Snowmen Marshmallow Buddies and Hot Chocolate

I made these Snowman Buddies for my son’s class. At his school they have library time on Fridays and each Friday they have a parent come in and be their “Mystery Reader”. Today was my turn…I read a book called Snowmen At Night, which is super cute. I wrapped the marshmallow snowmen and added a package of hot chocolate with each. Hopefully they really enjoy them!

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    1. shelly

      Yes, sorry! I made these so long ago when I first started blogging! Looking back at the pictures I am EMBARRASSED! But, the face is done with black royal icing and the scarf is fondant, or you could use marzipan or even Laffy Taffy!

    1. shelly

      The sticks are 6 inches.. And I used marzipan for the scarf, although you could use fondant or even Laffy Taffy.
      The eyes are royal icing

  1. Kim

    Hello, I would like to make these. I am not very creative, however. Is there anyway I could get specific instructions on what you used and how to do it?? Thanks!

  2. heather

    I just found your site. This is my 1st time leaving a comment on anyone’s page but after reading your DONkey story, I just had to say you are fantastic! Thank you for sharing your recipes and stories!

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