Giftgloss Giveaway ~ contest closed

Hope you guys had a great weekend!

I had a really fun trip to Texas that I will be sharing with you sometime soon…

Traveling is fun and all, but I am wiped AND Continental lost my bag, soooo…


I will be back with some sweets a little later, but I wanted to share a fun gift-wrapping system with you guys in the meantime.

I used to love wrapping gifts.

I would spend hours making every present look completely gorgeous and I swore I would never be one of those people who slapped on some wrapping paper with visible tape and a sticky bow.  Some dreams you just have to know when to let go.

My gifts now-a-days are lucky if they end up in a gift bag.  Oh, and p.s. people…don’t write on the outside of the bag.

Seriously, that’s gift-giving 101.  It’s not tacky to re-use a gift bag, right?  I mean, it’s recycling and I’m all about the earth’s health.


So, when I was contacted my the “FoofQueens” with an easy and cute gift wrapping system I decided to give it a try.  It’s wrapping made easy, which means I can spend less time wrapping and more time shopping.  Yes please!

I especially love it for those really weird shaped boxes that you basically have to be an origami expert to wrap.

What you’ll get is the Gift Gloss system to get you started.

And you will also get lots of ribbon (which is gorgeous), lots of tissue paper and rafia

So you can make cute and easy wrapped gifts like this….

The whole pack is worth over $100 and will make wrapping a breeze for you this season!

To enter just leave me a comment here about what you most want this holiday season…

I personally, would like peace on earth and good will to all…but since that can’t be wrapped, I would really like some new Ugg slippers.  Are you listening husband?

Also, if you are interested in purchasing the GiftGloss Kit you can use the code cookiesandcups and receive 20% off your purchase!

Contest ends Saturday, December 10th 11:59 pm


523 Responses

  1. Hmmm.. What do I want most? I think I’ll be wanting my sanity back since we’re leaving the day after Christmas for a week in Las Vegas with my hubby’s ENTIRE family… Too much!!!

  2. Victoria R

    I would like my siblings to understand that my parents don’t want presents, and don’t need more junk, so we should just make a donation to charity in their names… Or some fun attachments for my KitchenAid stand mixer.

  3. what I want most?! This is going to sound SO cliche, but I want my big boy to keep enjoying school and flourishing in his new placement! He’s had a rough year or so with school and we moved him 4 weeks ago into a new placement and so far, so good!

    For an actual “FOR ME” gift.. I should have it this week – a Kindle Fire! πŸ™‚

  4. Katie

    What I want most for Christmas is a job. I graduated law school in May, took the bar in July and got results at the beginning of October, and I still don’t have a job.

  5. Dena Hamlin

    I really want my mom to come visit my fam for Christmas. We recently just moved from Oregon to Texas, and I have NEVER been away from home for the holidays. Doesn’t feel the same without her.

  6. Kristie Jones

    I would love a new camera to take better pictures of my cookies! Don’t think it is going to happen though… :). Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway!!

  7. Brooke

    This is the first year my little boy really understands what Christmas is all about, so I really just want him to have the best Christmas!! As far as something for me, I would love to have Kindle Fire!!

  8. Melissa

    Oh goodness. If we’re dreaming, how about a new Kate Spade purse or tote?! πŸ™‚
    Realistically, I really hope my mother in law gets me some new little bootie slippers, because I loooove them and my 2 years-old pair is really getting worn out! I think Hubs is getting me the wallet I want, and if he threw in the arm band and headphones so I can listen to music on my phone while I train for a 10k, that’d be awesome!

  9. Donna Curtis

    I REALLY would like my husband (who’s been unemployed 3 years now) to find a great permanent job! But, I’d settle for a Kindle Fire!

  10. Nugget

    My dream present would be a vacation to Disney World for my family. We have had a few hard years. Things are starting to look up. πŸ™‚

  11. Heather Spooner

    I would love to receive a bag for my laptop. Something cute with funky fabric and lots of storage. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Jenny

    I would like to not let my daughter drive me crazy on holiday break, but like you said that can’t be wrapped so I’d have to say I’s like a bigger bathtub

  13. Vera

    I want my 2 sons to be happy with their lives. I think they are, so I’m happy. Maybe a pretty laptop bag would be nice. Thank you!

  14. Rachel

    Hmmm. At our house we generally restrict the presents to the kiddos. But if we’re wishing I’d love a new pair of brown boots to keep me stylishly warm in all this cold weather.

  15. Elizabeth L in Apex, NC

    How cool is this system?! Thanks for the fun giveaway! For Christmas I want to finish my new kitchen. (Really. It’s just ridiculous that it’s taking so long.)

