Smuckers Basket Giveaway – Closed

I’ve got something to give you today.

A huge basket filled with all sorts of Smucker’s jams, jellies, fruit spreads, cute spreaders and a recipe book to save all your families recipes.


In my family we eat jelly just about everyday.  I bake and cook with Orchard’s Finest and my kids are addicted to peanut butter and jelly.  Yep, peanut butter and jelly everyday.

Smucker’s is running a recipe contest and the finalists have just been announced on their site.  You should check them out, they all sound delicious!

Cherished family traditions often begin in the kitchen, and the makers of Smucker’s® jams, jellies, preserves, fruit spreads and fruit butters know a thing or two about bringing families together through wonderful meals.


In honor of the contest the people at Smucker’s would like to give you one of these gorgeous baskets filled with loads of goodies.

Besides the delicious jams, jellies and preserves you will get this adorable cloth-bound recipe book to save your family’s favorite recipes.

The pages of the book are thick and gorgeous and ready to be filled with memories.

The basket is valued at $50 and includes:

  •  A variety of Smucker’s fruit spreads
  • Cloth-bound Recipe book
  • Gingham-patterned set of spreaders

To enter to win the basket leave me a comment here on a favorite family tradition you have in the kitchen.

I can’t wait to here what you share.


The contest is open until Saturday, February 25th at 11:59 pm


Winner is comment #106, Kim

392 Responses

  1. Favorite family tradition in the kitchen…. I LOVE seeing my boys lick the beaters from whatever cake, cookie, or brownie mix I’m making. The smiles and giggles that ensue are precious, yes… even at nearly 13 and nearly 10! 🙂

  2. mary fanara coleman

    When I grew up as a child my Hungarian mother taught all of her five daughters how to polka in a tiny cramped kitchen.She always had polka music playing in the kitchen daily.So I guess this was a tradition that we grew up since it makes me smile and stands out in my mind.

  3. Candice

    My favorite kitchen family tradition is cooking fudge with my dad every year around christmas. I stir, while he does all the hard stuff, and we make tons for friends and family. Everyone always tells me my dad makes the best fudge, I just smile because the recipie isn’t even all that secret, I think he just has a special way with it.

  4. Victoria Szor

    Every Christmas I make homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast, along with all the usual fan fare of Christmas Dinner. I guess it’s pretty simply, but every Holiday or Season there are things the family and I do together, we pick strawberries and raspberries to make jam, we make homemade dinner rolls for Thanksgiving. It’s simple things but traditions that we all look forward to.

  5. Tonya Little

    I love when several generations get together to help with a meal in the kitchen, my kids & I with my mom and grandma, maybe a few aunts. It doesn’t happen much these days, but when it does it warms my heart!

  6. cathy kearns

    pizza nights! everyone creates their own masterpiece from scratch……yummy meaty pizzas to sweet dessert pizzas! anything goes! always fun with lots of laughs! great family activity!

  7. Trish Boyd

    This is jelly related but we have a family (even extended family)
    tradition of making meatballs. Every event require meatball subs… meatballs, sauce, and a crockpot…. doesn’t matter ifs a wedding, funeral, or anything inbetween…. meatballs…
    Funny thing – We aren’t even remotely Italian…

  8. Erin Hurt

    For Christmas, we always stay at my mom’s house and in the morning, my mom and I will wake up and make Christmas casserole and monkey bread.

  9. Rachel

    As a mom of two little girls I’m busy starting new family traditions. Every Sunday my oldest (4) pulls her stool up to the counter so she can be my su chef. She’s already great at leveling off flour, unwrapping the butter & licking the beaters!

  10. Alisha

    My favorite tradition happens on Christmas Day. My parents come to visit, and my mom and I cook the big meal. We have been cooking together since I was a child. It’s fun now that I’m a real-live grown up, that all the cooking now happens in my house. ;o)

  11. Lisa

    My favorite family tradition has to be when my family all get together in the kitchen during special events and holidays! We have so much fun sharing recipes and really have a great time helping each other.

  12. Ashley Sovereign

    My husband and I have a running contest (13 years now) with opening new jars of peanut butter. Whoever opens the new jar gets to stick their finger in first and scoop out a dilicious glob…and eat it in front of the other…weird I know! 🙂

  13. Courtney F.

    My favorite family tradition is baking birthday pies for the men in my life. My grandpa and my dad both preferred apple pie to cake, and lo and behold, when I married my husband, I discovered that he felt the same way! 🙂

  14. Christina Speth

    Our family tradition was simply FUN! My mom was so full of energy it was contagious. Whether it was licking the beaters, chasing each other around the island, or simply singing along to some country music while we stirred (the most common); I knew early on that if cooking couldn’t be fun it wasn’t worth the time ;o)

  15. Gabrielle

    My favorite tradition has been one that connects me to my new family! Every Thanksgiving I make my husband’s aunt’s sweet potato rolls recipe. He loves that it reminds him of home (we live 3,000 away from all family) and I love that it is now a tradition for our family.

  16. I have many traditions I’m beginning with my children, but one of my favorite activities in the kitchen is to do candy making. So now my 10 year old helps me to dip strawberries, pretzels, oreos etc into chocolate treats that we give to our friends and neighbors every time a holiday (or any good excuse comes along) comes up….

  17. Erica Way

    Baking cookies with my twin boys… Seeing how happy they are knowing they are helping and then watching them light up when they get to eat them is the best part.

  18. Cami Burris

    As a young mom with 3 kids under the age of 3 at the time, the only way I could cook or bake each day was to keep the kids in the kitchen with me. The only way I could make sure that they all remained in sight was to turn on the “tunes”…we could sing all the kids faves by heart! Now that they are all grown and growing their own families times in the kitchen are few and far between, but when they all come home for a visit, they all end up in the kitchen…of course the music we listen to has evolved! lol…cannot wait for grandbabies to join in the tradition and learn to cook and appreciate good music with me now! ;D

  19. Ashley

    Everyone getting along baking christmas cookies!! This last year, I was doing the baking, my parents were frosting and my sister was decorating. Then we all enjoyed cookies together it was so much fun!!

  20. We’re working on family traditions since our kids are now old enough to help bake/cook stuff. One of their favorite things to do is decorate cookies for whatever holiday it is! They had a blast doing turkey cookies!

  21. Lately my husband and I have been enjoying a new tradition -teaming up and cooking a month’s worth of meals in one day. Something that started out intimidating to us has turned into a great date. We send the toddler off with a friend, open a bottle of wine (or two) order pizza, and blast our favorite tunes. We end up with with a packed freezer, and a happier team.

  22. julie

    Just love cooking and eating different things, we experiment with different recipies picked by different people in the family……it really gets everyone involved!

  23. Jesseca

    We do a ‘toddler tuesday’ every week. Basically, I let my two year old pick what we habe for lunch, and we make it together! He loves being included, and I love the quality time I get with him! Thanks for the chance to win!

  24. Brandy

    My favorite family tradition was making Christmas cookies with my grandma, great- grandma and mother. The past 2 years my 3 year old daughter and I have been the ones in the kitchen preparing all of our family Christmas cookies.

  25. Kim

    Favorite memory, when each of my kids were young, watching them on a chair by sink, “washing dishes” in nothing but a diaper after we had baked some cookies or brownies.

  26. SandyN

    I love to cook and bake and so much of our lives revolve around the kitchen. Love to have the whole family in there, chatting and joking around while I’m cooking!

  27. Our favorite tradition is that I have built-in taste testers. They lick beaters, sample, and make “rejects” that just must be eaten. They often proclaim “this is terrible” to trick others so they can have more for themselves.

  28. Right now our favorite kitchen traditions are breakfast burritos every Friday morning and homemade calzones every Friday night. Over time the ingredients have changed and every week we assure each other that these are the best ones yet 🙂

  29. Honestly, my mother didn’t cook a lot growing up, and I don’t have kids yet. However, someday I would really like to start the tradition of having each of my kids be able to make requests (taking turns), periodically, and then help mommy bake/cook what they wanted. 🙂

  30. My favorite tradition in the kitchen would have to be baking day; my family always gets together before Christmas and spends an entire day baking goodies. I also love baking goodies for my hubby to surprise him after work 🙂

    P.S. It’s my birthday today, so it would be super awesome if I won this 🙂

  31. Libby Bennett

    My grandma and all my cousins and aunts get together every fall to do canning and freezing. My grandfather had been ill so we weren’t able to do it the last few years. It’s now something I’m teaching my daughter to do and will be doing it with my sister and her two girls as well.

