My Kitchen Remodel, the Best Faucet Ever & a Giveaway!

Do you guys remember a few months ago when I told you about remodeling my kitchen?
Seems like forever since I whispered that secret to you.
Well, the kitchen has been about 95% finished for a bit of time now, but I have been waiting to share it here with you until every “i” was dotted and “t” crossed. In my world, that could potentially take years, so I decided to share with you the 95%, because that final 5% may or may not ever happen in my lifetime. There’s always something left to do, isn’t there?




Here’s a collage of the “before.” Of course I realized that I forgot to take real “before” pictures until we had already partially torn the kitchen up and unloaded most of the cabinets, so I put together a collage of how it looked at the beginning of the remodel. It isn’t pretty.
I promise I don’t live in squalor.


PicMonkey Collage

I’ll start this off by saying that my husband did almost all the work himself, from ripping the old cabinets out, tearing down the wall, reflooring, tiling, and putting up the new cabinets. The only things that we had a little help on were the counter tops and the crown molding. After some research on the subject, it turns out that crown molding is the least favorite thing of all men. Who knew?
Long story short, I love my kitchen.
Here are some more shots:



My husband turned our old enormous pantry into a cute little workspace for me with giant cabinets to store all my props, appliances, etc.

Here’s the before and after:


PicMonkey Collage2

Don’t mind my desk. I try to keep it neat, but…



Now I have pantry cabinets, which are SO much better. Pull-out drawers!  So much more organized.



We kept all our old appliances. Not ready to upgrade those yet!



The counters are granite and the backsplash is a glass and slate tile.
I went from 9 cabinets to 27 cabinets…isn’t that crazy?  I also gained a bunch of counter space and a little bar area for the kids.



The final touch, the thing that made my heart supremely happy, was the addition of our new faucet: my Moen Arbor with MotionSense in Oiled Bronze. Sigh.


Yeah, yeah, I know you’re all like, “A faucet?” Yep, a faucet.
Not just any faucet, though. The one that I begged my husband for.
He’s not necessarily a “gadget guy,” so upon me mentioning that I wanted a hands-free faucet, he immediately saw dollar signs and made it clear that it “wasn’t in the budget.”
But apparently the Faucet Gods were eavesdropping on our convo, and the very next day I was given the opportunity to receive a Moen Arbor with MotionSense to try out. It was fate, I tell you.

So. My faucet. MY FAUCET.

It honestly couldn’t be any more awesome.
Let me explain: It is a hands-free faucet with two strategically placed sensors.

One sensor is located in the front, perfectly ready for washing your hands.Honestly, every kitchen faucet should have this. The “ready sensor” makes the faucet turn on and off when you place and remove your hands from underneath the spout.
Additionally, there is a second “wave” sensor located on top of the faucet; you wave your hand over it to turn the water on, and wave your hand over it again to turn the water off. This hands-free design comes in especially handy when, for example, you want to wash vegetables or dishes. The two sensors are totally smarty-pants and work completely separate from each other.
Honestly, the faucet is so thoughtfully designed, sometimes I feel like it’s smarter than I am!
Of course, you can still use the manual on and off part of the faucet, but why do that when Arbor with MotionSense works by detecting your need based on the motion of your hands. It’s extremely comfortable to use and easily prevents the spread of dirt and germs in my kitchen so there are fewer chances for cross-contamination.
Am I gushing?
MotionSense is powered by battery pack or optional AC power adapter, so it was super easy to install and came in the exact color I wanted to match my new kitchen. And you can easily set the temperature you want the water to be when using your faucet hands-free.

To be honest, now that we have had the faucet for a while, I don’t know how I would ever go back. Having a hands-free sink is much more efficient for someone who loathes water droplets all over the counter as much as germy germs! If you’re intrigued, you can find more product details as well as where to purchase it by clicking here.

Now, whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or doing little home improvement projects here and there, I have a great giveaway for you!
A $100 Visa gift card! Yay!
Just leave me a comment here letting me know how the Arbor with MotionSense would help simplify your life.
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The Official Rules are available here.

This sweepstakes runs from 1/15/13 – 2/15/13

Be sure to visit the Moen brand page on where you can read other bloggersí reviews and find more chances to win!

730 Responses

  1. Kasey P.

    By making it where I can wash my hands -after-I finish cleaning my kitchen but inevitably need to get something off my hands and not mess up the faucet handles.

  2. Oh, it’s so beautiful! I love your new kitchen! Can I move in? I’ll sleep in the pantry—you’ll hardly see me!

    To answer the giveaway question: I wash my hands a million times when cooking with raw meat, and this would be so much easier!

  3. Morgan

    It would be pretty wonderful for when my hands are covered in who-knows-what from my latest kitchen experiment gone awry.. I hate getting the knobs all gross to turn the water on

  4. Katie L.

    Totally would come in handy for having gross raw chicken hands or when I’ve been making something doughy and have sticky bread dough stuck to every crevice of my hands…basically that faucet would be a DREAM!!! So happy you got yours ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Denise Fedor

    This would save me from cleaning the handle on my old faucet at least 10 times per meal prep! Hate the cross contamination thing!

  6. well, most of my kitchen adventures usually involve dough of some sort – bread, pizza, biscuits, scones – so NOT having to touch the faucet with sticky hands would be awesome!

    LOVE the kitchen! especially your little office space

  7. Jan

    I do a lot of cooking for big groups. Love Moen products-great quality and a motion detected faucet would be a great replacement for the one I have.

  8. Nicole S.

    I’d love to have a hands-free faucet so I don’t gross up the faucet after handling things like raw chicken. Fewer things to clean!

  9. Amy

    I have been oogling over one of these for awhile. It would be sooo nice to not have to touch anything when you have messy hands, especially after touching raw meat or dirty diapers!!

  10. Peggy

    Your kitchen is amazing! Ill bet you stop everyonce in awhile and just marvel at it. Moen faucets are wonderful. They came out with the hands free after I put in a new sink and faucet. Would love an upgrade…..

  11. Kimberly M.

    This would make washing my hands so much easier! I wouldn’t have to worry about having to clean the faucet after having washed my hands because I touched the handles with raw poultry hands. Great Give-a-way!

  12. Teresa

    Being able to wash hands in the kitchen without touching anything would be super! I am always having to wash up the soap and faucets after washing hands from my dinner preparation, especially after things like mixing meatballs, meatloaf, or cutting up chicken. THanks for sharing!

  13. Diane

    Wow! what an awesome gadget! And I’m a gadget girl in the kitchen! I hate water droplets as well! I think I’m a little on the OCD side when it comes to cleaning them up! this would be a great addition to anyones kitchen!

  14. Wow, your new kitchen is stunning! I love the cabinets, the light is gorgeous, your work space is enviable…just love it all. As for the faucet…I would love to avoid touching the anything when I have raw chicken slime on my hands. That happens a lot – and then I find myself madly scrubbing the faucet that I just contaminated.

  15. Linda

    This faucet is just what I need to compliment my hands free soap dispenser! Then when I’m washing my hands, I can feel confident that I’m not cross contaminating. Thanks for the opportunity to win the Visa card!!!

  16. MaryBeth

    Sensors on faucets – genius!! I’m always worried about touching raw meat, especially chicken, and then getting meat/chicken goo on the faucet handle. So this faucet would solve that problem. And my daughters are messy cooks and always leave icing, batter and lots of other stickiness on the faucet, so yeah, would solve that sticky mess too!

  17. Your kitchen is gorgeous! And I would absolutely love that faucet. No worries about touching the faucet handles when you’ve just touched raw meat or have messy hands!

  18. Laura C.

    Honestly, how wouldn’t this simplify my life. I would LOVE one of these! I always want new gadgets in the kitchen and my hubby also says no – budget smudget : )This would help get me closer to convincing him.

  19. michellejg

    I am always worried about cross contamination when I am cooking because of having to turn on faucets to wash my hands then sanitize the handles and then back to cooking again. Hands free =freedom

  20. Carla

    It would be wonderful when dealing with raw chicken or meat or when I have my hands full of sugar or fondant. Love the kitchen and mostly the pantry and office area!

  21. Courtney F.

    This would be amazing. I’m one of those people who tries to turn the water on and dispense the soap with my elbows when I’m working with meat! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Deb Stoltz

    Im thinking about every time i cutting up raw chicken how i have to wash my hands and then go back and clean my faucet to make sure that junk is all off of it… I have seen the commercial for these amazing faucet, and there is something dreamy about them:) Your Kitchen is stunning btw!