  16. Heidi E

    My little brother (well he’s 21) is coming to visit me here in Germany for three weeks. It’s his first trip to Europe and I would love if the weather would cooperate so we can get as much travelling done as we can while he’s here. I want it to be a trip he never forgets:)

  17. Carol

    I also wish for my son to enjoy school more and make new friends.. His best friend moved this year and he misses him terribly. And for me an Ipad, of course:)

  18. Cittie

    I would really like to be able to get my son and his family a happy christmas. The think I want most is a Crib for my grand daughter (3 1/2 months) and a Keurig type coffee maker for my son and his wife (need lots of caffeine in the morning with an infant …lol πŸ™‚

  19. CathyN

    I REALLY WANT a electric double wall oven. BUT since that would entail converting the space where my GAS wall oven is to electric…I have an older home…it ain’t gonna happen anytime soon.

  20. I hinted to my hubby that I’d really love a sewing machine even though I’d struggle to find a place to keep it in our tiny house. If that doesn’t happen (and I’m pretty positive it won’t) then I have a new cover for my Kindle on my list that I’m really hoping to get.

  21. Cassie

    I totally agree peace on earth and good will would be fantastic but I would also LOVE, LOVE TRIPLE LOVE a maid to clean up after my dirty lil kiddies! πŸ™‚

  22. Anna Hangstefer

    I continually update an Amazon wishlist so there is no end to the things that I want! Big ticket items are:
    – MAC desktop
    – Nikon D700 or D3
    – photo printer
    – KitchenAid Mixer
    – Sewing Machine.

  23. Amber

    What do I want for Christmas? For everyone in the family to get along for one day! But most of all, an expresso machine, so I don’t have to pay for that over priced barista coffee anymore!

    Love your website!

  24. Alicia B

    I’d love no more student loans and a house (instead of renting an apartment), or just a day at the spa to relax away from my 2 year old! πŸ™‚

  25. Haylie

    This year i am hoping to get the sewing machine that i asked for last year! πŸ™‚ And, I want it to be nicely gift-wrapped! πŸ˜‰

  26. Steffi

    We just adopted an adorable-but-crazy-hyper puppy from a local animal shelter. So this year I would really love an impenetrable backyard fence so that she can run around and play, without escaping and exploring the neighborhood!

  27. Vicki

    I have been dying to own a food processor….I have my eye on the new 13-cup Kitchen Aid, but will probably end up with whatever Target has on sale! LOL!

  28. Like you, I ask for all every years. I would also take one of Rocco’s cookbooks, Love you site and the posts of all your friends that gives me yummy goodies to send to my grandsons. One in college and one living on his own for the first fime.

  29. Jennifer Cullen

    I have finally acknowledged my need for a GPS! I have gotten lost twice in the last month! Hopefully my hubby will come through πŸ™‚

  30. Jane OLeary

    I want our men and women fighting for our freedom home safe and sound with their families. I want a cure for Type 1 diabetes so my little 2 year old grandson doesn’t have to endure this awful disease anymore and his parents don’t have to worry about keeping him alive every minute of every day.

  31. judy

    I just want to enjoy spending Christmas with my family. I have three healthy kids and a wonderful husband…what more could a girl ask for…

  32. Julie Vance

    I’m due with my 2nd baby (my first little girl) in a week. What I want most is a healthy beautiful baby snuggled in my arms on Christmas morning as I watch my 2 year old son excitedly open all the gifts!

  33. KellyR

    I really want a car that will pass inspection, but, alas that will have to wait until tax time. Aside from that, Ugg slippers, but I will gladly accept a good knock-off pair.

  34. Jennifer

    I’m just happy that I’ll be spending Christmas with my nieces for the first time ever! They are 5 and 3 and so much fun to watch.

  35. Lisa L.

    What I want most is to be home with my family in CA; and especially my mom whom I havve not seen in a year and has gone through a very rough last 3 months with a failed knee replacement and bad systemic infection. But since that is not possible, I want to spend time with my hubby and kids and his family here. πŸ™‚

  36. Valerie

    I want a dog! My husband and I have been trying to adopt a rescued dog for the past couple months, but the process of approval and actually bringing the dog home is so slow!

  37. Jen B

    I want airline miles. Is that an actual gift? I have to plan several trips across country to find a preschool for my son for next fall… look at schools, parent interviews, kiddo play dates and interviews… some free upgrades or a free ticket or two would be fantastic!