  32. My favorite family tradition in the kitchen is only letting the women in the family know our secret chili recipe! =] Everyone wants it, but you have to be in the family. (born or married in).


  33. Victoria

    Our tradition is having the kids help make brownies but since daddy says no raw eggs, I wait till the kids are out of the kitchen and then I lick the bowl myself. 😀

  34. We have holiday kitchen traditions… Christmas, our tradition is to decorate ice cream cones with frosting and candies to use as our centerpiece. New Year’s we travel to NJ and it’s practically a tradition that my favorite cousin-in-law and I fuss over the brownie recipe – lol. Valentine’s Day, we make an apple pie (I like heart-shaped pie pockets… Hubby likes the regular pie) with birthday cake ice cream – another fussing tradition, lol. Easter, we always have a trial decorating competition where I create multiple options to take to church. Memorial Day, mom makes her infamous rum cake! Independence Day, my mom and I make the fruit-topped flag cake. Thanksgiving, there’s the pies, O THE PIES!! We have a full display with the every family bringing their personal recipes… Again, it’s a fussing match of whose pie is the best… My kitchen traditions are a healthy mixture of laughter, love, sweets and… uh, fussing? BUT all in love…

  35. Theresa Mullen

    Once a month – we get the boys in the kitchen and we make my husband’s grandmother spaghetti sauce and meatballs. This was a BIG favorite in my husband’s family and we want to carry on the tradition. There is nothing else like this sauce.

  36. Larissa

    my husband and daughter and I have spent many of weekends making a family recipe of spaghetti sauce and homemade meatballs. It takes all day but we make enough to share..

  37. Emily

    definitely Sunday morning breakfasts! My dad is/was usually the cook, but everyone contributes in some way. I LOVE how the kitchen can really bring people together

  38. I love to have my grandson help in the kitchen making everything from cookies to pancakes. He was cracking eggs on the counter since he was about a year old(I am serious). Also, helping me make coofee for the next morning. He is now 10 and when he comes to visit we still make something Special in te kitchen together and are making beautiful memories for years to come.:)

  39. Sarah L

    When I was growing up my mom would usually make waffles on Sunday mornings. Since I’m one of the early birds in the family, I’d always come upstairs and help her with the batter. Whipping the egg whites was usually my job.

  40. Lisa London

    I am an Innkeeper for a new Bed & Breakfast. My 81 yr old Mother makes her secret recipe Peach Cookies for my guests. They love them! I have watched her make them, but she doesnt think i am old enough to learn how to make them yet….I am only 52! lol! I love working with her in the kitchen and learning her specialy Italian cookies and things that my Grandma used to make. Her special peach cookies have Schmuckers preserves in the middle! …and the basket of jelly would be perfect at the B&B!!

  41. susan rea

    Our favorite tradition is baking the favorite dessert for the birthday person……cake, pie or even cream puffs! Along with their favorite meal!! A tradition started by my Mom…..she was a wonderful cook.

  42. Kelsie

    Growing up, I would help my grandpa make his famous chocolate chip cookies. They were a little different every time because we didn’t use a written recipe (or completely accurate measurements!) and sometimes we’d find new things to add in, but they were always delicious and the time I spent with him in the kitchen was priceless. Now that he’s passed, I wish I had his mental recipe so I could keep making Grandpa’s Chocolate Chip cookies.

  43. Megan

    Our little girl is two, and has cerebral palsy, so she can’t really assist in the kitchen. I will put her in her high chair, roll it into the kitchen, and we’ll listen to music together while I cook, or bake, or clean. She loves the music (usually Disney) and the loud noises that the appliances make. I love the smiles that she gives me.

  44. We started only baking our own bread this year – no more store bought – so we bake twice/week. The kids absolutely LOVE helping and wake up every morning asking if it is a bread day.

  45. SharonLynn

    I lost my mom when I was a very young child, so our Dad became the main cook in the family. Our most cherished memories revolve around Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner when my Dad would start making his famous stuffing the night before. It took hours, running everthing through a grinder, cooking sausage and onions… was like a delicious science project.

    One year, Daddy decided the stuffing wasn’t a very pleasant color and he added food color to it before he stuffed the turkey. When he pulled the bird out of the oven and carved it, all the meat was purple. It is a story we’ve told often over holiday dinners, and each time I try to make stuffing like Dad’s, I pull out that cherished memory.

  46. Dianne Guilinger

    We love spaghetti night! My dh makes the pasta from scratch, and we hang it on a wooden rack to dry it. The kids all help to crank the pasta machine handle. There is always a huge pot of spaghetti sauce to go with it and plenty of garlic bread. Everyone shows up when they hear that daddy is making spaghetti!

  47. Kristy

    We always have to be playing music of some kind! Seems like when you are baking you let your inihibitions go and start dancing and being silly … well at least in our house!

  48. Claire

    My new husband and I are starting to build our own traditions over time…and I think it’s safe to say that clam dip and chips on New Year’s Day is one that is here to stay!

  49. Erin Sutton

    My favorite tradition in the kitchen is baking my son’s birthday cake every year. He is only three, but he loves it and I love seeing his eyes light up when he sees his cakes for the first time.

  50. Michelle Thayer

    My favorite tradition in the kitchen is making cinnamon buns with my Mom on Christmas Eve. It’s a tradition that I will continue with my own family.

  51. Maureen

    My nieces and nephews “help” me bake all sorts of goodies.
    Recently my 3 yr old nephew “helped” make a birthday cake for my brother –his uncle. He was so proud of himself for making the cake.

  52. When I was little I would always watch my mom, grandma, great-grandma cook. They each had a stool in their kitchens (the kind with the pull out steps). I would watch, and they would teach me, show me what they were doing…some of my favorite memories of them came from sitting in the kitchen 🙂

  53. Ashley R.

    I don’t really have a kitchen tradition, since it’s just me and my husband for now. But I love helping my mom cook when we go to visit.

  54. Smucker’s jams are my FAVORITE!!! I’m obsessed with the Triple Berry Preserves. I put it on everything. My favorite family kitchen tradition is probably the birthday cake we make for Jesus every Christmas…despite the passage of time it’s decorative properties haven’t really improved all that much over the years, but it’s still delicious 🙂 It’s the thought that counts, right?

  55. Jessica Haas

    I think my absolute favorite is our annual Christmas cookie decorating party! I make an easy dinner like chili or enchiladas. Then we have our four of our kids and any and all friends or family that want to come over! We clear off the island in the kitchen to cut out sugar cookies. Everyone gets to cut and decorate their own tray of cookies. We usually get one of the guys to help mix and roll rum balls! I think they eat about half of what they roll! But who cares, we are here to have fun, make cookies, listen to Christmas music and feel the love!

  56. rachel

    My dad bakes challah every Hanukkah. I started making it with his recope a few year ago, and this year he’s going to teach my 8 year old daughter. I can’t wait to share that with both of them!

  57. Katie

    My favorite tradition is decorating Christmas cookies with my mom. Even though I’ve long since moved away, I wouldn’t miss that annual tradition for anything!

  58. Avery K

    Making homemade blueberry muffins every summer to eat before swimming lessons! That’s a childhood tradition, but I just loved it!

  59. Hilary

    Growing up, my 3 sisters, my Mom, and I would make monkey bread at night, and we would cut it in half and eat half for a snack while it was still warm and gooey, and then we would finish off the other half with milk in the morning for breakfast! (healthy…I know!) It’s one of those memories that is so simple and insignificant, but I will never forget!

    ps. I am in LOVE with peanut butter and jelly! I would love a new assortment of jams to spice things up!

  60. Cristina

    My Mom and I had a ton of traditions when I grew up and considering how much time I spend in the kitchen, I am determined to have just as many with my kids. Aside from Christmas cookie baking, birthday cake baking, and other similar traditions, we are trying to implement weekly traditions (more like routines, I guess). My boys each get to pick a meal to either plan or even make once a week and they LOVE it. I want them to grow up knowing how to make a few meals on their own once they leave home. My plan is to make them each their own cook book with their favorite recipes.

  61. Kim

    A lot of our family traditions revolve around holidays…baking and decorating Christmas cookies, dyeing Easter eggs. Putting kids on a chair or stool to help dump in ingredients and mix away is a new almost daily activity in our kitchen.

  62. MaryAnn

    I have never tried this brand of Smuckers, I will have to get a jar. I think my favorite tradition in at Thanksgiving when sis and I make dinner and try to keep everyone else from sampling. This is also the day that the Belgium cookies come out of hiding as they have to age for 90 days to let the whiskey flavor come thru. It is also the day when we start truly planning what cookies we are making for Chrsitmas.

