Spreading Smucker’s Traditions Giveaway ~ Closed

Hi Friends!

I don’t know if I told you but a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be asked to judge a recipe contest held by Smucker’s.
The rules of the contest were the contestants had to share a family recipe (that included Smucker’s jams and jellies) and how it helps bring their family together.

The contestants were narrowed  down to 5 finalists and this is where I came in!

As a judge I got to listen to the finalists share their family stories and recipes…and taste-test each creation. It was a good work day!

All the finalists were incredibly gracious and humble.  AND they were all fantastic cooks. HERE’s the link if you want to check out all of their stories and recipes.

BUT the whole idea of a contest is that there is one winner.

Carmell C. from Provo, UT created a Chicken Bacon Burger with Cherry Chive Mayo and it was amazing.  Her burger took home first prize.

To celebrate Carmell’s winning recipe and the kickoff to summer, Smucker’s would like to give THREE of my readers a $50 gift card to Cooking.com to create this delicious burger at your Memorial Day celebration as well as a jar of the star of this recipe: Smucker’s Orchard’s Finest Michigan Red Tart Cherry Preserves.

All you have to do is leave me a comment here sharing your favorite Memorial Day/Summertime memory or tradition.

Remember, there will be 3 winners selected!!

Good Luck!

Contest is open until Wednesday, May 23rd at 11:59 pm EST

Contest Closed.  The winners are comments #16, #100 and #158

Thanks for entering!


229 Responses

  1. Carrie Jones

    My favorite summertime tradition is hanging out with my family on the American River in Sacramento for the 4th of July!

  2. Sue Shumac

    My favorite holiday memory is being at a park with my family and cousins at a picnic. It was just a wonderful day just having my family around.

  3. ariana

    my favorite Memorial Day tradition is having our annual friends picnic and firebroiled chicken barbeque. Must haves for the day include lemon soy marinated Tofu, strawberry salsa and a rousing (and often slightly argumentative) game of croquet. I would love to win!

    1. Cristina

      oops! Didn’t get to finish that! Our new summer tradition, is my son’s birthday bash. He was born on July 1st, so we have a big party to celebrate! I love outdoor entertaining and picnicking, so this makes it even better!!

  4. As a child my memories was always going on a summer vacation to the lake… Mom would pack all us kids up ~~ all 9 of us for 2 weeks at the lake. Dad would join us on the weekends.

  5. JC

    Sangria on the deck with my husband, some candles and the fireflies. Ok, and the children doing cannonballs in the background. πŸ™‚

  6. My favorite Memorial Day tradition is my birthday party! Haha. My birthday always, always falls on Memorial Day weekend, so it’s always a time of celebration…but dedicated to me! Even better, haha. πŸ˜‰

  7. Katie

    We have a lake house in northern MI that we close down during the winter, so Memorial Day weekend is always the first big weekend up there to celebrate the start of summer!

  8. Emily Freeburg

    My birthday always falls near Memorial Day weekend and often graduation season. Growing up I never had my own birthday cake as my mom would look for any excuse not to cook/bake. Her classic excuse for this particular situation? “You’ll get your fill of cake at all of these graduation receptions.”. Nowadays she’s making a valiant effort to make up for it by celebrating not only my birthday but also my half birthday. Of course I would never tell her but I’d prefer to make myself a huge calorie-laden pan of bars over a birthday cake any day!

  9. Every year when we start getting plums it reminds me that summer is coming πŸ™‚ And I make a plum pie which is my favorite fruit pie, although no one in my family likes it so I end up eating it on my own hehe. But it’s just one pie a year so it can’t do much of a harm… plus it’s full of fruit.

  10. Leeann Smith

    Memorial day weekend we typically brand calves with my husband’s family. There is always lots of delish food after all the hard work. It is also a big, big family affair, and the cousins love an excuse to get together!

  11. tracy turner

    Our camping trips through out the summer are the tradition I hold most dear. Fishing, hiking, so’mores and sleeping under the stars. Ahhhh.. love the summer sky at night.

