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Hey friends!

Wanted to pop in and chat with you today about nothing specific really.  Just stuff.  I realized I hadn’t talked to you.. really talked to you since..well..it’s been a while.

We haven’t even really touched base since the holidays!  I mean, except for recipes.  Of course.

And now it’s almost February…cray.


So anyway, let’s discuss life stuff.

I had a good Christmas.  No, scratch that, I had an amazing Christmas.


First and foremost we got a new puppy.

Her name is Polly…

Here she is:


When we got her they said she was a “Puggle”..which is half Beagle, half Pug.

But we’re thinking no.  She is itty bitty…weighing in at 6 pound now and she is almost 4 months old.

My husband thinks she is Pug/Chihuahua…and while I thought that I might hate that idea, the fact that she might stay little is kinda growing on me.  She is just a smooshy little nugget.


We have an older dog..she turned 14 in January who is the most patient dog to ever exist.  She lets Polly crawl all over her and just be an all around brat. photo(39)


For Christmas I was lucky enough to get lots of fun stuff.

These boots

photo 1(6)

Which have come in handy now because it’s basically negative infinity degrees.  I mean really…


I also got this bag, which I am really loving now too.

I may or may not have created a Pinterest board for present ideas for my husband.  Luckily for me he appreciates a little guidance. I am a jerk, I know.

I got some gorgeous perfume that I am obsessed with and I also got this…


Now, I DID ask for this.

It’s a Fitbit and it basically tells you how much you’ve moved during the day, setting up goals etc.  Kind of a glorified pedometer.  It syncs up to an app, so you can check you daily progress.

What I have come to learn is that I basically don’t want to know.  They say you should take 10,000 steps a day.


Apparently I am a sloth.  10,000 steps to me is basically the same as climbing Mt.Everest.

So what the Fitbit is now to me is this jerk who lives on my arm reminding what a lazy POS I really am.

Good times.


My husband had a big birthday recently…

SO I surprised him with a fun one night cruise with 18 of our friends.  It was a blast.


When we arrived at the port this is what I saw…

photo 3(5)


This is like a Titanic situation.

Luckily we made it out alive.


Current obsessions:

This Pure Argan Milk by Josie Maran.

photo 2(5)

I have weird combination skin where the dry bits are super dry..especially in this crazy cold weather…BUT I have never loved the argan oil.  It just makes my skin feel oily on top, but still dry.  I know a lot of people love it..but not me…sorry.

Anyhow, when I saw this stuff I decided to give it a go and it’s AMAZINGGGGG.

It absorbs into your skin without feeling oily and it’s SUPER hydrating, but also lightweight.  I have never been on board with the light weight moisturizers.  That, to me, means not enough moisture..but this stuff has proved me wrong.  Love it.


Also this


Loving it right now when I feel all white and pasty.  NO gross smell and the perfect color gradual tan.


I know I am late to jump on the bandwagon, but Jeni’s Ice Cream.  I finally found it in my area and I can’t tell you how in love I am with it.  And I’m not even a huge ice cream girl.  But with flavors like this there is not way not to love it…
photo 3(2)

Also, I decided to get my hair colored a subtle ombre…

Here’s a pic..don’t think I love it.

photo 4(6)

Also, I can’t take a picture of myself to save my life.  SO there’s that.

Anyone want to give lessons on how to take a good selfie?  Anyone?


Oh..and I started a weekly newsletter.  Because Facebook stinks and I don’t think anyone ever sees what I post anymore…wahhhhh…

Anyway I would LOVE if you signed up.  It’s my week in baking in a nutshell.  That way you won’t miss a minute.


And I have been loving the new Hershey’s Spreads.  I have used then in a bunch of my recipes lately and also gave away a fun kit!

That stuff is like crack.  I’ve been eating it with pretty much everything right now.

Coconut Candy. No bake and ready in just minutes! www.cookiesandcups.com

Also, this candle…


You guys. Love it. I found it at Bath and Body Works, but can’t find it online to link to.  Anyhow, it’s worth the trip to the mall.


Also, you guys know I am posting some dinner stuff here and there now. Do you love it? Hate it?  I really want to hear your thoughts.  If you missed any of my savory posts…I made Philly Cheesesteak Mac n’ Cheese, Slow Cooker Fiesta Chicken, Bacon and Cheddar Scones and Pull Apart Pizza Sticks!


Anyhow, this post was super indulgent…all about me blah blah…but I just wanted to share a little bit of my daily stuff.  We’re still friends, right??




Hi! I’m Shelly and I’m an addict. Of the buttercream sort. I started this site a few years ago as a way to justify my sugary, buttery obsession with desserts. It has worked out well for me so far, because as it turns out you guys all love sugary, buttery desserts too! It feels good to know you're not alone, doesn’t it?

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45 Responses
  1. Sarah

    I love your blog and your recipes, but this has nothing to do with food. What glasses are you wearing in your selfie? I’m always looking for a new pair and those are adorable!

  2. Yay for random stuff!!! Your little puppy is about the cutest little guy ever! I am intrigued by that Josie Maran Argan Milk! Dying over the Titanic cruise, lol! I would have died! xoxo

  3. Alex

    Great post! Such an adorable puppy, I also have a girl called Polly so I might be ever so slightly biased, I would love to see more puppy pictures 🙂 Thanks for all the great recipes!

  4. Melissa

    That was a fun catch up- your dog is off the hook adorable! The presents you got were great and all the food you post is wonderful! Looking forward to your newsletters!

