Smucker’s Birthday Celebrations Giveaway ~ Closed

I’ve got a fun giveaway for you today sponsored by my friends over at Smucker’s.

I’ve done a lot of work with Smucker’s over the past year and a half, and I have to tell you they are really great people, who put a lot of emphasis on family and tradition…love that!


Throughout the year Smucker’s invites people to share their favorite birthday traditions…what they like to eat specifically…on the Smucker’s Facebook wall.  Based on the feedback they receive they plan on sharing a birthday recipe that is bound to be a hit in every household.

At my house, the tradition is always a homemade cake.  Bakery cakes are nice, but a cake made by my husband or kids is always best.  Plus, I love seeing what they come up with! Take me out to dinner, but a homemade birthday cake is always the way to go for me!



So to celebrate the special birthdays in your life, we’re giving away Birthday Kits to THREE READERS with tools to make your birthday celebrations memorable!

Yep, three of you will win:

•        A variety of Smucker’s Jams, Jellies and Preserves

•        A selection of birthday recipes to try

•        $100 gift card

•        Birthday balloons and party decorations


Here’s what you have to do to enter:

Visit the Smucker’s Facebook Page and check out the great recipes that they have posted there!  Report back here with a recipe you would love to try on the special day.

That’s it, good luck!!


This contest is closed.

The winners have been emailed.


239 Responses

  1. Pauline

    Oh man, so many choices! I’d love to make caramel macchiato cupcakes. I LOVE getting the drink at Starbucks and haven’t made it in dessert-form yet.

  2. ColleenB.

    They all caught my eye and would love to make them all but the one most appealing was the Spiced Apple Filled Crepes

  3. My birthday tradition is that I am the one who gives something sweet to my family and friends in celebration of my birthday… not them giving to me. I think I will try Smucker’s Almond Brownie Blossoms this year 🙂

  4. Joan

    I fell in food lust with the Strawberry Icebox cake. I tend to buy Smucker’s products whenever I can. . . I feel like I am related, even though we can’t find the connection, but my great-grandmother was a Schmucker.

  5. Jill Hanses

    Can never go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter – Classic Buckeyes gets my vote!!

    I too love when my family takes the time to make me my birthday dessert, whether it be a cake or ice cream cake or cupcakes, and a homemade card is a must! :0)

  6. Alisha

    Strawberry icebox cake? YUM! For my birthday, I don’t want a homemade cake. I make cakes all the time for other people, and I have been known to make my own birthday cake. Usually, I just want a good old fashioned cheap bit of grocery store cake. But really, I only want the icing. We do have a fun tradition for half-birthdays: We go out for donuts. When you’re a kid, the halves are almost as important as the wholes!

  7. Anne

    From the Smucker’s website, the Blackberry Jam Cake looks so good, I don’t think I can wait until my birthday in July to make it! But if I had to pick from the six recipes on Smucker’s Facebook page, I’d go with the Buckeyes.

  8. April Thrash

    Well everything looked Wonderful, but it would have to be either the Strawberry Icebox Cake or Blackberry Brownie Torte. Either would be wonderful for my Birthday this month!!

  9. margaret

    Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Almond Clusters

    or my grandmother’s almond cake with smucker raspberry all fruit jam inbetween the layers

  10. Terri Betz

    I’d love to try the Black Cherry Pretzel thingy! It looks really yummy! The name is too long though!
    Thanks for this giveaway! I love Smuckers! My favorite Christmas present is a box of Smuckers Jams & Jellies!

  11. G.G.(as in Gaby Guillen ;D)

    Well , with what my tummy saying now…….THE STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE W/WALNUT CRUST IS WHAT I WOUULD WANT/DO FOR A BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hey look at that the recipe states that it is made with Smuckers’ seedless red raspberry jam. OMG, RASPBERRY JAM

  12. G.G.(as in Gaby Guillen ;D)

    I think I got a little carried away. Sorry guys, its just that I love baking 😉 Its like the only thing in the world that is beautiful (that’s just my opinion).

  13. Leeann Smith

    The chewy raspberry bars look very much like the oatmeal apricot bars my Grandma used to make. Every time I make them, with various kinds of jam, they are a hit!

  14. megan

    I already make their thumbprint recipe (SOOOOO good…way better than any others), but I’d love to make the Black Bottom Banana Cream Pie!

  15. Susan Riggs

    I have to say buckeyes! I love them, and I have a granddaughter who loves them even more! I would love to win this great prize package!