  12. Marcia

    We celebrate our wedding anniversary on May 30th. Our town has a Memorial Day parade with the school band and Veterans that go to each cemetary(3) and play a patriotic song and a gun salute. Many people follow them across town to pay their respects. My kidsalways liked that tradition.

  13. Alicia B

    Every Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend, my husband’s family goes camping at the Oregon coast. It’s beautiful and so much fun!

  14. Jessica B

    My favorite summertime memory is playing outside as a child, and laying on my back in the dirt (grass didn’t grow where I grew up) and watching the birds, planes, clouds, and insects flying in the air. I could sit for hours, imagining myself up there, above the world, floating around and looking down at everything below.

  15. Julia

    My favorite Memorial day tradition is hanging out with friends and then blazing the sweltering heat to walk to the ice cream parlor to get giant hot fudge sundaes.

  16. Lisa L.

    My fave Memorial Day/ Summertime tradition is breaking out the BBQ for some awesome BBQ chicken, and making S’mores as the coals die down. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. My favorite memory is when we were a younger family and use to ALL get together for a BBQ at my Mom’s. The family is aging and we don’t get together anymore. I have 8 siblings and am a twin. LOVED the younger days BUT we now ride our Harley a lot so it is ALL good. πŸ™‚

  18. Raysha

    My favorite memory is going to the beautiful beach in ft lauderdale and seeing the blue jays aircrafts flying for memorial day

  19. Greta

    We do a cook out ever year. Usually start with roasting some sort of beef cut, then add veggies.this year I am on a quest to figure out how to grill up a dessert.

  20. Esther T.

    My grandson usually has a baseball tournament on Memorial Day weekend. The whole family attends, then comes to my house for good food and good company. Celebrating the beginning of summer!

  21. Tanya K. Moyer

    My favorite summertime tradition is spending every Friday with my family doing a fun activity. During the summer my husband works 4 10 hr days so he has Fridays off. We love those Fridays. We usually sleep in, then head somewhere fun for the day. We live about an hour outside of Los Angeles, so somewhere down there is our destination. We love Santa Monica, Universal CityWalk, Hollywood. My girls (10 & 14) love these family day trips! We all do!

  22. My favorite memorial day weekend memory was when I was a kid and being a brat…i kept bothering my parents about having a bbq because that’s what i thought people did…(still don’t know why i thought this…) ANYWAYS, and i guess that got annoyed (LOL) and my whole family gathered together to throw a bbq in front of out house. And all i remember was how happy i was. I don’t get to do this anymore since we’ve moved. But, it’s fun thinking back to it since i’m in college now and soon all my sisters will be to.

  23. Best Memorial Day memories are from my college days. We were in a CA school, which goes until mid-June, so Memorial Day is the signal that we were almost done for the year. Weather was always great and we shared a “communial” dinner of sorts. Our meal was a combination of whatever anyone had on hand, a hodge-podge. But, great friends and great memories. These are my friends for life!

  24. Morgan

    COOKOUTS!!! There is nothing better than grilling, playing yard games, sitting on a patio, having a group karaoke session to songs that remind us of college! LOVE ME SOME SUMMERTIME!

  25. Memorial Day was our traditional family reunion in Southern Illinois. There was always lots of sweet tea and my grandma and aunts all made picnic chicken (which is just cold fried chicken) and boy oh boy was it delicious!! There were deviled eggs and every kind of salad you could think of. And homemade brownies and homemade ice cream (my Dad and his brothers would spend half the day salting and icing and churning it — it was THE BEST ice cream ever! Served over the brownies. Then at the end of day, swimming in the lake, playing frisbee, and whiffle ball – my brother and sister and I would spend time catching fireflies with our cousins. Loved days like that.

  26. Kristin

    We always to our family’s speedboat out to the lake every Sunday and spent the whole day boating, swimming, and firing up the BBQ. Good times πŸ™‚

  27. elizabeth

    My daughter takes summer classes at the California Science Center. After her class we always have a picnic lunch in the rose garden. I did the same when I was a little girl too.

