thought that I was gaining weight because my size-medium yoga pants still fit. Yes, I had to buy some new jeans in the mean-time. But they are cutting jeans smaller these days, right? Some of my shirts did “shrink” in the dryer. It’s that cheap material they are making clothes out of these days, RIGHT? I know I couldn’t be growing because those BYP still fit.
I have never claimed to be a genius. Far from it, actually. But I believed in you BYP and you made me fat.
You see, BYP, you’re the Rachel McAdams character from Mean Girls who switches out the low-cal diet bar with a protein packed weight-gain bar. I didn’t even know it was happening. We must reach some sort of agreement, you and I. Maybe I can wear you every OTHER day.
We can still be friends, just see each other a little less.
Seriously, I am having a Brokeback moment. I just can’t quit you.
To make matters worse, a girlfriend of mine just told me she found some great ones in a pack, 2 for $20. See, affordable on top of everything.
I feel like an addict on the corner, except my corner is between Target and Starbucks.
It’s all relative.
Now that I have made a verbal agreement with my drawer of yoga pants and spilled a dirty secret, I will share with you another deceptive treat…

The Granola bar.
You hear “granola” and think healthy. Sort of anyway. Well these homemade, no-bake Granola bars are yummy if not entirely healthy. You’ll never want Quaker again.

Since I posted this recipe back in 2010 I have updated the images and included a printable recipe. The actual recipe remains the same, which is why I kept this post with the comments and reviews from people who have made them for reference…BUT to see the refreshed post with the printable recipe click below!


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32 comments on “Frenemies and Granola Bars”

  1. Made them today with
    1c go lean crunch
    1c Cheerios
    1c rice krispies
    Then topped with mini chocolate chips and raisins. Perfect!

    They are a gift for my best friend who is having surgery (and could use the extra fiber).
    Thanks for the great recipe!

  2. Ha!! I am hystercially laughing out loud!! I live in BYP on the weekends!! I totally agree – they are addicting!!!!

  3. Candy and Cake

    Loved your story about yoga pants! So funny, and yet so true in my life too! My vice is fleece pants. Love the granola bar recipe, want to try that one!

  4. StuffCooksWant

    I love your humor, but I REALLY thought you had a recipe for "healthy" granola bars. I'm pretty sure that such a recipe wouldn't start off with butter, sugar and honey. Dang it… you fooled me!

    The bars look great, but I won't be making them anytime soon due to…. my butt and my desire to decrease it's lumpiness. Squats and lunges are in my future, not gooey granola bars. Although if I had my choice…

  5. Kathy - Panini Happy

    Ha ha – I've purchased 3 pairs of BYPs in the last month! Figured they'd fit and be comfortable as I transition out of maternity pants. Sounds like they'll fit well for a looong time! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. You really hit the mark there with your BYP story. As I was reading it, all I could think to myself was "Oh my gosh, that SAME thing happened to me!" Like I magically gained 20 pounds overnight LOL. Now…if we could all stop posting such yummy looking treats on our blogs… ๐Ÿ™‚ Homemade granola is right up my alley!

  7. Ann Marie @ White House, Black Shutters

    Oh my goodness… I LIVE in yoga pants! I can relate to everything you said in this post.

    Thanks for the recipe, I've been looking for something halfway healthy to make with the chocolate chips I have on hand! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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