Peanut Butter Snickers Brownies

So, I was in Target last week.

Nothing unusual about the visit.
Had the normal things on the list: toothpaste, chicken nuggets, socks…
I did, however, pick up a few items that were a little, um..personal.
So when check-out time came I tried to pick my lane wisely…you know what I mean.
So I chose “aisle 6”.
Sounds like a good choice, right?
Aisle 6 was manned by an older lady, probably in her 70’s who has seen it all and most likely doesn’t even know what a “Spanx” is.
I knew I was safe.
Until…UNTIL…shift change.
As soon as I got up to check out there was a shift change and Grandma Target got replaced by Creeper Craig.
I try not to judge.  Seriously, I try.
But Creeper Craig was one date away from Chris Hansen.
Every “lady” item that came down that conveyor belt he studied and commented on…
“Oh, so you can use Nair on your face?”
“Wow, a super body shaper.  Is that better than just the regular? Hehe”
Not funny Creeper Craig.
And, I saved the best for last, “Does this come in flesh tone?”
He really said a really, REALLY creepy way.  Like, licking his lips creepy.
I came home and showered.
And returned said “body shaper” the next day.
It had bad juju.
But here’s the beauty of Creeper Craig…on my visit back to Target to return the tainted body shaper, I found a little bit of deliciousness.
Peanut Butter Snickers.
Could it be possible to improve on a Snickers bar?
Let me tell you, they are yummy and quite possibly better than the original.
Way to go people at Mars!
Here’s what became of the remaining Peanut Butter Snickers…I say “remaining” because someone may have gone and eaten pretty much the entire bag.  I’m not naming any names, but it may have been me…or maybe not, but maybe…

Make your brownie batter and press unwrapped Snickers square into each cup

 Spreading across the top with a spoon.

The brownies will look like they have sunk in the middle making the perfect little dent for frosting.

While the brownies are cooling make your frosting..peanut butter and chocolate separate.
If you want to make your frosting swirly like I did fill your bag like this…
…peanut butter on one side and the chocolate on the other.
Try to get about 1 cup of each frosting (totaling 2 cups) in your bag.
To get the swirled effect it’s best not to refill you bag.
 Squeeze out the first bit of the frosting until the two flavors are combined
Then pipe on to cooled brownies.
Here’s how they look on the inside…
So I guess I have to say thank you to Creeper Craig for spreading his creepiness on my “body shaper”, BUT it looks like I will now have to go back to Target and re-purchase the returned item, because after eating all the Peanut Butter Snickers in the house I definitely need it.
It’s a vicious cycle, I think Target might be in on this conspiracy.
I just won’t buy it in flesh colored.

Peanut Butter Snickers Brownies


For brownies:

  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 t. vanilla
  • 1/2 cup melted butter
  • 1/2 cup cocoa powder
  • 2/3 cup flour
  • 1/4 t. baking powder
  • 1/4 t. salt

Peanut Butter Frosting:

  • 1/2 stick butter, room temp.
  • 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
  • 2 1/23 cups sifted powdered sugar
  • 3 T. milk

Chocolate Frosting:

  • 1/2 stick butter, room temp.
  • 1/4 cup cocoa powder
  • 2 1/23 cups sifted powdered sugar
  • 1/2 t. vanilla
  • 1/4 cup milk



  1. Preheat to 350
  2. Spray muffin pan with cooking spray, set aside.
  3. In a large bowl stir together eggs, vanilla and sugar.
  4. Stir in melted butter.
  5. Sift in cocoa powder, flour, baking powder and salt.
  6. In each muffin tin add 1/4 cup brownie batter.
  7. Press unwrapped Snickers square into each cup
  8. Spreading across the top with a spoon.
  9. Bake for 15-17 minutes until edges are set and center is not jiggly.
  10. Remove pan from oven and set on a wire cooling rack.
  11. Let the brownie cups cool for at least 30 minutes IN the pan.
  12. When the brownies are cool, use a butter knife to release the edges and flip pan over onto cooling rack.
  13. Carefully flip the brownies over and let them cool completely before frosting.
  14. The brownies will look like they have sunk in the middle making the perfect little dent for frosting.


