Sodastream Giveaway – Closed

Hey guys!  Hope your 4th of July celebration was spectacular!


So I want to say a giant thank you to each and every one of you…your constant support, your comments, your subscriptions to my posts, your tweets, your pins… just everything.

Annnd I recently reached 20,000 facebook followers which is crazy awesome!

So, to thank you I want to give you something fun.

My latest favorite gadget.


I love it.

As in, wanna marry it kinda love.  I even included it over on my list of summer favorites.

It’s a Sodastream.

Have you heard of it?

Of course you have.

Well, you need one.

You don’t’ think you do, but you do.

You can make your own soda, obvs….but you can also make your own sparkling water, sparking lemonade, fizzy Crystal Light, sparkling iced tea and even your own energy drinks!  I mean, homemade Red Bull?  Yes please!


So the people at Sodastream have offered to let me giveaway the Fountain Jet Soda Starter Kit to one of my readers.

It comes with:

–          Fountain Jet – winner’s choice of color (black/silver, red/silver or white)

–          1 carbonating bottle, reusable for up to 3 years

–          Reusable carbonator to fizz up to 60L of soda

–          Variety 6-pack of popular sample-size flavors

–          3 full-sized flavors of the winner’s choice



So to enter to win the Fountain Jet Starter Kit, all you have to do is leave me a comment here telling me what you think you would use it for most…soda?  Sparkling water?  Flavored water?  Energy Drinks?

Check out all the options HERE!

Pick your poison.


If you would like additional entries, I would love it if you did any of the following:

For all additional entries go ahead and leave me another comment telling me what you did, a separate comment for each entry.

So you have up to 5 chances to win!

The contest ends Saturday, July 14th at 11:59 pm EST.



The winner is “Sarah B” comment #339!


994 Responses

  1. I’d love to use this for natural energy drinks! We work 14 hour days in the kitchen, and having one of these would make our work place SO much better…specially with the 110 degree heat in that kitchen!

  2. Robin

    I have recently been on kick of making “drinking vinegars” also called “shrubs” and mixing them with seltzer. SOOO good. Would be great to be able to make my own bubbles!

  3. Amber Leek

    I would love to have one of these. We have 5 children and they love soda! This would cut down a lot on what we spend, and we would love to try all the other options that this machine offers. They are always up to try new things. I’m always up for saving money while we do! ; )

  4. I am home-bound in a wheelchair but cooking is still my passion so I manage pretty good in the kitchen. I would absolutely LOVE SODASTREAM ! I never win anything but I don’t stop trying. TY

  5. Tara

    This Fountain Jet would be used for do many different things in our house. We would use it to make sparkling water, natural energy drinks, just about any drink possible, and we would use it for science experiments to teach our young kids how to make they’re own fizzy drinks!

  6. caroline

    hmm tough call! I think i’d use it mainly for flavored water and tea… but having a soda from time to time would be good too!

  7. Jenn losie

    Thanks for the contest! I’m a huge fan of your recipes, and blog! I would love a soda stream o make our own Italian sodas!

  8. Kelly

    I think with myself, my husband, and four teenagers in the house, it would be used for pretty much EVERYTHING! 🙂

  9. lana cawrse

    I avoid extra sugars in my diet. I would love to use this to make sparkling waters with out all the extra junk!

  10. Karen

    I’d probably drink mostly flavored water and soda. My favorite soda is Fresca, so I’d probably make a lot of that.

  11. Victoria V

    I’d use it for soda and flavored waters. I have been wanting a Soda Stream since I saw te infomercials 🙂

  12. Amanda

    I would use it to make sparkling waters and teas. I’m always looking for some way to change up what I drink, but not take in too many calories. My boyfriend would use the Sodastream to make his pop : )

  13. Emily Freeburg

    I would probably use it most to make pop (what we in SD call soda). But sparkling crystal light could be tasty too!

  14. Carla Yielding

    i think we would use it for sodas more but would love to explore the other options too! I love that it doesn’t have all the “junk” in it and can inlt imagine how fresh everything would taste. Yum!! Thanks for this opportunity!!

  15. I have seen these at all the stories but never tried the drinks. I would love sparkling flavored water and in this heat, sparkling iced tea. Those billboards for Caribou with the sparkling tea have my mouth watering every day on my way to work!

  16. Michelle S.

    I absolutely love sparkling water – I drink a ton of water each day, so in the evening, I like to mix it up with a little sparkling water, any flavors, it just a little something nice!

  17. Bettie

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this fun gadget. I would use it mostly for flavored water because I’m trying to cut back on soda.

  18. Lesley

    I would use it for flavored water. I love it and think it would be awesome to make it at home. Thanks for the chance to win!


  19. Sharon Kerner

    I have just started getting your blog feed and following you on FB . . . thanks for sharing all your great recipes!! I would use the Sodastream for mostly flavored waters.

  20. Hannah

    My husband recently started drinking more Red Bulls and those things are expensive! I had no idea you could make them with this – that’s where I’d start! 🙂

  21. Mishelle

    Oh it would so be a tie between the cola (hello caffeine!!) and the Country Time Lemonade flav. Oh both are so wonderful!