  28. Anthony Mooney

    Smuckers makes wonderful Sugar Free products, so first, I’d like to thank them for the opportunity for the gift card. My favorite Memorial Day memory involves my grandfather. All of my family used to convene in Geneva, Alabama, when I was a young kid to celebrate over barbecue and good times. But what I remember the most, is my grandfather, who at the end of a long evening, he’d crack open a six pack, tune his radio to old country music classics, and sit out in the evening air shelling peanuts. I loved sitting out there in metal folding chairs, listening to the crickets and frogs and classic tunes, watching my grandfather work. No matter how late into the night he worked, he’d be up the next morning with the sun, brewing and boiling peanuts. Those delicious, salty peanuts have become one of my favorite memories of a Memorial Day weekend, and the man behind all of the work can’t go without a little appreciation. Although he has long since passed away, just the smell of warm, boiled peanuts takes me back to those sultry Southern summer nights.

  29. Julia Reffner

    My favorite Memorial Day tradition is attending the town parade and watching my kids’ excitement at the little things in life.

  30. Jan

    Growing up, we usually went to the lake camping or the weekend. It was so nice to have the family together, and breaking bread together was the best! Homemade icecream, the smell of bacon and eggs as you wake up in a tent!

  31. Catherine

    One of my favorite summer memories is the picnics on the beach in Ventura, CA. My Mom would spend the morning making oven fried chicken (long before oven frying became a healthy alternative), potato salad, green salad, corn on the cob and best of all were the jam squares she made with Smuckers. That was the only brand she ever used. The smells coming from the kitchen were amazing. My parents have been gone for over 20 years but those smells coming from my kitchen bring me back to that little girl watching her Momma get ready for a day at the beach. Her legacy lives on in my kitchen now and will live on in my childrens kitchens.

  32. Robert W

    I always enjoy Memorial Day because I have a day off… I work so much that this is a guaranteed day with my family to relax!

  33. Laurie Reyes

    I remember always going to the lake on Memorial Day Weekend and having lots of fun with my family as a child.

  34. Jacqui

    I love going to the beach with my best friends for Memorial Day! Always a great way to kick off the summer πŸ™‚

  35. Vanessa G

    My favorite summertime memory is last years big cookout at my parents house. My whole family came. It was full of amazing food including the strawberry pie made by my 3 yr old niece Addi Grace and I made using the Smuckers recipe. When our stomachs were full and we relaxed a little, the slip and slide was hooked up. Good times!

  36. Nicole G

    Hmm…I love just slowing it all down during the summer. I have so much more energy in the warm months! Love taking the kids swimming, playing in the yard, the park, the easy breezy clothes. All of it! And summertime food! The berries, salads, fresh veggies, light desserts and meals! Ugh, I could live summer always!!!

  37. Every year we have a family reunion on memorial weekend, we have a very large family whom all live away. We get together to talk about what is going on in every ones lives it’s a great time.

  38. Turina

    My favorite summer tradition are “Weenie Roasts” with my family. My dad gets a big bonfire going, and we put hotdogs on sticks and roast them in the backyard. We sit around the picnic table eating our hotdogs and lots of yummy side dishes all the while telling stories and laughing. :O)

  39. Anne Weber-Falk

    We would all pile into the car and head up to “the lake house”. It was July 4th and the whole family gathers there. There was lots of food, swimming, the box of flip flops and old comic books and the dresser drawer full of beach towels. We had sparklers and bird calls from gumball machines and big old inner tubes that we would always get scratched from the air valve and popsicles, lots and lots of popsicles. The smell of Coppertone still makes me smile and long to go back to Wisconsin.

  40. Belinda

    Getting together as a whole family is always nice considering I do not get to see them very often throughout the year. We talk about everyone we know who has served and the memorials we have seen.

  41. Shari

    Every May, Memphis celebrates Memphis in May and one of the highlights is a symphony concert on the river the last weekend in the month. Our family loves to take a picnic, a quilt and go sit on the grass in front of the stage, listen to beautiful music and watch the sun set over the Mississippi. πŸ™‚

  42. Norma

    My memories are of spending the Memorial Weekend with family and close friends at our cabin in the mountains. Lots of bbq, homemade ice cream, and fresh cherry or peach pie to go with that ice cream. There were also trips down to the lake for a swim and/or fishing and just driving around and enjoying the mountain scenery.

