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Bowling Cupcakes

Close-up of chocolate cupcakes with bowling pin decorations
I am sure a lot of you reading this are moms.  Even if you aren’t, I would imagine you have nieces and nephews, or the random neighbor child that lives across the street always trying to sell you stuff.
Now that we are square on that…
Let’s talk germs.
I’m quite sure that no one will argue the fact that kids are germ carriers.
Hard core germ carriers.
Most moms have a high tolerance for their own kid’s germs…but it takes a special person to be fine with other’s germs.
I think about nurses and how amazing it is that they aren’t completely grossed out by sick people.  Is it just me?  You have to truly be a special person to be able to deal with all those bodily fluids.
When it comes to my own children I can deal with just about anything, it’s really incredible how, the moment you become a mother you are able to handle all sorts of STUFF that you could never deal with before.
My littlest guy is like a germ magnet…maybe magnet is not the correct word…
it’s like he seeks out new and unusually disturbing ways to expose himself to new germs on a daily basis.  Almost as if it’s his life’s mission.
Short story ~ we were in NY a few Christmases ago on our annual trek to see the tree at Rockefeller Center.  We usually take the subway, because for the kids that is part of the adventure.  My child went through this licking phase (I am not proud) and we turned to see him licking the pole in the subway.
Let me say that again…the pole.  IN. THE. SUBWAY.
The pole where countless numbers of people hold on as the train takes off.  The pole that never gets cleaned. EVER.  In the subway.
Please feel free to dry heave now, I expect it.
We didn’t know what to do!  We glanced around hoping no one else observed our genius child licking, possibly the most repulsive thing on the planet…
Well, the subway was virtually empty, but the lone homeless man at the end of the car  started gagging.  When the homeless dude who lives in a shopping cart is disgusted by your middle class son you know you’ve done some stellar parenting.
Now, I’m not like Howie Mandel, all fist pound phobic…but I just don’t like the idea of other kid’s snots on me.
Haha ~ you just got the creeps…I knew it wasn’t just me 😉
So, you see, I sort of loathe places like arcades, ball pits, indoor jungle gyms and yes, bowling alleys.
My kids love bowling.  And I kind of enjoy it…but those balls and those shoes.  Geeee-ross!
So with that said, here is a bowling bowl I can wrap my mouth around…
Close-up of a vanilla-frosted cupcake with bowling pin and ball decoration
These are some cupcakes that I made for a neighbor whose little guy had a bowling party.
Close-up of chocolate cupcakes with bowling pin and ball decorations
The bowling balls and pins are all made from fondant…
 They turned out pretty cute and the kid’s had a blast at the party!
Moral of the story:
In this season of flu, cold, cough etc. let’s all work together and wipe our kid’s noses!
Pretty please 🙂
Also, if the end of the world happens you can rest assured that my little guy will be ok…he is pretty much immune to anything at this point.

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42 comments on “Bowling Cupcakes”

  1. Hahahaha! I just read your post, and a few years ago we were in NYC with our then-three year old in a taxi cab, and my husband and I both looked over to see him licking the SEAT OF THE TAXICAB. Pretty sure that never gets cleaned either, and all kinds of gross things happen back there. Anyway, just thought I’d share. Love your blog, and your fantastic recipes.

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