Land O’Lakes Kitchen Conversations Giveaway {closed}


Last week I had the opportunity to sit in on a fun webinar hosted by Land O’Lakes® and Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman.  Maybe you’ve heard of her?

Anyhow, the talk centered around butter…yesssah…and also some new fun food trends for 2013.

Along with Ree, some really cool girls were on the panel too…Julie from The Little Kitchen, Maria from Two Peas and Their Pod, Sommer from a Spicy Perspective and Brenda from A Farmgirls Dabbles.


At the center of the conversation, however, were these new Land O’Lakes® Butter Half Sticks.  These things are so great…I mean, who doesn’t have extra tablespoons of butter, wrapped in the paper wrap hanging out in your fridge right now?    Anyhow, these half sticks are perfect for all y’all who don’t use butter by the pound on a daily basis, and since you don’t have to cut the sticks in half, something I do all the time, it helps keep yo’ butter fresh to death.


During the webinar, Maria chose the food trend, “Popcorn”, which I jumped all over and made these Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Popcorn Bars.  I mean, me and popcorn are kinda BFF.

 photo chocolatechippbpopcorn_zpsc55f6179.jpg


And just for y’all, Land O’Lakes is giving stuff away!

So get going on entering this swaggy giveaway…

We’re talking Le Creuset, Anthropologie, and Land O’Lakes® all in one sweet give.  I KNOW!


You’ll win:



Enter to win by leaving me a comment here letting me know your thoughts about the New Land O’Lakes Butter Half Sticks…will they help you?  Won’t they?  Why?

For a completely extra entry I’d love you follow me on Pinterest.  Just leave me an extra comment and let me know if you did.


Giveaway will remain open until March 16th, 2013 at 11:59 pm

US entries only please.  One winner will be chosen at random.  Maximum 2 entries per person.  All extra entries will be disqualified.

983 Responses

  1. I love the idea of half sticks- I’m currently living in the UK (But I have a US shipping address if I were to be so lucky!) and our butter comes in a block that’s the size of two sticks! I find that if I don’t use it fast enough it loses quality really quickly. Not always a problem, but enough to be a bother!

    1. Pam Carson

      I have used 1/2 sticks for a while now and really love them!! Keeps me from having all those pieces of sticks in the butter keeper! lol. Land o’Lakes is what I grew up with and I stay loyal to them. Never have to worry how something is going to taste when I stick with them!! Love the site!

  2. maureen

    This would be such a great help in baking. A lot of what I make calls for 1/2 a stick and then I have opened a stick and it is just waiting until I make something else.
    What a great idea and from Land O Lakes.

  3. Ellen

    Hmmmm….. Not sure. It might be helpful, but it doesn’t much bother me to just cut a stick in half. Love the giveaway, though!

  4. The half sticks sound perfect. I would love to have some in the half. I never like having to cut a stick in half and then have to find a way to keep the other half fresh. These would be great for vacation time too when we don’t need a whole supply of Costco butter. We vacation often when we still need to cook and make meals. What a great gift your giving away. I am here all the time, I just love your recipes. What I need to know is who eats all this fine items?

  5. I am following you on Pinterest. I was following several of your boards but now I am following all of them. Don’t you just love Pinterest….I call it my slice of happy each day! Debby

  6. Emily Freeburg

    I guess I usually just cut the stick of butter in half and either drop the remaining half on our butter dish or keep it in the fridge and use it shortly thereafter but obviously the half sticks would help me by speaking to my inner OCD and not messing with the uniformity of my perfect butter stick in the butter dish! That’s confusing, I know, but it all makes perfect sense up in my knoggin. 🙂

  7. I think the half sticks are a good idea! I usually only use small pieces of stick butter at a time and then the rest is left to get gross in the fridge. These smaller sticks may help me with that problem.

  8. I think the half butter sticks are just adorable! I don’t mind cutting my butter into pieces when needed, but this would help for those recipes that don’t call for a full stick.

  9. Steff

    The half sticks are great! I hate those little half-used butter knobs that I have to clumsily re-wrap in paper and stick in the fridge. Seriously!

  10. Amanda

    I love half-sticks. Having more size options allows me to use only what I need more often so I don’t have forgotten half-used sticks hiding in the fridge door.

  11. Denise Fedor

    I do have partial sticks of butter in the fridge some months of the year. These half sticks might work then,but at Christmas time I use up most of the butter I open. I would not need this size then.

  12. JC

    Ah, these are the best! Anything that helps portion control and avoid waste is a double win. I’m all for them! Thank you.