  5. Your hair’s cute! You probably just need some time to get used to it.
    I need my greys covered pronto. Look like an old lady!

    Love that candle. Your pups are too cute.
    Don’t forget to enter in my foodie giveaway. Just leave a comment on my recent salmon post. Good luck!

  6. Erika

    I’m a huge dessert fan but I do have to eat dinner too so I appreciate the occasional dinner post. It’s always good to get more ideas.

  7. By all means blog what you want to, it could be cups of savory food, haha and it was nice to get to know you a little bit.

    Hugs Jo in Oklahoma
    I am a great grandmother and I love your dogs…

  8. Christie

    By a ‘ton” he meant 2. He was looking at all the bath and bodyworks stuff too! Also, I can attest to the fact that the savory dinners are all definitely made by Shelly, we are lucky enough to get to sample them sometimes! Delicious.

  9. Melissa

    Hi Shelly!
    I am a little bit obsessed with your blog. Unlike the other bloggers I follow, you add humour in your posts that make me smile whenever I read them. I like your savory posts I think I will make the fiesta chicken this weekend.
    Here is a YouTube video I came across that may help you capture a perfect selfie lol:) I’m not sure if the link will work, so look up “How to Take The Perfect Selfie” By Michelle Phan

  10. I love your blog, anything you post sweet or savory I want to make. My favorite family recipes and treats come from your blog.. Your dog is adorable… I have Longhair Chihuahuas myself and LOVE them. If he is a Chihuahua Pug mix that makes him a Chug! LOL Adorable either way you look at it.. They do sell DNA test kits at Petsmart if you really want to know… Thanks for always sharing what you do!

  11. Dawn

    I signed up for your newsletter because I REALLY look forward to reading your blog posts and know that your newsletter will be awesome too. You have such a natural flair for writing AND making incredible desserts. I think doing the savory dishes too is a great idea. Keep up the awesome work. I am thoroughly enjoying everything you write. You are hilarious.

  12. Elizabeth

    I actually did subscribe to your other blog, but since I read everything you write anyway, it was redundant, so I unsubscribed (no offense please). I adore these kind of posts because we get to see and hear a little more of your world. I’m on the fence about getting a fitbit. It used to be walk 5,000 steps. Now it’s 10,000. I fear what mine would say. I don’t know if it would be a motivator or a shamer. Is it getting you moving more?

  13. I love the savory posts! As much as I adore all your amazing dessert recipes my pants don’t love them, so the savory posts are a nice mix up. You rock, keep it up! I am going to sign up for the newsletter right now.

  14. Would it be too much if i asked for puppy pictures all the time now? Perhaps a picture of a cupcake next to puppy? And then here is a brownie….next to a puppy.

    Your hair looks cute! I always want to change my hair color, but I am the darkest to brunettes and that would involve a lot of bleach. And then there was the time in college where I bleached and then dyed my hair blue. It turned green the very next day. Since then, I’ve never been brave enough to go beyond home hi-lights.

  15. Stephanie

    I love your purse!!! I want one too!!

    I like all your posts including this one (not about baking or cooking)and the dinner/savoury item recipes. They are all good. Never enough posts from you…

  16. Hayley

    Long time reader, never a commenter (I prefer to creepily lurk). Want to say that I love the savory posts, and think its great that you’re branching out a bit! Go girl.

  17. Elise

    Polly is the cutest little thing (: My puggle weighed about 7 pounds when she was 4 months old. She’s almost 2 now and she’s still pretty small(15 pounds). I love it!

    1. Shelly

      Well, maybe she isn’t Chihuahua after all! Someone mentioned she might be a pocket puggle, meaning one of her parents was a miniature?

  18. You are such an astronomical babe. You’ve always been a super fun girl to follow (and a thigh killer with all those decadent treats you make!) I’ve gotten some incredible buys over the last few years from your recommendations, so thank you for that. I’m really happy all the amazing things that have come your way since you started blogging. You’re a kick ass part of the blogging community and so deserve every bit of goodness! XO

  19. Sara

    2 Things:
    #1. That puppy is sooooooo cute! I have been fighing a losing battle against my husband and daughter about getting a dog and I could totally fall for that one!

    #2. You look wonderful! I have only seen a few pictures of you here and there, but you look like you have lost weight (I never know how to say that to someone because you don’t want them to be offended, but it is an accomplishment and if they have been trying, there is nothing worse than people NOT saying if they notice!) Anyway, you look fantastic! 🙂

  20. Jennifer

    Love this update. You asked, so here’s the deal: I wonder who’s writing your savory post or if they’re sponsored or something. They’re just not “cookies” or “cups.” I don’t dislike them, I just don’t think they’re your style on this blog. Maybe you need to start ANOTHER blog? …

    1. Shelly

      I am absolutely writing the savory posts and none of them are sponsored.. they are actually dinners that I make for my family. I have been doing all sweets for so many years now I thought I might break it up a bit..probably more for my sake than yours..staying inspired and all that 🙂 Totally appreciate your comment!!

  21. Jamie

    I’m loving your dinner recipes (along with the yummy sugary recipes)! I love to bake (and eat said baked good) but I never know what to make for dinner! The slow cooker fiesta chicken was great and made me feel less guilty eating dessert 😛

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Shelly Hi! I’m Shelly and I’m an addict. Of the buttercream sort. I started this site a few years ago as a way to justify my sugary, buttery obsession with desserts. It has worked out well for me so far, because as it turns out you guys all love sugary, buttery desserts too! It feels good to know you're not alone, doesn’t it?

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