  22. Crystie

    I would love a soda stream! I would use it to make diet soda. I would also use it to make sparkling water that I could infuse with mint or lemon or even add a bit of Mio to!

  23. Nikki

    I just tasted a sample from Bed Bath and Beyond and it tasted just like Pepsi. This product is on my wish list. It would save our family tons of money because all of us are big soda people!

  24. Esther T.

    I spend a bundle on G2, so it would be so nice to be able to make my own for a fraction of the price. Follow you on Pinterest! Thanks

  25. Tia

    I really enjoy soda as my guilty pleasure, so I’d probably end up using it for that, though I’d definitely want to try out the fizzy Crystal Light! Thanks for the chance to win such a cool gadget!

  26. Congrats on having so many followers! Thanks for the chance to win this Amazing gift. I think I would use mine for flavored waters and for sodas when I have workshops or friends over.
    Thanks again!!!

  27. Katie

    Follow on Facebook. Reposting this one because I nested it, and I have a feeling you’ll be using and they don’t do decimals I don’t think!

  28. I would definitely make sparkling flavored water, I need to mix up the flavors so I can get my daily intake in. 😉 Thanks for the opportunity! love you blog!

  29. Megan

    I’m pretty sure we would make a lot of soda with that baby. My husband loves soda, and is pretty sad when we run out.

  30. Sara L.

    I honestly can’t say what I would use this most for because I think I would use if for everything! Well, maybe not for coffee. Fizzy coffee just sounds … odd.

  31. Michelle

    We drink a lot of diet soda in our house, so that would probably get the most use. But I love the thought of fizzy Crystal Light drinks!

  32. Kara walls

    We have been wanting one of these for the longest time. We woulld probably use it for flavored sparkling waters. Yum!

  33. Sarah

    Heck why tuse it only one way, I want to use it every way it can be !!!!! I seen them when they first come out and thought it was an awesome idea cant wait to try it!!!

  34. Mary

    Wow, such a cool giveaway! If I had that I’d definitely be sipping on the flavored water all day…but the sodas would be great too.

  35. Trina Brillhart

    I have entered the Warrior Dash 3 mile obstacle course in August. I have been walking/running and changed my eating habits. I am getting tired of plain old water, I drink at least 3 to 4- 24 oz glassed a day. Help!!! I need flavor and sparkly bubbles!

  36. heather burdett

    I love club soda alone but i am a soda freak with dr. Pepper. I would love totry out their naturals collections. Sounds amazing!

  37. kipp

    I almost deleted this contest because my New Year’s Resolution was giving up soda.
    Then I read sparkling tea and Crystal Light!!
    I’d be all over those!

  38. Monica Stevens

    I would love the chance to win a soda stream. I just got married in May and my husband wanted to register for one, but we didn’t get it. He would use it for soda, but both of us (if we could figure out how) would use it for energy drinks!!!

  39. Tina

    Since I need to drink more water that is what I would say I would use it for; but in all reality it would probably be used more to make soda. Thanks!

  40. Denise Degnan

    I think this machine would come in best for sports drinks or flavored water. Found a great new flavored water the other day – zero calories and lemonade flavor – yum, yum! Follow you always with e-mails and Pinterest now!!

  41. Angeline

    I would love to say that I would use it most for lemonade and sparkling water, but truth is that I would probably use it for soda most of all 🙂

  42. Catherine

    Thank you for the fun give-away. I’ve been dying to put one of these babies in my kitchen. I think we would use it for all the available options AND have fun trying them all.

  43. Maya J.

    I think I would most use it for sparkling water, in an effort to cut down on the amout of soda consumed at my house.

  44. Regina Childress

    I would use it for cola and energy drinks for sure. plus maybe i could figure out way to make cola “healthier” for kids.

  45. Jean Talent

    We would use it for sparkling water! It’s so refreshing! I am sure my two boys would “need a soda” on a regular basis!! 🙂

  46. Robin Whiting

    I would most definitely use it for flavored water but my husband on the other hand would use it for soda!

  47. Beverly

    following on FB.. i always have the fantasy like in the movies where someone squirts someone with the carbonation machine thingie.. LOL (i know i know childish).. okay.. i’d like to carbonate lemonade

  48. Christa

    I would use it for sparkling water and low cal drinks! Love how carbonation makes me fill full and wakes me up!

  49. Lori

    You had me at energy drink! My husband spends a fortune on red bulls. We also drink alot of tea. What a great giveaway!!

  50. I have wanted one of these so bad! Ever since I had the grapefruit soda at my friend’s house, I’ve been crrraavviing it! I’d of course use it for grapefruit soda but I’m also thinking just plain soda water too…anything to make drinking water more interesting, right?!

  51. Jennifer G

    I would like to think I would use it to make healthy sparkling water, but I would probably use it to feed my cola addiction!

