Funfetti Brownie Cake

Here’s a little video on how to make and decorate a Funfetti Brownie Cake!

Here are the details of the cake I just made in case you’re super lame and didn’t watch my Emmy Award winning clip:
Bake 1 box Funfetti cake mix in 2, 9″ round pans according to the package directions
Bake 1 “Family Size” Fudge Brownie mix in 9″ round cake pan.
Use one Funfetti layer as your base and top it with Vanilla Dream Pillsbury NO -Fuss Frosting as your first filling.
Top that with your baked brownie.  Cover the top of your brownie layer with Chocolate No-Fuss Frosting.
Top this with your final layer of Funfetti cake.
Cover your cake with Vanilla frosting and decorate with The Pillsbury No-Fuss Frosting…
cut and enjoy!
Now, if you’re interested, here’s what you will get:
    • Easy Frost No-Fuss Frosting Vanilla Dream, and Chocolate Fudge (two of each variety)
    • Caramel and Raspberry-filled Brownie Minis Brownie Mixes (one of each variety)
    • Funfetti Cake Mix (two boxes)
    • Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix (two boxes)
    • One handheld Flip Cam


387 Responses

  1. Christina @ Cookies are my Canvas

    What a fun giveaway!! I've been wanting one of those Flips! Well, I do love their crescent rolls, but my girls and I LOVE to make yummy cookies out of the Funfetti cake mix! Soooo delish and I could eat a whole plate myself! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Heidi V

    Wow that cake looks delicious! My favorite Pillsbury product is a regular old chocolate cake mix!
    hlvognetz at yahoo dot com

  3. Lauren at Keep It Sweet

    Your cake is so pretty and looks incredibly delicious! I love the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and crescent rolls.

  4. janesbaby

    I am a total orange roll addict!! The thing that totally sucks is I have not been able to find them recently. I dont know whats the deal cuz they were the bomb!! =) I love the bromine minis and my kids love to keep the pans to play with in their kitchen.

  5. Nicole

    Fun!! My favorite Pillsbury product is the Funfetti cake mix. I love to make the cookie recipe on the side of the box! I replace most of the oil with unsweetened applesauce to make them a little healthier. You'd never taste the difference!! My email is coryandnicole2010[at]gmail[dot]com.

  6. Kristan

    Favorite Pillsbury product would have to be their cinnamon rolls!! I love the Funfetti cake mix too, but the tubes of cinnamon rolls with frosting are the bomb.

    Love the video!! You are so not from Jersey Shore. But is it wrong that I sort of wouldn't mind if you were?

  7. Renee

    Wow, my girls would totally love for me to win this! We love all of Pillsbury's brownies, and their funfetti cake. My girls 17, 10, and 3 love to make brownies together. renee.kofoidATgmailDOTcom

  8. Brandy Gore

    I LOVE that cupcake frosting that comes with the tips and everything. I just had to make 24 cupcakes at the last minute, and it was a lifesaver. They looked so good, and no one noticed that I didn't even make it from scratch 🙂

  9. Patti

    I can only choose one!? Pillsbury cake mixes..they're a staple in my house (I have 6 of them in the pantry right now). Or maybe Crescent Rolls…those are on my list of faves too. Use them at least once a week.


  10. Becki D

    Your video, your cake and your kitchen are all awesome! You should do more VLOGGING. 😉

    My favorite Pillsbury product is their canned crescent rolls. So yummy! So versatile!

  11. suburban prep

    I love the brownie mix. It comes in handy for a quick dessert when I need something fast.
    msgb245 at gmail dot com

  12. Kimie

    Love the Funfetti cakes, we use them for most birthdays. I also love their chocolate chip cookie dough. I for some reason cannot make chocolate chip cookies work out, ever! So premade stuff saves me when I want one.

  13. Me and My Pink Mixer

    My favorite Pillsbury product is their Cresent rolls – so versatile or yummy by themselves. My daughter loves when I make Pizza Pinwheels with cresent rolls 🙂

  14. SweetFox

    My favorite is any of the Pillsbury Funfetti mixes, especially the kind they make for each holiday, I really love the new Spring Funfetti cake mix. I love to use these for cupcake for each holiday!

  15. MTmom2four

    My family loves the crescent rolls. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway and the cake turned out beautiful! dixon5329 at hotmail dot com

  16. Tegan Aubrie

    There is nothing better than Pillsbury Funfetti cupcakes for a birthday. Nothing.


  17. aubrie

    Yum! That looks delicious!

