Race Car cookies

About a month or so ago I got an order for decorated race car cookies for a 5th birthday.
Well, Order completed and delivered and I thought I would show you the final photos.
The sweet lady who ordered them was having a party for her son and ordered 36 personalized cookies for favors. Yes, you read that right…36 cookies for 36 kids. Can you imagine? That is a lot of 5 year olds! Let us all take a moment of silence for her and hope our serenity makes its way over to the birthday party. I know I would be a crazy lady…for those of you who know me personally, no comments on that last statement 😉
She decided that she would like the cookie to look like the invite…but we thought having a “5” in the driver’s seat was cute because it was her son’s 5th birthday…

Hope the little guy’s day is great!
I know I put a lot of pictures on here, but I was having a hard time deciding which ones were post worthy…so, I posted 75% of them. Thanks for reading to the end!!

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How cute! My boy's 4th and 5th birthday party is tomorrow and I know they would of loved that! Great work!

bridget {bake at 350}
bridget {bake at 350}

You are AMAZING!!! Those cookies are so detailed and adorable! Wow! I know the kids LOVED them!


Those are fantastic! I love the cookie-invitation idea.
Rosie of BooksAndBakdes


They look great – I know the kids loved getting a cookie with their name on it!

Tracy @ Sugarcrafter

Wow, these look really hard! Nice work!


I think those may be the most impressive cookies. You totally rocked the names! They came out PERFECT!

Oh, and that lady must be crazzzzy! 35 five year olds? Uh, no waaay!


36 kids!! That is one brave woman! The cookies look great 🙂


36 kids at a birthday party???
Oh my I would have had to lock myself in the bathroom with a bottle of Xanax!!!


Love them you did a great job!!!


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