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S’mores Week Round Up

S'mores week collage of three recipes

This week has been fun.

What could be bad about a week filled with graham crackers, milk chocolate and marshmallow in various forms?

Let’s take a look back, shall we?

Sunday we started with S’mores in a Jar

How bad do you love those?  No bake, no wait…instant S’mores gratification.

Monday I stayed no-bake with these Golden Graham S’mores Squares.

My kids were loving life on Monday…

Tuesday I decided to crank up the oven.  Sometimes you just have to, and sometimes it’s worth it.

This is one of those times.

S’mores cupcakes...make them.

Those toasted marshmallows, sigh.

Wednesday I got a little bratty with you guys.  I admit it, I was in a mood.

BUT since you guys are the best ever you left me loads of delicious comments that made me smile.

So, to show my thanks I made you S’mores Whoopie Pies.

I think we’re even.

And finally Thursday I brought it back to ya easy.

Not only was the S’mores Snack Mix “no-bake” it basically made itself.

Can’t get any easier than that.

If only I could figure out how to make it clean up after itself.

So that was my week.

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32 comments on “S’mores Week Round Up”

  1. Oops, I didn’t realize I was supposed to put the name of the post instead of my name – sorry about that! I’ve loved your s’mores week though, it’s been so much fun!!

  2. Stephanie @ Macaroni and Cheesecake

    Loved all your s’mores creations this week! S’mores are my absolute favorite so I’ve been in heaven reading your blog all week!:)

  3. Sommer@ASpicyPerspective

    Too many choice, too many choices!!! We’ll have to try a couple this weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. S’mores really are some of my favorites…we could make a month’s worth of treats you know:-) I see lots of that yummy bear snack mix in my future. Thank you for the great inspiration and laughs I know that I will get here!!!

  5. Megan's Cookin'

    I’m loving all the s’mores. I have a s’more board on pinterest and I’ll be pinning. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Dorothy @ Crazy for Crust

    Thanks Shelly for all the S’mores lovin’! My mind is racing…and I think I might need to have a s’mores week for all the ideas running through my head. ๐Ÿ™‚

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