  1. For peanut butter frosting, using a medium sized mixing bowl cream together butter and peanut butter with hand mixer. Slowly add in sifted powdered sugar and then milk. Beat until smooth.
  2. You can add more milk or sugar depending on the consistency you prefer.
  3. For chocolate frosting using a medium sized mixing bowl beat butter with hand mixer until smooth. Slowly add in sifted powdered sugar and cocoa powder. Then add milk and vanilla. Beat until smooth.
  4. You can add more milk or sugar depending on the consistency you prefer.
  5. Fit your piping bag with your tip. (I used a Wilton 1M tip)
  6. For ease, place your piping bag in a glass and fold over the edges so you can fill the bag without holding it.
  7. Spread the peanut butter frosting on one side of the bag…and the chocolate on the other.
  8. Try to get about 1 cup of each frosting (totaling 2 cups) in your bag.
  9. To get the swirled effect it’s best not to refill you bag.
  10. Squeeze out the first bit of the frosting until the two flavors are combined
  11. Then pipe on to cooled brownies.

65 Responses

  1. peanutbutterandginger

    These look SOOO good! I have a soft spot for anything Snickers..

    As for creepy checkout guy.. I've had similar experiences. What are these guys thinking?! Creepiness does not equal friendliness!

  2. Jade

    These look so good! Peanut butter and chocolate is my favorite combo. I also do the same thing at the checkout. I always find the lady when I have to buy personal things, but that guy would totally creep me out.

  3. Caroline

    I always hate having to buy 'personal' items. The creeper sounded downright skeevy, but at least the return trip got you these snickers! I want to try the swirled frosting, you always make it look so pretty and easy!

  4. Joanna

    Sounds like Creeper Craig needs a punch in the junk.

    Every time I see the commercials for those new Snickers PB's I drool. I wonder if I can use that as an excuse to make my husband go out in a snowstorm for them. I am pregnant after all!

  5. CantStopBaking

    First of all that Target story is hysterical….been there, done that- and still scarred…..those brownies are NOT NICE. Now I want to go home from work right now and make them, then eat all of them with a glass of milk. Pow!

  6. Samantha

    My SIL requested brownies yesterday, so I was going to make her some later this week, but now I am going straight to Target after work to get the Snickers (with a watchful eye out for Creeper Craig :)) and head right home to make these!! Cannot wait to try them! Thanks for the trick with the bag too. I was looking at the dual chamber bottles yesterday…
    So many niffy little inventions in the cookie world 🙂

  7. Mindy

    Yum! Can't wait to try!

    Sorry about the creepiness, but happy for your return trip to Target – we gals know how to take lemons and make lemonade!

  8. Erika Beth, the Messy Chef

    Wow! I didn't even know there WERE PB Snickers! I hope my coworker doesn't find out. She'll want me to make something with them right away. (I will have to save this receipe then.) Thanks for sharing!

  9. Amy

    Holy. Crap. These look amazing! I've become mildly crazy about those peanut butter Snickers. I managed to snag a little two-square pack at a store a couple of weeks back, one of those impulse purchases in the checkout line – and now I haven't found them since. I will hunt them down, and I will make these. Thanks so much!

  10. Joanne

    Well, I have to say, thank goodness for creeper craig. I've heard rumors about these snickers but haven't actually laid eyes on one. Nice to know they aren't just a figment of my imagination. I love that swirled frosting. And by love I mean I kind of want to jump in a huge pool of it and eat my way out. So I'll be right next to you on the spanx line after I make these.

  11. Designed with Purpose

    Wow! That is a great example of turning something creepy into something yummy. What a funny story…but glad it happened to you and not me. I might have cried!

  12. Cathy

    Chocolate & peanut butter? Divine inspiration from the gods!! Nothing better!

    Ok, Creepy Craig? Report his you-know-what!! Years ago, a sack-boy was helping me with my groceries and kept asking questions about the birthday cake in my basket…who was it for…where was the party…and so forth. He could have been trying to be friendly but it was just creepy! The manager at that store was a friend of mine and I called him with the suggestion that that young man needed a little more training!

  13. Mollie

    These look great! I'm so impressed by your 2-tone frosting – I tried that once with red and white, and it just came out pink…but for chocolate and peanut butter I may have to try it again!

  14. Bridgett

    I think we should petition Target to come up with the no-speaking, glove wearing check out clerk plan. I don't mind the pleasantries but once they start commenting, I feel like walking out. LOL. Maybe I am just premenstrual, who knows.
    Wow, I did not know snickers came in peanut butter. I need to get me a bag, or three. Your creations always look incredible!

  15. keepitsweet

    Ok, I am not sure how I have possibly missed Peanut Butter Snickers, but I need to get to them ASAP. Oh, and these could be the most perfect brownies ever!

  16. Sue

    You are always the first to find the new and improved candy flavors! Hooray for you for sharing:) These brownie cups look SO good, especially with the "cup" holding all that frosting:)

  17. Diane {Created by Diane}

    they look great and YUM peanutbutter snickers 🙂 I have no idea why cashiers feel the need to comment on what is purchased, I'm still waiting until you just push your whole cart through the scanner all at once and your done.

