Aera Diffuser

You guys all know how obsessed I am with home fragrance and I recently discovered this Aera Diffuser. I have tried essential oil diffusers before and I’m not a huge fan. The scent of essential oils just isn’t my favorite for my house, but this one is different. Not sure exactly what they do to make it smell less “earthy” but I really love it! The Sugar and Spice is my favorite and I love the app that connects and you can control the amount of fragrance, you can schedule times and it also works with Alexa. Plus the fragrances have up to 800 hours of “play time”. So while it’s a little pricey at the beginning it it cheaper in the long run than my candle addiction! I mean I still love my candles, but I have this in my game room where the boys hang out, and it can get a little smelly down there. So I can have this going and I don’t have to stress about a lit candle!

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