    My favorite Pillsbury product is their Chocolate Chunk Brownies. They are my gold standard of brownies, and I've never found any other brownie (homemade, from a box, in a bakery, anywhere!) that compares.

  18. Tami B.

    I gained 5 lbs. just looking (& drooling as I do look) at your cake. I can't possibly pick one favorite Pillsbury product. Three maybe. Refrigerated cookie dough, frozen biscuits & frosting, oh yeah and cinnamon rolls and cake mixes and crescent rolls, and…..


    What a fun giveaway!!! Pick me 🙂 I love PIllsbury pie crust. I do enjoy making my own, but the Pillsbury tastes pretty darn close to fresh too!!

  20. Amanda

    Definitely Funfetti cake mix, its my favorite from Pillsbury and my go-to cake mix! What a fun giveaway and I loved your video! Your cake turned out so adorable too 🙂

  21. Joelle

    my favorite product are the plain ole moist cake mixes.. I use them for all my cupcakes and they are THE BEST.. I would certainly enjoy being the winner of this yummy giveaway.


  22. Laura

    Great video! The cake looks delicious, too.

    Funfetti has to be my favorite Pillsbury product. Maybe it's a childhood memory thing, or maybe it's just that amazing. I don't care – I ? it!

    [ ]

  23. Liz

    I'm a sucker for ANYTHING Funfetti, so putting a layer of brownies between two layers of Funfetti seems like an awesome idea! I love the video. 🙂

  24. sb_shopping

    Gotta love the funfetti cake mix. My mom and I make the funfetti cakes for the MSPCC for their Friday Birthday bashes – its the one the kids always request and they love it. It would be great to get some more cake baking stock for our charity work.

  25. Heian

    I love the cake. I am on my way out to CO to visit a granddaughter and family. We were planning to do some baking and I want to try it with her. My favorite Pillsbury product, however, is the cinnamon rolls. They are delicious with a little orange essence mixed in the frosting. Warm. Fluffy. Cinnamony.
    I'm hungry.

  26. Diane {Created by Diane}

    I love their brownie mix 🙂
    Loved you video…feels like I'm home listening to it with you accent. LOVE IT!!! Just when I think I've lost my accent, it sneaks out on a video of course 🙂
    Loved your video!!! Great to see you 🙂

  27. sabriena

    My favorite pillsbury product is all of their funfetti mixes. I just made the spring funfetti cake a couple days ago. It makes me feel like a kid! Your cake, I want to smash my face in and eat it!

  28. Erin

    OH MY HECK! Your brownie cake looks amazing. I'm totally going to make that! And I just found the frosting in a can last week and I LOVE IT!!!!! It might be my new favorite Pillsbury product EVER! (But I have a hard time not squirting it directly into my mouth. Is that bad???) crazybulldogs at comcast dot net

  29. Lexi

    My favorite pilsbury item is the cinnamon buns. As much as I love homemade cinnamon buns, the pilsbury cinnamon buns remind of the odd Monday morning when I had school off when I was in elementary school.

  30. Maria

    I love all of the Pillsbury products, but my favorite is probably their holiday ready-to-bake cookies. We just made the Shamrocks this past weekend and my 4 year old loves being able to place them on the cookie sheet like he's baking them all by himself! So much fun!

    Thank you!

  31. MeLissa

    The crescent rolls are probably my favorite because I can make pain au chocolate and chai bars with my DCD products.

    MeLissa AT ChocoRocco DOT com

  32. Sprinkles

    yumm…. the family size box is great 🙂 It makes the best chewy brownies when you bake it in an 8×8 square pan! Jessica(dot)Gehman(at)

  33. treyalw

    My favorite pillsbury item is actually their little cookbooks at checkout! They have so many great ideas, especially for easy quick dinners that are all I have time for on weekdays! treyalw@ 🙂

  34. Laurie Reyes

    Okay I started making my own pies recently and the pie crusts are amazing they are so easy and really good. Of course there are so many terrific Pillsbury products its very hard to choose. Anyway my email address is

  35. Just call me "B"

    I'm not sure what is my favorite! We love their brownies…but I love their cookie dough too.Well, and biscuits..and everything else!

    scottorbsmith at gmail dot com

  36. lilaloa

    ARE YOU SERIOUS?! They just gave you all that stuff…and then gave you some more to give away? That's crazy stuff right there. My favorite Pillsbury product is their crescent rolls. I could eat one every day. And by one…I mean one tube.

  37. Rebecca (Indecisive Baker)

    I'd gotta say I Love the brownie minis! Perfect one bite! (they're supposed to be one bite right?)