  43. Jennifer

    My family and I used to go to the beach in Florida every year during my birthday week (July 4th), and my favorite part of the vacation was the fireworks on the 4th. One day while we were on the beach watching people shoot fireworks, a man standing nearby said, “They sure are pretty.” I was young, so I responded, “I know. It’s my birthday.” And he said, “Well, then all the people all over the country are shooting off these fireworks just for you!” I was awed and humbled and amazed, and I thought the world was full of the nicest people ever.

  44. Lysa Christopher

    BBQing at the beach with my family and making gooey s’mores! Everything always came hope sticky (which in my book was the best part).

  45. My favorite summertime memory is going to the Oregon Coast and walking on the beach. I’ve been going there my entire life (45 years) and now I have the treat of doing it with my kids each summer. I watch as they giggle and laugh and play in the sand!

  46. Mary :)

    Spending the weekends on the lake all day! this includes waking up earlier for some ski action then coming in for a big family breakfast before going back out again. πŸ™‚

  47. Terri Betz

    Our Family is grown and spread out over the USA now, but we always made a road trip to Disneyland in California! So many sweet memories! I really wish we could do it one more time!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Terri in Oregon!

  48. Claire

    My favorite memorial day memory so far is serving as a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding last summer! It was a wonderful time.

  49. My older sister, husband, and kids always get together with family and friends and we all bring a favorite dish no matter if it fits or not and the potluck is always great!

  50. Bettie

    My sweet mom would save and save for us to go the beach once during the summer. She would pack pimento cheese and fried chicken that we would eat while we were traveling. We would only stay for two days, but boy did we have fun. I love summers just spending time with family and making memories.

  51. Janet

    I am new to blogging but found your website by accident and I love it ! My favorite memory is a Sunday picnic in my backyard when I was a little girl…we didn’t have much but on Sunday we always felt like we were rich lol . Corn on the cob, grilled hot dogs, homade cole slaw and potato salad and baked beans! YUM! all day long my mom and dad cooked for us kids and we enjoyed the sun and shade in the backyard…I can still see them laying on the chaises reading the Sunday paper…good memories!

  52. Katy Judy

    I remember Shasta Creme soda of all things. It doesn’t taste the same today as the memory of the holiday picnics it was present at. Go figure!

  53. Lori A.

    Grilling out at my brother’s house! Memorial Day weekend is around his birthday and we have a big cookout. He makes the best burgers. πŸ™‚
    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  54. Kat

    Watching fireflies. Wanting to catch them in a mayo jar, but just couldn’t do that to them. They were and still are so magical.

  55. Having a huge family cook-out at my parents’ house is definitely my favorite Memorial Day tradition–grilling out, relaxing in the hammock, and enjoying the beginning of summer πŸ™‚

  56. Heather Spooner

    Memorial Day is always about cooking great food and sharing it with friends and family. Just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. Thanks for the great giveaway!
    heatherspooner1981 at gmail dot com

  57. Memorial Day weekend always meant firing up the bar-b-que and having the family over for good food and relaxing by and in the pool. It was tradition that my husband and I would host a Memorial Day dinner. Good times!

  58. That’s a super duper easy question! My little red head was born during Memorial Day weekend so getting hold my wee little baby in my arms and then celebrate his cuteness every year during that weekend will always take top honors. πŸ™‚

  59. Marilyn M.

    Memorial Day weekend we celebrate my husband’s birthday, his two sisters and his mom. All born in the month of May.

  60. Marsha Lynne

    Favorite holiday tradition is to decorate yard, fence and gate with red ,white and blue items and the AMERICAN Flag at the entrance to our driveway.

  61. danielle

    My favorite summer tradition is the family bonfires we have on my parents beach. My dad built a stone firepit and we make HUGE fires and roast marshmallows. Mostly its spending time with my family.