    Oh, and a marble rolling pin and a new bundt pan. πŸ™‚

  38. Hannah

    What I want most of all, or really, am looking forward to, is being back home with my family, curled by the fire in front of the Christmas tree reading a good book and not having to worry about assignments or exams, and spending time with all of my far-flung friends back home for the holidays.
    (But I also kind of really want the TARDIS cookie jar from ThinkGeek).

  39. Amanda

    I would really love to be able to go home and be with my family, my hubby is in the army, so we have to move around alot and where we live this year is way to far away to go visit πŸ™ oh and some craft supplies would be nice as well! lol

  40. Shelley

    I want a Stella Fossil Boyfriend watch!! I think I’ve told enough people in my life that I’m sure to get it (or maybe 4 of them since I told so many people!!) πŸ˜‰ If not, I’ll be purchasing it for myself the day after Christmas!!! Ha!

  41. Jenn

    What I want most for Christmas is for my sister to come home and leave her dirtbag boyfriend. I haven’t talked to my sister in 6 years because of him, she decided to believe something he said over something I said and decided I was just trying to break them up and keep her from being happy (even after what I told her happened she still did not forgive me, meaning he cheated on her). I know it would make my mother really happened if she got to see all 4 of her children on Christmas.

  42. cheryl miller

    hmmm–good question–i would like santa to paint my front door the beautiful red that I have picked out! thanks for the chance to win this wonderful giveaway!

  43. Kimberly

    All I want for Christmas is two healthy children and a good night’s sleep. Both of my little kiddos have been sick for the past two weeks and it feels like it’s never going to end. I’m one tired mama.

  44. trish cain

    to relax…. I don’t need anything. I just want to be able to put my feet up and not do anything! (Won’t happen…but I can dream )

  45. I would LOVE a trip to Disneyland with my wonderful husband. He got really sick two years ago and then lost his job. We’ve not been able to afford a trip since then. I know a trip can’t really be wrapped… but, perhaps, a new pair of Mickey Ears can. πŸ™‚

  46. Michele

    I would really love satellite radio for my new Flex. Or at least for someone to call and tell me how it’s possible to add it without a lot of trouble!

  47. Patty Jensen

    For Christmas I want a new boyfriend for my daughter! Do you have one handy?? And if I won the giftgloss package I would wrap him up for her!!! Just kidding………….I would put a bow on his head and put him under the tree.

  48. Denise B

    Mostly I want to make it through the holidays with everyone well and good! No stomach bugs this year please….
    A new camera would be an added bonus!

  49. Micki

    I want to be able to give more this year , than before and make my friends and family happy….The older I get it’s more about making others happy, than myself….lol MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  50. megan

    If I could really get anything, it would be wood floors and a finished basement! We homeschool our four children, and my DH works from home too… When we bought this house, we only had one child and weren’t quite aware of how much we would use EVERY ROOM IN THE HOUSE!!! So, in my dreams, that’s what I would ask for…but I’ll be more than thankful to give gifts my children truly enjoy and have time to focus on Jesus!

    I LOL about the gifts…I swore I’d never give up my bows, ribbon and perfect corners either…but then I had kids and had a LOT more presents to wrap in a LOT less time…in my heart, they are all martha stewart perfect though πŸ˜‰

  51. Kelly

    I would really love an all new kitchen! Might as well dream big if you’re gonna dream! But anything cooking related would be great.

  52. i’m truly blessed. i would love more time with the hubby. he works so many hours. i miss him even though he is right there in the house working his is office, even after working out in the world most of the day. wish companies would realize that all employees need family & love ones time to make them a much better employee for their companies. duh. it’s so simple but they seems so blind. (:

  53. abigail

    i need a purse. mine has a rip in it and the zipper is broken. that is only the problems on the outside. it was my favorite one but i am sure i can let it go for a newer nicer one

  54. Denise Degnan

    I would like a KitchenAid Stand Mixer, but more importantly I want the family to enjoy the holidays and me to be as stress free as possible!?!

  55. Erin

    My boyfriend and I are moving into a new house (our first together…and first actual house), so I would really like a dining room set, since we don’t have one now.

  56. Heather M.

    I am proud to say I have become a baking fool and now feel justified in saying I NEED a KitchenAid stand mixer! Please, Santa???

  57. Nothing too exciting. I am not expecting to get the ice cream maker attachment for my KitchenAid as I’d like so I’ll settle for a new cookbook and a pair of slippers!