  13. I’ve been using the half sticks for a while in both regular and olive oil and sea salt varieties. I like not having to measure the butter and having to securely wrap the half stick that’s left behind.

  14. Hayley

    I would love the half sticks because I feel like I always have a weird creepy half-stick of unwrapped butter creeping me out in the door of my fridge!

  15. Jennifer

    Half sticks would definitely help me! There are few things more gross than the crusty butter that you get from leaving it unsealed.

  16. I love the half sticks, especially the sea salt and oil ones, they’re super yummy!! Unfortunately, I’ve decided to go dairy free, which is making me sad on so many levels!!! However, I still cook for friends and loved ones butter and milk-full dishes. It’s just resisting the temptation to try them for “quality control” that’s the hardest!

  17. Alisha

    I don’t think they would necessarily help *me,* because I understand that wrapping a stick of butter up after taking a slice out of it is important. My husband, on the other hand, leaves the dang wrapper wide open after using it so it can absorb all the yuck flavors from the fridge. I love that man, regardless of his butter shortcomings.

  18. Katie

    I’ve been using those half sticks for a little while and they’re great. I live alone, so it’s nice to only open a little butter at a time!

  19. Carley

    I think the Land O’Lakes Butter Half Sticks would definitely come in handy in my kitchen! WIth all of the baking I have done recently, it would definitely help!

  20. abby

    i can see them being useful in baking. usually i’ll use half a stick and forget about the remaining half. i don’t bake often, so i can see this definitely having potential.

  21. Andrea

    Half sticks would be great since it is just two of us and I always seem to throw away little pieces of butter left in scraps of wrappers.

  22. Theresa Smith

    Love the half sticks. I’ve used them and they come in so handy. Love not having to cut it into half and leaving the usually ripped wrapper of butter in frig. Love the giveaway!

  23. deanna

    we don’t use a ton of butter – so those little sticks would be so perfect for us. and how cute to put around the table at Easter lunch!

  24. dana

    i think if the half sticks were economically better, rather than have me put half-sticks back in the fridge, then i would consider purchasing them since i dont really have a terrible problem with just wrapping and saving. but it is a good idea!

  25. Half sticks would be great for cooking, where I rarely use more than 4 tbsp. For baking, the 1/2 cups work just fine. But, these would be perfect when I need to make 1 1/2 batches of frosting or just a smidge more cupcakes. 🙂 Thanks!

  26. Sarah Flemming

    We use butter here for everything (what God provides for man is alwasys better than what man provides for man) the half sticks would not be on my grocery list. I would love the items and have a friend the coupon and butter dish would be perfect for.

  27. Margot C

    The obvious advantage of the half sticks (to me anyway) is that while I like to have some butter on the table coming up to room temperature to put on bread or potatoes and such I often just cut half a stick and put it on a plate for that so that I don’t have the same butter going up to room temperature then being chilled over and over again, that’s not good.

  28. Terri A.

    I like the idea of the half sticks, so you don’t have to cut a whole one in half (although it doesn’t stay that way for long).

  29. ginny

    Given that i mostly use butter for baking…i am not sure how useful half sticks are for me. But i like the idea of keeping butter fresher

  30. Brenda Fuentes

    i just bought the half sticks this week. I am excited to try. One of my favorite cookie & scone recipes calls for 3/4 c of butter.

  31. Kim P

    Being a single gal who lives by herself, I love the half sticks. The smaller portions work better for me since I tend to half recipes.

  32. I love the idea of half sticks. I HATE having the little bits of butter (especially when a recipe calls for more than what you have left so you end up just opening a new stick anyway and having 2+ little bits). So I usually end up throwing the little bits in with something I wouldn’t even add butter to normally – and I don’t think my waistline appreciates that!

  33. Jamie H.

    I like the thought of half sticks as we try to cut back on butter and it seems kinda gross when you have like half a stick of butter loosely wrapped and sitting in your fridge for a while. Plus it’d be just as easy to use 2 half-sticks for things like cookies that would use more butter.

  34. Emma

    A half stick would be fabulous! We actually always end up with multiple cut up sticks in the fridge all the time because I use unsalted in some recipes and salted in others!

  35. Adri

    I think half sticks will be helpful so that I don’t bring a whole stick to room temp and then put half of it back in the fridge after it’s been sitting out.

  36. MaryB

    I like the idea of the half sticks, although we use a lot of butter here and don’t have much trouble getting through lots of it! Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  37. Stacey B.