  63. Stephanie E.

    I remember canning and freezing fruits and vegetables. We all had to pick it and then help in the kitchen. Peaches were always the most fun. I just wish I lived in a climate where I knew how to garden to I could keep the tradition going lol.

  64. We like to have Family Fun Night about once a month where one kid gets to pick the theme, food, games, prizes, etc.. That kid gets to help prepare everything including the food. We’ve had a lot of wonderful memories during these times; it’s amazing what they say when it’s that one on one time together 🙂

  65. Tami B

    My favorite tradition is our annual Christmas Eve cookie bake. We’ve been doing it since my daughter was little and now she’s expecting our first grandchild, so a new generation to add to the fun.

  66. So many traditions, but a favorite that I share with my 8 grandkids (all are 10 and younger) is to make and decorate cupcakes. We find any excuse to be cupcake creative! So much fun! We take lots of pictures and the best part is eating them!

  67. Rohini

    Every afternoon on Sundays our house would be filled with the delicious and spicy aroma of the wonderful chicken or mutton curry, chapati and puloa. My stomach would be growling way before I was actually hungry, just by the aroma of the food my mom made…. Miss her and the wonderful food…

  68. Shari

    We bake the same cake for just about every birthday because the whole family loves it so much — it’s a chocolate avocado cake with milk chocolate frosting. I often want to try a different cake when I make them for birthdays, but no one will let me! 😉

  69. Brianna

    Favorite family tradition in the kitchen is definitely the day before Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving itself is fun, but the day before is when my mom and I get together to do all the baking and the prep work for the stuffing. We have so much fun relaxing together in the kitchen, it is truly special moment with my mom every year.

  70. Yum!! My father loves preserves and has them on a daily basis.

    One of our family traditions in the kitchen is when my father actually wants to cook (he use to cook way back but has gotten lazy about it over the years) and I’ll be his sous chef. He always whips up something tasty and is definitely a treat! I’d say his best meal is when he makes chicken masala, so good!

  71. Tanya K. Moyer

    One of our favorite traditions is fighting over who gets to lick the beaters, the bowl and the spatula! Between my 2 daughters (ages 14 &10) and me, it’s usually divvied up between us. But when my husband sneeks in, that’s when the games begin!! It’s good-natured battling, but quite often a mess is the end result!! 🙂

    Great giveaway!

  72. Mom of 4

    I love it when my little boys(5 and 2)grab their little chairs and help me “cook” every time I’m in the kitchen. It may take a little longer to get things prepared, but it is totally worth the extra time spent w/them!

  73. Kalynn

    Every year right before Christmas Eve, my cousin and I go to our grandmother’s house to bake and decorate her sugar cookies for the holidays! I love getting to spend time with them and we always have such a great time!

  74. Nancy L

    When we make tacos at home everyone gets in on the fun! We all get to prepare one of the ingredients and then everybody digs in! So much fun!

  75. Favorite family thing… licking the utensils clean. I mean, we don’t “share” them, but if I happen to use several spoons for Quality Control purposes… you know 😉

  76. Lauren W

    One of my favorite family kitchen traditions happens in those minutes between cookie dough and cookies. Everyone does their best to eat as much dough as possible without me noticing. It is a very warm, delicious, lovely family time.

  77. Julie

    I have two teenage sons now, but both have learned to cook and bake by helping me in the kitchen. they can follow recipes and create things from scratch and their imagination. Every young man should know how to make a good meal. I believe good food is not the only way to a MAN’s heart…women definitely love a man that can cook. I know it was something my husband used to attract me! A tradition we have is homemade cinnamon rolls Christmas morning, lasagna and potato gnocchi.

  78. My family tradition is sunday morning we all gather to do our sunday pancake eating. We chose the two pancakes the family votes on and that is what e serve. My family is large so we are always haxing something new and sometimes a bit …may I say different. My favorite is pancake sandwich, which is banana, nutella and honey be between two pancakes. Or my brother’s favorite, chocolate pancake with sliced apples, cream cheese toped with caramel sauce. It is something we have done since we were kids and now we are passing it along to our kids. I love it.

  79. Favorite kitchen tradition…

    I sweep the floors on Friday night and my hubby mops Saturday morning. 🙂

    Favorite food related tradition…

    Whole wheat protein pumpkin pancakes on thanksgiving morning!!!

  80. Laura Kraycsi

    I love all the things in the kitchen, it is difficult to say which is my favorite. I think my most favorite kitchen tradition is during any holiday, Christmas, Valentines Day, 4th of July, it doesnt matter, the getting together and baking together. My son always measures, my daughter always helps decorate and we all enjoy eating together. Nothing seems to bring our family together better than our kitchen time.

  81. Jodi Pavlik

    My favorite is baking weekend with my best friend. We do it every year 2 weeks before christmas and we have done it for the past 12 years!

  82. We make pizza as a family almost every weekend. Thanks to our three year old most of the cheese ends up either in his mouth or on the floor but it’s still always fun and delicious!

  83. Angie

    I always make these old-fashioned maple turtle cookies every Christmas. It is pretty labor-intensive, so it was nice to include my girls and husband in the process last year. With their help, it was not only alot quicker, but I enjoyed the process a whole lot more.

  84. I am pregnant 36 weeks with #1 right now, and I have actually been thinking a lot about this exact topic lately. My husband and I don’t do much in terms of tradition (he hates cooking), but I do make sure we have tacos at least once per week (his favorite food), and he helps me pack up the freezer meals that I make in advance.

    As a child, we always helped my Mom bake, and I plan to carry that on with my own daughter.

  85. When my family’s in the kitchen, we like to bake sweet creations that make the holidays special. This isn’t just limited to Christmas cookies, though–we’ve been known to create shamrock cakes for St. Patrick’s Day, turkey cupcakes for Thanksgiving, and cakes of all shapes and designs. Revealing them to our extended family is always a fun affair. 🙂

  86. Ashley

    One of ours is to try new cookie recipes. Usually we find one that we like along the way and bake just those cookies every day for a week! Obsessed? Yes, we absolutely are.

  87. Elizabeth B

    Our family’s traditions almost all involve baking yummy food. We love all holidays because it gives us a chance to make and eat more delicious food! Haha

  88. Michelle

    I haven’t been home for Christmas in several years (summer visits have become easier), but when I’m home there is almost always the Christmas Eve bake-fest. My mom and I have a marathon baking session – occasionally with mimosas. 🙂 My favorite is still buckeyes.

  89. My favorite tradition was always home made scones. It was always my mom, her mom and us kids working hard making lots and lots of scones to enjoy and freeze. One of my all time favorite memories of my Grandma who has since passed.

  90. Our family’s biggest food tradition is enchiladas! We each have specific jobs (my dad is in charge of the fryer, my mom the meat, my sister the cheese, etc) and we make an assembly line. It’s a favorite for all of us and we’ve done it so much times that we’re like a well oiled machine!

  91. One of our family traditions is baking and decorating tons of cookies for Christmas. The kids love to decorate them and package them up to send out to friends, neighbors and relatives. They aren’t perfect but they are made with love!

  92. Our tradition is my husband and I cooking dinner together. It is one of my favorite ways to spend time with him, making something yummy. Our son would go crazy for the assortment of fruit spreads. He loves “jelly” on everything.

  93. Charity

    My favorite kitchen tradition is with my Mom. Ever since I was very young I remember there being two important recipes made at Christmas: Orange drop cookies and Peanut butter balls. When I got old enough to actually help, not hinder, my mom in the kitchen I started learning these recipes and helping her measure ingredients. And now I practically know them by heart. This past Christmas I was so excited to make Orange drop cookies that I bought the bags of orange slices and took them to my mom’s house one Saturday (waaay before Christmas) and we made cookies. I cherish those moments with my Mom and hope that she gets to teach my some-day children those same recipes.

  94. Christina

    Every Christmas, my mom and brother make chocolate truffles. Inevitably, EVERY YEAR, my dad walks in the kitchen and tells them, “you two are nothing but a bunch of truffle makers.” And we laugh EVERY year.

  95. I’d have to say family spring/summer bbq’s at my house with cocktails and appetizers, followed by burgers or roasted pork tenderloin, great sides and then a killer dessert and coffee. Happy memories!

  96. Aarika

    Our best family kitchen tradition is the dividing up of the different parts of the meal to play to our strengths – some people are better at chopping, some are better at patiently waiting for things to come together in a saucepan, some are better at staying away from the stove and just entertaining the rest of us.

  97. My kids love to have their own “specialties”. They each make their own dish (with me “helping”) and they each get high praise for such a great appetizer (son) and main dish (daughter). The dessert is a combo.

