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Nellie's Free Range Eggs

Hi friends!! I am so excited to share a little project I have been working on recently with you today! In the upcoming weeks, I am going to be sharing some fantastically delicious, and PRETTY sweet treats I have created to challenge myself AND YOU using Nellie’s Free Range Eggs!

I have partnered on with Nellie’s Free Range Eggs on this fun campaign.  All opinions expressed are my own.

I am not a huge “challenge” person in terms of competing with others when it comes to baking. I mean, throw me in a game of Pictionary and I will But, for some reason, baking is my happy place, and I don’t like to make it competitive. This sounds super cheesy, but I bake to keep myself sane. Some people run, some people do crossword puzzles…I bake.


I get major anxiety watching people sweat and scramble in the kitchen, BUT, I might be in the minority here…baking competition shows are big business. This summer I’ll be watching season 5 of the PBS Baking Show and Nellie’s Free Range Eggs wanted to get the conversation going by challenging me and fellow blogger, Lindsay, from Live, Love, Sugar to create three recipes based on the challenges on the show, the Signature Challenge, The Technical Challenge, and the Showstopper Challenge.

You KNOW I am more of a “taste over looks baker”, so this definitely put me out of my comfort zone, which was pretty fun. I definitely think challenging yourself really can inspire creativity and while I LOVE pretty desserts, I am BY NO MEANS a great cake/cupcake/cookie decorator. I’d rather have a mess of a dessert over one that is too gorgeous to eat. So I did my best to create some pretty recipes, all while being TOTALLY do-able, and delicious.

Nellie's Free Range Eggs

I use Nellie’s Free Range Eggs on the regular in my kitchen…eggs play an important role in baking, as the quality and quantity of the eggs correlate with both the taste and texture of the bake (light, softness, fluffy). So when they approached me to bake along, I was happy to give it a try. I am SO excited to share my 3 recipes with you, and I’m equally excited to see what Lindsay came up with too! Again, challenging myself was really the goal here, and I hope it gets you excited about getting in the kitchen and being creative!

I will be sharing my recipes over the next few weeks, AND we’re going to be posting some fun polls on Instagram and Facebook to get your feedback as well. My first recipe will be “The Signature”, and it’s a cheesecake recipe. You KNOW how I love my cheesecake, so this was a fun one for me to put together…and eat!

Nellie's Free Range Eggs

Can’t wait to get started next Friday! Have a great week!



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  1. Bea

    Hi Shelly, is the BAKEOFF starting next week on PBS? I did the the bake off when it aired in the UK. Would love to join you!

      1. Erica

        Is the Bake Off the same as the Great British Baking Show/The Great British Bake-off? They keep changing the name and I can’t keep track! Either way I’m sure I’ll love it and I can’t wait to see your cheesecake recipe!

  2. Sarah-Jayne

    Very exciting! Baking is my happy place, too. I like to watch the baking competitions, but would never want to compete myself. I would straight up cry if they judged me super harshly. So excited to see what you come up with. 🙂

  3. Librarybecka

    Shelley- i swear we are the same person. I bake for me, it soothe me, comforts me, and makes me happy. I could never do one of those shows- to much stress. I also more of it looks rough, but the taste is amazing! Thank you for keeping me inspired, and hungry for another cookie.

    1. Shelly

      I sweat just WATCHING those shows! I give it up to the people who can do it and hold themselves together…that is a special gift! I would be crying in the corner!

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