  38. Rita

    I use loads of Pillsbury products but I have to tell ya…I LOVE awesome with little effort, so when Pillsbury came out with the Easy Frostin the can with that wonderful, long nozzle? I was in Heaven! I just pop that bad boy down into my cupcakes and give my cupcakes a blast of pure Wonderful!

  39. Andrea

    I really use the cake mixes the most so they are probably my favorite because they are not only great for cakes but also a good base for cookies and bars. Thanks for the great giveaway I have been wanting one of these cameras for awhile. Hope I win!!!

  40. Jaime

    Okay, I don't have just one favorite, but I do definitely seem to buy more of the brownie mixes than anything else. 🙂 Thanks for a great giveaway!!

  41. Raina

    You definitely are a goodie goddess. That cake looks amazing. I have seen the Easy Frost Frostngs and was curious how they were. I love your video. Excellent instruction, nothing like Jersey Shore people.

    Awesome giveaway! Maybe I could make a cake that looks like an adult made it:) I have lots and lots of Pilsbury faves, but if I had to pick one….Funfetti Cake with Funfetti Frosting..okay that is two.

  42. Ash

    I love Funfetti cake mix! I make cupcakes and ice cream cone cupcakes for family birthday parties and get-togethers and it is always gone within minutes after serving.

    ashleynthurm at gmail dot com


  43. mom2ross

    I'm going to have to go with Crescent rolls. I use them for tons of different things, sweet and savory. Thanks for the giveaway.

  44. kkacram

    My favorite Pillsbury product? Just one? That's hard. Funfetti, for sure! But the Creamy Supreme Cream Cheese frosting is SOOOO good. and the chocolate fudge brownies! YUM!

  45. Desiring to Be Heard

    Well, I have happy thoughts of childhood when we would make "doughnuts" with Pillsbury biscuits. I loved popping that can open! And as I got older, we found a wonderful recipe for the biscuits. You cut hunks of cream cheese, roll them in melted butter and cinnamon and sugar then wrap biscuit dough around them and roll that in melted butter, cinnamon and sugar. Happy times!

  46. Joanna

    This isn't really a baking product, but I like the Grands! biscuits. When I don't feel like making bread or rolls for dinner, they sure are a time saver!

    What a great giveaway, and you made a beautiful cake! I wish I could decorate that pretty. 🙂

    jesmith1702 at gmail dot com

  47. lilreds_nicole

    Ok, this is a super easy one for me. I am in love with their cream cheese frosting. I love it so much I can eat it right out of the can.

  48. mamamamahoney

    I love the Easy Frost frosting. It is my go to frosting now since it is so easy to use. I just wish it came in colors, too! Here that Pillsbury…COLORS!

    nicole_melnick at yahoo dot com

  49. Colene

    I'm going to have to agree with most of the other comments on here that the Funfetti cookie receipe is the best! They always come out really gooey which cookies should be anyway. Also a tub of their chocolate frosting is a hit with me! My email is

  50. Trygve and Shelby

    Pillsbury holiday cookies and its dough, I could eat the whole tray before cooking.

    But my favorite would probably be the FUNFETTI CAKE because I made cupcakes with them for everyone of my friends birthdays and decorated them as best I could in highschool! Everyone loved them!

    I love baking and experimenting!!

  51. Colleen

    I guess I'm kind of lame, because my favorite product is the crescent rolls. Delicious and buttery… not sweet. Although, the sweet is pretty awesome too.

  52. Amanda

    Oh my! How could anybody pick just ONE Pillsbury product as a favorite? I love them ALL!!!! Since we can only pick one, I would have to say the Cinnamon Rolls. My family loves them and they are such a quick and easy breakfast.

  53. Debbie

    What a tasty giveaway!!! My favorite Pillsbury product is icing…no…doesn't matter what kind, as long as it's icing lol

  54. Eika

    My fave Pillsbury product is the whipped frosting (especiall y cream cheese) it is so light and fluffy and easy to spread. A close runner-up is the red velvet cake mix.

  55. Jackie

    I love to use Pillsbury cake mix to make cookies (we call them homemade Oreas in our house. Any flavor with some cream filling and thats all!

  56. CuteStuffInside

    I just adore those cute, seasonal, ready-to-bake cookies. Pillsbury, if you're listening, please make a cookie that's great for any occasion, for example: "you're #1", "great job!", "happy day!". Something we can bake up quick any time of year for someone special – not just the holidays.