  62. Sue

    Growing up, Memorial Day was always the official kick off of summer with the family heading to the cabin on the lake. No matter how cold the water might have been all the cousins would go swimming while our parents watched from the shore. Dad would be in charge of grilling the hamburgers at time nothing. Nothng too fancy but the burgers always tasted better at the cabin!

  63. My favorite memory of memorial day is when I was a child. Every year my family would go camping. My parents would allow me to skip school on Friday and we would head out. It was always like a family reunion. Due to health issues for several of us, I have Crohns disease, we are unable to continue. I miss it terribly, especially now that I have children.

  64. Watermelon… Memorial Day always kicked off summer around our house and summer meant lots and lots of sweet cold Watermelon. AJ@queenofmynest

  65. Kathryn

    Our summertime tradition, and usually over holidays, is going to a Drive-In movie theater and eating popcorn and hotdogs.

  66. Keshakeke

    Our memorial day tradition is a family get together at my Mema’s house! We grill out eat lots of homemade desserts and are blessed to spend time together!

  67. Cindy

    My favorite Memorial Day memory was the day we moved from Chicago to Phoenix. We arrived in Phoenix after a 2 1/2 day road trip with 2 dogs and a camper in tow. After 3 straight weeks of rain in Chicago, we were SO excited to be somewhere that is sunny 350 days a year πŸ™‚ to make it even more special, the day we arrived was our oldest daughters 15th birthday! We celebrated by swimming in the backyard and barbecuing in the gorgeous 90 degree sunshine!

  68. ColleenB

    A summer memory is when the whole family got together for BBQ and then made homemade ice cream afferwards and each one of the kids took turns turning the crank on the freezer and playing yard games; lawn darts, croquette , horseshoes, etc. Oh, does Anyone remember ‘Crack the Whip’? Wasn’t my favorite thing to do.

  69. Vicki H.

    There are a lot of memories, but I really get a kick out of the joy my daughter gets from our yearly “ice cream for lunch” day! She get so excited about it, even though she is 12 and feels like a real rule breaker rebel!

    Also, being able to spend some time at the Dells or with family on vacation.

  70. jodie

    I have so many great summer memories- Memorial Day cookouts, my birthday (June 6) parties, family vacations, the theme cakes my mother would make for my birthday and my July siblings. The memory that stands out the most has to be Memorial Day 1993, my husband proposed to me at our annual family cookout.

  71. Rebecca Ednie

    Every summer since we moved to a house with a big enough yard, we host a church BBQ. We started just inviting friends but it turned into inviting everyone so we get about 60+ people every year. We provide burgers, hotdogs, sausages and punch and the rest is potluck. It’s a great time for everyone and has become a tradition we love. We include some people who have moved away too which makes it even more fun. This year is the 5th annual and I’m really looking forward to it.

  72. Karin

    One memory of memorial day is being at my grandma’s house and looking across the street and seeing 7 white crosses that had been put up with little American flags flying on them to commemorate the town’s war dead.

  73. Sandy

    Memorial day always finds us with our family at our home in Sunriver. We barbecue lots, but the kids insist I make homemade onion rings to go along with burgers.

  74. one of my favorite things about memorial day has always been the nice day off of school! πŸ˜‰ Course I always enjoy that my family usually grills out and it marks the first weekend of our community pool being open

  75. Jessica T.

    We normally have a cookout for Memorial Day, but the past few years I have had to work. This year I am off – so excited!

  76. susan

    Memorial Day usually means opening up the pool and BBQing some delicious shriimps and grilled veggies.. Of course some good wine helps!

  77. Ashley

    My favorite Memorial Day/Summer time memories would be just simple family barbecue/get together days. I come from a large family, and we would always have big a big barbecue during the summer where everyone could get together and catch up and just have a good time. Lots of food, music and kids playing. Best memories ever!!!

  78. Jen Grimm

    Back when I was married to my husband, his family always got together at one of his brother’s farm in Kentucky for the Memorial Day weekend. The entire family would visit for 3 or 4 days. It was a family reunion of sorts. This was as big of a gathering as Christmas would be. Most of the family slept out in tents or campers. No one complained though. Unfortunately, we have been divorced for over 13 years but my kids still go and always relay the weekend to me. I do miss spending time with them.