  23. Cheryl Newton

    Not having to touch the faucet would be awesome. It always ends up funky, and not in a good way. One less thing to clean!

  24. Andrea

    My husband would LOVE for me to have the faucet, so that I will stop calling him into the kitchen to turn on the water when my hands are all gross!

    Also, the baskets with the dish towels, adorable and brilliant!

  25. Danielle

    Wow, that would be SO helpful to have a hands free faucet! It would be like an extra set of hands! BTW I am totally jealous of your kitchen makeover, my kitchen is super small with not much counter space. Your kitchen looks like a dream!

  26. Nicole A

    Oh, I would love to have a faucet that I wouldn’t have to contort my body to avoid a cross contamination nightmare (turning the water on with my elbow so as not to get raw meat all over the place).

  27. Anna

    I am OCD about washing my hands from touching raw meat/chicken. My hubby gets annoyed when I call for him to turn on the water. This would be such a big help and save the hassle of calling on the hubby. A little help goes a long way!!!

  28. Elissa

    As a germaphobe this faucet would be a life saver to me!
    I dread making dinner sometimes because I know how obsessive I am with cleaning/sanitizing after I’ve cooked with raw meat. This faucet seems like a dream come true.

  29. Renee Kern

    Hello!!! Love your kitchen!!! I have a 1960’s kitchen, although we did replace our faucet, but bought one that I thought I would like and hate it. Would love to put the gift card toward the purchase of a no-touch faucet!!! I hate when I have to turn mine on to wash my hands when working with chicken and other meats!!!

  30. Betsy

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new kitchen. And how is it I hadn’t heard of the hands free faucet? So awesome! Besides how nice it would be to not junk up the faucet handle with doughy or germy hands, it would make clean up after finger painting and other messy kids project a breeze!

  31. shannon christensen

    We are trying to upgrade the kitchen and i dont like my facuet or my sink – that faucet would be a huge start to upgrading my kitchen. God your kitchen is wonderful – I copied the photo for an idea when I get to do mine

  32. Brittany Bea

    It would be wonderful when making anything! No more flour or grease on the faucet, no more struggling to turn the faucet on when washing the kids hands, and no more car gunk on the faucet when my husband comes into wash his hands after working on his car!

  33. Michelle Thayer

    I think you nailed it your comments about it, the Arbor with MotionSense would help simplify my life by helping me to control the spread of germs! It would also be awesome not to have to touch the faucet when I have messy hands (I’m talking raw meat juice here!).

  34. Emily

    Apparently I’m incredibly messy in the kitchen so for me the possibilities are endless! It seems I always end up with sticky bread dough or nut and chocolate covered fingers or lets not simply forget plain old flour leaving hand prints all over! I think it’s time I got a motionsense faucet!

  35. Laura Scott

    I always end up at the sink with my hands full or in need of washing. As I get older, multi-tasking gets more difficult. I need help!

  36. sharon k.

    Wow! I didn’t even know there were such options in faucets. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve needed something like this, especially when my hands are covered in something like raw meatloaf. Times like that, I feel like I can’t get my current faucet clean enough afterwards.

  37. Mariah in Louisiana

    Love your new kitchen! The best thing about a sensor faucet would be not having to touch anything after working with raw meat.

  38. Jessica S.

    messy kids with sticky fingers….enough said! ๐Ÿ™‚

    That faucet is beautiful! And so is your new kitchen!

    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  39. Allison R. W.

    Moen’s MotionSense technology would be awesome to have in the kitchen – using the sink hands-free would keep things so much cleaner. I hate constantly polishing the chrome fixtures in the kitchen just to see hand smudges the next moment. This technology eliminates that hassle! Hope I win – love the remodel btw!


  40. Angela Popp

    I would most definitely use the faucet to prevent cross contamination….we cut a lot of chicken, pork and beef in our kitchen and I am forever worried about getting those nasty germs on the sink and leaving them there salmonella grows…I definitely don’t want that:(

  41. Pam Vanoteghem

    After we moved into our new-ish house, I missed my old Moen faucet and sink, I paid a plumber to go back into the old house and switch it out for the ones in the new-ish house before the new people moved in! With a handsfree model, my kitchen would be complete ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Heather Spooner

    My faucet is very small and it makes filling a stockpot difficult. This faucet would help make it easier. Plus the motion sensing is just too cool. Thanks!

  43. Michelle

    Oh I would love that!!! NO yucky raw meat germs…I am already a phobic about them, and this would help so much…I ….must…have….one!

  44. Carissa

    I was excited to get my lysol no touch soap dispenser so I wouldn’t have to touch the soap dispenser when I’ve been cutting chicken or scrubbing the counters, so a faucet like this takes that to the next level!

    And your kitchen looks gorgeous! and its functional/practical too. Bet you’ll have fun baking your yummy recipes ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. Vicki H.

    Your kitchen looks great! I really love the converting of the pantry into an elongated part of the kitchen. I’m sure it is perfect for your blogging!

  46. Sherri

    It would be wonderful for my husband when he comes in filthy to wash his hands and I have to stop what I am doing to turn the water on for him. It would also be nice when cooking and having messy hands to use the motion sensor and not have to get the faucet dirty. Win win for everyone!

  47. Michelle Pierce

    Sounds like a great new addition to any kitchen!! Anything to stop spreading germs and not tracking water everywhere after washing your hands :). Btw, your kitchen may only be 95% but it is amazing, I bet you have a smile on your face the entire time you are in there!!!

  48. Morgan

    This would help me keep my chickeny, germy hands from spreading yuckiness all over the faucet…which equals less clean up!!!

    Perfection! Love your new kitchen and totally jelly over it ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. dawn g

    def great to be able to wash your dirty hands with out touching the faucet-i think it would make the kids wash their hands more too because they’d think it’s so cool ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. Kim

    We are getting ready to redo our kitchen and this faucet would be an amazing addition to our new space. LOVE the hands free design!!!

  51. Rita Lautenschlager

    That faucet should have been part of my kitchen renovation! : ( Washing my Grandchildrens little hands would have been so much easier with the touchless function! You are so blessed!

  52. Lori

    You know when you have cookie dough all over your hands and than its all over your faucet. Uh, then. Thats when it would come in handy!! Would TOTALLY love this!!

  53. Susan

    Oh, how I love your new kitchen!! It’s beautiful and you’re so blessed to have a husband who can do all this work himself!! I’d love to have a hands free faucet because I do a LOT of baking and cooking. Gooey flour and raw meat wreak havoc to me!! Oh, how wonderful to never have to maneuver my 5′ tall body to turn on my faucet again!!
    What a wonderful giveaway.

  54. Karla Procopio

    This is the faucet of my dreams! I could make delicious recipes and not have to yucky up my current faucet/sink area. Because I am messy and try to turn it on with my elbow area right now and that rarely works. I get meat/dough/sauce/breadcrumbs all over. Plus I could dance with much more ease whilst I prepare meals ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. Alyssa

    I love the idea of a hands free faucet! I think that would be most useful when I’m carrying a large pot and don’t want to have to put it down in order to turn on the water. What a great idea!

  56. Morgan

    I am getting ready to give my Kitchen a “facelift”, new countertops, sink and faucet. Have the countertops picked out, sink is purchased, just trying to find the perfect faucet. The faucet would be perfect for this multitasking mommy to be!!!

  57. Alicia J.

    I’d love it for the simple fact that I could put a pot under it and not get it stuck in the sink. And the fact that nasty raw chicken fingers would never touch it.

  58. Melanie N

    My kitchen sink is where the entire world washes the grime off their hands, or at least it seems that way after my family comes through. I am constantly having to scrub the actual faucet and all the handles. Did you hear the hallelujah chorus the first time you used it?

  59. Amy

    My faucet is dirty 90% of the time. Could they make a self-opening fridge too? And oven? Can you tell that I have four little helpers?

