Pop Tart Cupcakes and a Giveaway! (Contest Closed)

So, in keeping with my last post, I thought I would continue the breakfast food theme…
These are some tasty cupcakes that are a cinch to make that will surely get you some oohs and ahhs…you know, if that’s what you’re going for.
I will say that I buy my kids Pop-Tarts for breakfast on occasion. I had some friends when I was growing up that weren’t allowed to eat them, because they were “junk food”.  I always felt sorry for those friends because, let’s get real…Pop-Tarts rule.
I suppose there isn’t a lot of nutritional value to the Pop-Tart, but they do have fruit in them, and that has to count for something, right?
We have an internal debate going at our house on the most superior Pop-Tart flavor.
These are the discussions we have at our dining room tables.
We sway between the National Health Crisis to Pop Tarts…
Ok, I’m lying about National Health Crisis talk.
We mostly talk Pop Tarts…and hypotheticals…
What if zombies took over our planet and we were the last humans alive…what kind of Pop Tart would we offer up to the zombies for survival?
Yes, that’s a more realistic version of our table talk, sorry ๐Ÿ™
I am a Brown Sugar Cinnamon girl and so is my 6 year old, but for the rest of the house Strawberry wins.
So I will debut my Strawberry Pop Tart Cupcake.
It’s pretty simple.
Here you go…
Bake your favorite vanilla cupcake.Then you’re going to want to fill it up…
I used my “poke-a-do” from Kupcake Konz, which worked great, it’s like a giant metal straw…
I filled my cupcake with some yummy strawberry preserves with a squeeze bottle.
Then I frosted with vanilla buttercream, gave it a drizzle of preserves, sprinkled with some colorful nonpareils and cut my strawberry Pop Tart into wedges for the garnish.

Simple and fun!

Now, since my birthday is this month I would like to share some of the birthday-ness with you guys.
Because that’s the kind of girl I am…My birthday, you get stuff…sound like a plan?
The folks over at CSN stores want to give you:
100 smackers
to spend on ANYTHING you want over at their 200+ stores.
Yep $100 from CSN to you.
Go check them out, there’s no way you COULDN’T find something.
So, here’s how you win:
I am adding this button to all my posts…

I want you to “like” me.
I feel a little dirty having to bribe you people, but hey…I’ll get over it!
Leave me a comment saying you gave me the old “thumbs up” and you’re entered.
If you don’t have a facebook account (do you really exist?)
become a follower on the left side bar.
Then leave me a comment telling me you are following.
If you do both, you are entered in twice!
So maximum 2 entries per person.
Make sure to leave me your email address so I can tell you that you are the lucky winner…Be a friend and don’t make me search high and low for your email…that’s just mean.
Contest closes 11:59 pm, Sunday August 22nd.

Contest is now closed
The winner of the $100 from CSN Stores is “Shannon” from Family Bites
Comment #157 chosen by random.org
Congrats Shannon! 

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  1. Julie

    I think I was already "liking" you on facebook cause that's where I saw this first. But I went ahead and liked that post. I may be double liker. Heck, I deleted that last comment because I forgot to give you my email address.

  2. Kristan

    YUMMY!! Did you know that Pop Tarts are my favorite food in all the land?

    Well, they are. And I'm already a liker. So consider yourself "LIKED"

  3. Kristan

    Also, I am already a follower.

    But, just a Google follower. Not a stalkerish, lurking around the corner in big sunglasses and trench coat kind of follower.

    Hope I win!!

  4. Raina

    These are great! I am a strawberry frosted Poptart girl:)
    Gotta get that tool.

    Love the giveway…need lots of stuff. Yes, I do exist..I am not on Facebook…I know…weird. I have been putting it off…afraid I will get too addicted:P I am a follower, though.

  5. Pumpkin

    I'm a new follower, although I've been unofficially following for a long time. Can't wait to make the pop tart cupcakes!


  6. Amy K

    I liked you on FB.

    OK – I also "treat" my kids to pop tarts occasionally….I about died when we toasted the new Orange Creme poptarts, and had a bite of my daughter's…they are awesome!


  7. Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes]

    Yumm! This looks delicious ๐Ÿ™‚ I follow you on FB

    P.S – How did you get the Like button on your blog??

  8. Joanne

    Happy birthday chica! These pop tart cupcakes look fantastic. America's favorite breakfast treat is not just for breakfast anymore!

    I should write slogans. You can be my muse.

    I like on FB!

  9. WildHair

    I don't do Facebook, for whatever reasons. But I really really like you and I'm happy to leave a comment. Happy Birthday!

  10. Monet

    I am a follower…and I love pop tarts. I just sprinkled some on top of my yogurt (but this cupcake would have been so much better!)

  11. Leah Rubin

    I'm a follower already, but I just officially 'liked' you on Facebook! Of course, I should totally HATE you because I will NEVER lose weight now, with all the new yummy tricks I'm learning from you… But I love ya!

  12. Eliana

    I'm one of those people that wasn't allowed to eat pop tarts. Can you believe I have yet to have one? I feel so left out.

    Oh, and I'm one of those weirdos that doesn't have a facebook page but I am a follower ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. The Captain's Daughter

    I like you on FB! I must exist! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Those cupcakes are WONDERFUL! I am such a strawberry poptart fan!

  14. Diane {createdbydiane.blogspot.com}

    I not only "like" it and all your wonderful creations, I LOVE them!
    I'm on facebook so I do exist! LOL

  15. Cรƒยก

    I created a blog of cakes and cupcakes now I'm starting to do, so I've been seeing some blogs and I found her which is related to that.
    Love the blog.

  16. Reeni

    I love your pop tart cupcakes! I used to love them dearly, and I was a brown sugar girl too, blueberry was my second fave. But I haven't eaten one in years. So sad – I need one of your cupcakes to make up for it! I'm a follower!

  17. baking.serendipity

    I'm a follower ๐Ÿ™‚ And a brown sugar cinnamon fan as well, but these cupcakes are making strawberry poptarts look pretty amazing too!

  18. Monica H

    I don't do Facebook or Twitter. I KNOW!

    I'm a follower of your blog though- yay!

    These cupcakes look yum. I'm a fan of the strawberry and cherry ones with sprinkles, but the brown sugar ones are great too. My grandma used to buy the unfrosted ones, butter them and stick them on the griddle to crisp up. Holy smokes, talk about good!

  19. Shannon

    What a cute idea!!!!It really does resemble a pop tart! And even though I am a pop tart lover, I bet these taste better!!What a great excuse for eating a cupcake for breakfast! Love it.

  20. Firesong

    I also am following you now.

    I found you through University of Cookie and I have to go through yoru archives. Love the recipes.

  21. Ingrid

    Can I get an extra entry for being a follower BEFORE you bribed me? lol You know like way back, when you only had 10 or 20? See I loved from the beginning. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Happy birthday!! Oh, and I don't facebook…I can barely have time to blog! ๐Ÿ™

  22. charlene020

    We do exist – I do not have Facebook – but I am a follower and I LOVE POP TARTS – I went to NYC last week and went nuts over the new Pop Tart Store – Enjoy your week-end!

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