  98. Marcia

    Every Sunday I make a big brunch for my family. No cereal ever on Sundays! We have waffles or stacks of pancakes, eggs, potatoes whatever. With my kids always busy and going in different directions during the week, Sunday is the day that we are all together for brunch and dinner. This is a tradition that started with my Grandparents and all the Aunts, Uncles and cousins came to their house after church every Sunday for brunch.

  99. That recipe book is gorgeous! We actually don’t really have any family traditions in the kitchen, except maybe serving our food buffet style. I’m not sure if that counts. Great giveaway 🙂

  100. Once a month we all gather at one of the local buffets (one that can handle 50+ people comfortably) or during the summer months at a local park for a potluck. Family includes cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, nephews, nieces, etc. etc. etc. It gives us a chance to all connect, which is otherwise hard to do in today’s fast paced lifestyle. That little fabric recipe book would make SUCH a sweet family recipe album! And who doesn’t LOVE Smuckers??!!

  101. Living in Florida, we don’t get many cold winter days, five if we’re lucky. So on any cold day, my family and I whip out a chocolate bar called Menier, melt it down and make the most scrumptious hot chocolate ever. We add to that Hot Cuban bread toasted on a panini spread with real butter or Colombian Pan De Bonos which are a hot and chewy in the middle and slightly crunchy on the edge bun. They have Spanish white cheese kneaded into the dough before they are cooked. Last but not least, we buy the Spanish white cheese, cut it in bite sized cubes and put them into our cup of steamy hot chocolate so that they get melty but stay intact. When you reach the bottom of the cup they are chewy and yummy. I hope it’s cold tomorrow 🙂

    Thanks for the chance at such a great giveaway.


  102. Jen B

    Favorite kitchen tradition has to be making banana muffins. My kids are still little, but they LOVE smushing the bananas, dumping everything in the mixer and of course sprinkling the “crumbs” on top before they go in the oven.

    My personal favorite part – watching the two of them peer into the oven to see the muffins (or cupcakes as they call them) cook. 🙂

  103. Keri-Danielle

    My Favorite family tradition is that we ALWAYS cook classic Corned Beef and fixin’s for St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a tradition from my 100% Irish father’s side of the family. We’ve kept it alive although he is no longer with us <3

  104. tess

    OUR FAMILY cooking tradition is …making fudge in the winter time- the sun has to be just right and everyone has to take a turn beating the candy
    tcogbill at live dot com

  105. Jennifer

    My mother and I would sit at our kitchen table every holiday and snap green beans together, we had those for every holiday as long as I can remember. She may be gone now but I still sit at the table and talk to her each holiday.

      1. Julie

        I have happy kitchen memories with my Mom too, and I miss her so much. I had two brothers, so one would get to lick the bowl, one the beaters, and one the wooden spoon. Keep her legacy alive by continuing the traditions she started with you. Keep talking to her too…I do this also and it makes me feel like she is there with me. *Hugs*

  106. Pat

    Ours is to ALWAYS make my grandma’s sugar cookies for every holiday. Lucky us, there is almost something to celebrate every month!! She lives on in these memories.

  107. angie mccolman

    Oh gosh, this I know for sure…its making chili sauce at the end of the summer…we have so many laughs and so much fun….my mom and my aunt and I do all the tomatoes and the rest of the veggies and we send my husband out to the back ‘deck’ to chop up all the onions..He is such a good sport …and we all laugh so much at him…I know, we have a very sick sense of humor…lol But, hey, its a memory! And the chili rocks! So, having said that, I would looooove to win that yummy basket…angie from kingston

  108. Elaina

    A weekend or two before Christmas, my mom & I meet to make mountains of Christmas cookies that we share with family & friends and take to work parties. Our recipes have evolved over the years, and most recently, due to dietary concerns, we made gluten-free cookies and several types of raw fudge, which were surprisingly delicious!

  109. We have a neighbor that lives alone and we have decided to invite him into our family and spend time together every friday night. He and my husband love to grill and smoke meat and sometimes on the weekends they spend the entire day smoking a brisket, talking and sharing some laughs. But every Friday night, we all get together, my 18-year old brings out his mac notebook and turns on shuffle and plays music on the kitchen island, and we all cook dinner together. While dinner is cooking, our neighbor tries to teach our 8 year old some new karate moves, my daughter talks our neighbors ear off about everything that went on in her week and we just kind of Friday night deflate with good food, tunes and good friends and family.

  110. Kristen DD

    My favorite family tradition in the kitchen is making homemade pasta with my parents and my sister when we all return home for the holidays!

  111. I grew up in the kitchen (my parents owned a small deli while I was growing up) and was taught how to cook at a very young age. But I always remember making Christmas cookies every year. We made so many different kinds and always more then we needed, but it was quality time spent with my parents.

  112. Jennifer Madigan

    We have a big Hungarian family. Every Sunday we would meet as a family at Great Grandma and Great Grandpa’s and eat Sunday soup. I don’t know what the Hungarian name is but it’s a family tradition. You always knew who the in-laws were because they would eat it differently than a true family member. Great Grandma would make everything from scratch. Now it’s the family soup that we have at every holiday or gathering. Unfortunately the family doesn’t still get together every Sunday.

  113. Brandie

    I love being in the kitchen when my grandmother makes vinegar taffy at Thanksgiving. It is always so fun to help her wrap it all up when its done. Thanks for the give away.

  114. My mom, Sister, and I started baking Christmas cookies as a group about 10 yrs ago, now my three children help too. We pick a Saturday or Sunday right before Christmas and meet at my mom’s house around 9 a.m. then we crank up the Christmas Carols and Bake and Dance until it’s all done. We usually make over 1000 cookies to share with family and friends. My kids love frosting the sugar cookies, (and tasting all of the cookies:).

  115. Lidia M.

    Without a doubt my favorite tradition is baking cookies with my mom, my sister, and my sister’s daughter for Christmas. Now that my sister’s daughter is older (she will be four) this past year we gave her own little piece of dough that she was rolling, rolling, rolling, and eventually decorated. She absolutely had a blast and I cannot wait to carry this tradition into the future.

  116. Jessica Mason

    I always loved to help my mom bake. Now I like to let my son help me. He loves to pour the ingredients in, choose the speed of the mixer, sit on the counter and watch things mix, and lick the beaters, of course. 🙂

  117. Holly

    My favorite tradition is watching my husband and 7 year old make me a dessert “just because”. The mess is worth it. I watch them struggle and they are so proud of their accomplishment!

    I also love everyone being at my parents sharing stories in the kitchen as my mom prepares a big Sunday dinner for everyone.

  118. EmilyD

    I love baking cookies and so does my son so we have created a weekly tradition of baking cookies on Friday night then giving (most of them!) to family and friends we see that weekend…..everyone loves to drop by and visit now 🙂

  119. My favorite family tradition in the kitchen is making colored Easter eggs altogether. It’s something we ALL can do (even my dad who microwaves his scrambled eggs, YUCK) and we always have a good time making gorgeous eggs. I know it’s not exactly cooking anything, but hey it’s as close as we get when we are all together. It scares me to think of us all trying to cook something together, yikes!

  120. Margaret

    My favorite tradition is my birthday cake my mother makes me every year. It was her mother’s recipe so it is even more special. A golden cake with butter cream frosting- with a hint of almond extract, yum!

  121. My kids are grown up now, but even though all three are scattered around the country, they still come home for the holidays. Our tradition is the baking of our Christmas cookies. We have so many favorites that it is a day long event. I have been blessed that my husband, our 2 daughters and our son have always participated. Now with a son in law, a grandson , granddaughter and my son’s girlfriend the day is even more festive that I ever thought imaginable. For me, that day is more heartwarming than any other day of the year. I am blessed.

  122. Not necessarily a tradition but something new. Teaching my stepdaughter to create delicious things and be comfortable in the kitchen. She is 8 and always wants to help so I have begun to let her and explain to her why we do certain things. I have begun to make new holiday “traditions” with her like Monkey Bread on Christmas Eve to eat Christmas morning or making her grandmother’s Sour Cream Sugar Cookies before Christmas and then making a HUGE mess decorating them. This year, at Thanksgiving, she helped me make her first pie crust and a Chocolate Chess Pie. I love teaching her and helping her to grow in her love and appreciation of food and cooking!

