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Set Your DVRs!!

Tomorrow is a huge day!!! You guys set your DVRs for the TODAY SHOW!!

Yep, you heard me! I will be on the TODAY Show tomorrow! Specifically I will be on in the 10:00 hour (EST) LIVE with KATHY LEE AND HODA!

Can you guys believe this is real life??? I wonder if I get to drink wine with the ladies? I mean…

I’m going to be making a recipe from MY BOOK and hopefully not tripping and falling in the process. Maybe wine isn’t such a good idea…

I have watched the TODAY Show for literally 20 years, so this is basically the most surreal experience ever. I have never done live TV before, so I am crazy excited.

I head into NYC today to do a walk through and then tomorrow I will be on set with the ladies!

This week has been AMAZING so far thanks to you!! AND if you haven’t gotten a copy The Cookies & Cups Cookbook yet, what are you waiting for???!! I have LOVED seeing your pictures on Instagram and Facebook with your copy of the book….just hashtag your picture #TheCookiesandCupsCookbook so I can find it! I actually did a little bookstore shopping myself yesterday…

The Cookies & Cups Cookbook in Barnes & Noble!

Follow along on my TODAY Show adventure on Snapchat too…I hope to be snapping the whole experience!

Thank you everyone SO much and SET YOUR DVR!!!!

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19 comments on “Set Your DVRs!!”

  1. Just got my copy of your book today and I LOVE IT! It’s all of the things I love to bake and I’ve actually got the blueberry muffins in the oven right now. So many times, I get cookbooks that just aren’t for me – but yours is definitely one that I will go to time and time again. I bake for other people through a home business, but mainly I just love to bake so trying new recipes is my thing. I have followed your blog and knew that your cookbook was one I had to have. Congratulations!

    1. THANK YOU! You know that is EXACTLY what I want to hear! So many cookbooks are gorgeous and filled with great recipes, but I wanted to make one that would be a staple on your counter…delicious, everyday food that is FUN! I hope you love the muffins!

  2. Donna @ The Culinary Artist

    For reals? That’s just fabulous for you! Many wishes for a calm, relaxing morning.

  3. Hi Shelly

    I just received your book today, the first recipe I want to try is your famous chocolate chip cookies recipe. Do you and can you chill the dough before baking.

    1. Oh yes! I have 2 chocolate chip cookie recipes in the book… the browned butter cookie, which doesn’t need to be chilled and my favorite chocolate chip cookies which DO need to be chilled!

  4. cookbook queen

    You KNOW I’ll be watching! And rewinding. And watching. And rewinding. I am SOOOO EXCITED!! You’re going to be great. Love you!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

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