  52. Crystal

    I would for sure use it for pop (soda). My boyfriend drinks way too much pop and maybe this way I could help him be a bit healthier?

  53. Danelle

    How wonderful would it be to make my own sparkling water?! Everday I look forward to opening up your emails! Thanks!!!!

  54. samantha

    This has been on my wishlist since it came out! I would use it for sparkling water, maybe sweeten with some fruit juice.

  55. I followed you on Pinterest, Twitter and Liked you on Facebook. I already receive your emails. I would love to be able to make my own soda and experiment with different flavors. Yummy!

  56. I already have one, and I love it, I love the citrus flavors best. But the other flavors work just as well. And….. you can make up your own flavors. I add juices to the different flavors and I am just happy happy. The other night I had some lemon lime soda that I made. I drizzled some strawberry syurp over the ice first. And then I added the lemonlime soda. OMG!!! And you can make up your own strawberry lemonaid etc… it’s endless. And it so much cheaper than buying soda.
    And…… people if you buy it from BedBath&Beyond. Use your 20% off coupon to buy it. And when you have to replace the canster (this addes the fizz). Take the empty canster back to BedBath&Beyond. You’ll get 50% credit for returning it, so you’ll only have to pay half of the cost for the new canster. And if you have a $5 off coupon, then depending on where you are in the country. Instead of $30 for a new canster, you’ll pay $10.00 You can beat that with a stick.

  57. Tabitha

    Would definitely use for soda galore! We are always checking the grocery ads for sales on 2 liters. This would help save us some hassle and make the soda process a bit easier. Also interested in the idea of making other everyday drinks sparkly fizzy ones like my fav, sparkling apple juice. Yum!

  58. I am totally in need of one of those ! Definitely would like to try adding some bubbles to Crystal Light, lemonade and ice tea. The possibilities are endless for soda concoctions. It kind of reminds me of those 100+ coke machines these days. I always mix spritze zero in flavors like raspberry or strawberry and add in light minute maid punch or something. So good! and in this case, in the comfort of your home. i need all the low cal drinks i can get because sometimes water is just too boring and this solves that problem.

  59. Ann

    I would love to be able to make my own diet cola. I’m always running out of Diet Pepsi. I’d also like to be able to make my own version of Mountain Dew (I think it’s the Fountain Mist) to use to make your Mountain Dew Cake. It’s become a family favorite.

  60. Patti McIntyre

    I have used my friends she got as a wedding present and love it!! I love sparkling water and just a tad of flavor for that extra special something!!

  61. Joann

    OMG I am SO dying to win this- my bf and I buy SO much sparkling water, we could have bought 30 of these by now! It’s on my to-buy list for his August birthday, but if I won it here, those days of store-bought sparkling waters are over!

  62. I’ve been looking at the soda stream for a long time, and came close to buying one for my hubby for Christmas. We’d definitely use it for soda!

  63. Amy

    My goal is to get away from drinking diet drinks. But…I don’t like drinking water. Sparkling flavored water…well that might just do the trick!

  64. Lorie Winslow

    I would love to make “healthier” soda for my kids and myself. My 14 year old son is always encouraging me to buy healthy things for him and he would absolutely love this!!

    Thank you for your blog and sharing your thoughts!!!

  65. My hubby has been wanting one of these so the first thing I would make would be flavored water for him, he’s going on 2 years w/o soda’s and I wouldn’t want to ruin that for him :=D

  66. Heather M.

    I seriously need to get this soda monkey off my back, soooooooo I would use this to make sparkling water. : D

  67. Cheryl J.

    I would absolutely love to have one of these. I love soft drinks, iced tea and most any fuzzy beverage I can try.

  68. Angel S.

    Fun! I would use it for soda! We don’t buy it anymore and AI like the idea of making just what we need when we need it!

  69. Candi

    Definitely flavored water! Though I have a SERIOUS weakness for Root Beer, so that would be second on the list. Thanks for the opportunity! And I’m also an email subscriber. 🙂

  70. Tamara Willis

    I had no idea I could use the Soda Stream to make sparkling lemonade. I can one think of all kinds of flavors to ‘sparkle’. Even a few ‘over 21’ choices.

  71. Hilary

    We are sparkling water feens at my house, so this would save us a bundle! There is nothing better than sparkling water with fruit and fresh mint from our garden!

  72. Madison Hazelett

    Every time I’m at the store, I stop and stare at the soda stream. Mainly because I am obsessed with sparkling water and drinks. I would use it to carbonate ALL of my water and pretty much any liquid possible. And I would love to save money on Dr. Pepper because thats all my man drinks!

  73. I would probably use it for a little of everything.
    My husband and I don’t drink much pop anymore so we’d use it a lot.
    I have kids that I don’t let have pop much at all but if I had this I they could have a pop every so often.
    We all love flavored waters and crystal light (yes my kids love crystal light) so it would be used A LOT!!

  74. Awesome giveaway. I would definitely use it for diet soda for my husband, who drinks soda faster than anyone I know. I would use it for flavored waters for myself. Thank you!