  60. Christine

    I keep thinking how awesome it would be…when I’m making dinner, I am always hating to touch the faucet to turn it on when I’ve been working with raw chicken, etc. When I’m baking, I hate to touch the faucet and then have to clean off all the flour, etc. So, yes, this would simplify my life! ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. Sharon

    You are so lucky to have this beautiful kitchen , it must be like a dream walking in there. Those beautiful counters , love that faucet. The little desk area is so smooth. and the pantry I am so jealous of you. I can only dream of this. Enjoy your beautiful paridise. Sharon

  62. Roxanne Merchant

    I have also always wanted this faucet but its mor in our budget considering we just bought a house and have a 3 week old baby girl. This faucet would not only help me when I am preparing a meal, but also hands free after all those diaper changes would be nice too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. Heather

    Gorgeous kitchen! These are my dream colors! Of course the desk isn’t perfect; you USE It! Really just wanted to comment about the gorgeousness of the kitchen–but a free faucet would be awesome too ๐Ÿ™‚ My children might get a kick out of it and drive me crazy…:)

  64. Theresa

    This faucet would be awesome on the nights where I am making chicken or especially meatloaf. By the way … Your kitchen looks great! ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. Stacey

    Your kitchen remodel is beautiful!!! Great idea to convert the pantry to your office! I shutter at the thought of cross-contamination, the new faucet would be so nice to prevent that!

  66. Maureen

    This would be helpful when I have been preparing dishes with foods that I do not want to have them get in touch with each other. It would be great for when I am cooking with chicken or eggs and the chance of bacteria is great. It is also wonderful now especially with the flu so prevalent and I would not have to touch anything to get the water stream going and would be able to wash my hands.

  67. Heidi V

    I’ve been wanting a new faucet since ours has separate hot/cold handles which is annoying because you need two hands to turn it on everytime in order to get a decent temp. This faucet sounds absolutely fabulous…no hands required and you can still get the perfect temperature water!!!!

  68. Maria

    This would be absolutely fabulous in the kitchen while cooking. I’m constantly washing my hands for fear of contamination so to be able to turn on the water without touching anything is sheer genius!

    Thank you!

  69. Jess

    What a gorgeous kitchen! I have to ditto the other comments – if I never have to try to turn a faucet on with my elbow ever again, I would be one happy camper!

  70. danielle wheeler

    I would love this faucet especially when I am handling raw meat or eggs. Also it would replace my ugly gold one that I want to replace someday anyway.

  71. Sharon Castellanos

    What I wouldn’t do for something that isn’t going to get contaminated with all of my mess! Love your new kitchen remodel! To be able to go from 9 cabinets to 27?! Awesome!

  72. Debbie

    Love your new kitchen-those are the colors I want when I redo mine! I’m not a fan of stainless steel appliances, so its nice to see other people like black also!
    Would love that faucet-get spoiled at restaurants with motion sensor faucets so it would be great to have at home!
    Thanks for the chance to win a $100 gift card!!

  73. Julianne Johnson

    With two kids ages 2.5 and 1, I have my hands full! I too asked my husband for this faucet, I also asked for a touch pad front door lock! Needless to say, I have neither. I love baking cake pops and cupcakes so my hands are often messy. Having the Moen Arbor with MotionSense, would allow me to keep the faucet clean. Until then, I will have to use plastic baggies and rubber bands to keep the handles clean ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway!

  74. Lydia

    I feel like 90% of the time I make a mess while baking or cooking. I end up with who knows what all over my hands and it’d be great to have the water automatically come on rather than me having to touch anything else and spreading the mess!

  75. Samantha

    Love the backsplash! I would love a faucet like that for cleaning chicken and like last night, cleaning my stove grates with brillo and then having to turn on the water with brillo hands!

  76. Shelly, your kitchen looks amazingly beautiful! I love the cabinet pantry and that the change gave you a work space. A hands free faucet…uh, yes! How would a hands free faucet makes sense for Team Davis? Besides the obvious of meat hands, doughy hands, buttery hands, grimey hands, gooey hands and the likes…my kids for some reason INSIST on pulling out the sprayer nozzle so often that it now is limp and hangs its head in deep sorrowful shame. My faucet no longer has the zest for life to stand tall and proud….just woesome and ashamed.

    This is especially UN-fantastic when the sprayer switch is still engaged and shoots water sideways across my kitchen OR better yet right at me. Momma is not a fan of a wet t-shirt contest in the middle of my kitchen. (or anywhere actually if I am a contestant.)

    I will drool over your pics a bit more, smile with pride for your success and lament over my wet noodle faucet.

  77. I love to cook, garden, and I have 2 preschoolers, so you can imagine the amount of messes I get into on a daily basis. The more we can do our washing “hands free” the better.

  78. Delores Wagg

    The only thing I didn’t get new in my kitchen remodel was a faucet!! So, a hands’free one would be the perfect thing to complete it.
    thanks for the chance.

  79. Erin

    Well, I have two little boys and I am just starting to explore baking. So…between the various fluids from my little ones and the messes made in the kitchen, a sink with a sensor would be so helpful. Plus, I am a little of a germaphobe so you can only imagine how awesome it would be to not have to touch so many things with my hands being dirty.

    Your kitchen is literally my dream kitchen. We are in the process of buying a new home and the kitchen is like a kids size version of yours. Hoping the sale goes well and then maybe I can transform it into something similar to yours.

    Thank you for sharing it! It is beautiful!!

  80. Wow — gorgeous kitchen remodel! I love the way you guys managed to use the space in a new and functional way. A hands free faucet would make my life easier in SO many ways! I always wash my hands off after cracking eggs, cleaning chicken, all of that kind of stuff, and it would be great not to have to twist my hand around in make sure I’m not touching the faucet and contaminating it! Thanks for the giveaway and gorgeous home photos!

  81. I am ALWAYS making a mess. It would save me from having to constantly wipe down the faucet in the kitchen if I didn’t have to touch it to turn it on… I could be covered with raw meat ick, coated in flour, panko, salad dressing. You name it! I’ve had to scrub it off the faucet. ๐Ÿ™

  82. Emilie

    I’m pretty sure that this post was fate as well because we are in the process of planning a kitchen re-model and I have been GUSHING about the sense-activated faucets to my husband. They are so cool!! It would be so nice to be able to turn on the faucet without worrying about chocolate or chicken juice contaminating the handle!

  83. Shelby N.

    This would totally simplify my life! I am THE messiest baker/cook ever. My hands are always a mess. It would be great not to have to get my messy hands all over the faucet just to turn it on!

    I love your remodel by the way– gorgeous. I’d love to cook in that kitchen!

  84. I need this faucet! The Arbor with MotionSense would help simplify my life because I have a 3 year old son. Enough said. Just kidding, I have a 3 year old son who is always getting into stuff and constantly needs to have his hands washed. Many of the times I am struggling to hold him up to the sink while he washes his hands and it can be quite the battle turning the water on and off while trying to hold him up. I also am always cooking up a storm and get tons of use out of my sink every day. And it might make my husband excited about washing all those dishes at the end of the night. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  85. Larissa

    OMG! Love your new kitchen!! We are considering a remodel/addition soon. That faucet is now tops on my must have for the kitchen. I will forego a new appliance if necessary! My pet peeves are: when using eggs – do you know how many times I wash egg off my hands when baking?? And raw chicken…ugh. So gross! With a hands-free faucet, my hands could stay clean. yay!!! It’s especially important to have clean egg/chicken free hands when using an ipad in the kitchen!

    Thanks for the giveaway. Drooling over your backsplash, too!

  86. Kimberly

    That faucet is so awesome. I would love to be able to wash my grimy hands without having to goop up the handles of my current faucet.

  87. Carmen Rose

    Hello so many reasons this faucet would make my life/kitchen better! First and foremost no more germs from people turning on/off faucets, would be a beautiful addition to my kitchen, love your remake! Isn’t it awesome to have a husband that can create such awesome kitchens/remodels! My husbands works hard at a full time job and dives into home projects all self taught! This would be awesome faucet to have indeed! Love to cook and being in my kitchen is a fav of mine! Hope I win!!

  88. Kristen

    I would love to have something that helps cut down on the germs and cross-contamination that we all try to avoid when we are cooking/baking. Also, having three children, I feel like the novelty would encourage more hand-washing! ๐Ÿ™‚
    By the way, your kitchen is beautiful!!!

  89. Your kitchen looks fantastic!!

    I would love the faucet for washing my hands after handling eggs, raw meat, or breading items – I hate getting all that “stuff” on my faucet from just trying to turn on the items!