  58. Beth C

    What I want most this year is…a boyfriend, preferably Aaron Rodgers, but I’ll settle for someone who treats me well. If that can’t happen, I would really like to win one of these contests that I keep entering

  59. Jennifer S

    Oooppsss–left my comment in the wrong place! LOL I would like to have a relaxing Christmas with family & friends. I’m trying to do more handmade / homemade items so it’s not just “stuff” that I’m giving.

  60. ColleenB.

    First off; thank U 4 offering this wonderful giveaway.
    As for what I would want; well, I really don’t know, but in this case I would like a small food processor.

  61. Amy

    What I really want for Christmas is a job for my husband and myself. We have both been unemployed/under-employed for a few years now and money is beyond tight.

  62. kerri Whitney

    My dream come true this Christmas would be a set of matching nesting bowls!…ones that won’t crack or accidentally get holes melted on them.

  63. Fay S

    I have two wishes. I want a food processor very bad. My dear boyfriend saved the few dollars he has and purchased me one for my Christmas present. Thank you sweetheart. I also wish he could find a job. He has been unemployed since August.

  64. Jamesa

    I would love to be able to rearrange the living room, getting rid of the huge entertainment center that is just becoming a jungle gym for my 18 month old. I know it won’t happen soon, so maybe just a new set of cooking pots. Thanks again for another chance to win a great prize, you rock!

  65. Alice

    Please add me to your great giveaway! What do I want from Santa? I would love a sewing machine. I hope your Hubby is listening to your hint! πŸ˜‰

  66. Tammy in Alabama

    I really just want my family with me and lots of good food to eat…. but as you said that cannot be wrapped and so I will be happy with anything that my husband gets for me. I love the wrapping idea… Thank you for all you do! Many Blessings… Tammy in Alabama

  67. Pat B

    What I most want this year is for People to think before they are ready to say what is on their mind……be kind and considerate. Do unto others as you would want done to you. Peace and Kindness!

    Thank you for the chance to win such wonderful gifts! Pat B

  68. Jane

    It sounds all sappy and holier-than-thou — and I’m not that way, I swear!! But I wish people would buy for those Angel-Tree or Giving-Tree kids and not for me. I like for kids to have Christmas.

  69. Lysa Christopher

    OH MY GOSH! My gifts aslways look like they’ve been wrapped by a one armed woman with three fingers. Any system that can add a little something’ somethin’ to my gifts and help me wrap is fantastic! LOVE IT!

  70. Hmmm what I want most this holiday season….to somehow lose the baby weight I gained while pregnant? πŸ˜‰ My son is 2 months old and I am tired of being fat already!

    But really, I’d like a new purse. Preferably Coach, and preferably blingy. πŸ™‚

  71. What I want most… well, what I want most I know I am getting (a serger), so I’ll have to go with something else. I’d really love a kindle or nook. I’d also love for someone to pack my house FOR me, so I don’t have to. Moving is oh-so-fun.

  72. Aggie

    This looks amazing! Would love to try it out! What I want for Christmas would be some new silver rings. Thank you for the giveaway!

  73. Belladatura

    Ooooh, this would be great. I hate, hate, hate wrapping gifts. It takes soooooo loooooong. I just saw some squirrel paperclips that I would love to get ( Love!

  74. Leah

    I would really love another dog. Mine died a few months ago, and my parents are loving the freedom. I, however, am hating the loneliness!

  75. Patty Tiesch

    For all my family to get along and be together this holiday season and for everyone to be healthy and happy for a change.

  76. Gayle

    When my husband asked me what I want, I had a hard time coming up with anything that I really need. The only thing that I would like, but don’t really need, is an iPad. Our son moved across the US this summer and won’t be home for Christmas. We can Skype but his computer is down. We could “FaceTime” with him on an iPad, while he spends the money we give him to get his computer fixed. πŸ™‚

  77. Tammy

    I really just want to make it through Christmas without being stressed and sad!! My favorite thing is giving and the money is just not there this year and I don’t like it when I can’t give!!

  78. Buffy

    I’ve been eyeing the Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanner for agessssss — I’d love to have a good scanning system to organize all of my recipe cutouts!

  79. Kimberly Yue

    I would love the gift of time–so many projects I want to do, so many books I want to read, so many fun things I want to do with my daughter, and I just don’t have the time to do it all πŸ™ In a few weeks my classes will be over and I will get a small niblet of time–and for that I am very grateful. Maybe I can get that time-changer that Hermione Granger had in the Harry Potter books to double the time in her day–that oughtta do it!

  80. Jessi B

    Just found out today I have stress fractures in both shins – so I would love a little health to come back my way so I can start running again!

    Barring that…A bicycle. So I don’t have to commute to work anymore!