    I like having the option, if I only need a half a stick of butter for a recipe. I hate taking a whole stick of butter out when I don’t need all of it.

  38. Emmy

    I think half sticks are a great idea. I always have random pieces of butter wrapped up in my fridge and worry about them going bad.

  39. Julie Weiss

    I love the idea of half-sticks! I can never cover up the leftover butter all the way with what is left of the wrapping. Yay! 🙂

  40. delia

    I just use butter for baking, so to be honest, I’m perfectly happy with cutting the full sticks in half. However, I would still love to win!

  41. Pam

    Half sticks sound great! I am always cutting my sticks and have many pieces leftover that start to pile up! Thanks for the chance to win.

  42. Robin W.

    I can see the half sticks being useful for large gatherings when I set out multiple butter dishes, otherwise I use so much that I would end up opening two on busy cooking days.

  43. Kathy

    I mainly use butter when I bake… so I’m not sure the half sticks would be all that helpful, but I can see if you don’t use that much butter that they’d be cool!

  44. Gail

    Not sure on the half sticks, more packaging = boo.
    Usually if I cut into one for a recipe, the rest goes in the butter dish for cooking or spreading on bread.
    Speaking of butter dishes, that one is just lovely 🙂

  45. carrie

    half sticks are a great idea. i have a gross half wrapped stick in my fridge right now. a half stick would mean fewer incidences like this.

  46. Cathy

    I use so much butter, I don’t think I would ever buy the half sticks…but I can definitely see where it would be handy for others!

  47. Ps, I already follow you on pinterest! I went through my dessert boards on pinterest for something too request on my birthday. My top two pics just happened to be yours! Mud Hen Bars and Salty Caramel Oat Bars. Oh man…….. so good!

  48. The half sticks are genius! I hate opening a whole stick just to use a couple of tablespoons, and leaving the rest to get that icky hard top. Yuk. At least these sticks will keep that to a minimum. Plus, they’re cute!! 😉

  49. Lori

    I like the idea of half sticks, but honestly I’d be lying if I said I don’t usually use an entire stick at a time… Or more. 🙂

  50. Brenda

    The idea of half sticks is great. Whenever I buy a box of butter I have to freeze it since I use so little, with the half sticks I can pull out just a little at a time and much less will go to waste.

  51. I’ve already been using the Land O’ Lakes half sticks and I LOVE them! Perfect for when a recipe calls for 2 1/2 sticks of butter of 2 Tbsp. or something random like that. This way you end up unwrapping less butter and the rest of it stays fresher because of it. Brilliant.

  52. Josh

    Not to crazy about the idea. I wish all recipes were done by weight instead of sticks of butter. But the pan looks great!

  53. Theresa Mabe

    I’ve used the half sticks before, and they can be helpful in some cases, since I’ve noticed on occasion the butter wrapper doesn’t always line up accurately.

  54. So long as the half-sticks are packed into a one pound box, I think it’s a great idea. Even though I tend to use a ton of butter, a full stick can be more than I need at one time, and having a perfectly measured half stick? Convenient. And probably keeps me from adding that extra tsp (not a bad thing).

  55. Amy L

    I like the half sticks, as they fit on our butterdish better than the full stick. I do think they could cause confusion for some people, as many recipes call for a stick of butter, but you’d need to use 2 half sticks. Either way, I’ll keep buying Land O Lakes butter.

  56. Hanna

    I really like the half sticks, we’ve used them before and I like that there’s not a naked butter end sticking out as often 😉

  57. Sharon S

    I have been buying the half sticks for some time. They are perfect for the everyday butter dish use. I still buy whole stick for baking.

  58. Kelly M

    I think the new half sticks would come in handy often while baking. No more guessing on 1/4 cup of butter anymore! 🙂

  59. nancy K

    I love the half sticks. I first found them a few years ago but then coldn’t find tham again. I am hapy they are now more readily available. I

  60. Anne Caroline

    One thing I love about life today is that we are constantly trying to improve on things, and while butter is wonderful in just about any way, shape, form or size, the cute half sticks are just that much more convenient for everyday use. I love the idea!

  61. I wouldn’t go out and buy the half sticks as they are more expensive than the full sticks at my supermarket. Generally, the things I make call for one or 2 sticks of butter. If I do end up using half a stick, it doesn’t remain in the fridge for long. I can see how these half sticks would be great for people who don’t bake a lot though.

  62. I’m not sure if they would help or not. I tend to always have some random fraction of butter in my fridge so it might be helpful sometimes if I need exactly half. But at the same time I’d feel like I was being wasteful with the extra bit of wrapper.