  123. Julie

    When my daugher and son-in-law visit and my two sons are here with their girlfriends, we have 4 couples and we have a cooking contest of sorts. We pick from a hat – one couple makes the appetizer, one the entree, one a side dish, and one a dessert. Each couple then brouses through my cookbooks (or online) to decide what to make and we all go shopping together for our ingredients and then re-assemble in the kitchen – working around each other and having a great time! We take pictures of each couple with their finished product and then all 8 of us gather around the table to enjoy the wonderful meal! Our next one will have a theme, such as Italian or Mexican fare!

  124. Mrs Mattman

    Our family tradition is that my husband makes his lemon lush for the holiday and my daughter helps him. So wonderful to see daddy daughter in the kitchen cooking together!

  125. Lee

    Before my Mom away last year, we would always make goodies at Christmas to give away and my Dad was our ” quality expert”. This year, my daughters and I got together and made goodies we all decided that Grandma and Dada were definitely smiling at us up in heaven!

  126. Kim

    Our family tradition is to make monkey bread together anytime we get a chance. I can’t get my boys in the kitchen that often but when its monkey bread time everyone gathers and has a great time making it. Probably because its easy. Scooping Christmas cookies on the baking pan is a favorite too around here!

  127. Andrea D.

    Ever since my girls were old enough to stand on a chair without falling off, they have been in the kitchen helping me make everything from dinner to breads to desserts. Even my son who is only 15 months has to be held to see what I’m making (he even points to anything on the stove and says “hot’). Thanks for the chance to enter.

  128. Susan H

    When my kiddos were still at home we made breakfast together almost every Sunday morning. Thank you for the chance to win this scrumptious give-away.

  129. My original comment didn’t post for some reason… ooops. Anyway I am carrying on the tradition of candy/treat making with my children that I did when I was young with my mom. We make homemade chocolate dipped treats of all kinds and now cake pops and truffles too! Just love our kitchen time!

  130. Sheila

    Best family tradition is Christmas cookie baking in the kitchen. My mom, myself and 3 sisters, and 2 nieces…lots of girls, lots of love 🙂

  131. Carol

    Thanksgiving at our house has had the same menu forever. The kids won’t let me change anything. I’m told experimenting is for any other day, but they want a sure thing on Thanksgiving . Now that they are grown, it is fun to have them help prepare, and even bring parts, but it still has to be the same menu.

  132. Every year… since I was 2, my mom and I bake Christmas Cookies and other goodies for friends, family, and neighbors. One of the recipes we use is from my Great grandmother, whom I never met. Her sugar cookie recipe is the best I have ever tasted. I get so excited when Christmas comes, because I really look forward to this time. It is a tradition that has lasted 25 years. Here’s to 25 more!

  133. Erin

    My favorite kitchen tradition is having my entire family in the kitchen at Christmas every year. There’s something so magical about everyone pitching in to make such a wonderful (large) meal to be shared together!

  134. Debbie

    I’m not really much of a cook, but for some reason I always make sure to have hot sugar cookies coming out of the oven at exactly 12:00 midnight on New Year’s Eve. My husband and I enjoy a sweet snack to bring in the New Year and we’ve been doing it for many years now.

  135. kesha

    My favorite family tradition is around the holidays when my mom, daughter, and myself have a all day bake a-thon. We make cookies, fudge, chocolates, and all kinds of Christmas candies! So much fun:-)

  136. Candi

    A tradition for my family started when my husband taught me his way of making omelettes! They always turn out so cheesy and fluffy, it’s the only way I make them now! When my daughter was starting to eat solid foods, we made them and she loved her omelettes! Now, both my son and daughter prefer “Mommy’s eggs” over any others. Little do they know, they are really Daddy’s eggs originally! 🙂 I love that we have this tradition of making eggs that can continue on when my daughter and son learn to cook as they grow! So sweet 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity to enter the giveaway! Yay! 🙂 By the way, I love the fonts and pictures for your recipes! Do you have an awesome program that helps design your recipes for your website? I love them, and am making several for the weekend (we are having a late Valentine’s dinner tomorrow night)…thank you for the ideas!! Love your stories and side notes you begin your recipes with too, they are really funny and insightful! Haha 🙂 Thank you for motivating me to become a more exciting baker! I am a huge fan! 🙂

  137. Ashley P

    After church on Sundays growing up, we would always go to my grandmother’s house for Sunday dinner with the whole family. We always had roast beef or turkey with all the trimmings. We don’t do it weekly anymore because she is getting older, but we still try to do it every couple of months!

  138. Keshia

    my dad would give my mom a break and cook Sunday dinners. Thing is, his method of cooking his “famous” chicken was to 1) buy chicken, 2) wash then dump in crock pot, 3) open spice cabinet and take out whatever sauces and spices that suit his fancy. Oh and don’t forget the ketchup, and 4) cook over slow heat for hours. It always amazed me how his chicken actually turned out really delicious (most of the time).

  139. Laura

    We are starting a new tradition this year- I am planning an all green dinner on St Patrick’s Day! Even making green punch! I bake gluten free and would love some jelly!

  140. ColleenB.

    Oh, how I would dearly love to win this basket.
    Family tradion growning up at which I also continued was that the whole family sat at the table as a family and everyone talked about their happenings or items they wanted to discuss. Was a great time for family conversation.

  141. Tina

    We don’t really have any family traditions per se, but I just always enjoy making cakes or cookies and having my little guy help me.

  142. Amanda Thompson

    We have Mexican Mondays {my husband would never go for Meatless Mondays} and I make chicken enchiladas or beef tacos, etc. 🙂

  143. Sonia

    Our family tradition is making tamales every other month, my twin boys, DH and I all have our role in making them from scratch, I really enjoy watching my boys make them and mark theirs to make sure that no one will eat theirs.

  144. Stacy

    Cookies are the favored treat in our house…every weekend we sit around and decide which ingredients should go into our next batch…we love adding different types of chopped up candies, berries and flavored chips! It’s always a race to get the cookies in the oven before half of the batter is eaten!

  145. Marsha

    My girls and I make shortbread together at Christmas. It was a tradition for their great-grandparents and we have tried to carry it on, although we use the modern technology of a mixer. Their great-grandfather kneaded the shortbread by hand! Even though both girls are grown and have moved away, we still try to keep the tradition going.

  146. Candace

    My favorite family tradition is letting my kids lick the paddle from our homemade ice cream maker. Every 4th of July we have homemade ice cream and I used to lick the paddle from when my grandmother made it, then when my mom made it.
    Homemade ice cream started 4 generations ago w/ my grandparents and a crank it yourself ice cream maker……
    Now I make it and my kids lick the paddle….

  147. Elizabeth Vargas

    My son, who is now 23 years old, loves to bake cookies. He makes the best snickerdoodle ever. Well every year we have a cookie exchange during the holidays at work. About 5 years ago he asked if he could participate, looking forward to all of the cookies he would taste in return. Everyone fell in love with his snickerdoodles and the tradition was born. Every year he bakes his snickerdoodles and I bake something new for the annual holiday cookie exchange. He often gets special requests throughout the year for his cookies. I’ve tried making them following the recipe exactly, and they could tell they difference and knew my son had not made them 🙂

  148. Michele

    My favorite tradition in the making is encouraging my 3 year old little girl to help me cook! She loves it and it’s allowing her to try all different types of food. She loves pan grilled salmon and roasted sweet potatoes!!:) I never thought my little one would be such a great eater!

  149. Cathreine Hoffman

    My mom used to make “Jam Squares” , fresh homemade piecrust filled with Smuckers (always) jam. Everytime I see a Smuckers jar I think of her and all she taught me. What a pleasure it has been topass those things to my own kids.

  150. Sandra M.

    I always make my entire family Ham delights at Christmas. They love them so much that I have to make a separate pan for each family member.

  151. Carissa

    Growing up in a Sicilian family, I learned most of my cooking skills from cooking with my Nonna. The combination of spending weekends with her as a kid to living with her gave me such precious time with her that I would never want to give up, and well as a lot of great cooking experience. One of my favorite aspects of our heritages’ love for family, tradition, and food is that we make a lot of unique desserts for the Holidays. One of my favorites is when my Nonna and I make Cuciadati, the Sicilian Christmas fig cookie. In order to really do it right, you must take your time and therefore, my Nonna and I spend a whole day in December making about 300 cookies to give out each year. Nothing is more important to me that these traditions that I get to experience with her.

  152. Jacqui

    My all time favorite in the kitchen tradition is baking and decorating Christmas cookies with my mom and sister!! We always do it the same time every year and have such a great time doing it. It really allows us to get together and spend good quality time with each other. I look forward to it every year!