  90. Michele Favaro

    Can I ask if you designed the kitchen yourself or did you use a service? I LOVE is a “wish list” project for me so I just love to see other people who have had their kitchen dreams come true ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. shelly

      We had an idea of what we wanted, but we went and sat with a designer and he was the one that came up with the entire design, which ended up being much different than what we had in mind. So glad we sought out a professional because it wouldnt have turned out nearly as nice!

  91. Allie M.

    I would love to be able to wash my hands after dealing with raw meat without touching anything! What a great way to not spread germs…

  92. Danielle W.

    Your kitchen is beautiful! Congratulations!

    The faucet is awesome, and you’re right to be excited about it. I hate my grungy faucet, and I find myself cleaning it all the time, especially after I’ve handled raw meat. I’ll take breaks in the middle of cooking to clean the faucet! So less cleaning. Yay!

  93. Your new kitchen is absolutely amazing!!! I don’t know how you get any baking done…I would just sit there and stare at the gorgeousness that is your kitchen!

    And that faucet…pure genius! I would love to be able to wash my hands after touching meat and eggs without actually touching any part of the handles!!!!

  94. Heather

    OMG I just keep imagining all the messy baking and cooking I could do. With the hands free I wouldn’t even have to make a mess of my faucet when trying to clean up. That would be a beautiful thing.

  95. Theresa Smith

    Love your kitchen, it is gorgeous!!! The hands free faucet would be a great!! Especially since I always have to turn on the faucet and put soap in my husband’s hands, whether he is cooking or was just working on something, I am forever doing this. It would also be great because I have 5 kids and as of lately they all have been sick. This would be one less thing to spray with the Lysol. Haha!

  96. Marie

    Love your kitchen redo! Going from 9 to 27 cabinets. OMG, I wouldn’t know where to start. As far as the faucet, like others have said, washing your hands after handling raw chicken or even mixing up a meatloaf. Trying to elbow it gets old.

  97. TheresaSea

    Your kitchen is GORG! Mine needs a total remodel-everything must GO! So a new faucet is on the list anyway…and this one sounds like a dream come true!

  98. Angie

    Oooo, great faucet! Just last night I was taking skin off chicken thighs and thinking how gross it was that I was getting raw chicken juices all over the faucet. This is just a brilliant design!!

  99. Shelly your new kitchen is beyond stunning…from the cabinets to the pantry!!! to the place for your desk and all the light. Wow, I am just speechless. I have a tiny urban kitchen and this makes me want space!! Wow, wow, wow. GORGEOUS!

    The faucet would be amazing with my 5 year old. She could turn it on herself without needing help!

  100. Susan in KS

    I agree – it’s the raw meat! also the little guys around here would have an easier time rinsing their dishes after supper. that sounds like an awesome faucet.

  101. I would LOVE to have one of these! Our kitchen was the main reason we bought this house, but our faucet doesn’t have a spray attachment. One day I’ll replace it…maybe with this fancy hands-free model!

  102. Alisha

    Last night I made some (incredibly delicious) homemade chicken nuggets. I was dealing with raw chicken AND raw eggs. I was so grossed out, but you know…it’s for the kids. ;oP Anyway, I HATE having to touch ANYTHING when my hands are in that state!

  103. Lisa L.

    Oh my goodness!! I would love that faucet! I always end up using my arms to turn on my faucet when my hands are covered in chicken or some such thing! Thanks for the chance to win!

  104. Meghan

    The Arbor with MotionSense faucet would simplify my life by allowing me to clean my hands and vegetables without having to then clean the faucet because I otherwise get dirt all over it in the process of turning it on and off. It would also probably help me avoid some illnesses because I wouldn’t have to touch the faucet to turn it on and that would simplify my life because I wouldn’t have so much sick time!

  105. Shawnna

    My husband is a total germophobe so this would be awesome for him – and for me! No more touching the faucet when we have raw egg on our hands!

  106. Chatelaine

    This motion sense faucet would simplify my life because every time I reach for the handle to turn on/off the water I splash water all over the place behind my faucet. Normally that would be a backsplash but in my kitchen it’s a window box and water goes everywhere. leaving such a mess…………..

  107. Emily

    This faucet would come in so handy for my kids and hand washing! They are still a bit small to reach the handle even with a stool ๐Ÿ™‚

  108. karen

    I’m always trying to turn on the faucet with my wrist when my hands are covered with gunk, so that faucet would spare me some awkward contortions! Your kitchen is so inspiring, hope to do mine one day.

  109. Carla

    I am loving the dark handles on your new cabinets! And that workspace…swoon!!!!! Would love to win the Visa card! I am embarking on a kitchen update this year and every little bit helps!

  110. emily

    I’m a bit of a germ freak, so I love that I can use the sensor to turn the water on instead of my dirty hands when I need to wash them off!

  111. Rachael G

    A little kiddo with short arms that can’t reach the knobs on the sink = a perfect reason for a motion sense faucet! What a great giveaway!

  112. Beth

    The faucet would be awesome for when I’m dealing with raw chicken or covered in sticky dough. These incidents are often. It sounds terrific!

  113. Cynthia Toone riley

    I would love it for 2 main reasons…not touching anything after I have worked with raw meat and not having our wooden backsplash get wet while turning off the faucet!

  114. Tina S.

    Wow, what a great kitchen you’ve got yourself now! Amazing! With a 2 1/2 year old and a 7 month old who are always bringing home germs from daycare, I find myself washing my hands 50 times a day after wiping noses, changing diapers, etc. This faucet would make that so much less of of a hassle!

  115. Meagan

    WOW, I love the makeover!!! That faucet would be awesome not only for washing nasty hands,, but for turning on the water to fill up a bottle, with no hands!!

  116. Kelly D

    The Arbor with MotionSense would simplify my life because I wouldn’t have to struggle with the handle when I already have my hands full in the kitchen or risk contaminating the handle with bacteria from eggs or meat when I am cooking.

  117. Marcia

    Brilliant! Let me count the ways: no germs on the handle of the faucet (raw chicken, etc.); if your hands are full with a heavy pot, you don’t have to put it down to turn off the water; your faucet stays cleaner — no food residue from your hands to get on the faucet.
    What a great feature!

  118. Brandie

    LUCKY!!! I would love a new kitchen! How wouldn’t a motion sensor faucet make things better in the kitchen?? It would make everything better!

  119. Janel

    This would be so awesome not to get the handle of the faucet dirty every time your hands are full of sticky flour mess/ eggy/ meaty.. or anything else that is gross! Save on wiping down the faucet several times a day!

  120. Samantha

    Wow, your kitchen is amazing, congratulations! Now, about that faucet: I would LOVE to have that in my kitchen for so many reasons, most of which have already been mentioned. The sad thing for me is we did a remodel of our kitchen four years ago, and I thought I picked out a good faucet. No ma’am, I did not. It is now leaking, and it has these little white calcium build-up(?) deposits on it. I hate it! So I would love, love, love to have a new one!

  121. Caroline

    I love that it would turn on and off automatically when you’re washing dishes! I always feel like I’m wasting water when I leave it on but I hate having to turn it on and off between each dish!

  122. Tabitha

    I totally hate when I am cooking, baking, whatever and end up with stuff on my hands and no way to magically make a third arm appear to turn on the faucet. Ha! My 3 year old is not tall enough to turn the kitchen faucet on for me and the hubby probably would frown upon being called to the kitchen so often. ๐Ÿ™‚ This faucet sounds AMAZING! I understand why you are gushing about it…it’s well deserved. Totally need one of these in my life.

  123. Holly D'Italian

    Mmmmm….a handsfree faucet……would mean no dropped turkeys and whole chickens in the sink when I am trying to turn off the fuacet and swing the bird into the roaster, no more cookie batter on the faucet handles and backsplash as you hand slips off the handle when trying to shut it off, no more bruised fingers and hands………..oh how I have dreamt about this……..

  124. Linda F,

    Arbor with MotionSense would help simplify my life by keeping the area cleaner; no more water around the handles, sticky hands, doughy hands getting all over the faucet. What a great idea!!

  125. OMG! This faucet would make washing dishes and cooking SOOO much easier. Plus, it would alleviate all those times the husband turns on the faucet, walks out the kitchen and only comes back minutes later when I’m yelling at the top of my voice about wasting water!

  126. Kelly

    I would love this faucet so my boys could wash their hands without having to touch everything with their muddy, grimy, slimy hands!

  127. kesha

    WOW! Your kitchen is beautiful! I would love this faucet! It would be a big help especially after handling raw meat. I wouldn’t have to contaminate the faucet to wash my hands which would save a step in cleaning! I love it!