  79. Stephanie

    I love the 4th of July! I always hope for a super nice day so we can grill out and relax during the day and then go see fireworks at night!

    1. shelly

      Hi Stephanie! You are one of the winners of the Smucker’s giveaway! I will be emailing you with more details!

  80. mb

    We always try to have some kind of get together over the holiday weekend and traditional dessert is an awesome strawberry pie. Creamy rich filling with ripe red strawberries on top – YUM!

  81. Meghan

    My FAVORITE Memorial Day memory was the day my son was born!! He was and still is the PERFECT way to start the summer season. We celebrate his birthday Memorial Day weekend every year. And then we finish the summer by celebrating my OTHER favorite holiday- Labor Day and my DAUGHTER’S birthday!! Its the perfect way to end the summer season! πŸ™‚

  82. Leah

    During the summer, we sometimes eat outside on the patio. It’s so nice to sit out there in the nice weather with the birds singing all around.

  83. mary norman

    I think its really just being with my family, grilling and playing in the pool. Everyone being together and bringing a dish is great.,

    thanks for the chance,

  84. Francesca

    Last year my boyfriend and I grilled hot dogs. They were delish with some cool ranch doritos. It was a lovely day/weekend.

  85. Growing up, Memorial Day meant camping with cousins. Now I have five soccer playing boys and Memorial Day means soccer tournament. I love watching them polay soccer so I am still loving Memorial Day, even without the camping cousins.

  86. Amanda Werner

    My favorite Memorial Day tradition was always going to the lake that weekend and camping while growing up. Lots of swimming and grilling!

  87. tess

    memorial day kicks off the summertime- every year we go to my moms church- they have bbq, games and fireworks
    tcogbill at live dot com

  88. Christa

    My favorite childhood Memorial day memories include going to my grandparents for a family pinic. All my cousins were there and we’d have a BBQ and make homemade ice cream. We’d also play our favorite game…annie annie over!

  89. Lori

    Memorial weekend for my family is always opening weekend at the lake. School is almost out and it is time to celebrate!

  90. Laura T

    For the past 3yrs Memorial Day weekend has meant a birthday party/cookout because of my youngest birthday falling on that weekend.

  91. Theresa Smith

    My favorite summertime memories are going to Ocean City, Nj with my family. This includes: myself and husband with our 5 kids, my sister with her 4 kids, my brother and his wife and their 3 kids and another sister and her husband with their 4 kids, my parents and my two other sisters that do not have children yet. We usually stay in two places and enjoy bicycle rides on the boardwalk, the beach all day and the the rides on the boardwalk at night with funnel cake and ice cream and other great treats. The kids have a blast!

  92. Aneasa Keen

    Memorial Day weekend usually consisted of spending the day at the lake with family. My family has been started to spread out between Texas and Arkansas and it usually doesn’t work out for everyone anymore. πŸ™ I recently got married, and my husband’s family has the tradition of a girls vs. boys fishing trip on a local river. So that is what we will be doing from now on. Last year was my first year…and it was miserable. I got eaten by mosquitoes and my husband hooked me right under my eye. Never the less, I am trying it again this year.

    We also always have a pretty big July 4th celebration. It is my mothers birthday, so we always have a big birthday bash for her! It is a lot of fun, and I get to see all my beautiful neices and nephews. I love the July 4th celebration!!!

  93. I love cooking out on the grill & just relaxing with family. When I was a kid, we’d always go up to the family cabin and spend the long weekend there.

  94. Liza

    We love getting together with the whole extended family to have a big cookout. Bean Bags, bocce ball, and disc golf are also on the agenda. πŸ™‚

  95. Elizabeth H

    Every Memorial Day, we cook out and go swimming. We either have people over to do this, or we go to someone else’s house. Either way, it’s always fun!

  96. The past 3 years we have had a fun tradition of eating at a new burger joint. The Metroplex has a ton of great dives..so we try a new one each Memorial Day weekend.