  153. Charlotte

    The tradition I remember most fondly is preparing Thanksgiving dinner with my mom. We would start early and son the house was filled with delicious smells. Oh, the anticipation! And of course we had all those wonderful leftovers, which I don’t get to experience any more because I have the holiday dinner at my daughter’s in-laws. Even if I could, it just wouldn’t be the same.

  154. My favorite kitchen tradition involves those delicious cinnamon rolls you pop out of the can. For whatever reason, as kids we all decided the best one was the one that baked in the center of the pan so we would race downstairs in the morning to get it first.

  155. Sarah

    I make chocolate chip cookies every year at Christmas. I measure, chop and stir and my wonderful husband scoops out a bajillion dozen with our purple ice cream scooper onto trays to freeze overnight and then bake.

  156. Jules

    Making my chocolate cake with a cream cheese filling and cherry pie filling on top. This is usually the request I get for family get togethers .

  157. Karen B

    We make a huge batch of Maple Bar donuts every winter. We get a big assembly line going with all the family members and start pumping out tons of donuts. They are so delicious and it’s so much fun!

  158. Wendy

    We have one of those wooden tower stands. My cute little partner in crime (3 year old) stands in his tower and “helps” prepare dinner most nights.

  159. My favorite family tradition is making Julia Child’s chocolate mousse every Christmas Eve. Growing up I l watched my uncle make it year after year, and as I got older he started to let me help in the process. He passed away a couple of years ago, but I still make it every year in his honor. It’s incredibly meaningful to my family, and also so fantastically delicious.

  160. Crystal Penrod

    One of my favorite family traditions is the passing down of recipe boxes. My Mom and I have my Great-Grandmother’s box filled with all of her treasures, as well as my Grandmother’s box too. I know that eventually I will have my Mother’s box too, and pass it along to my son, who loves to cook as much as I do. It is nice to just sit with a cup of hot tea and browse all the old recipes and memories that go along with each one. It keeps the memories alive for us of loved ones long gone, and also keeps the traditional foods alive for the new generation.

  161. Angela

    We have a couple. Grilled Cheese sandwiches are ALWAYS served with Tomato Soup and EVERYONE has to taste-test the cookie, cake, brownie, dough. (and we wonder why the baked batch always yeilds 1/2 of what it was supposed too) =-)

  162. Darleen

    I would love to win the basket!!! Just recently I tried one of the Orchard’s Finest, I think it was Triple Berry. So yummy it tastes like homemade!

    My family tradition that I have carried on is that my mom and grandma use to have a bunch of frilly aprons. Everybody in the kitchen had to wear one whether you were helping out or not. This got everyone in the mood to help out. It just made us feel so girly and giggly. I still have a couple of my grandma’s aprons that I cherish …. oh the memories!

    Keep up the great blog!!

  163. Laurie

    Every Sunday we go to Grandma’s and Grandpa’s for Swedish Pancakes and Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Bacon. It is a tradition that my kids get upset if we don’t do this. They love to help out as well and it is great bonding time for everyone.

  164. Patty

    My family tradition started as cooking with the kids before a big holiday meal. They named the gathering “team bake” and everyone got involved. What a great family time!

  165. Kim Yue

    The kitchen is kind of the center or heart of our house. Even though we have a formal dining room, everyone hangs out there during holidays, my daughter does her homework and craft projects there every day as I put the dishes away and clean up around the kitchen and of course, we love to cook and bake there together. We are fortunate to have a counter that my daughter can sit at, and she happily cuts, mixes and measures whatever we are making at the moment. We do have favorites we like to cook and bake, but the making it together is the best part 🙂 Thanks for the chance at the gift basket!

  166. A family tradition that my mom started and now I share with my family is homemade Cinnamon Rolls on Christmas and Easter mornings. It’s a delicious one!

  167. danielle

    My favorite kitchen tradition is making stuffing on Thanksgiving with my dad. He makes it the night before and then we bake it a second time on Thanksgiving Day. But just after it finishes cooking, usually arounfpd 11:00pm he and I get some spoons and eat some of the warm stuffing before anyone else.. 🙂

  168. I love to pick blackberries in our back yard and make them into cobblers, crisps, and my own blackberry cheesecake ice cream. Our biggest challenge is to get the ripe berries before our silly puppies discover that they are ripe! (Sometimes they come in with purple mouths!!)

  169. GrannyKKC

    When my grandparents married in 1920, their wedding celebration was a trip to the soda fountain for Banana Splits. They continued having banana splits on their anniversaries and often included the whole family, including 9 grandchildren. Because my grandfather was a dairy farmer, the ice cream was home made. I have continued this tradition with my children and on their anniversary (July 29) we always have banana splits for supper. I am looking forward to sharing this tradition now with my own grandchildren. It’s a great way to enjoy a treat and sharing some wonderful memories of fantastic people!
    We also have a tradition of strawberry shortcake supper when strawberries are at their peak, and also the “best of summer” supper when we feast on corn on the cob, sliced tomatoes and watermelon…quick, easy and absolutely delicious!

  170. Nancy Brown

    Thanksgiving is a family time in the kitchen. We all help with the dinner preparations. Great time to spend with the ones you love.

  171. Carol Galloway

    We have 3 for every Christmas. I make my Mom’s Fruitcake- I LOVE FRUITCAKE! Then I make Divinity from my Grandmother’s recipe, my mom started letting me help when I was 10, she didn’t know my Nanny let me help her when I was 6 when we visited NC at the Holidays 🙂 Also my hubby and I make his Great-Grandmothers German cookies called Pfferneuse, the Pfferneuse has become one of my favorite cookies. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway <3

  172. Lori

    we have croatian stuffing roll (there is a name for it but we have no idea how to spell it!) that we always make together around easter and christmas. The recipe has been passed down through generations and it always reminds us of great times with family when we make it!

  173. Our Christmas Family tradition is every year we made my mother-in-law’s famous lemon cake, wrap it up in pretty red cellophane with red ribbon and fake poinsettia flowers and give to friends. Our list has grown quite a bit. We spend quite a few days in the kitchen baking those cakes. Our own personal tradition is on Christmas day we always have goetta and eggs for our Christmas breakfast. My father-in-law would always make that and we have carried on that tradition.

  174. Cindy B.

    Every year around the New Year Holidays my daughter and I watch The Sound of Music and Gone With the Wind. We started this when she was about 5, now she’s 23 , and we still find joy in watching these movies together.

  175. Leeann

    My grandma taught me to make zwieback (traditional Mennonite dinner rolls) when I was little. I loved squeezing the dough into little balls and putting the little ones on top of the big ones. When they are baked, the awesome little divot when they are separated makes a great place for jelly, honey, or peanut butter. I still make them, and I enjoy teaching my kids how to put the tops on so they don’t fall over. 🙂

  176. Belinda

    I love making applesauce and strawberry jam from scratch with my mom. We do it every year and jar it up so that I can even enjoy it when I’m away at school.

  177. Vanessa G

    My favorite tradition as a kid and still today is when I would wake up on Saturday morning, go for a long run, and come back, shower, and help make pancakes, eggs, and bacon for our family to eat and enjoy together. Its a tradition I want to have with my husband and sweet little ones. 🙂

  178. Cindy E.

    We like to bake in our family. My mom started it with us – it was our go-to when we were bored. Now, my heart just melts when my own little girls come up to me and say, “Hey Mom, maybe we could bake something today?”.

  179. My favorite tradition is with friends I love who I consider my adopted family! I think food brings people together and frequently there is a large group that gets together over a period of a few days or week from all over Washington State and we go to my friends gorgeous house with a tremendous kitchen. We cook, bake, laugh and love over the entire week, making brunch, lunch, breakfast, coctails etc. We even build a huge bonfire and get the grill going for steaks, burgers, grilled oysters, salmon and for more fun and laughter. At night, it is fireworks, movies on an outdoor screen and beers. I tell you, I so love all of the people and when it is all over, we make plans to do it all again!!

  180. Stephanie McNew

    My favorite family memory in the kitchen is on Christmas morning when my husband is making a delicious mixture of eggs, bacon, and potatoes wrapped in a flour tortilla (cowboy eggs) while my grandmother (82 years old) is in the kitchen trying to get Christmas dinner going. She still hasn’t given up getting Christmas dinner ready and is the only one that can make her cornbread stuffing. I’m usually standing back watching them move around the kitchen with out getting frustrated with each other. You can see both of them really keeping the Christmas spirit alive. It all ends with two fabulous meals and a lot of laughter.

  181. Rebecca Ednie

    Our favourite tradition is to eat desert for breakfast! After a big family dinner, we save some trifle or fruit crisp and eat it the next day! Yummy!

