Hellmann’s Secret Ingredient and a Giveaway!

I love this Mayonnaise Chocolate Cake recipe from Hellmann’s!
Image 4
I am all about “secret ingredients”. It’s like a food mystery.
And in case you didn’t already know this, I am basically a detective. Ask my husband.

He has a tendency of telling me scenarios to which I can tell him the “end-game” in a matter of minutes.

Call it woman’s intuition…call it perception… call it psychic.


I mean, don’t even TRY playing me in Clue.

Mrs. Peacock. Ballroom.  Revolver.



Anyhow, back to food.

Throw a secret ingredient into the mix I will figure it out.


Except when you make this recipe…

Image 2
Have you guys ever tried this?

Now, I know people who claim they “don’t like mayonnaise”…it seems to be quite the polarizing food…
I am totally on board with mayo, fyi.

BUT I triple dog dare you to bake this cake WITH mayo and try to get anyone to know the difference.

To be honest they probably WILL notice a difference, because using the mayo in the recipe makes the cake all sorts of delicious. It’s the perfect fat substitute…
But never in a million will anyone be able to detect the flavor of the mayonnaise.

It’s the funnest thing ever.

Using ingredients in ways you least expect can really turn meals or dishes into something special. In this case using Hellmann’s Mayo takes this chocolate cake from boring to totally original, crazy and delicious!

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AND Hellmann’s wants to get you started on your holiday baking with a fab baking kit!!

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All the things to go ahead and make that Hellmann’s Chocolate Cake!
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21 Responses

  1. Doris Henson

    I also use Mayonnaise in chocolate cake. It is divine. The one “secret ingredient” I use often that no one guesses is heavy whipping cream in my biscuits. I also have a recipe that calls for mayonnaise in in biscuits….they are good too. Thanks for the chance to win all these goodies. 🙂

  2. Wanda

    Thank you for sharing your love of baking with us. I, too, love to create yummy goodness for my family and friends. Thank you for giving us bakers the chance to win this amazing prize!

  3. ColleenB.

    thank U 4 this opportunity.
    It’s the only chocolate cake I make is my Mayo chocolate cake made from scratch instead of a mix

  4. We have made “mayonnaise cake” for YEARS now. My mom cut the recipe out of a family circle or woman’s day at least 25 years ago – my brother (who passed in 1991, so that’s how I know it’s been so long) absolutely loved this cake. So now we call it the jimmy mayo cake. LOL It’s so moist and delicious!

  5. Julie

    I’m going to try this. I’ve seen cake recipes using Mayo and I just have a hard time believing you can’t taste it… but I’m going to take your word and I’ll be doing this for my Thanksgiving cake on Thursday. Thanks for sharing and reassuring me 🙂

  6. This cake is SO yummy! My friend Barb introduced me to it years ago and I love the texture as well. Thanks so much for the chance to win. Have a sweet Thanksgiving!

    Snoopy 😀

  7. Starla Bates

    Sounds interesting, but im sure its delicious. I have never tried it, I don’t use mayonnaise that often because I don’t like it. Cooking with it, however, is a different story. I really love to add nutmeg to my vanilla cupcakes. Shh, it’s a secret 🙂

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