  81. Paula Chaffin

    I am still a present perfectionist!!! I have never, every heard of this and would LOVE to win it!
    Thank you for the giveaway!!
    Back to me…I would love any vintage silver piece or a Tim Holtz cutting machine.

  82. Jenn M

    I want a way to play my iPod in the kitchen and laundry room! Oh, and for my family to be happy and healthy, world peace, etc. πŸ˜‰

  83. Lesley

    I would like a new bundt pan. Is it too much to ask to have the WHOLE cake come out of the pan in one piece? I mean I have several themed bundt pans, but I just want a good ol’ standard shaped one that won’t steal half my cake before it hits the cooling rack.

  84. Jolene

    I’m still in the stage of my life where I LOVE wrapping presents. Although, my bow-making technique needs a lot of work.

    I want a lot of craft items so I can start making all those ideas I’ve pinned on Pinterest:)

  85. Chris

    How fun! I’ve spent tons of time this year, dreaming of neat ways to build a wrap station…this is so smart!! Though there are so many things I didn’t it myself this year, I really want a slower, stressfree holiday more than anything else!!!

  86. Charlotte

    Oh I still love wrapping presents! My husband recently made me a present wrapping station & I love it!
    For Christmas I would really love someone to come and help me purge my house of junk! I need breathing room! πŸ™‚

  87. Mary Kate

    Since I just got married in September, gifts of money would be very appreciated to finish paying off the honeymoon!! From my husband I’m hoping for a new wallet to replace the one I have had since high school!!

  88. Jules

    I would love for christmas for my son to come home . He lives in Fla and we havent seen each other in almost 5 yrs. We both are tight on cash so talk over the phone alot or text alot. Thank you for doing the giveaways and making someones day so much brighter!

  89. I would love to recieve notice of a cure for Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes. My two grandsons and many of my students and children/grandchildren of friends have Type 1 and a cure would be a true blessing.

  90. Shelley

    We just got a new xbox with kinect….. so I really want the Dance Central 2 game….. or a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer…..would love to have both!

  91. Patti Sampson

    I would LOVE both of our kids to be with us on Christmas Day at the same time so that we can spend Christmas together. That would be wonderful!!!

  92. Stacey

    I just want something that I don’t have to return. I like little Isotoner slippers, my husband insists on buying me big, ugly old man slippers. I ask for a food processor, I get a blender. Don’t even get me started on the jewelry! The last thing I received was a bracelet that I specifically pointed out in a catalog and said how unattractive it was. Six months later the stinking thing was on my arm. I love the guy, but jeez…I’d be so happy to get anything that was my taste or what I put on my wish list.

  93. Nicole

    I’m going to go the cheesy route and say that all I want for Christmas is to have all my family together. What more could one ask for?

  94. Shannon O

    I would love to get my camera screen fixed. My camera fell on the 4th of July and the screen broke, but at least it works if I look through the viewfinder.

  95. Sarah FG

    I want a Cricut Cake Machine! I don’t bake cakes often, although I bake all the time – and that’s partially since I’m rubbish at cake frosting. πŸ™‚

  96. Tia

    I would really like more time. Time for me, time for my family, and time to just enjoy the season while my babies are still babies.

  97. i want to say that i would like world peace for christmas, but that’s almost impossible so i suppose i want tickets to the Nutcracker ballet instead πŸ™‚

  98. I want…. for someone else to loose 20 pounds for me!

    I want… for someone else to tell me what to buy for my –too hard to buy for– family!

    I want… for you to send me some of those Salty Caramel Oat Bars!! πŸ˜€

  99. Cheryl Newton

    My pie-in-the-sky wish would be to replace all the carpeting (lookin’ icky, after only 3 years; sad comment on carpet manufacturers, or — more likely — cheap builder) in our house. Oh, and since I’m wishing for that, I’ll also need one of those Roomba deals to suck up all the dog hair. But more realistically, I’d love a glass bowl for my Kitchen Aid mixer. Have you seen those things???!!! Gorgeous!

  100. What I most want this holiday season is a stand mixer… I’ve been baking for over a year now and I had to replace a lot of wooden spoons and whisks during that time. Not to mention my right arm is slightly bigger than my left.

  101. Cass

    i want all those that have been affected by a horrible windstorm in my state to recover and get everything fixed so they can all have a stress free merry christmas and happy holiday. as for material things….i NEED a cotton candy machine-wrapped up gorgeously! i spend more time and money on wrapping peoples presents than i do actually picking them out and buying them!!!