  182. Beth

    I have been making monkey bread for my family for almost 20 years. QVC had a handmade ceramic loaf pan on TV with a recipe for “cinnamon pull aparts” imprinted on the bottom. My favorite family tradition started when my 2 boys were old enough to make them with me. Wearing their matching aprons (when they were younger),one cuts the bread then the other dips. Such a great messy moment on a cold Sunday morning, both eating the treat and spending time baking with my boys, moments us moms know are few as they get older…I hope they continue this tradition someday with the same loaf pan I plan on handing down! We have even made up different combinations like PB &J (every flavor of J ) monkey bread and maple with pumpkin pie spice….YUM!

  183. vicki

    a couple weeks before Christmas all available women in the family gather to make Christmas cookies & candies to take home for the holidays! great memories 🙂

  184. Courtney Mac

    My oldest son is just getting into “cooking” and loves to help in the kitchen whenever he can..our latest thing to do together is “make” pillsbury pizza and he helps with every step!

    Thanks so much!

  185. Joanne Domingoes

    At Mom’s house every Christmas morning, way back from when I was very young, I always remember my Mom, Aunt and grandmother making Italian donuts. Then it was Mom, and her 4 daughters and now since my parents are up in age, the tradition still exists at my sister’s house. We all get there early in our PJ’s so that we can help prepare and of course eat them, from the very old to the very young, it’s not Christmas until the donuts are made and eaten. Yes, my Mom is still helping with the donuts and she is 84 now and my dad even gets his fingers in the batter and he’s 89. He was so excited this year when he showed us how he could make the perfect circle doughnut! It’s always a happy time with laughter, love and comfort food, too precious of a moment and tradition to let it go by the wayside. Making donuts and spaghetti always has a way of bringing the family together, forget their differences and enjoy the moments. This year my youngest son’s girlfriend wanted to go with me and she stood right beside my Mom and hung in there till we were done, she loved it and so did my Mom, it brought tears of joy to my Mom, another precious moment in time.

  186. Mary

    Our family has several traditions. We always say a blessing on the meal before we eat, and my husband does the dishes! We also eat Abelskievers every Christmas morning for breakfast that we dip in sugar or jam!

  187. Carmen

    My husband is not a cook, at all; but he does have a huge love of cookies. Because of this, he has learned how to make pretty decent cookies!

  188. emelreem

    Great giveaway! Thanks for sharing it with us! When my girls, who are both college grads now, were young I’d spend two weeks before their birthdays painting cloth tablecloths with different themes for their birthdays and match the baked goods to the theme they each chose! When they reached their teens, they started surprising me for mother’s day and began a “parent appreciation day” so that they can cook and bake for us! Can’t wait to have grand kids to do the same! Not soon though! 😉 not sure that this is a baking tradition but it’s the first memory that came to mind!

  189. Ashley

    The boys always lick the spoon. It doesn’t matter if it’s cupcake batter, brownie batter, or cookie dough. The boys love it. I love watching them make a mess all over their cute faces as well.

  190. Whenever the kids are assigned projects for school, they love to choose cooking projects. We use the kitchen for math, science and exploring various cultures. It is surely an exciting place to be!

  191. janis

    We always made cookies and homemade candy we did hard candies and pulled chocolate taffy, us kids really got a lot of fun from the pulling part!

  192. We have two little ones and are finding ways to start our own traditions. I have always enjoyed cooking, but in the last year or so (since becoming a PT SAHM/PT Daycare provider) I have really been making almost everything from scratch..partly to save money, but mostly because I have fallen in love with baking/cooking! It has been so great to have the kids help and I’m hoping that they may develop a love for it as well 🙂

  193. Amy L

    We like to make “Breakfast for Dinner” and everyone helps. My husband cooks the eggs (he flips them without breaking the yolk), I make bacon or sausage, and my daughter makes pancakes or waffles.

  194. My kids and I are in the kitchen all the time. I love it and we’re making suck great memories. But probably the one I love the most is making cheese fondue on Christmas Eve with my kids. We listen to Christmas music and stir fondue and then gobble it all up while watching a Christmas movie.

  195. One of my family traditions is actually keeping our heritage alive. We immigrated here from Portugal when I was young. My whole family had to give up everything they knew and loved for a better life. Upon arriving in this country, we soon realized that many of our loved foods and snacks were not available here. Over the years we learned to substitute ingredients that are widely available here to make our beloved food.

    Although it’s been over 15 years since we immigrated, I can happily say that many of the food I grew up with is still a part of my life. My absolute favorite thing that we keep alive in terms of tradition is our holiday treats. Every holiday is filled with traditional portuguese food goodies. I don’t think I would consider it a holiday if I didn’t have my mother keep the tradition alife.

  196. Kelsey

    Every December 23, my family and I gather in the kitchen to decorate sugar cookies–my mom bakes them and frosts, then my two brothers and I get to decorate with sprinkles, M&Ms, toppings galore! My dad “helps” by being the taster 🙂

  197. Our favorite tradition is the gingerbread cookies we make and frost at Christmas time. My mother did it with her mother, I did it with my mother and my kids did it with me. I managed to get the same cookie cutters on ebay and will give them to my kids when they start their families so they can pass on the tradition.

  198. Marilyn

    Thank you for such a fun site! I love to come across something I haven’t seen before. Kids are long grown and gone and most of the traditions with them, but thanks for the opportunity to comment!

  199. Melody

    My husband and I are proud parents of a 2 y/o little boy, Brycen. And anytime I’m in the kitchen and he hears the Kitchenaid mixer, it is a MUST that he sit on the counter next to me to help me. In other words, he’s my little sous chef. He helps me bake lots of cookies and cakes for one reason one…so he can “EAT THAT MAMA!!!” He’s the best taste tester around.

  200. Lynna H.

    i family tradition we have in the kitchen is making some sort of meat (prime ribs/steak/etc) on huge national holidays like thanksgivings or christmas! it`s a blast how everyone comes together making different parts of the meal! ^^

  201. April

    My favorite family tradition is that my mom makes sage cornbread every year at thanksgiving. She never makes it any other time in the year and I always help her make it and crumble it up for dressing..and might eat a bit of it while crumbling it. I love the taste of it.

  202. our family tradition is as follows: my mom and i make the food, my brothers devour it whilst my mom and i eat it daintily, then the boys let us wash the dishes too. so kind. 🙂

  203. Amy

    As life gets more and more hectic and the kids get busier and busier, my favorite tradition in the kitchen is just the precious moments we have over a family meal.

  204. nicole

    every year we help mom make her famous crawfish cornbread dressing, it’s always a group event, and it makes it extra special for christmas!

  205. LeAnn v

    We have a tradition of baking cookies and sugar candy during the christmas season. My girls also love helping in the kitchen throughout the year.

  206. Karen Lynch

    Our family tradition is I bake the sweets and shoo off all the attempts to sneak tastes before it is done. Then they lick the beaters and and the bowl. Thanks for the contest.

  207. susan

    Spending Christmas Eve with my husband’s family which is usually about 45 of us for a big Italian fish meal. Of course Santa makes a surprise visit. It is such a special time of thanks being with so many wonderful people both old and young. A time to be thankful.

  208. Rose

    My favorite kitchen tradition is when my whole family contributes to the meal. I do my part, which is the cooking, and they do their part, which is the eating.

  209. Love jam and jelly. I have it every morning on my toast. My favorite family tradition in the kitchen is every year in December my family gathers over my house to decorate gingerbread cookies, my grandmother, mother, cousins. There are a bunch of us. It is a great family day and I love to see the kids’ creations, especially this year my two-year-old nephew’s was pretty cute, undecipherable but cute…lol

  210. Angie G

    Gingerbread houses is out tradition. We started with one for the whole family. This didnt work out so well so we each have one now. Now we have a little collection of candy when I see the sales to be ready for Christmas.

  211. Kristy

    Favorite family tradition…I don’t have a favorite and I only have one tradition!! lol I cook and my family watches!! Sad but true. Nothing else maintains a constant in the kitchen! Sorry no inspirational stories here! lol

  212. Amy

    My favorite family tradition is making Christmas treats for friends and neighbors. My mother, my sister, and I would always make several kinds of cookies, cinnamon hard candy and (everyone’s favorite) turtles. I look forward to the day my daughter is old enough to help make Christmas treats too! 🙂

  213. Theresa Sea

    I don’t remember many kitchen traditions from growing up, but the hubs and I have started one where if we’re home for New Year’s Eve, we cook together an entire meal for our last night of the year. 🙂 I really love this one!