  63. Rory W

    I think they would be great because it’s true – we all have a couple extra tablespoons in the fridge just waiting to be used! Thanks for the chance to win!

  64. Heather Strotman

    I love the idea! Keeps me from cutting butter in half and then forgetting there is a half stick of butter stuck somewhere in the fridge.

  65. Half sticks sound perfect! What a great idea. At Christmas baking season I do use butter by the pound. But otherwise I try to be conservative. 🙂

    I have found if I keep a small plastic ziplock bag in butter compartment in the frig I can slip that cut stick in and keep the flavor fresh.

    I bet your conference call was fun with all those creative bloggers!

    Linda (The Contessa)

  66. Alyssa

    I tend to have multiple halves of butter in my fridge because I only use half and then forget that I already had a half in the fridge already. Whoops! They are also mighty cute in the half size.

  67. P.S. I so wish for the chance to shop at Anthropologie. I did once in DC and have been hooked ever since. They have such delightful and different things to see and Le Creuset is my favorite cookware. I got my set when I got married and can’t make certain things in anything else. My girls have already tagged which pieces they want when I’m not going to use them anymore!

    Have a great week,

  68. Yvette Melvin

    I love the idea of half sticks. I have not seen them in my local grocery store yet, maybe they are coming soon. I would love to winn this prize package as well !!! 🙂

  69. Kassie B

    I bought the half sticks once because they were on sale… and I fell in love. I always have half sticks of butter hanging out & this just simplifies life.

  70. Norma

    Love this! I love that you always make these yummy looking bars. They are so much fun! I already follow you on pinterest, but I’d still love to win this!

  71. Ann P

    The half sticks would be great for any of those recipes that call for 3/4 cups of butter. Let’s be honest, I wouldn’t make anything that only called for 1/4 cup of butter 🙂

  72. Liz

    I like the idea of half sticks. Not sure they’ll be super useful in our house since I bake a lot – but they’ll be great in the summer for corn on the cob (and getting only a small amount all covered in grilled corn!)

  73. Claire

    Sure, I think they’d be helpful. I do hear that the Land O’ Lakes butter wrappers are the best for keeping the butter fresh (something about keeping out the fridge odors), so it would be nice to keep the butter all tightly wrapped up as long as possible, and I’m seldom using a whole stick at once.

  74. Sobeida Rodriguez

    I would love to try the half sticks since my boyfriend likes to cook a lot. He tends to use only a few tablespoons at a time leaving most of it to waste sometimes.

  75. Jessica

    I have used the half-sticks and I really like them! I have a couple go-to recipes that call for a half-stick so it works out perfectly for me. That way, I still have a freshly wrapped half-stick instead of a gunky partially wrapped one left!

  76. I love the idea of the 1/2 sticks of butter for when just that much of butter is needed. Sometimes something calls for 1 1/2 sticks of butter softened. This way I don’t have to soften an entire stick 🙂

  77. Danielle B

    I have recently purchsed the Land o Lakes 1/2 sticks. They come in really handy for many baking needs… Frosting especially.

  78. Kristen

    I love the idea of the half-sticks. sometimes I just need a little bit for sauteeing or seasoning some veggies and this way it will stay fresh!

  79. I LOVE half sticks! So many cookie recipes call for 3/4 cup of butter, so it eliminates the annoying step of cutting a stick and wrapping it back up. Us bakers don’t have time for that 🙂

  80. Joanie

    I love the idea of Land O Lakes half sticks. I think that in my house, less would go to waste by only taking a half stick out of the fridge. While I love that my husband helps with cooking, I don’t love finding several opened sticks of butter when just a half would do.

    I also follow you on Pinterest!

  81. Kay

    It is an interesting concept however I don’t know that the half sticks really would make a difference for me as far as baking. Most of the things I bake require at least a stick of butter and it really is not that big of a deal to cut a regular stick in half for those things that require a portion. The half sticks would be nice for table butter because then an entire stick isn’t left out and half melted by the end of the meal.

  82. April

    I don’t know that it would make a huge difference to me. I finally got my oldest to catch on to a stick of butter = half a cup. I can’t begin to imagine the confusion if I suddenly say “And this stick of butter is only a quarter cup.”