  102. What do I want most for Christmas? That is almost a hard question to have just one answer to.

    I would like a miricle of healing for my dads blood clots in his leg.

    I would also like a week long Caribbean vacation to get to spend quality time with my husband. πŸ™‚

  103. Pam

    This Christmas I would love to have a wonderful meal with my family, preferably one I can cook and not have to clean up, and time to cuddle my beautiful new granddaughter!!

  104. Vanessa G

    All I really want is for my family to be together, eat lots of yummy food , and celebrate the birth of Jesus! But, if I had to chose a present it would be anything baking related. I hope I get a donut pan. πŸ™‚

  105. Heidi Reed

    If I could ask for the unpurchasable I would ask to finally be pregnant after trying for over two years. However, since that is our of our hands I would ask for a new food processor since mine had an untimely husband related accident.

  106. Julie S.

    What I want most for Christmas aside from world peace is home peace…for my kids to get along (oh, and maybe a clean house). But, since I won’t get that, I would really like the Harry Potter movies on Blu-Ray and a women’s cut green Reggie White jersey! – I’m old school.

  107. I really want a plane ticket to go visit some friends in philly…for a weekend…all by myself. but since that isn’t going to happen….I’ll settle for a massage gift certificate…. or breakfast in bed one morning. πŸ™‚

  108. Katie

    I got my Christmas present early – a 14 cup Cuisinart food processor (Black Friday deal too good to pass up), so now I’m just looking forward to spending time with loved ones!

  109. SharonF

    I would really like to be moved back into my home after being evacuated because of the Midwest Missouri river flooding, but since that probably won’t be happening, I would wish that all my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren be home at the same time. Maybe???????

  110. Melissa D

    One of the things I really wanted, my husband bought me just before Thanksgiving – a stand mixer (yay!). So if I was to ask Santa for another “thing”, it would be a new camera.

  111. Wow, that looks amazingly easy to use. I’m terrible at gift wrapping. I try, really I do, it just doesn’t turn out so great! This year I’m asking for a kindle….or something along those lines! πŸ™‚

  112. suzy r

    I would just love a photo of all my kids all smiling and looking at the camera without anyone nose picking or doing the devil ears behind anyone else. LOL!

  113. judy jursch

    Waht I really want this Christmas is for more people to join in and do what my family is doing this Christmas…we are foregoing getting each other presents and instead, we are taking the money we would normally use to get the presents and we are giving it to a charity. I would love it if more families would do this even for just one Christmas – it could make a huge difference for those in need! Happy Holidays everyone!

  114. Catherine

    I would like good health and a pain free Christmas for my mother who is disabled. Something to wrap for me would be an ipad. This wrapping system would do nicely. Thanks

  115. Jamie

    All I want is to spend time with the family and make it through another year in these tough times. If I get anything more than that I am truly grateful for it.

  116. Sarah Z.

    I would love to get a KopyKake projector or a edible printer system to be able to make even more detailed cookies. Maybe Santa will bring it this year : p

  117. Denise O

    I asked Santa for an iPad for myself – Thank you Santa; Hubby asked for a Vizio Tablet, he’ll be a happy boy. I also asked Santa for a Kindle Fire for the family….I do believe the family is going to be happy!!!

  118. Carol

    What I want most of all is to see the pure joy on my little grandchildren’s faces when we gather around the Christmas tree to open presents.

  119. Sarah L

    I really want a gift card to Starbucks…and this gift wrapping kit. I’m a horrendous wrapper! I don’t care for it at all.

  120. Tanya K. Moyer

    I kinda want a Kindle. I say kinda because I still LOVE to read books, but it would be sorta cool to be able to download them and read them on a Kindle! πŸ™‚

  121. Lori

    I don’t really have a lot of wants, just really want all our kids home for Christmas, and new grandbabies. But if it must be wrapped, I would love an Ann Taylor Gift Card! Easy wrap job!

  122. I hate to sound pitiful, but I really want to have a nice Christmas dinner, at MY house, that I get to make which consists of something that isn’t chicken.

    Also, I want to be able to decorate my tree (short story long: we lost our ornaments in the move and things are so tight(I’m an unemployed student-mom) I absolutely can’t afford to buy any more. I’m making paper ornaments out of pictures whenever I decide I’m not depressed about the whole thing)

    SO why do I need a gift- wrap system? I just DO okay!

  123. Jessica Fairbank

    What I want most this year….? To marry you!! I discovered your website on pinterest and have been browsing for eh.. 3 hours or so. I just now read your most current post. I think I bookmarked and emailed myself almost every recipe. This holiday season is going to be awesome and even more fantastic now that I am going to make all of your tasty treats!!

