Multiple Personalities

When someone in my life is in crisis I am willing to help in any way that I can…
until now.
You see, my cookie lovin’ peeps, I have a “friend” who is very confused.
Within the past few months she has taken on all sorts of different identities…multiple personalities, so to say.
I really want to help, but she is so stinkin’ cute in all her different lives that I just can’t stop it.
I am going to go ahead and divulge her identity to you, but you have to keep it just between us.
You know, doctor/patient confidentiality and all that…
Come in closer and I’ll whisper it to you.  Are you listening?
Her name is Gingerbread Girl.  Officially.
Around here we call her…well, uhh…Gingerbread Girl.  Sorry, couldn’t think of anything clever.
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Gingerbread Girl’s (GBG) multiple personalities are actually the main reason that I love her so much.  I know, I am what one would call an “enabler”.
She of course has been her authentic self…the Gingerbread woman at Christmas.
During football season she has been a cheerleader.
 And she has been a hula girl (forgot the photos ~ boo!) at birthday parties.
Most recently, however, she decided to take on a few new trades.
First, she was a Girl Scout…I mean she’s a literal Girl Scout cookie.
Sort of ironic in a way, right?
Do you think I could earn some sort of super badge for Girl Scouts ordering cookies from ME?!
I mean seriously..could she be any cuter?
Here she is all ready in her little bag to go brighten someone’s day…
Next up she decided she wanted to give Nursing a try for Nurses Day a few weeks ago.
In this case multiple personalities is a blessing..doncha think?
You trust her…right?
Love that GBG…she gets around, that’s for sure 🙂
In case you’re interested, here’s where I got mine.
Ann Clark makes awesome cookie cutters and they were nice enough to send me a few last year.  GBG has quickly become a favorite!
I want some more ideas…what else could she be?

And do you have a cookie cutter that has multiple personalities?!  I wanna know!

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  1. Joanne

    Tragically, all of my cookie cutters are pretty inanimate. And there has been much anthropomorphism as of yet. After this post, though. I think they're going to get frisky.

    I think GBG should be…WONDER WOMAN!

    These are adorable!

  2. Ursula

    she could be an Angel, Postal Worker, Police Woman, Military Woman, Firefighter…..and …and

    BTW this is a very cute cookie cutter…..

  3. Raina

    Those are absolutely adorable! My daughter was a Girl Scout, and she and her friends would have loved cookies like this! They look delicious too!

  4. Sue Sparks

    What a great post! I love all of GBG's personalities! The Girl Scout is my favorite…so many cute details:)

    Off the top of my head, I have a couple of cutters that have two personalities each: A leprechaun head doubles as a snowman head, and my crown cutter is also used to make a cupcake cookie:) I also just bought an octopus cookie cutter that, turned upside down, is a moose!

  5. Ingrid

    That company wanted to send me cookie cutters, too! Isn't that a hoot….me who doesn't like to bake cookies. I should have said yes and passed them along to you.

  6. kitchen koala

    Too cute! I have that cutter, but haven't used it yet 🙂 GGB could be a graduate or a choir member, dressed in robes!

  7. Joanna

    So cute! She could easily be all of the previous suggestions! I'd do a super girl series (like Catwoman, Rogue, etc.) because those arms are perfect for the "hands on hip" badass stance of those gals 🙂

  8. Kristan

    How stinkin cute!! Those are so detailed, it must have taken you a lot of time and effort. You are a very talented cookie lady!!

  9. Diane {}

    You definitely earn a super badge for these!
    They need to start making boy scout cookie..who would buy cookies from a cute little boy, maybe in the shape of the soap box derby car…

  10. Natalie...

    Omg I love your cookies so much!! The way youve iced them is amazing! I agree Wonder Woman is a great idea…or maybe cat woman hehe that would be fun!

  11. I run for cake!

    SSOOOOOO CUTE! The girl scout cookies are absolutely adorable, and so detailed, that must have taken you forever! You could make them wearing uniforms like they are all part of a soccer team and then personalize them with jersey numbers or all the different players names on them! Can't wait to see the next personality she takes on!

  12. Brittany@twocrazycupcakes

    You had me going for a minute. LOL that's what I get for trying to read in the dark on my iPhone. Love the girl scout!!

  13. bridget {bake at 350}

    Oh my gosh! The Girl Scout cookie….WITH the vest! Best use of a gingerbread girl that I've seen!

  14. Bethany K

    This post made me smile! Creative writing and creative cookies! Just discovered you and can't wait to check out some more of your creations!
    I just bought a cutter that was deemed a "Sand dollar" but I used it as a Hawaiian flower. Whatever works!

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