  16. Lisa Flores

    The Black Cherry Layered Pretzel Dessert. For my kids birthdays its a tradition that they get to choose whaT they want for dinner and what cake they want mom to make them. So it varies throughout the year with brownie cake, ice cream cake, lemon, chocolate, strawberry you name it cake. Its my favorite to hear what they want for their special day. For my birthday even though I’m the baker Im not allowed to cook so its always been a cake of theit choice of what looks pretty at the store for me. Gotta love them:)

  17. The Black Cherry Layered Pretzel Dessert looks fantastic.

    I also love making Hobo pies.
    I take two slices of bread, butter one side of each piece and place about 2 tablespoons of Smucker’s jelly, I normally use grape or strawberry, place in a sandwich press (the kind you have for grilled cheese) or skillet and cook until the edges are light brown. Yum.

  18. Kerrie

    That Strawberry Ice box cake looks amazing!! mmmmm
    (and BTW that is one of my fav. traditions in our house as well, they can come up with some amazing ideas when making cakes and cupcakes for me)
    When their birthdays come around, I give them a piece of paper and pens, crayons….tell them to design their own cake. Then I tackle the fun job of making their drawing come to life. Have had some pretty amazing cakes.

  19. I would VERY much like to eat the Black Cherry Layered Pretzel Dessert on my birthday, which is February 12th! Perfect pre-Valentine’s day celebration goodness!!! My favorite birthday tradition is simple – surrounding myself with the people I love and laugh with. Perfection <3

  20. I’ve got to go with the Mini Turkey Appetizer melts, though I’ll probably change the bread to my homemade sourdough just because I love it. Got to try this recipe this week, quick, easy and looks delish.

  21. Denise O

    The Four Fruit Pie bars look Yummy!! I do birthday “treats” for family & friends, a sweet treat of their choice. For my birthday, I usually end up making the sweet treat I want….but go out to dinner with the hubs & family. My daughter should be home for my birthday this year (God willing) and I know she’ll make whatever I want (I’ll have to coach her through it, but that’s OK, we’ll get to spend more time just the two of us – Bonus!!)

  22. Juli V

    There are soooo many delicious recipes on that site! But I think the first one I would try is the Triple Berry Baked Brie. Looks easy, yet elegant!

  23. Claudia

    I love the mini ice cream cookie cups, but I can’t decide between them and the Funfetti Brownie Ice Cream Sandwiches (with fudge topping of course!)! What a dilemma! But a good one! I think I’ll have to do both!!! 😀 Yum! ~ and thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  24. Alicia H.

    The peanut butter and jelly burrito is calling my name. Normally I try to steer clear of carbs like bread and tortillas, but on my birthday I think that would be the perfect treat.

  25. Emily

    Those mini turkey appetizer melts would be great for a birthday party. Maybe followed up with Caramel Macchiato cupcakes from their pinterest page!

  26. Victoria

    Spiced Apple Filled Crepes with Crisp Pecan Topping for breakfast! The birthday person gets to pick all the meals on their birthday and this would be a special breakfast for them. Yum! Though I would need to add some whipped cream on top. 🙂

  27. Mary Patterson

    For 25 years my husband has created a lemon-on-lemon cake for my August birthday. Since my homestate is Michigan it would be fun to try Smucker’s Quick Blueberry Lemon topping on the cake (for Michigan’s Maize and Blue colors!). Love lemon with blueberry!

  28. Suzanne

    I’m a sucker for anything with white chocolate, so the White Chocolate Cherry Torte has to win for me. I may make it this weekend. (but the Chewy Red Raspberry Bars look really good too)

  29. Beth G.

    Since my dad’s 50th is the next birthday up, I’d have to say the Black Cherry Layered Pretzel dessert. It sounds super yummy, and he’d love it too! 🙂

  30. Heather

    The strawberry ice box cake looks yummy, and light. But I’m surprised to see how many good-looking recipes they do have!
    Thanks, and I’m glad the site is fixed. I missed not being able to get on for a couple days in a row!

  31. Pauline Gudas

    Raspberry creme whoppie pies for me. My birthday is Feb 9 so maybe I will get lucky and win!! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  32. Tiffany C W

    I have always wanted to make my own ice cream cake but really had no idea where to begin…. Maybe I will use the Funfetti® Halloween Ice Cream Cake recipe to make my son’s cake this summer!

  33. Anita Buote

    The white chocolate cherry torte sounds wonderful. My Son is a cherry fanatic. He absolutely loves them. If you add white chocolate to the mix he will be in heaven. This is the perfect cake for his next birthday. Thanks Smucker’s for the wonderful recipes you will make me the Worlds best Mommy

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