  124. Erin M.

    I have so many material things that I want but I really don’t need any of them. So, I just want my family to be happy and healthy.

  125. Kendra Bauserman

    What I want most, my Canon camera that I already got… Thanks Babe… πŸ™‚ My dream gift would be the keys to a bakery, my own bakery… That would be sweet!

  126. Rose Swiokla

    I would really like a serger so that I can finally start a sewing business. Don’t think it will happen for a while, so my realistic choice would be to just have my family safe and healthy! :0)

  127. Jessica C.

    The thing I most want are Tory Burch Reva flats. I have been lusting over them for literally years and its just time for me to have them. I will love them, probably wear them every day, and take very good care of them. I promise.

  128. MaryAnn

    I want some patience for Christmas. My family is so good but I find myself getting stressed out trying to have a perfect holiday and then I am snapping at my loves. I am immediately sorry but I can’t take my words back.

  129. Melanie Matta

    What do I want for Christmas? Well, besides a bunch of cooking and baking tools….I really want a Chicago Bears Pillow Pet πŸ™‚

  130. heather strausbaugh

    i would love to be able to go away. being from FL, I have never seen a snowfall. I would LOVE to be able to take the family so we could all see this together. Or some jewelry ha-ha.

  131. Talette Tootle

    I found your site/blog via pinterest. It is known within my family and friends that I have no idea how to cook anything. We only have a stove because it came with the house. My job at each holiday is to bring drinks, paper products, and chex mix in the bag. BUT I saw the pretzels hugs and thought “I can do this.” Well, I did it! Everyone enjoyed them and no one was injured… I was proud! I gave my friends you site address for them to find great ideas and recipes like this one! Thanks for helping out those of us who are cooking challenged! πŸ™‚

  132. Debbymom

    What do I want for Christmas? Besides a job for my husband … I’d love to have a picture of all the kids & cousins together. We don’t remember to do that very often (probably because it’s like herding cats!) but I’d love a great picture of the group.

  133. Judy Rice

    I would love to have a new book for my kindle and…
    Anything at all to do with baking and decorating cookies, maybe some new cutters

    Merry Christmas everyone!!

  134. I would really like for my little granddaughter to not be sick for Christmas. I’m hoping for a peaceful one for myself – if I may – please. *Ü* ~Glen~

  135. I’d love to have a few pairs of cute (and comfy) close-toed shoes… I’m a big fan of flip flops and running shoes…. running shoes don’t go with everything! lol

  136. nicole p

    continental is the worst!! they lost my bag 2 years ago and then I had numerous horrible experiences with their phone people, including one of their representatives hang up on me!

  137. Heather Tucker

    I’d love a relaxing Christmas with a perfectly clean home 24/7, perfectly well-behaved children 24/7, and Vin Diesel for just one day. But, I’d settle for a ruffled camera strap. lol

  138. I would really love about ten hours of sleep. Twelve would be even better!

    I hope you got your bag back. Continental is not my favorite, either. I’ve had really good luck with United.

  139. Michele

    Well, I would really like for all my Christmas shopping to be comepletely done! Maybe magically by elves or something cool like that. If I’m selfish I guess I want a new food processor or a Tiffany bow necklace.

  140. Heather

    Is it too much to ask for a calm and relaxing Christmas holiday? That is what I want most and for my husband to actually want to buy me Christmas gifts and it not be a fight every year!!

  141. Sarah

    I want sleep! We are currently trying to let my 9 month old cry it out in the hopes of all of us getting better sleep. I just hope our efforts are successful before Christmas. Especially since my inlaws will be staying with us so my older daughter will be sharing a room with the baby, or one of them will end up in our room!

  142. Elizabeth

    I’m hoping for an ice cream machine… I don’t know, something about the idea of making fresh ice cream (and homemade blizzards!) is just too enticing. Perhaps I should ask Santa for self-control instead… πŸ™‚

  143. Sammy Jo

    I just want to be able to get together with everyone without all the stress that ususally comes with trying to work with everyone’s busy schedules!

  144. Kathryn

    Oh, I would love to have a new printer. My son broke ours a few years ago and now, I must go without! That, and a KitchenAid mixer! I only have a hand mixer, so that is no fun!

  145. Sage

    My husband came home from deployment 3 days before Thanksgiving, so I already got what I REALLY wanted. But, as far as material item… I would love the ice cream attachment for my KitchenAid. And my husband wants the Ben & Jerry’s recipe book to go along with it. ha ha πŸ™‚

  146. susan

    I would love to find a great part time job in 2012. Lost my job of 25 years and am looking for something new to do. In my fifties, so it is hard to start over. Most importantly, I would love to have a peaceful holiday with my family.