  128. ColleenB.

    Love your remodeled kitchen.
    I sure could use a new faucet and this one really sounds pretty awesome and sure would be handy when it ocmes time working with poultry, neats, fish or anything to where you don’t have to turn on the faucet with your hands. How very handy and cool that would be. Less germs be spread around.
    Thank you for this opportunity

  129. Stephanie

    I would love this faucet for when my boys are washing their yucky hands after coming inside after playing in the dirt like 6 year & 3 year old boys do. Also for when dad comes in after working in the garage (on his second wife, his ’71 Chevy!). Not to mention for mommy when she is cooking with yucky raw meats and eggs. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  130. Bonnie Serrapica

    I love this faucet, when I cook my hands are always covered with something, such as raw eggs from breading chicken. This would enable me to keep the kitchen cleaner so I am not touching things with my sticky hands. Arbor with MotionSense would be perfect for my kitchen too.

  131. Kerrie

    I would love it when cooking and my hands are covered in food, however I think the best thing would be when DH comes in from working on a car and his hands are greasy…….am forever wiping down the current knobs because of this.

  132. My life would be so much simpler if I didn’t have to endure the eye roll from my husband when I call him for the twelve time that day to turn the water on for my messy gooey hands.

  133. Alice

    Shelly, we make our own soup and stock, that beautiful faucet would make it so much easier to put tall stock pots under it. Beautiful kitchen, love the back splash…We are remodeling right now as well…it’s fun to watch it come together.

    Thank you, Shelly, for your amazing story telling and fantastic easy recipes.

  134. Yolanda

    Lets just say the faucet we have now is original one from when this house was build early 70’s..would love to have new one..

  135. Jenny M

    Oh I would LOVE this! Not having water all over the counter from flipping the water on and off? Love. Your kitchen turned out so nice too. What a good husband for taking that on! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  136. Danielle Beinke

    Sometimes when cooking I feel like I’m washing my hands every 2 minutes! This would make it so much easier… more getting the handles all gross!

  137. Your kitchen looks beautiful. The amount my hands are in water this faucet would be a god send. Feels like I am always washing food or dishes. My faucet is about to fall apart. This would be great.

  138. Martha R

    Your kitchen is beautiful and the newmotion-sense faucet sounds like an added luxury.

    I couldn’t happen to notice your family rules on the kitchen wall… really is the heart of the home!

  139. Sandra

    I would love a faucet like this. I have done childcare out of my home for almost 29 years (love the little ones and loved being able to be at home with my children). It would be so nice to just walk over and have it be hands free.

  140. Kristie

    Beautiful kitchen!

    A motion sensor faucet would be wonderful when your hands are really messy from dough, chicken, meat, etc.

    Great giveaway!

  141. Julie Pare

    Like you, I hate water droplets! LOL I do agree, though, that it would be awesome to not have to touch the faucet after touching raw meats!

  142. Monica

    I would love to have this faucet because it would make washing dishes so much easier!! The faucet I have now is so short it is sometimes hard to wash large dishes without getting soaked in the process.

  143. Kathi Spence

    I love your kitchen! Beautiful. Although quite envious… ๐Ÿ™‚ The faucet is just brilliant. It would go great in my home as both hubby and I are quite the adventurists in the kitchen – this faucet would make our lives so much easier. Thanks so much for the chance!

  144. Your new kitchen is beautiful and your husband is AWESOME for being able to do it all!! AND a wonderful new faucet? Be still my heart.
    Why is it when my hands are covered in bread dough, glitter, glue or paint… THAT’s when the door bell rings? I swear, there must be a light on my front door reading, “NOW, press the door bell NOW… her hands are filthy”. It would be awesome to wave the water on and not have to wash the faucet down too. Ahhh… bliss.

  145. Andrea D.

    Your kitchen is awesome. I think the faucet would help so I would be able to clean my hands without getting stuff on the faucet. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  146. Danielle

    This would be perfect for when I’m touching raw meat or have dough covered hands!

    Just curious though, I have cats who are on the counter when I’m not there (I KNOW the brats are…) would they be able to turn a motion faucet on? I’ve wondered since I first saw them.

  147. Kelli

    Love the Kitchen, so useful and very well planned out (unlike my kitchen) but I was recently in a friends kitchen who NEEDS a makeover even more than mine so if either of us win we are heading to IKEA for her kitchen

  148. Jenny B.

    I agree with everyone else that this would get great for poultry hands!!

    P.S. Please, please, please show a close-up of your backsplash. I desperately want to get rid of my 80’s grandma pink countertops and pinky tile backsplash. My favorite section of Home Depot is the tile department and I love glass tiles. Thanks.

  149. Lynda M.

    Love, love, love your new kitchen! I would love to be able to update ours soon. That faucet is fabulous – I hate getting raw meat juice and sticky stuff on my faucet!

  150. Lisa C Johnson

    I would LOVE this faucet. My husband and I moved into our first very own home last January with thoughts of remodeling and refinishing. None of which has happened yet. Bummer. One thing that is at the top of the list in the kitchen is a new faucet. The one we have is grody and is skee-wampus so that it angles off to the side so that the water shoots out of it to the left. We make it work, while we save our pennies, but the faucet would be such an upgrade! Your kitchen looks amazing, I am in awe of your 27 cabinets! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  151. We are moving into a new house in a couple of weeks and this would be PERFECT!! I am also having another baby in a few months so with a little on the hip, the motion sensor would be great!!

  152. Khadija

    Wow, love the new kitchen! The faucet would help me so much, I hate getting raw chicken and meat juices everywhere. Even with all the baking I do, I can see that faucet coming in handy ๐Ÿ™‚

  153. I could see lots of great uses for this – from dealing with raw-chicken-hands to icing-exploded-all-over-hands to shaping-cookie-dough-hands. It would be great!

  154. Hannah

    My mom would love to put this in our kitchen. Our faucet leeks and it hasn’t been replaced in over 12 years.
    Plus I have two brothers with special needs, so they can get sick really easy, this would be awesome. We have so many people coming and going all the time.

  155. Melissa

    That new faucet would be such a godsend! Our faucet has been leaking for quite some time and we sure need a replacement. That Moen sounds amazing! A splurge I normally wouldn’t consider.

  156. Christi P.

    This would be amazing!! I just hate touching the handle when I have meat juices on my hands. I try to wipe it down continuously, but am never sure that I am getting it all. This would definitely eliminate that worry. I love your kitchen!!

  157. Melissa

    I would love touch less hand washing after dealing with raw chicken and eggs. You have no idea! And your kitchen is beautiful. I love the little office area, what a great idea and use of space.

  158. OMG, I would LOVE a touch-free faucet!! I could pair it with one of those touch-free soap dispensers and really keep a germ-free kitchen. =)

    I’m totally jealous of your beautiful new kitchen, BTW.

  159. Mami2jcn

    Beautiful kitchen! I’m a total germaphobe & I’m in love with the sensor! My kids are forgetful and I also appreciate how it turns itself off.

  160. Marcia

    Hands free faucet!! Who could not benefit from this genious idea – especially when working with raw meats! Congratulations on your beautiful kitchen remodel! I want you around when I ever think of remodeling!! Great job!

  161. chris

    I totally get your faucet obsession. I like the one I have, it pulls out and works nicely, but it would be great when I’ve just put up 10# of hamburger or a bunch of chicken to not have to touch the faucet or try to use my wrist to turn it on and get scalding water! Got my fingers crossed ๐Ÿ™‚

  162. Stephanie

    OH MY! We are on week 4 of having our kitchen re-done right now. (As I write this, there is a nail gun, tile saw, and BANG! BANG! BANG! going on.) I’m… sort of losing my mind, but your after pictures remind me this is all worth it! I absolutely LOVE EVERYTHING YOU CHOSE!!! I’m jealous. You did a fabulous job. (HOW ON EARTH did you blog during all of that?) We just dummied up our old sink until the new one comes. We have been without for a few days. Obviously…this would be a great additon to our kitchen. Thanks!! Enjoy your kitchen!

  163. Heather M.

    I would love this faucet, because frankly if I’ve just been touching raw chicken (egads!)…the LAST thing I want to do is touch my faucet…and then have to touch it again to clean it. : )

    Also, I heart your new kitchen. I am especially infatuated with your backsplash! I have been wanting to do ours forever.