  83. Megan

    The half sticks are a great idea, I bake a lot because I enjoy it but it’s only my husband and I so I cut a lot of recipes in half so they would be convenient and also keep fresh longer

  84. Sara

    I think I’m obsessed with your recipes! I love to bake and make yummy stuff to share but I like to mix it up and not make the same “normal” sweets. I mean everyone can make a chocolate chip cookie or caramel popcorn but it takes a true genius to combine them into a delicious bar!!
    I’m probably a little weird and hate leaving half a stick of butter unused. Sure it gets used fairly quick but the idea of not leaving half a stick open and unused for a week or so is very nice. I can see myself keeping half and full sticks stocked in my house now.

  85. I think that the smaller sticks are helpful. I almost always cut the butter amount called for in recipes in half, which usually results in a 1/2 stick of butter. Keeping it fresh by only having a 1/2 stick to use in the first place is a wonderful idea.

  86. I think this is one of those situations where I THINK they’d be a lot more useful than they actually prove to, the convenience factor is there, but it’s not like we don’t eat the hanger-on tablespoons haphazardly rewrapped in wax paper. But I’d be willing to try them and see if there really is a huge convenience difference!

  87. Ann H

    I love the idea of 1/2 sticks, definitely will cut down on the collection of leftover butter pieces in my butter keeper!

  88. Natalia

    I LOVE the idea of the Half Sticks!!! I absolutely love to bake and cook and I’m always using butter in my recipes. I hate having to unwrap the butter in such a way that there is enough paper left over to wrap over the butter again (am I the only one who does that…?). But yeah I love this idea to keep my butter super fresh! Plus I could REALLY use the other kitchen accessories as, due to a recent household disaster, we lost almost everything we had kitchen wise (pots, pans, dishes, utensils, etc.). But anyway, I really love the idea of having a half-stick of butter to begin with, eliminating the issue of having to preserve the other half. 🙂

  89. Joyce

    I LOVE the new half-sticks! I discovered them a couple of months ago. I love that I don’t have to estimate half a stick (the paper is never wrapped correctly around the stick of butter). Since many recipes call for a half stick or less, if there is butter left over from the smaller stick, I can easily use it to butter a baking dish or I can just add it to my butter dish.

  90. Alinna

    honestly, i don’t think half sticks will help me, since i use butter by the pound. i buy it in pound blocks and cut them in half since most recipes use 1 c anyway, right?

  91. Dana Coughlin

    Half sticks are a great idea. I use butter for most everything I make, and I’ve always wanted a nice butter keeper.

  92. Cheryl

    Half sticks are convenient! Lets you use only what you need…leaving the rest safely packaged and neat back in the fridge!

  93. Dana S.

    I was just thinking this weekend about how to store the half sticks of butter that I use in baking! This would hopefully keep me from getting opened butter all over my fridge……

  94. Serene

    One of my friends moved and gave me some of her leftover food before she left, including some Land O Lakes half sticks. I had never heard of them before, but they are so handy! Love them.

  95. That is GENIUS. I have TWO leftover portions of butter in my fridge all the time like maybe right now and maybe one has been in there for over two weeks. Oops. I definitely need these!

  96. Jenny

    I love this idea as much if not more than being able to buy a box of butter with onl;y 2 sticks and not 4 (thank you again Land O’Lakes)! Except for holiday baking season, I usualy only keep a box with 2 sticks in my fridge and use their spreadable butter for everyday.

  97. Nancy F.

    Love the half stick. Easier to be sure of measurements for many recipes and keep remaining butter fresh in the fridge.

  98. Ada Spahija

    This will help so much! I always have half-sticks laying in my refrigerator, just waiting to soak up odor and flavor..eww!

  99. Rachel

    oh my gosh I LOVE BUTTER! I live alone at the moment so I go through a stick of better a little less quickly (though still pretty quickly….) and half sticks would be so helpful!!!! I also cut a lot of recipes in half…and often need half a stick of butter! These are the solution to so many of my problems!

    ps butter, le creuset, & anthro…together…in one giveaway…making all my dreams come true

  100. I’ve actually used half-sticks before and find them incredibly useful. It’s nice not having half a stick with one end open hanging around my fridge (esp since my butter pocket in the door doesn’t have a convenient little sliding door on it to keep everything in place!)

  101. Misty S

    The half sticks are a wonderful convenience. Not only for baking, but in some ways they help me with trying to cut back on calories and fat!

  102. Christina Baker

    Half sticks would be great! It would make it easier to cook some recipes that only need a half stick. You wouldn’t have the other half that you have to figure out what to do with.

  103. Jillian

    I’d love to try all of these! We have a ziplock bag full of “butter ends” that I’ll eventually get to when they are worth something.