  147. Sondra

    I would like a pair of gold earrings. I had a nice pair and dropped one down the drain. I promise I’ll be more careful if I get a new pair.

  148. Krystle

    I’d love a DSLR camera, but know that will have to be a dream for another time. So realistically i’d love a couple new books and some new pj’s.

  149. Kayla

    For Hanukkah and my birthday (my 25th) I have a list of material goods ranging from video games to clothes to kitchen stuff…Probably most what I want on there would be a personal blender so I can make smoothies easily w/o using too much counter space or some of my geek-tastic clothing choices.

  150. Maria

    What I really want the most is for my Mom and my Aunt (they’re sisters) to stop their ridiculous feud so we can all enjoy Christmas together. But since that isn’t very likely, I’d really love an iPad!

    Thank you!

  151. Evelyn Eidsath

    This Christmas I would love to get some useful bakeware and decorations for cakes and cookies and whatnot : D
    That giftgloss stuff looks good, too… πŸ˜‰

  152. Kayla Stratton

    I would just love to spend time with my family, and my fiance for Christmas. The last few ones have been horrible. I would love to be able to get each of them something nice because they deserve it. πŸ™‚

  153. Litza Rivera

    Christmas use to be such a fun holiday for me, but 3 years ago I lost my son at 7 months (still birth) and his due date was December 25, 2008. So every Christmas all I think about is my son and how if he was here with me I would be celebrating his birthday πŸ™ So what I would truely in my heart want for Christmas is to be able to have my son with me! But I know that its just a dream… i guess if I have to choose a gift maybe for all my family to be together. I live in PA and i have family in WA, GA, FL, NY, and PR. Having a huge family Christmas would be Awesome!

  154. Brook Dickenson

    The thing I would love most this year, is for all of my 4 children to wake up on Christmas morning and feel that they have had the best Christmas ever! Then I would feel that all of my hard work paid off πŸ™‚ As for me, I would love a Kindle Fire πŸ˜‰

  155. To spend Christmas with my sister and her family! We live in Tx and they live in Montana and we’re lucky if we see them even once a year. This year they are coming to Tx to spend Christmas with us for the first time in years! I can’t wait!

  156. Honestly, I’d like one or all of the holiday edition wigs from Arda! Wigs are so fun. You don’t have to ruin your hair to do something fun.

    Anyway, hope I win this, I LOVE wrapping gifts!

  157. mere...

    I am supposed to hear back about a job interview the week before Christmas. I would love for that to be a yes – it would make the rest of Christmas break a lot more relaxing knowing I can start the new year with a paycheck again!

  158. AudieH

    What I want most is ….. really nothing. My life has done some pretty dramatic changing in the past year and I’m pretty happy with where I am at and what I have. If it was a choice between saying what I want and having my favorite snack (cheese and crackers) ripped out of my hands I would answer with Kureg πŸ™‚

  159. JesskaD

    I would like a full baking pantry so I can bake my little heart out and give everyone some yummy treats!! (Thanksgiving wiped me out!!)

  160. sue

    I really want a good pair of snow boots! I’ve lived in the Northeast my whole life and have never wanted to “waste” the money on them so my feet suffer every winter.

  161. Megan

    I already got an ipad and my husband is home for Christmas this year, so I really can’t ask for more! If someone is in a really giving mood, I’ll take a pair of silver glitter toms. Oh, and if anyone can make me lose 10 lbs, I’ll take that too!

  162. Angela

    I would really love a new book, to read in the car while we travel on holiday. I would also really like to lose some weight but its christmas so that’s not gonna happen!!

  163. LisaLou

    I would like a heat sealer for my baking goods. I love to give gifts I make in the kitchen so that would be a perfect gift for me:)

  164. LaShunda

    What I want most is to get my family together and have the best Christmas ever!! I also wouldn’t mind a second band for my wedding ring!!! Happy holiday!!

  165. Michelle Thayer

    I feel blessed that I am in not in need of anything this year but if I were to think hard about the one thing that I would like it would be a nice pair of tailored pants. Obviously I can always dream of things like a pair of diamond earrings, an anniversary band to go with my wedding set, etc. but I don’t truly need any of those.

    I do love the unique gift wrap ideas. I always find a gift or two to wrap this way every year. It’s quick and looks personal.

    Merry Christmas!

  166. <