It all started with a tradition…

Carrot cake, that is. Thanksgiving is now officially over and the “most wonderful time of the year” has begun. I am accomplishing two things with this post. Kick-off to holiday baking (yay!) and my monthly entry into “Flavor of the month”.
Bake at 350
For those who don’t know, Flavor of the Month is hosted by Bridget at “bake at 350”. She gives us all an idea and lets you run with it. No big rules to follow, just a theme. It’s fun seeing what the participants come up with each month. Some people are seriously creative and talented out there. I have taken the last few months off, but I decided to come back this month. I will say this ~ I have taken a little liberty with the monthly theme for November, “traditions”…
Check it out ~
My tradition for the month is Carrot Cake. I make one just about every year for Thanksgiving. It has long been a bonding vehicle for my Grandpa and I (among other things). We both LOVE carrot cake.
I am pretty sure that I make a good one, even my 4 year old told me that the frosting for the cake was the “goodest in the whole world”.
You can’t beat that.

I didn’t take any pretty pictures of my carrot cake. My cake traveled with us all the way down to Delaware for Thanksgiving, so by the time it got there it was a little beat up, but I will tell you it was still delicious.

Here it is after being haphazardly cut into…

This is a very rich cake, as are most carrot cakes, so needless to say we had a lot left over. Here’s where tradition meets interpretation…
I decided to make some cake truffles made famous by Bakerella. (I refuse to say cake balls, hehe) But in honor of the upcoming holiday season I decide to mingle the two and make snowman cake “truffles”.
Now, I won’t kid you and tell you these were so easy. They weren’t.
Don’t you hate it when people tell you that something is so easy and then you try it and it is impossible? It’s like those celebrities who weigh 85 pounds and say that they don’t work out or diet they just chase their kids around. Really? REALLY? Do they think we believe them? If that were the case I would be making these truffles in between runway shows and photo shoots.
Anyway, they were time consuming, but they came out cute, right?!?

I just took a big ol’ hunk of leftover cake, icing and all and mashed it up in a bowl.
I formed the mash into balls and chilled in the freezer for about 20 minutes.
Then I dipped them in white candy melts.
I let the bottom of each snowman set, but then I did the tummy section and head in succession so the melted candy worked as glue to hold them on. I just used a food coloring marker for the eyes, nose and mouth and made a scarf out of fondant. For his hat a flattened a Tootsie Roll
and cut it in the shape of a circle. Then I cut the top of another off to finish his hat.
Thanks Bridget for hosting the Flavor of the Month and forgive me for the broad interpretation of “traditions”

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  1. Leslie

    Yes..way too cute!
    And what those celebs neglect to tell us is inbetween chasing their kids they run into the bathroom to do a line of COKE!!!lol

  2. Donna @ Way More Homemade

    VERY cute and well done. I'm done with cake truffles for a while after making the pumpkin ones last month. I know how time intensive those were, so I admire your work here even more.

  3. High Heels and Aprons

    Your snowman look adorable!I made those little cake balls out of carrot cake also. Except, I dipped mine in chocolate and stuck a cocktail pick inside. They were definitely more difficult than I was expecting! The original recipe called for them to be dipped into semi sweet chocolate. What a MESS that was… candy melts are definitely the way to go! Ally @ High Heels & Aprons

  4. Dorothy

    Your snowmen are precious! Love the little scarves you made for them. I know what you mean about people (ahem, Bakerella) making the whole cake truffle thing look easy. I don't make them often because it takes forever and I make a terrible mess doing it!

  5. Jade

    I have never made carrot cake, but I do love eating it. I will have to try this. I love your truffles by the way. They are absolutely so cute. Great idea to use the leftover cake.

  6. Kerstin

    Carrot cake is my absolute favorite too. I should start making it for our Thanksgiving tradition! Love your super cute snowmen too – SO adorable!

  7. Sweet Sins

    I love what you did with the "cake truffles" I think they are adorable!! When I tried "cake balls" once I realized they are not that easy and can be very frustrating if you are a perfectionist!! You did a fantastic job!

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