Pretzel Jello

This Pretzel Jello Recipe is a summer staple! Salty, Sweet and Creamy!
Here’s one of those recipes that has been around for a long time, but is fairly new to me, having only made it a few times. I wasn’t going to post this because, honestly, I followed the recipe with no adaptation, straight from my Kraft food & family magazine. BUT, since it has quickly become a family favorite, my husband urged me to share the recipe with those who also have never tried it…or are simply put-off by the name. I mean Pretzel Jello? Sounds kind of gross. Actually, I think Kraft calls it Strawberry Pretzel Squares, but Pretzel Jello is just easier.
It seems like one of those recipes that your Grandma would have made…a bit nostalgic (maybe it’s the jello?) even though my Grandma never did. Does that make sense?
It really is delicious…there’s the buttery, salty, pretzel crust layered with a light cream cheese mix and topped with, none other than Strawberry jello with fresh strawberries cut up inside.
Since I didn’t alter the recipe at all click HERE for the original that I followed.
I am sure you could switch up the recipe and use different flavored jello and different fresh fruit. Top it with a big ole dollop of whipped cream and you’re good to go!!

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  1. Lisa

    haha, yea, i'm usually prepared to drool when i visit your page, but when i saw *this* title, um, i was a little scared, lol! but it sounds yummier when you describe it…

  2. Ingrid

    I'll be honest. I'll eat jello but am not, what you would call a fan of it yet you've managed to convince me that I should give this a try especially as the crust sounds really good. Thanks!

  3. Bridget

    I haven't had Jello in so long, but there is something comforting about it. My grandmother and then my mom used to make a strawberry Jello "dish" with a creamy layer like that in the middle. It really was good. I bet my son would love it.

    Thanks for the Jello reminder! 🙂

  4. Tracy

    Pretzels and Jello don't really sounds like they go together, but your pictures do make the combination look good…I'll have to try this sometime when I'm feeling adventurous. 😉

  5. cookies and cups

    You are all so polite it cracks me up!! I know it sounds gross, but seriously…it's really good! I would have never posted it if it wasn't 🙂
    too funny!

  6. sarahe

    we call that "pretzel salad"…the southern tradition of anything being held together with mayonnaise, cool whip, or jello constitutes a salad…not veggies at all! 😉

    and yes, it is delicious!

  7. Sara

    My mother in laws makes this stuff and it's delicious! I'm not even a fan of jello…but I'll eat it in this recipe. Yum!

  8. Stacy

    ha ha, you are JUST like me! I've also seen this many times and thought about making it, but in the end just couldn't get past the concept of all of it being placed together and having it taste great. Now I HAVE to try it! Your pictures look amazing and make me want to try it just based on them alone. Thanks for easing our fears and inspiring us to give it a try! I think I will do just that today!

  9. Monica H

    My aunt made these years ago and they were not good. But I have to say they looked NOTHING like yours. I don't know what she did to hers cause these look great!

  10. Brooke Meyenberg

    Oh I love the oldies! Thank you for reminding me of this childhood fav. Perfect for the outdoor meals! 🙂

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