  214. Linda Prosser

    Grandmama making homemade jelly all summer is my favorite memory of her. Apple, peach, blackberry and more jellies to last the whole winter long. There was no need to ask for a recipe because it was always a “pinch” of this and a “smidgen” of that. Now that I’m a grandmama I cook the same way. Thanks for the memories Grandmama.

  215. Breakfast at my Mom and Dad’s when my sister and her family are in town. Everyone comes in their PJ’s and serves themselves and we all set around talk, laugh and make a plan for the day. If we are lucky my Dad makes his famous egg sandwichs.

  216. Andi

    Is it odd that my favorite kitchen tradition is one that my family doesn’t really do together?
    Every time we’re all at home, my dad makes this thing called “cherkle” for breakfast (basically a whole bowl of fritter batter thrown into the pan all at the same time, cooked until it’s brown on the bottom then broken up into smaller pieces because you can’t turn it over and cooked until it’s done). He and my older sibs love it. My mom and I…not so much.
    So in the morning I take my time getting ready because I know he’s monopolizing the stove making this heavy doughy monstrosity, then come down when I’m reasonably certain it’s done, sit down at the table with a glass of milk and a piece of toast and listen to my sister pick on my for my picky breakfast habits until my mom comes over, kisses the top of my head, and offers to make me some scrambled eggs.

  217. Lauren Barker

    When I was 7 years old, my dad first taught me how to bake. Every year for as long as I can remember, and my dad still does, make his famous Pumpkin Bread every Thanksgiving. He makes enough batches to share with neighbors, bring to family functions and drops loaves off at Police and Fire stations. He even helps out with the Toys for Tots and brings some there too! He taught me that same recipe and I would be side by side with him in the kitchen helping him. When I got married and moved out of the house he sent me a copy of the recipe with a sweet note on the back. Now ever since, I try to continue the wonderful and giving tradition that only he and I share. And every year while we are states away from each other we are always thinking back on the memories of us making it together and call each other.

  218. Shelly

    My favorite family tradition is the simple one of getting together and making Christmas cookies. We always get everyone together and roll out the dough, cut them out, then everyone helps frost and decorate them. By the time they are all done, we are so sick of decorating and being creative they last dozen or so up with frosting and candy dumped on them, but the family time is priceless.

  219. valerie

    Every Christmas, my family crams in our small kitchen to bake thousands of Christmas cookies. My step-mom and I are in charge of the mixing, baking, and cooling; my little sister gets to do the frosting; and my dad is the taste tester of every batch. It is easily my favorite day of the year!

  220. Lysa Christopher

    My favorite tradition is baking gingerbread men with my two sons ages 11 and 8. We have so much fun baking and then decorating our creations. Naturally we do a lot of tasting along the way.

  221. Laura

    Every Christmas morning, the men of the family cook breakfast. It’s nice to sit back and relax while they do the work :). My parents have an open concept kitchen, so we can sit in the living room and talk with them while they are cooking.

  222. Laurie R

    My family’s favorite tradition is when we (they) get together and decide which favorite foods we (they) want for one of our special Sunday dinners where they gather in my kitchen and help! So we all proceed to the (my) kitchen where everyone gets something started when SUDDENLY someone realizes that no one knows what the grandkids are doing, someone gets an important text or call, and the rest just wander off when nobody is looking to watch tv….etc. Then magically at just the right time dinner is served and everyone agrees that this was the best special Sunday dinner yet!!!

  223. Stacey P.

    We have a 3 year old and just recently started a new tradition. We have a sour dough starter that has been passed down by my husband’s family. At least once a month we make sourdough pancakes and my little girl gets to help flip the pancakes with her Lighting MacQueen spatula! She has so much fun and loves it when her daddy makes her Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes.

  224. I’m not sure I’d call this a favorite… LOL. For the past 12 years my husband, son and I have headed up to my Dad’s for the major holidays where he’s made pretty much the same meal we’ve been having since I was little. For Thanksgiving and Christmas, we have turkey; for Easter, we have ham. Otherwise the rest of the meal is exactly the same. I make the potatoes and get harassed by all of them every meal that the potatoes are lumpy. Even though they NEVER are.

  225. annelise

    For family gatherings, we always make spaetzle…the adults make the dough and then the kids can help cut it into the boiling water.

  226. I remember always going to my aunts house as a kid at Christmas time. We would make sugar cookies with this amazing frosting. We would all make a mess but the cookies were delicious and I was always surrounded by my cousins. Now I continue this tradition with my stepchildren every opportunity we are together for the holidays. They always have a blast and it brings a smile to my face.

  227. Lori

    I love Thanksgiving where everyone is in the kitchen. I know it drives most people nuts but I LOVE it!! Nothing like being with your family!!!

  228. When my daughter was a little girl, she would sit on the counter and watch me cook. Her favorite thing was to taste the dough or jelly when I was not looking. Now she is a young mother and LOVES to cook. This is gift that not many young mothers have today. Let’s keep passing on the tradtion.

  229. kathy donley

    A favorite family tradition with our family is at christmas time my mom, sister and I get together and bake a bunch of christmas cookies together. We laugh eat cookie dough and give each other new tips and techniques.

  230. Caroline Coats

    Every Thanksgiving we get together with our ‘frousins’ not cousins (we arent related) not friends (we are closer than that) and we travel! we go to a destination and feast for Thanksgiving and its my favorite time of the year

  231. Jessica C

    I think it would have to be making cookies on Christmas Eve with my mom. One of the things we make are jam thumbprints, which this basket would be perfect for!

  232. Rolanda W.

    My favorite family tradition is when my whole family gets together on Christmas Eve for our Christmas Program. We bring all types of finger foods and desserts and after we eat we sing Christmas songs, play games, sing karaoke, talent contest, biblical trivia and sometimes religious readings. After all of that we exchange gifts then depart to our homes right after midnight. It’s a amazing time that we look forward to all year.

  233. Allison R.

    My favorite family tradition in the kitchen is mixing cakes with my mom in the kitchen and her letting my sister and I eat all the batter off of the beaters and bowl. To this day, I still prefer cake batter to any dessert!

  234. Every Thanksgiving I enjoy helping my Mom in the kitchen. Usually I am the sous chef/pastry chef, making sweet potato casserole, and pumpkin pie, but also helping to snap green beans and peel potatoes. Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite meal to prepare of the year.

  235. Ashley

    Every year my father and i spend hours making various types of chex mix the old fashioned way. After we are done, we go out and deliver it to various people in the neighborhood. Since I only get to visit once or so a year, it is a really nice way to get to spend time with him.

  236. DebbyM

    When I was little, my Dad (who was Slovak heritage) used to make homemade keilbasa for Christmas and Easter…and he used to let me help him make the links and tie them up. And making homemade pickles in a big stoneware crock) Helping my Dad was always somuch fun.

  237. Julie H.

    My oldest son every Christmas helps me make my Grandma’s thumbprint cookie recipe. He is in charge of rolling the dough into balls and them rolling them into colored sugar.

  238. Diane

    Our family tradition is when we have pancakes, we all have our first one with smuckers grape jelly on it instead of the tradional maple syrup. This was something I always did as a child and my family now has adopted the tradition. I really don’t rememby why I started doing this, but it is a funny little thing that always happens on pancake day!

  239. Jess B

    My family loves singing together, and one of my favorite traditions with my sisters is making up silly songs at thanksgiving about food, that go to the tunes of Christmas songs. Instill remember the classic “O, Moldy Pies.”

  240. Growing up, my mom would always let us lick the paddle from the kitchen aid when she was done making cookies. It was such a treat – almost more delicious than the cookies themselves. To this day, if I let someone lick the paddle after I make cookies, it’s a real testament to how much they mean to me 🙂

  241. Once a week we like to bake something together. It doesn’t really matter what it is, but we all bake together and get to enjoy it throughout the week! My son loves when he can lick the spoon (or bowl.)

  242. Kim Lee

    I have two girls and we love to get in the kitchen with my mother and “prepare” for a tea party. They are 9 and 7 and we have done this for years. We like to make cucumber sandwiches where we cut the bread with a round cookie cutter to fit the slices. We also melt chocolate and dip all kinds of fruit in it. I think our favorite, though, is making sour cream biscuits in mini muffin pans and serving with jelly (they’re to die for and oh, so easy). We then add whatever we have available to those 3 regulars. Then we go to the dress up box and get dressed and have tea. We even can get my dad and husband to come… sometimes. I’m expecting our first boy in a few months, so I’m sure with two older sisters he will eventually have to experience the tradition, too. 🙂

  243. katie m

    My favorite cooking memories are standing on a chair, wearing and apron, mixing a cake with my mother. There is nothing more fun as a child than licking the spoon.

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