  104. Melissa B in IL

    Bought them on accident a few weeks ago. Which for day to day use, I loved them. But since I had bought them to BAKE with… unwrapping extra was a pain. So just have to have BOTH on hand!

  105. Samnang Schultz

    I learned about these recently and I think they’d be a welcome addition in my kitchen as I use smaller amounts of butter and hate to have leftovers sitting around.

  106. Misty P

    I love the half sticks. As a single woman, I don’t go through the butter very quickly and in the summer it can be a sad sight to see a whole stick go to waste.

  107. Lisa

    I think the half sticks of butter are a god send 🙂 There are alot of times I am making buttercream frosting and instead of doubling the recipe i make 1.5 times the recipe and having that half stick of butter is so convenient!

  108. Patricia

    I think they are a great idea, sometimes you only want to soften that half stick or cook with it. I think it will be a great time and food saver.

  109. Samantha Busam

    Would love the half sticks. Don’t use butter enough and it doesn’t taste as fresh if it’s been sitting. 🙂 Btw, I follow you on Pinterest too! Thanks for this giveaway!

  110. Adie

    I think the half sticks will be helpful especially for people like me who are trying to be a little healthier; since I won’t be tempted to use the whole stick when I cook!! 🙂

  111. Jenn Majoros

    I think the half sticks could be useful when a recipe doesn’t call for a full-stick of butter. I don’t think they are life changing though since I’ve made it through most of my like without them. LOL

  112. carla dickenson

    i hate having to cut open a half stick of butter — i do it quite often since i bake so much, so i am super excited about these half sticks! 🙂

  113. AmieJo

    I Love the idea of not having one more step in prepping things. sometimes we run out of margarine or something my kids use for toast and so they break out the sticks of butter that I HAVE TOLD THEM not to use and then it gets left out and half the block gets wasted! This would cut down on their waste at least too. 🙂

  114. Lisa Wagner

    I love the half sticks. We have a small household and don’t go through butter very quickly. What I’m not using stays nice and fresh in the refrigerator.

  115. Donna Smith

    I am a true southern gal from the southeastern part of North Carolina. Living on a farm and enjoying my dogs, cat and grandchildren. Every true southerner loves butter and half sticks would be fabulous!! Hope to hear from y’all that I am the winner real soon!!

  116. Terri

    1/2 sticks are a great idea! Most of the time the wrapper doesn’t recover what’s left and it just looks a mess. Thanks for the chance to win.

  117. Robin Hulbert

    I think the 1/2 stick Butters will be great to use for m eto take to work! I take bread to toast every Morning for Breakfast and the 1/2 stick Butter will be so much easier to put in a container and in my lunch pail. Also I will use a 1/2 stick quicker then a whole stick and I wont have to worry about it going bad at work before I use it all.

  118. Barbara

    Love the half sticks because we don’t use a lot of butter in our everyday lives, but when I bake I always have to buy butter, so now, I can only buy what I need and not have a lot left over. Love the giveaway also. All the products are amazing and I would love to win them. YOUR WEBSITE IS AWESOME!!!

  119. joyce hitt

    i love the half sticks, just right to use when making my husband and i breakfast each morning for our toast and oatmeal, no other butter for us Land O’ Lakes is the only butter in our home, has been for years…..

  120. AmieJo

    I now follow several of your boards on pinterest too. Amiejo is my P-name…although it might be amiejo 615…not entirely sure about that one…. :/

  121. Oh, I had no idea that 1/2 sticks were existing. I think it’s brilliant!!! And Land O’ Lakes is already such a great brand! I always use this for my baking and not to mention my favorite cookie recipe is a Land O Lakes recipe. 🙂
    So many times I’ve had to cut my regular sticks. This sure will save time!

  122. Kathy P

    Love the half stick idea! I have lots of recipes that call for a half stick and then I cut open stick in the fridge. My butter bell holds a whole stick, so often there is not room to put the extra half stick in there.

  123. danielle wheeler

    I love it when I can buy things appropriately packaged for realistic use! I hate wasting food! Half stocks are a great idea!

  124. Kim McDonald

    Brilliant! Half sticks. Many recipes call for 1/2 a stick of butter and I get creative wrapping the other half back up…it really doesn’t work well or look appealing once back in the fridge.

    ps Popcorn is my BFF also. Must make those chocolate, peanut butter, popcorn cookie bars! Yum

  125. Shannon G.

    I don’t know if it’s just that I don’t like change, or don’t like the half butter sticks. I bought them by accident one time, and I never use less than 4 Tbs. in a recipe, so I had no use for them. Sorry. I am also following you on Pinterest now!