    And I might as well add that I’m envious of your workspace, your Mac, and your subway art too. There. : D

  164. Sometimes, when my hands are extra germy or extra dirty, I have to wash the “turn on levers” after washing my hands. Now, if only it would come with hands free soap too.

  165. Robin Rosen

    Your kitchen is amazing!!!!! I can’t believe how much more storage and counter space you got, and I LOVE the backsplash and granite. You have great taste!!!!!! You and your husband could hire yourselves out. And I didn’t even know there was such faucet for a kitchen! Would that $100 cover that faucet??? If not, think I would stock up on my pantry items to keep baking all the yummy desserts you post ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for all great recipes!

  166. Judy

    I actually looked at these faucets this past weekend…Could not talk the tighwad into buying one…Your new kitchen is beautiful!!

  167. Holly

    I can totally see a cool faucet like that encouraging my kids to wash their hands more often, which just means less germs and less messy, sticky fingerprints. Winner!

  168. Courtney

    Wow Wee!! What a beautiful and functional kitchen! If I had a new faucet like yours it would be so “handy” for a family of five. Especially those little hands that need some extra help when washing. And for me with cooking, baking, cleaning and scrubbing…..are you kidding! What a blessing X’s 100! I just might be tempted to take a bath in the kitchen sink!

  169. Christie Ferguson

    Oh my gosh! I am constantly making bread. It would be soooo nice not to have to get sticky bread dough all over my faucet handles when I want to rinse off. Beautiful kitchen, by the way. I’m totally jealous! ๐Ÿ™‚

  170. Marilyn M.

    Your kitchen is beautful! Love the desk area…..this faucet would be like magic – no more cleaning the faucet with Lysol wipes ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway.

  171. Brenda J. M

    I’m a Canadian so NOT eligible; but I did want to tell you how WONDERFUL your kitchen looks. Kudos to your hubby for doing the bulk of the reno and both of you for not going insane during the process. The darker floor you’ve got is stunning. I think that sets off the cabinets perfectly.

  172. MaryB

    Oh, I would love one of these faucets – working with sticky dough, raw chicken, whatever. How handy and what a time saver. My faucet gets so messy when I am baking. Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  173. Tasha

    What a fabulous way to encourage my 2 year old to wash his hands after putting them in the dogs mouth, in the food dish, in dirt, and in his nose!!!!!

  174. nicole

    the motionsense would totally make learning to cook much easier. i have such a tiny apartment with little space and i’d be able to wash my hands while cooking so much easier! it is hard to juggle all the ingredients – i am constantly turning the water off and on to wash veggies, wash my hands, rinse dishes – i also don’t have a dishwasher in my tiny space! ๐Ÿ™‚

  175. Heather H.

    This faucet would be wonderful in the Summer and Fall when I do a ton of canning, and my sink and faucets get covered in sauces and such!

  176. Janine O

    That faucet would keep me sane! I’m constantly telling the gluten eaters in my house to wash your hands and with this faucet I wouldn’t have to worry about gluten on the handles transfering to my hands and making me sick. Love this!

  177. Stacy Knight

    We are in the process of buying a house right now! It would be wonderful and simplify my life simply for the fact of saving money on replacing the one I have now! It would come in handy as I learn to book better and for our 3 year old when helping and washing his hands!!

  178. Anne Weber-Falk

    How wouldn’t this faucet make my life easier? Raw chicken, greasy hands, flour and dough covered fingers, that’s just a start. Shall I go on? Let’s see…paint covered children’s hands, oily hands from the garage, dirt covered hands from the garden. There’s more…

  179. Marcia

    What a beautiful kitchen! I envy your storage space, and that faucet is like a piece of beautiful jewelry in your kitchen to make it perfect! It would be wonderful not to have to use my elbow, or have to grab a paper towel before touching my faucet with my dirty hands!

  180. Ashley P

    I would love to win this! I hate when I get raw chicken or other meat on my hands, then have to turn on the faucet with my dirty hands. Then I feel like I have to watch the handles, then my hands, then the handles…it’s a vicious cycle that I would love to end ๐Ÿ™‚

  181. Claudia

    So jealous of your amazing kitchen, it’s beautiful. Oh, the possibilities with a hands free faucet. I hate touching the handle when I’ve just manhandled some raw meat/chicken/fish. And the $100 Visa card would let me do a little shopping.

  182. Hannah

    My son can’t reach the faucet yet to turn it on, but he could get close enough to wave his hand in front! This would be awesome!

  183. Don’t count me in the drawing, I’ve got new facets in boxes ready to be installed, but I just wanted to say how much I LOVE your remodel, so pretty! Love the layout and desk area! We should be starting our remodel next month, March at the latest, I hope. You’re giving me some great ideas! Since the only thing I have right now is the faucets ๐Ÿ™‚

  184. How awesome!!! With a husband and 5 kids, I do a lot of cooking and baking. It would be super convenient when dealing with raw meat and eggs. Also, we have chickens that we are feeding and gathering eggs from daily. I would love it if I didn’t have to worry about my kids touching the faucet with their dirty chicken hands! ๐Ÿ™‚

  185. Jinger

    I’ve wanted one of these for so long! They are amazing! It would be so nice to not have to elbow the faucet after handling meat or sticky things!!

  186. Cindy

    I love your kitchen! I am so envious right now.

    My husband and I have been renovating our house for the past 11 years. We are down to the most expensive rooms, the bathroom and the kitchen.

    Our kitchen faucet (which was probably installed when the house was built in 1921) is beginning to leak and is so UGLY. I would love to replace it with a hands-free faucet.

    No more cross contamination from raw meats or getting the knobs messy when trying to turn them on and off.

  187. Denise Wilson

    I would love this faucet! It would work great for when I’m cooking and need to wash my hands. Also, love that it helps to keep from spreading germs because you don’t have to touch it. And it is BEAUTIFUL!!! Your kitchen is gorgeous. Happy for you! Thank you for the giveaway!

  188. Oh my goodness your kitchen is gorgeous! Love the cabinets and the way you did your granite and the glass tile togetherness! It is like a “kitchen cousins” remodel! Your husband is a rock star! And how incredible is that faucet! Your have a Gaurdian Angellooking out for you! That faucet would be so womdeful because I have a daughter

  189. Shanna

    That faucet sounds amazing! I would love it, especially when I’m cooking with raw meat so I wouldn’t have to touch the faucet to wash my hands!

  190. carol L

    Love your kitchen, beautiful. The faucet fits in nicely, never heard of such a faucet. Really will save on cleaning faucet handles. My faucet is an older model with knobs. Would enjoy the upgrade.
    Carol L

  191. Shelly,
    First let me say that I LOVE your kitchen remodel…just beautiful! My husband and I have been remodeling our kitchen in stages. For example, half of our cabinets are primed and repainted, but the other half remain untouched. Oh well, it WILL be done one day! The Moen Motion Sense faucet is ideal for anyone but especially those of us who: 1) wash dishes by hand, 2) cook/bake A LOT, and 3) are germ conscious…especially #3! Not only would having the Motion Sense faucet keep germs at bay, but my water bill will decrease, YAY! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this $100 visa card giveaway! – JT

  192. Marilyn

    Congratulations on your beautiful kitchen remodel. This faucet would be so handy to have in the kitchen for those times when I’m cooking and my hands get dirty. It would be great to be able to use the faucet without having to touch it with my dirty hands. Thanks for the chance to win!

  193. Whitney

    This faucet would be amazing for any type of cooking, espcailly when dealing with uncooked meats, no worries about those nasty germs getting all over the sink and suck!
    Beautiful kitchen, glad it came together for you.

  194. Michelle Persek

    Since I have a new baby, I am doing everything with 1 hand (if I am lucky). Because of that, the faucet would make my life a LOT easier! Beautiful kitchen!

  195. Vicky L.

    My son has celiac disease as well as a dairy and peanut allergy (my daughter is also peanut allergic) so we try to keep as many “contaminants” as separate as possible in my kitchen. It would be a great comfort knowing that the kids don’t have to touch the handle of the faucet to wash their hands. I wouldn’t be as concerned that I am getting regular flour or bread crumbs on the faucet handle and having him touch them after me. This would REALLY be great for our kitchen!! (Love, love, LOVE your remodel, BTW. It is so practical as well as gorgeous.)

