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Post a Cookies & Cups Cookbook Selfie!


This past week has been a love fest for The Cookies & Cups Cookbook and my heart is so full.

The Cookies & Cups Cookbook Selfie!

You, all my internet besties, have been blasting the universe with AMAZING pictures, snaps, Instagrams, facebook posts and emails with photos of my book!!

I can’t even contain my excitement seeing my book in YOUR HANDS! I have tried to compile some of the pictures that I’ve gotten into these EPIC collages. And I hope to continue to get pictures so I can make more collages to share. Honestly how fun are all of you?!

Also can I take a second to say to those of you who have taken the time write a book review as well. THANK YOU THANK YOU! Your kind words really mean the world to me!!

AND if you haven’t gotten my book yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Get it…snap a picture…upload it to my facebook page, Instagram page, twitter feed…wherever is easiest for you, but be sure to tag me in the post (to notify me) and use the hashtag #TheCookiesandCupsCookbook


ANNNNND coming soon I will be posting ALL the AMAZING pictures you guys are sending me of recipes you are ALREADY MAKING!! I am LOVING seeing what you guys are choosing to make first from my book.

What I’m most excited to see is that so many people are making different things…which I LOVE. It really tells me that there is a recipe in the book for everyone. That was really something that I worked hard on when I was developing the book…that there would be SO many recipes you would want to make, not just one or two.


If you haven’t gotten your book yet, but ordered it, I hope it arrives soon!!

And keep taking those pictures…you guys RULE!!

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16 comments on “Post a Cookies & Cups Cookbook Selfie!”

  1. Received my copy of your cookbook yesterday (WOW!) and will be delving deeply into it this weekend. Will let you know what I try first as soon as I resurface ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Emily @ Life on Food

    Congratulations again! The book is wonderful and these pictures are so much fun. I will take one soon!

  3. BRAVO! What a beautiful cookbook. You are one of my favorite food blogs and I know that whatever I make from your blog will be delicious. Your book is not any different. Can’t wait to wow my friends with the wonderful things I will be baking.

  4. So far I’ve made the vanilla cake and buttercream frosting (daughter-in-law’s birthday cake!) and it was a total hit!! “Great cake, mom” said son #1!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Love that! If you make anything else post a picture on my facebook wall or on Instagram…
      If you don’t do either of those email me! I’d love to see!

  5. Am in love with this cookbook! I just sit and read and swoon! So well written and so fun to read! I shall be baking my way through the whole thing! Posted my positive feedback on Amazon! Keep the recipes coming!

  6. Love seeing the pictures! Unfortunately I dislike facebook and much to my daughters dismay, I don’t do instagram or twitter either. Shocking, I know……otherwise I’d send you a pic of me with my cookbook! I’m enjoying reading it and can’t wait to make everything in it! Trying to decide what first!!! (Had to get prom/after-prom school party over with this weekend or I would have been baking not sleeping yesterday – haha ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

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