Cookie Pizza

It’s that time of year again…
the time when the leaves start changing, the air gets crisp and many married women become single once again…at least on Sundays.
Whether college football is your thing, NFL or even fantasy (God bless those wives) it definitely consumes the lives of many men.
There are certainly levels of consumption:
Let’s start with the average dude…he roots for his team of choice, tunes in on Sunday to see who’s playing and catches up on all the rest with SportsCenter.
Next we have the “fan”. He roots for one team, likes to spout off statistics and buys tickets to see his team play.  His Sunday’s are booked from now until January. He tail-gates and yells at the TV.  His wife knows that the backyard project is going to have to wait until Spring and she wouldn’t even mention the invite for Sunday brunch.
Finally, the Crazy.
This is the guy that owns jerseys…even though the last time he actually played in a football game was 1992.
He is part of multiple fantasy leagues.
He may or may not have been spotted on the Jumbo-Tron with his face painted and a foam finger.
He lives and breathes football all year long, from the drafts to the training camps to the pre-season.
His Sundays are ruined when his team loses and considers the players extended family.
Now, if you don’t live in the United States you are probably not affected by Sunday Football Syndrome…
but, to those of us who reside here in Football-land, we all probably know a few of the “types” I listed above.
So since you’re here why don’t we make football a little cute?
Whadaya say?
Pizza is one of the quintessential football foods…
but, since this is my blog…I’m gonna do pizza MY way.
Cookie pizza!

Excuse me for a moment while I share some candy porn…

NSFD (Not Safe For Dieters)
Love this little guy.
Everyone’s favorite…
Isn’t candy pretty?

Here’s the batter…

Bake it and top it…

So good!


Cookie Pizza
  • 2 sticks softened butter
  • ½ cup light brown sugar
  • ¾ cup granulated sugar
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 2¼ cups AP flour
  • 3 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • Topping:
  • 2 cups mini marshmallows
  • Any candy you like..I used chopped Reese's Cups, M&M's and Sno-Caps
  1. Preheat to 350°
  2. Combine dry ingredients in bowl (flour, baking soda and salt), set aside
  3. Cream butter and sugars until light and fluffy
  4. Add eggs one at a time beating between each addition and add vanilla and beat on medium
  5. until all combined.
  6. Add dry ingredients. Mix on low until just combined.
  7. Stir in chocolate chips.
  8. Spread batter on round baking dish, 16"
  9. Bake 13 minutes until edges are browned and middle is just set.
  10. Remove from oven and spread 2 cups mini-marshmallows on top, leaving edges as the "crust".
  11. Bake 2 more minutes.
  12. Remove from oven and spread "toppings" on.
  13. Let cool completely and cut into wedges.

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Sarah Richie

football doesn't affect my Sundays because I only watch college football on Saturdays. Go Hawkeyes!

Carrie Cotter

Football takes a huge role in our Sundays. My family loves to sit and watch all the NFL games (I have a fantasy football team) and then we yell real loud for our Cowboys!!

Football season is the best time of year!


I am in love with the cookie cake! I'd watch football just to have a piece or two of that! Football doesn't affect me at all…I'm a part of a baseball loving family!

amanda @ fake ginger

Okay, please pack up a piece and send it to me. I'm dying here looking at those pictures! I'm making it this weekend and then eating it all by myself. YUM!

As far as Sundays, football IS out Sunday. We start at noon and watch 'til the night game ends.


Love the cookie pizza and love the "NSFD" pictures too!! Fall is a difficult time for us… My fiance wants to watch football on Sundays and I want to watch Desperate Housewives. He normally wins! Thank goodness for DVR.

The Kac

My husband goes fantasy football crazy on Sundays. For me, it means eating fun snack food and enjoying fun times with the family.


Sundays (and Saturdays!) this time of year for us mean our house is full of people! We have the most get-together friendly house of our close group of friends, so everyone is usually at our house all day on Sundays!


Um we LOVE football season here. I devote Sundays to watching my Bengals, and other games also sometimes. Sometimes we invite friends over, sometimes it is just my fiancee and I. But there is always beer and food! The outcome of the game literally affects my mood for the entire day. And if you saw those Bengals last weekend, lets just say I had a pretty bad Sunday 🙁


Those plates are so cute! I'm loving it! I have a baseball team and a basketball team but for the life of me I can't choose a football team… so I just watch whatever game is on and choose who I want to win *that* game! Hahahah! Makes for a lot of football 🙂

Cole and Christy

Sometimes it affects it in a good way if the Cowboys win, if they lose like last Sunday it is gloomy in my house!
[email protected]

Kate H.

My husband likes football, but he's not obsessed like most guys. So i would have to say football really doesn't effect our Sunday's. 🙂

Ps. I love the idea of the cookie pizza. It looks so yummy 🙂


Football only affects Saturdays around our house (GO Irish!!), and when they play we can't do anything else!

Butter Hearts Sugar

I got down to the second picture and gasped! A cookie pizza! possibly one of the best ideas ever. The toppings look deliciously naughty. I'm in Australia so my weekends are football free.

Lisa Rooney

Football used to not affect my Sundays until I met my now fiance'. But instead of loathe it…I've learned to love it! I learned more about the game and really love watching football. I even have two fantasy football teams now.

my email: [email protected]


Football not only takes over my Sundays, but also my Monday nights. I have a 6 year old crazy fanatic that refuses to miss a Dolphins game… while his mom is busy rooting for the Cowboys!

Danielle Hawes

I used to hate football. Until I met my husband. Now, I love it! Sunday's are our favorite. All nice and cozy with warm food, enjoying the series of games! As you said, our Sundays are booked here until January! But we both love it!