  126. Nicola M.

    I have yet to try them, but I really hate when there’s an odd amount of butter in my fridge; especially considering whatever I’m trying to make generally takes more than my butter scraps!

  127. Great idea because we always need half a stick of butter. I don’t always use butter because we try to limit our self so half would be perfect so the butter doesn’t get yucky in the fridge.

  128. Katie

    These are great, especially when cooking for one, I hardly ever use the whole stick because i generally cut the recipe down, this is great!

  129. Natalie L. Hunt

    1/2 sticks, would not be useful in my house..I guess we are not health minded here…we use it up as fast as we open them up.

  130. colleen

    I bake so much that the half stick might be more of a pain than a help.. I generally buy the 1 lb butter unquatered because it is easier to open and slice rather than having to deal with all the paper…but that is just me :O)

  131. I really like half sticks actually, that’s how Trader Joe’s sells their stick butter. For some reason, it feels like half sticks last longer than full sticks. I also follow you on Pinterest, I love your recipes and drool-worthy gorgeous photos!

  132. I personally think the half stick of butters are silly. Kind of a waste of extra packaging. We use butter almost every night anyways so partial sticks are never around more than a day or two anyways. 🙂

  133. Christine Schmitz

    1/2 sticks are super awesome! No more random butter pats hanging out in the fridge and they soften faster because it’s just half a stick. I’ve on occassion thrown some butter wrapping in a batch of cookies when I’ve tried to use up my extra pats. I thought it had it all peeled off but oops, guess not!! I follow you on Pinterest and have made quite a few of your recipes….I never take all the credit from the raving reviews I get….I’ve passed your website on to quite a few!! Thanks for all the sinfuly delicious ideas!

  134. I use a half stick of butter so often, these would be perfect! Anything to keep butter fresher, to avoid that weird refrigerator film around the outside!

  135. I already follow you on pinterest and I love receiving your updates to see what you are making next. I think the butter sticks would be great! I usually end up trying to shove the rest of the butter on my butter plate or wrap it tight and shove it back into the butter container! Neat idea 🙂

  136. Cynthia Rathunde

    I would love to have half sticks for when I am doubling and trippling recipes or when all my kids move out and I will be making smaller cookie batches.

  137. Eleanor

    Love Land o Lakes butter. I use so much of it, not sure if the half sticks would be a good idea or not…but maybe, if they’re priced the same as the whole sticks 🙂

  138. Melody James

    While I think the 1/2 butter sticks are a good idea (and I would definitely use them), I do wonder if they’ll cost a bit more for the convenience. I “am” a bargain shopper! 🙂

  139. Rainee

    The half sticks are ok but I personally don’t see that there is a need for them. I don’t mind cutting a stick in half, the rest just gets used on toast or in another recipe. Plus it seems that it is using unnecessary packaging.

  140. Julie Ke

    They sound great. I’d probably stash them in the back of the fridge and forget about them so I’d never run out of butter again. Ha.

  141. Tami Torok

    I am always cutting a stick in half. This would make my life much easier. Thanks for letting me follow you on Pinterest!

  142. Laura R.

    1/2 sticks = Awesome!! I always have stragglers on the shelf of my frig door. My dogs might not be as happy since they tend to snag them when we fling open the door and those little half wrapped packages of butter go flying.

  143. Peggy

    I love the idea of half sticks. I have many recipes that require just a half stick so not having to cut a whole stick in half is great!

    PS- I have been following you on Pinterest. Lots of great stuff on there.

  144. Melissa M.

    I think these half sticks would be great for daily stuff like buttering toast or rolls. When I bake I usually use up the whole stick.

  145. Michele

    I actual haven’t seen the land o lake butter sticks. I’ll have to look for them not time I’m at the store. I don’t think it will help much for my family…we go through a 1lb of butter a week.

  146. Andrea McIntyre

    Would love, love, love these things….I totally have a partial butter stick wrapped in the paper in my fridge!! 🙂

  147. Ariana

    I’ve bought the half sticks once before, but I didn’t really feel like they helped any more than the normal sticks. I guess I go through butter quickly enough that I don’t have to worry about it!

  148. rita

    I love the idea of half sticks. It is just 2 of us so often we end up throwing butter out because it absorbs weirdness from the rest of the fridge.

  149. Donielle

    I love half sticks for my butter bell! they are so much easier to get in there! Also, it keeps me from having 5 cut up pieces in the fridge.