  97. Ying

    During summertime, there had to be watermelon. Always. Even if it was a rather chilly summer, there always had to be delicious, juicy, ice-cold watermelon sitting in the fridge. We ate it in triangular cubes, chunks, and good ‘ol wedges (nibbling until all that was left was rind).

  98. Ariel

    Every Memorial day my dad rides a old time car in the parade. I used to ride in there when i was younger. Then at night we go over to my Grandma’s house and have a grill out. We use a grill that is red and 10 x10. With 10 people wanting brats or burger that take time. Then we roast marshmallow and see who can make the perfect marshmallow. At night we lay under the sky and watch the fireworks and I think how BLESSED I am and what a GREAT FAMILY to have.

  99. Pammy R

    I remember spending Memorial Day at my mom’s aunt & uncle’s house with the little brook running through the front yard. My great-uncle drove a little Triumph convertible which was destroyed when an above-ground gas tank exploded and became a projectile, choosing the Triumph as its target. But I digress. I remember going over there for the holiday, wearing my Madras plaid shorts and Keds, and being young enough to be blissfully unaware that I shouldn’t just eat anything and everything that looked and tasted good. Aaahhhh – those were the days…being so oblivious about food and stuffing my face without guilt!!

  100. Pam R

    I remember going to my mom’s aunt and uncle’s house for Memorial Day – it had a little brook, about a foot wide, running through the front yard. Uncle Bing drove a little Triumph convertible and one day, an above-ground gas tank exploded and chose the Triumph as its target – which has nothing to do with Memorial Day, but it’s something that always comes to mind when I think of Uncle Bing. Anyway…Memorial Day: I remember wearing my Madras plaid shorts set and Keds and playing with my cousins who came all the way from down the Shore where they lived, and we ate whatever we wanted. Times were different back then, and we were oblivious to the fact that we should “watch” what we ate meaning limiting what we ate. We watched what we ate, all right – watched it go from the serving dish to our plates to our mouths. Yum!! Oh, for those days when we ate what we want when we wanted with not a lick of guilt!

  101. Kristin M

    We typically go up North to the mountains of AZ and ride quads, camp, 4 wheel and enjoy nature. It’s a nice getaway.

  102. Heather H.

    We always put an outdoor bloomiing plant on the grave’s of our dear departed relatives, then when we need to remove it we have it to remind us of that person the rest of the summer.

  103. Joanna

    First we always visit our national cemetary for their salute to the fallen on monday morning and over the weekend, Our tradition is to pull out the smoker and smoke 10 pounds of pulledd pork and smoke a chicken, yum, yum!!

  104. cindy

    My favorite Memorial weekend was taking my son at age 3 on vacation to cape Cod. We camped at a camp ground. He got is own tent, sleeping bag and even a little outdoor chair with a cup holder and a built in umbrella. He had the greatest time, it even rained and it stop him from smiling and having fun.

  105. Caitlin

    My favorite Memorial Day Weekend tradition is getting together with my 5 closest friends from college to catch up, relax, eat delicious food, enjoy some sun. We started this tradition 5 years ago when we graduated and I look forward to the annual trip to New Jersey every year!

  106. Sara

    My favorite memorial day memory is driving out on the beach and having a huge cookout with friends and family! Lots of yummy food. This year I hope to once again drive out on the beach, park the truck and enjoy the day with the people who matter the most.

  107. Anne K

    My favorite summertime tradition is actually at the end of the summer with a Labor day girls weekend in Va. Beach to enjoy their music festival.

  108. Erin O.

    Hello my most favorite summer tradition is going to Utah. We go almost every summer and I love to see my friends (we used to live there), and all of my family members. Most of my family lives in Utah, so it’s always so much fun when we all get together. Also doing fireworks for 4th of July is a close second!!
    p.s. im only 14 and don’t go on many blogs, but yours is my absolute fav!! keep being awesome! πŸ™‚

  109. Sarah

    My memorial day is all about family. We all get together and grill out and spend time outdoors and with each other, it’s the perfect way to spend any holiday!

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