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Check this out—seriously—
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It’s a Cookie cake pan from Williams-Sonoma. This could be the cutest thing ever. The cute blog that I have been reading a lot lately called Picky-Palate used it for a cake and I am SOLD! I am not a big cake pan person, finding that they generally get used once for a specific theme party and then go to die a slow death in an already too-crowded pantry ~ I know you know what I am talking about! Who else has Elmo and Bob the Builder cake pans lurking in their house somewhere believing that you can sell them at a garage sale someday or maybe use them again to make a cake for a not-yet-born nephew? You are not alone.

But this…this super cute pan has already had me rationalizing a trip down to Williams-Sonoma…shhh…don’t tell my husband!

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  1. Tracy

    Oh my GOSH, this is so cute! I agree with you that I am not really a specialty cake pan kind of person, but man, this is tempting!!!

  2. Bridget

    That IS really cute! I do see a lot of Elmo and Pooh cake pans at garage sales…that’s funny! I’ve never been tempted to buy one, but this…

  3. oneordinaryday

    We stopped at William Sonoma on Mother’s Day, and I swear my feet were glued to the floor at this display for a good 10 minutes.
    I didn’t buy it though, but then that same week it showed up on Picky Palate and I wanted one again. : )

  4. ?Rosie?

    Thank you for callig by my blog and for your lovely comment!

    I adore your cookie pan so much! I wish we had a Williams-Sonoma near where I live in the U.K.

  5. Elyse

    Um, I could totally rationalize buying this pan from Williams-Sonoma. It looks AMAZING. Who doesn’t love a huge Oreo cookie?! Yay!

  6. Cakebrain

    haha! I actually saw that cake pan the other day and restrained myself from buying it! I have a Winnie the Pooh cake pan and a Castle Cake set among others…kind of difficult to stack these things easily and I’m runnin’ out of storage space!

  7. Sue Sparks

    On the Williams- Sonoma website one of the customers that rated this pan said that one boxed brownie mix(or homemade) makes one complete giant cookie:) That sounds even better!

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