  18. lilaloa

    WOW. I will be making these this week…or maybe today…wait…maybe I should go right now.

    And, personally, I think that all cashiers should have to sign something that says when they are checking out items of a personal nature (to any gender) they have to stare vaguely into space while making comments about the weather.

  19. Lizzy

    Does creeper Craig work in Farmington Hills, Michigan? If not, he has a creepy twin brother. I once purchased a home pregnancy test at Target from said creeper. He asked me if I was "doing anything fun today" when i first arrived. I politely repliped, "just errands, the usual stuff." When a few minutes later the prego test came down the belt he says, "well it looks like you already had your fun!" CREEPER. Super awkward….

  20. Raina

    This post was hysterical! You had me laughing out loud. You are so funny. I will never get tired of your Target

    I will also never get tired of the amazing goodies you come up with. I have not seen these Snickers but they sound great and your brownies sound even better:)

    Thanks again for taking the time to help me the other day.

  21. Reeni

    PB snickers – how divine! The brownies are insane! They would disappear faster than you can say creeper Craig! I hate when that happens – I don't even want normal guys I don't know touching my lady stuff – I don't blame you for returning them!

  22. Jocelyn

    oh boy!!! now I need to go find these yummy new snickers bars…i heart anything peanut butter and chocolate!!! And the swirled frosting totally makes it!!!

  23. Sweet Sins

    HAHAHA… Why is it that all Targets, Wal-marts and Ross type stores all have creeper Craigs that work there?!? Do only socialy retarded/peeping Tom's apply so they are forced to hire them??

    Ok how great is the "fill your piping bag in a glass" trick? I have never thought of that and filling the piping bag is my least fav part! You are a genius…Which is prob why creeper Craig was so interested in you… let's just hope he is not so interested that he is going to go buy flesh toned body shappers to practice his "Silence of the Lambs" technique that he is perfecting!

  24. Amy K

    As all of your creations do, these look delicious!

    He would've creeped me out too.

    I also don't like grocery store clerks that have to comment on my purchases. "Looks like you're making _______." or "Oh, what are you going to do with this?" I'm all about being friendly with your customer, but I don't want to have to explain/justify my purchases.

    Thanks for sharing your goodies.

  25. Whimsy Cookie Co.

    This looks like heaven!! You alway give out the best sweet recipes shelly!! And thank you for the laugh this morning!! I do the same thing when checking out!! too funny!

  26. Monet

    That last picture….wow…I was drooling! I'm so sorry you had to deal with creeper Craig, but I'm glad that you were inspired to make these. We're all luckier because of it! I hope you have a wonderful Friday. I can't believe the weekend is almost here! Thank you for sharing, my friend. Many hugs from Austin!

  27. Rebecca (Indecisive Baker)

    I'm ridiculously addicted to these. I have to hide them from myself. I had no idea that they came in a mini form. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing?

  28. Leslie

    "One date away from Chis Hansen" had me dying laughing!!!!!!!! I could just picture creepy Craig…seen him all too many times. Did he have a lazy googly eye????

  29. Patti

    Oooh I love peanut butter snickers! I've bought the full size bars many times. 🙂
    Encasing them in a brownie topped with pb and chocolate frosting can only make them better!

  30. rachel

    love it! I too wondered how a snickers bar could have been improved on- but gosh darn it they did it! Your recipe is a few strokes of genius consdensed into several perfect bites. I try and stay away from Target as much as possible- I get into too much trouble. Love your recipes, pics, and voice.

  31. Meaghan Luby

    oh my gosh! i feel like i should have been notified that snickers and peanut butter had been branded together at some point! however, this recipe seems to be the perfect showcase for the new treat! thanks for posting, looks so good i want to die a dozen, glorious, peanut chocolate deaths!

  32. Alli

    I've said it before and i'll say it again, I love your blog. I love everything you write (even though i have to google some of it, for example, i had no idea what Spanx were, lol)(I'm in Australia)
    You are so funny, and so talented. I'm not licking my lips while saying this, honestly, i'm not creepy LOL!

  33. Sarah-Jane -

    love the idea of the brownie mix in the muffin pan AND the frosting on top.

    I think I need to join you with the bodyshapers….

  34. Alice

    I think those look fantastic and I find it totally hilarious that you had to say “Press unwrapped Snickers square into each cup” because I KNOW that there are people that would not have unwrapped them…I know it…too funny. Thanks as always for your wonderful sense of humor and yummy recipes.

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