  196. Holly Moser

    We just put an offer on our first house! Hopefully it goes through : ) This faucet would make like so easy. Whenever my hands get gross from touching raw meat or rolling dough it grosses me out to touch the faucet to turn it on. It would be amazing to just wave my hands!

  197. Jacqui

    I think it would really help with food safety/cross contamination! I hate the idea of spreading germs from raw food around the kitchen, so this would make me feel better!

  198. This would make things SO much easier in my kitchen! Being a baking blogger, the dishes piling up seem endless. And needing to wash my hands every few minutes while I change ideas or make messes (or if I’m cooking dinner and I’ve just cooked meat), the motion sensor would be just fabulous!

  199. Sandy w

    This looks like a wonderful faucet. Would be nice to be able to turn it on with messy hands without touching it. Your kitchen looks lovely.

  200. I cook and bake a TON and like some kind of freak, actually enjoy the “cleaning up” part! (I know…crazy!). There’s a satisfaction in it–anywho! I could only see this fabulous appliance enhancing the cleaning experience! Thanks for hosting–and great kitchen remodel!

  201. Sheila

    We live on a farm. The kitchen sink is used more than any other water source in or out of the house. Hands free would sure reduce the mess I have to keep up with!

  202. Nancy

    I love your faucet!! I wash my hands a thousnad times while cooking and really could use this type of faucet because my hands have chicken yuck on them or turkey or other unappetizing goop and I don’t want to touch my faucet!! Great idea, everybody really does need this kind of faucet!!!!

  203. PJ

    This faucet would make my life soo much easier because I have 2 boys. One is too short to reach the faucet handles so I have to turn it on for him, or if its at just the right angle for him to turn it on he can’t turn it off so he leaves it running.
    Also, we need to replace our current faucet. We have bought a few new ones to have them go back because either they are either too hard to install, do not fit or leak. This post was like your faucet god comment. I really hope I win!!!

  204. Maggie M.

    The Arbor with MotionSense would make my life easier when my hands are full of flour, sugar, dough, etc. from baking! No dirty knobs ๐Ÿ™‚

  205. Clare

    Wow, that sounds so nice! Well, the faucet would be great for when you’ve put soap on your hands, because with a real faucet, then you’d get soap on the handle. but this does it for you! Your kitchen looks great too!

  206. Emma

    The Arbor with MotionSense would make my life easier so that I wouldn’t have to touch the faucet when washing my hands after cleaning up kitty litter or hairballs. I hate touching the faucet with my “I just touched something nasty that came out of my cat” hands.

  207. KatC

    your kitchen looks beautiful.
    a hands free anything sounds too fancy for my kitchen but it would be super convenient to not have to disinfect hands/faucets multiple times when cooking with raw meat

  208. Meredith

    We’re redoing our kitchen too… I never even knew they made these kinds of faucets! It would be great for when I’m cutting raw chicken or for my kids! Love your kitchen!

  209. Jill_R

    Iโ€™d love to win the $100 visa gift card. Like, who wouldn’t!?
    But let me say, I am completely enamored with your new kitchen!!

  210. Susan P

    it would be great to have this when handling raw fish or meat… easy to clean up without contaminated everything…….thanks for the giveaway.

  211. Linda

    Oh how I would love this faucet. Let’s face it anytime we wash our hands it is for a good reason and I hate to touch the faucet to turn it on.. Turn it on with dirty hands, turn it off with clean hands only to get them dirty again by touching it!! A vicious cycle!!!

  212. Liz Lovely

    I would love this faucet! I have a 2 yr old and my hands are always covered in something sticky or gooey. It would give me a tiny piece of sanity everytime I washed my hands!

  213. Katie M

    Your kitchen is GORGEOUS! Not having to touch the faucet after having sticky cookie dough or raw meat germs on my hands would be a fantastic way to get clean and stay clean!

  214. michele

    Not only would I love to have a faucet like the one you have, I would love to have your husband remodel my kitchen as well! He must have experience now with installing your faucet and I could certainly use some new cabinets (going from 9 to 27 is pretty spectacular).

  215. Allie H

    when i have sticky chocolate or sugar on my hands after making yummy treats, it would be awesome to not have to touch the faucet and get it all dirty(:

  216. Dallas Betustak

    I have begging my husband to instal a foot pedal that turns the water on and off so I don’t have to touch the handle and he says it’s too expensive and not nescessary. I would love to prove him wrong with a new motion sence one! I think he’d love it once he used it.

  217. Natalie L. Hunt

    I live with 3 motorcycle, Atv and home auto mechanics. And I always seem to be called to turn on the kitchen faucet when they have greasy hands.And when I am away, and I return. I end up scrubbing the faucet off. LOL

  218. Norma

    This faucet would be wonderful! I’ve always got hands full of raw meat specks, ketchup, flour, dough you name it! It would be so wonderful to not have to wash it off of the faucet handles that turn the water off and on. How spoiled I would feel!

  219. Lisa A

    This faucet would be so nice especially when I’m making my daughters favorite Rice Krispy Treats and my hands are covered with sticky marshmallow rice krispies!!

  220. Katie

    oh goodness this would be so helpful when cooking raw meat or trying not to cross contaminate. I always try to use my arm to turn the water on and off so I dont spread bacteria, and I usually end up knocking everything near my sink over. This would be amazing

  221. Kate D.

    Oh, I could definitely use the touch faucet. Baking bread, chicken hands, making pasta. I considered a foot pedal operated sink too.

  222. Your kitchen is beautiful. You must love to bake in it. I love that you have the desk right there. I would love a hands-free faucet. I am constantly washing my hands while I cook and getting my faucet all dirty trying to turn the water on. It would be especially handy when working with raw meats so I don’t spread the germs around.

  223. Susan Riggs

    I’d love to have this faucet when I handle raw meat, but most especially when my hands are covered with something sticky or gooey.

  224. My hubby works on our cars and always comes in the kitchen to wash his hands. This faucet would mean no more greasy/oily/ dirty stuff all over my faucet! And no germs either! I wouldn’t have to touch the faucet with hands that have been handling raw meat.
    Must. get. this. faucet. ๐Ÿ™‚

  225. Keshia

    The kitchen and mini-office looks gorgeous- hooray! And having that faucet will help so much in cleaning! No cross-contamination, no mud/ paint stains when children need to use it- so great!

  226. I am always worried about cross-contamination, especially with little kids in the house… things get crazy and I’m constantly washing my hands. Who know what kind of grossness is on my faucet that is them getting spread to everywhere else. I would LOVE this. ๐Ÿ™‚

  227. Lori

    I never knew such a faucet even existed! I would love a chance to win this! We just built our new house and moved in this Aug. It would go beautifully in my kitchen, which is by far the best room in the house. It seems like such a convienance!

  228. Robin Staker

    I have been eyeing that faucet for a while. Mostly because I am a bit of a neat freak. so frustrating to wippe up water drips everytime I wash my hands from manually turning on and off the faucet. What a great addition to any home!

  229. Sam

    This faucet would be so awesome to have when I am baking my famous chocolate chip cookies. I would be able to wash my gooey hands without touching the faucet.

  230. Angela M.

    That faucet sounds awesome! No more trying to turn on the faucet with your thumbs while your hands are covered in chicken juice. I want one of those!!

  231. Lori H

    This has been on my wish list. I spend most of my time in the kitchen. Cutting meat, etc & I hate touching the faucet to not only have clean my hands but it as well each time.

  232. susan

    What a lifesaver it would be when I’m doing all my baking especially when your hands are full of dough and flour!!!! Heavenly! Enjoy yours.

  233. Nancy H

    I would love to have the convenience of not having to turn on the faucet when cooking. Just love that idea! Thanks for the giveaway.

  234. Tracy

    Wow, kitchen looks awesome and that totally sounds like my kinda faucet! I hate having yukky hands and wash my hands a million times in the kitchen so that faucet would rock – btw do you know they make ‘magic trashcans’ that open all by themselves too:)

  235. Gretchen

    I cook all the time, too, and would love a hands free faucet. But not just for me; it might keep the children from leaving the water On after playing in the sink(or maybe avoid that altigether!)

  236. Lauren Miller

    The faucet would simplify my life when baking/scooping cookies and having dough all over my hands. Some always ends up on the faucet while trying to turn the water on.

  237. Courtney Petersen

    I would love a new faucet to give my children the chance to not have to get a stool to wash there hands in the kitchen only because they can’t turn the handle.