  57. C

    Thank you from a reader in northeast Japan. Your video and site was my first contact with "normal life" since internet was restored at the evacuation center today. We have radio access for news, and the phone lines are getting better. I have family in the US, so it was nice to see a familiar sight.
    Love from Japan,

  58. Marie @ Myculinarycalling

    Fun! I hope this is open to canada too :). We don't have any Pillsbury cake mixes in canada (or at least not in BC) we just have the fridge packages of cookies, biscuits etc. I like the cresent roll dough the most! It works great to cook flat in a cookie sheet and make cold veggie pizza. Yum!

  59. Julye

    Wow , love that cake with all the coloured bits in. Have to say we don't get many pillsbury bake things in our stores so my favs are the ones I can get which tends to be the ready made doughds for the croisants and pain de chocolate and danish swirls can't think of their proper name and non in the store cupboard as its shopping day tomorrow. It's my son's birthday in a couple of weeks St Georges day and would love to make him a cake like this , might have to come up with something other than flowers though so would love to win thanks for the chance.
    Oops my email is on a link on my blog info.

  60. helpergirl

    Beautiful cake…can't wait to try it. Use so many Pillsbury things, but have to say their Grands cinnamon rolls with buttercream icing are the fav around here.

    hlpergirl at aim dot com

  61. kmj99

    Well, what's NOT to love about Pillsbury????? But my newest favorite are the Cinnamon Mini-Bites – FAR superior to the traditional rolls – each one is like the center of the roll, its revolutionary!!!!

  62. Tammy

    I love the pillsbury funfetti cake mix, but I never make the cake. We use the recipe on the side box to make cake cookies and love them. Topped with some good old cream cheese frosting (from pillsbury, of course!)

  63. Brittany Ann

    This cake is amazing!!! I have GOT to try to make that! Nom Nom Nom! My favorite Pillsbury product is the old fashioned chocolate chip cookie dough. My Fiancee is addicted to it, I make them all the time. He wouldn't have it any other way, with any other brand! We love it!!

  64. Ina Vanderhorst Valette

    I love the chocolate chips cookie dough in a roll! 🙂 Delicious and very fast to make!


  65. wendipooh13

    ohhh I love this products!!!! and I would have to say that the Funfetti cake is my FAVE!!! it's soo fun and festive..

  66. rkostakis

    I'll admit it…my favorite Pillsbury product is canned chocolate icing. Forget putting it on a cake, all I need is a spoon!

  67. Becky Johnson

    I totally love the Easy Frost frosting in a can. How awesome to be able to pipe, but without the stupid messy bags! Yay!


  68. Tammy

    I think I just gained 20 lbs. reading your post. I know that cake wouldn't last 5 minutes here. I love Pillsbury's cake mixes, they have so many yummy flavors. I may have to ban their brownie mix because I eat way to much of it.

  69. Carol

    Would I be a dork if I said that I love the Pillsbury Doughboy? My fave is the Strawberry cake mix. It is so moist and delicious and bakes up perfectly pink. This would be so cool to win. Thanks for the chance.

    carollee dot washington at gmail dot com

  70. Crafty Wife, Happy Life

    Pillsbury Cresent Rolls are my fave!!! So versatile in making appetizers, dinners, snacks, breakfasts, and desserts!

    Thanks for the chance to win, I'd love a Flip cam to use with my students in the classroom!

  71. Crafty Wife, Happy Life

    Pillsbury Cresent Rolls are my fave!!! So versatile in making appetizers, dinners, snacks, breakfasts, and desserts!

    Thanks for the chance to win, I'd love a Flip cam to use with my students in the classroom!

  72. grace

    where will you display your emmy? 🙂
    if i'm buying a cake mix, it's gonna be pillsbury–the spice cake is my favorite.

  73. mad.amyt

    We love the grands and the turnovers! And I always keep some of their chocolate chip cookie dough mix in the freezer! We can't get the cake mixes/brownie mixes / frosting up here. :(. So I'd live to try them! Looks delish !

  74. Joanna

    That is one crazy cake! You are so creative 🙂

    Honestly, I rarely buy anything Pillsbury but the occasional Crescent roll can, but those are great in a pinch!

  75. Rickyc

    I have to say my fave Pillsbury product has to be the chocolate cake mix. I remember my mom and grandma baking these cakes for church bake sales. They would always let me lick the spoon after they were done if I did the dishes LOL. My email address is

  76. chelsea499

    Love all the different Funfetti mixes. But I really "heart" the cinnamon rolls and icing tubes. A great late night snack.
    chelsea499 at gmail dot com

  77. Amy

    You're killing me here. I'm 5 lbs from my goal weight on Weight Watchers and I just posted this link on Facebook that when I get to my goal weight, this is going to be celebration item number one.

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