  150. Erin Hurt

    Half sticks will definitely help! Especially for new bakers and all those recipes that call for “half a stick”. It takes the guessing out of it. And for those times you need a little buttet, it’s perfect!

  151. Alicia H.

    Half sticks sound like a great idea! Especially for those of us who don’t use a ton of butter because of healthy recipes!

  152. Erin T

    I think they are great! Love not having half sticks sitting around the fridge, half unwrapped bumping into other items!

  153. Katherine Harrill

    Half butter sticks will help me so much! I am a college student, so I don’t ever need a full stick of butter out, but I always want softened butter for toast and other food.

  154. Patricia

    I don’t think the half sticks would help my family at all. We love butter and we need full sticks!!! But it is a great idea. Love your blog it’s so great and just started following you on Pinterest….

  155. lisa schenk

    Half sticks would be great for a single person or elderly, but I use butter by the pounds in our house, I love baking and cooking and only use butter <3

  156. Alycia

    Love it!! I usually end up doubling (or tripling the recipe) thinking I’ll take the leftovers in to work, but my boyfriend, who has no will power, sees cookies or cupcakes and feels they need to be eaten! Luckily, for both of us, he’s a cyclist, so my cookies don’t show on him! He will be VERY happy to hear about this.

  157. mary lebrecht

    I think the half sticks are a great idea, as you said, we all have those annoying little bits of butter ‘sort of wrapped’ in the fridge. These should be much less wasteful ! I look forward to trying them.

  158. Nicole Fritz

    I actually have used the half sticks quite a bit! It’s so much easier for me because I tend to use just a *smidgen* of butter 😉 Also, they make it so much easier to melt just a half a stick instead of a whole (hey, I’m lazy…what can I say! haha)

  159. Maribeth M

    I am a single person living alone. 1/2 sticks are a super idea! I don’t eat margarine (too many weird ingredients) and I can’t eat the butter fast enough and I don’t bake a lot.

  160. Danielle

    I think it’s a good idea more so for cooking rather then baking, I tend to use a stick of butter at a time compared to half a stick but it sounds useful for some 🙂

  161. Lauren Henneke

    The butter half sticks would be great for cooking versus the regular sticks which are great for baking when a recipe calls for 1/2 cup.

  162. Sarah Goetz

    I think half sticks would work great for baking! Whether I need a stick & a half or plan to substitute half a stick.

  163. Bettie

    I love the half sticks. They make it easier for my daughter to cook since she’s just beginning to make some meals on her own. Thanks for this great giveaway. I’m so excited.

  164. This is a great idea! While I may cook with a ton of butter (bakery on the side or normal work), the butter I use for toast or english muffins or bagels always gets yucky or the cat knocks the lid off of the butter dish so he can eat it… My cat is a huge jerk. This might just solve the problem!

  165. Steph

    The new Land ‘O Lakes half sticks will DEFINITELY help me in the kitchen. Less waste for sure. I always cut off the amount of butter I need and then ziplock the rest and sometimes, I do not get to it for quite sometime and fear it has gone bad.

  166. Ok so I seriously LOVE Land o Lakes butter. My favorite thing to make is Sparkling butter toffee cookies. I make these every year at Christmas.
    I saw the half sticks in the store this week but chose the full size bars – guess I don’t have an issue with the left over table spoons! I’d rather not pay more per ounce and I usually don’t have a problem figuring out what to do with the leftovers!

  167. Chris B.

    Love the idea – although we do use A LOT of butter at my house…. the 1/2 stick will be handy and it will be very nice for my Mom cooking for just herself…..


  168. It would be nice not having all those half sticks hanging around like little orphan children. I almost feel bad for them. And then I use them on my toast. =)

  169. Theresa

    1/2 sticks are good for recipes that call for a 1/2 stick …. Now you won’t have the extra half open trying to take on the fridge smell or taste

  170. Marie Tencer

    So love the idea of a half stick ! So many recipes call for a 1/4 cup or 3/4 cups. Always have that extra half stick wiating for room on the butter dish. Brilliant!

  171. Marie Tencer

    Following you on PInterest! Another Houston girl in New Jersey. Got here 10 years before you…complete with the four boys ….and a girl :-). Along with Autumn and Italian food – you have to love the shore, right?

  172. Jennifer

    Those sound amazing! I almost never used that other half of the stick. I forget to put it away nicely and it gets messy. I would buy these for sure!

    I already follow you on Pintrest!