Go Seahawks! 🙂


We don't have a television…so very little football for us this year! Which is probably a good thing because we get distracted too easily! However…that doesn't mean I still can't make that amazing cookie pizza. I don't mind that distraction at all!


Football and Fantasy football happen around our house. I'm not a big football fan, but it's relaxing for my husband so we go with it.


My parents never liked football so it wasn't ever very important in our house. The cookie cake looks amazing! They're my favorite(:


Football affects my Sundays because I really can't speak to my husband when he's focused on a game. I make sure to speak to him on Saturdays about anything important! LOL.

mami2jcn at gmail dot com


The maximum impact football ever has is keeping one or two friends from joining me on a bike ride. I can survive that. Could survive it better with that pizza!


I came for the pizza cookie – what a amazing decadent dessert!

My son got into football last year – his favorite team is the Saints (I think!)


Thanks for the candy porn =o) ha ha

Luckily my husband is the "average dude" and really only pays enough attention to his "team" so he can chat it up at work with the guys.


shoot! and my email is swtchks98 (at) gmail (dot) com

Erika Beth, the Messy Chef
Erika Beth, the Messy Chef

Football only affects my Sundays if I am lucky enough to get a company ticket to a game at the Meadowlands. Go Jets!


Football actually doesn't affect our sunday too much- yet.
We just barely got a tv finally and just got married in May, so we'll see how this goes. . . .hahah


my husband loves to casually plan our Sundays around Patriot games— of course this is always a shocker to me because I don't know when they come on but of course he does!

Christina Dann

Ok first, that cookie pizza is so adorable and making me extra hungry.

Second, I am a part-time football widow and our regular Sunday brunches are cancelled every football season. Not to mention every 'normal' Monday and Thursday night we used to have.

email: [email protected]


My husband usually watches college football on Saturdays, but sometimes he also watches on Sundays. I usually do something to entertain myself.
amandarwest at gmaildotcom

Deanna and Gary

Since my husband loves football and I really dont it doesnt affect me too much. He watches downstairs and I watch or read upstairs. We do have a Super bowl food party and that's always fun.


We are football fans in my house. We enjoy football, but we pretty much only watch KC Chiefs games (I know you are sending me your sympathy), plus the playoffs and the Super Bowl. My husband isn't overly consumed with football, just a fan like I am. The biggest football fan in our house seems to be our 13-month-old who is greatly enjoying the start of his second football season; can anyone say future quarterback!

kaitlin carl (:

I love football and relish a Sunday where I can watch it all day!

Simply Sarah
Though it is strange for a 20 year old girl to love football, but I do! Football is what shapes my Sundays and Monday [and sometimes thursdays]. I make sure I go to the early church service so I can make it to the first game of the day. My friends and I all gather around my TV and attempt to do homework while we are all really just checking how our fantasy football teams are doing.I love your blog and I would love love this. Being on a college student's budget I always drool over football party pieces but… Read more »

Football affects my weekend in that I dont get anything done! I love everything from watching my brother play on Friday nights, to cheering on my favorite teams on both Saturday and Sunday! Go Bolts!!


Football and Sundays….are you kidding me!? 🙂 The only time of year that we don't agree to Bible Study on Sunday nights AND we throw the diet out the window…Lots of food, lots of yummy yummy food like that cookie pizza! 😉


I can just count on not having my husbands attention. That's okay though because he is a great husband otherwise.
[email protected]


I live in Texas so the only thing we have to look forward to in the fall is FOOTBALL. Every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are football for me! And I'm going home right now to make that cookie cake!!


Sunday afternoon games are perfect nap fodder.


After church, football consumes my Sundays. But not by choice!!! My husband is still learning the skill of sharing the remote 🙂 Plus, he is in a fantasy league for the first time ever this season. "I'll probably spend like 10 minutes on it" has turned into his laptop in his lap all day on Sunday!!


Since I'm newly single, I'll be able to enjoy watching my team, the Chiefs, on Sundays! I've been to a few games, but I'm not like a superfan or anything. I just like to follow how they're doing and watch a game when I can.

Love the cookie pizza – I used to make one similar, but I used a peanut butter cookie base. Gonna have to make that again. Thank you!


It doesn't really effect me unless I"m trying to go downtown in Nashville! Thankfully, there aren't too many football fans in my life that HAVE to watch it every sunday!


Forgot to leave my email addy – sorry!

[email protected]

Thank you!


I miss my man on Sundays. He watches all the games because he's in a Fantasy Football league. It's crazy stressful. But, I love him to pieces and I can always take my 3 year old son with me to the mall instead. Thanks for the giveaway


For us Guammie Bears the football games are usually while we are sleeping or earrrrrrly in the morning. So Sunday mornings are up at 4am sometimes to catch a game and we do Mimosa's and breakfast party food. Hm a breakfast pizza might be yummy! But then it's watching highlights and either fist-pumping or pouting for the rest of the day for the men.


Party Box Design

ohhh what a fun give away!

i love entertainingon sundays, but i am a football widow! lol


It only affects my Sundays because I hear my brother yelling haha

That cookie pizza looks delicious.

I run for cake!

Love this idea for a cookie pizza, fantastic for tailgating! My husband would definitely fall under the "fan" category. He screams so loud at the tv when things don't go his way that our dog leaves the room and hides in the bathroom! So needless to say it's a little loud at my house!


We switch from watching golf in the afternoon to watching football. 🙂


We are a total football family my brothers play both highschool and college football! So of course sunday is spent watching NFL as my younger brothers dream of playing NFL in the future! [email protected]

Dan and Sharon Gallup
Dan and Sharon Gallup

Football doesn't affect my sundays to much. I still go to church and I still take care of my 3 kids. Do love watching college football on saturdays though. [email protected]