  238. Ashley

    This would be so much better than our current faucet! The one we have now keeps falling out and getting tangled up. This would work so much better!

  239. I love your new kitchen, but I’m especially jealous of your little desk area. Super cute!

    I would love to win this faucet mainly just because I’ve been dreaming about having one since they were available! It would mostly help with the raw meat issue, but also pie crusts, sugar cookies and other floury things. Plus I have dogs that I can’t resist so I constantly have to rewash my hands in the kitchen. It would just be really nice to have! ๐Ÿ™‚

  240. Melissa M.

    Your new kitchen is gorgeous and I have a serious case of kitchen envy. I’ve wanted a hands free faucet for a while now, so I love that you posted about it.

  241. Suzanne Cavnar

    I love your new kitchen. Where did you get your family’s rules wall hanging? I love it and would love to get one for my house. Thank you!

  242. Stephanie T.

    I can’t even turn my faucet from right to left right now… not sure what the problem is exactly, it just won’t move! Pretty terrible!

  243. Chavi

    No more dirty faucet handels. With all the mess that happens in my house with 4 kids, who have to jump on the counter just to reach the faucet handels this would save many a clean up, not to mention a sore tummy from having the coutner dig into them.

  244. becky

    I am a germ freak. This faucet would be great when dealing with raw meats. I always have to wash my hands three times after dealing with it and then I have to clean the faucet handle in case there are any germs.

  245. Kerry

    The sensor is a great function that would save on a lot of faucet cleaning! And with flu season in full force, the less surfaces we touch the better!

  246. Natasha

    This is my dream faucet! No more trying to turn the faucet on with my forearm after touching raw meat, cracking eggs, and cookie dough stuck in-between my fingers! Love your new kitchen,

  247. This faucet would be a huge time saver for me. I bake and cook constantly, and I’m always having to wipe off the faucet handle what feels like a billion times a day.

  248. Micheline

    I would love to have this faucett in my kitchen that we are remoding the end of this year! I cook/bake all the time and that faucet would make such a huge difference! Love it!!

  249. Micheline

    I would love to have this faucett in my kitchen that we are remoding the end of this year! I cook/bake all the time and that faucet would make such a huge difference! Love it!! and Love your kitchen! Gave me some good ideas for my own kitchen.

  250. Aggie

    I have dreamed about having on of these faucets in my kitchen! Would LOVE to have one. The hands free option is fantastic! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  251. Lauren

    My husband and I bought our first home – a 90 year old house. Amongst many other renovations, we are gutting the kitchen and this new faucet would simplify our renovations and life and help our slim budget!

  252. Mandy Kirk

    We have lived in our house almost 10 years. The kitchen has been at the bottom of the list to redo. With the down fall of the economy that got put off longer. We decided to not do the whole overhaul and start with new countertops and sink. My husband cannot wait for the PINK countertop to be gone. Yes pink who in their right mind would choose a pink kitchen countertop I have no idea. This would sure help. Thanks

  253. Heather

    I have six children, and 3 of them are still too short to reach the faucet handle. I know one or two of those little guys could definitely hold their hands (or plates) high enough to activate the motion sensor. That would save me lots of time, and make them feel really big!

    1. Heather

      I forgot to say that I LOVE your kitchen- the door style, color, handles, counertop, backsplash, etc. I love it all! You have a great husband there, and great taste of course.

  254. Shondra

    Oh wow that remodel is breathtaking! Your hubby did a wonderful job. It is beautiful and seems so functional too. Ok, that faucet might literally change my life. With all the time in the kitchen, kids, pets… oh wow! I would probably cry.

  255. I would LOVE to have this amazing faucet, especially when I am cooking with fish, meat or anything messy! I love to cook, and I know this faucet could make my life so much easier!

  256. Madison

    Oh my! I have been wanting one of these faucets! My current faucet has a hole in the hose and squirts water at me everyday. We buy a lot of fish and when I’m portioning it out I’m always doing the juggle of trying to turn on the faucet while not touching anything. Cirque de Soleil would hire me if they saw me in the comprising positions I have been in to wash my hands.

  257. Connie W

    Your kitchen remodel is absolutely gorgeous, and looks really functional! I think my favorite part is the large pantry cabinets and workspace instead of the walk-in type of pantry. I’d love to organize all my small appliances and put them behind closed doors.

  258. susan strohl

    This would be a fantastic prize!
    I was recently diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and every day chores are a constant struggle. I love to cook and bake but, now I need my family to help me open things , chop things or lift heavy pots and pans …I am still trying to convince my husband to replace all my door knobs as well to the lever ones.
    This faucet would be a tremendous help to me in my daily life…..good luck everyone!

  259. Wendy

    I’d spend a LOT less time cleaning off my faucet. My life seems to be an endless cycle of:
    Get hands dirty
    Wash dirty hands
    Clean the faucet that got filthy when I turned it on with dirty hands

  260. amy pugmire

    I love the โ€œready sensor” it would help simplify my life every time I cook which is pretty much every minute of the day. It would be so nice to not have to clean off the dirty faucet every time I cook. This would be such a life saver.

  261. Christina M

    What a beautiful remodel! Lucky you!! I’d love that moen faucet, if anything for how sanitary it allows you (and everyone in your kitchen) to be! Brilliant!

  262. OHHHH These are the faucets on those super cute, but messy commercials!! These are so wonderful. No wonder you begged for one ๐Ÿ™‚

    Stating the obvious… This would be GREAT for baking when your hands are full of dough and you need to wash them, but dont want to get the faucet dirty. Or when I make meatballs and dont want raw meat all over the faucet handle.

  263. Really really beautiful kitchen – congratulations. I know what you mean about being 95% done. We redid ours 2 years ago and I’m still making little touches. I love love love that faucet of yours. I can totally understand why you’re gushing. It’s super gush-worthy!

  264. Danielle

    Your kitchen is amazing. Beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚ That faucet would sure come in handy with all the baking I do. We just bought a new faucet last weekend. Nothing compared to that tho. Congrats on having the remodel done…..

  265. Sharon M

    Oh my goodness!!! I am always going to check out the faucets at home improvement stores! I want/need one that has a high neck design and doesn’t leak! Hands free would be Awesome!!!

  266. Margot C

    My mother-in-law has one of things and the really great thing is not having to touch anything to start the water when your hands are contaminated with raw meat, ick! What a great design it is.

  267. Anissa

    I would love to be able to wash my hands easily after dealing with raw meat! Your kitchen looks wonderful, by the way. ๐Ÿ™‚

  268. The faucet would work great because I will be able to wash my hands after I deal with meats, and my daughter won’t make such a mess and can clean her hands easily when she bakes (yes, shes the baker of my family)!

  269. I have a garbage can in my kitchen with a sensor. You just wave your hand over it and it opens, then closes about 2 seconds after it senses that you have moved away. It. Is. Awesome!! I don’t have to worry about touching the lid with my hands full of egg shells, so it’s much more sanitary. So I can only imagine how great this would be in a faucet!!

  270. My husband is not the handy man that yours is……. but he is the gadget man! I just had to show him your post and he has promised to investigate this hands free faucet! THANK YOU for the great idea! He just got the hands free soap dispenser for Christmas…. and the hands free garbage can when we moved in last august…… what a combo this would be!

  271. Denise A

    Aaah! That would be so handy for when I cut onions or garlic. It seems like whenever I do and then go to wash my hands the juice gets on the sink handle, and it makes things smell garlicky… don’t get me wrong, I love my garlic, but it’s pretty gross. Plus it’s so sleek looking that it would make my kitchen look much nicer.
    Cheers! :]

  272. Amanda Renea

    It would make my life easier when my paint covered husband is washing his brushes. No more paint water on the handle and faucet!

  273. Saher

    I love one of these. I love to eat messy hand on foods so this would make my life heaven no more cleaning up the foset!!!! Yaaaay

    Ps ur kitchen looks amazing

  274. Heather Carnell

    I’m constantly washing my hands while I cook dinner between chicken, fish and eggs its always a pain! Plus I tend to load up my hands and have to dump everything just to turn the water on!

  275. I would love to have it so that I wouldn’t have to lift and balance my son on one knee to reach the sink handle to turn it on for him. It would be a great addition to our kitchen as we want to remodel ours this spring. Congrats! It is a beautiful kitchen. I love your backsplash tiles.