Teflon Giveaway! {CLOSED}

Hey Guys!

Popping in on this Saturday to give you guys something fun!

The folks over at Teflon© want to give you guys a baking prize.


I have been a Teflon© user for a long time, sometimes having that nonstick surface is necessary when you are baking!

When you use bakeware with Teflon© nonstick coating, you can be confident that your masterpieces will slide right off into eager hands. Bakeware coated with Teflon© nonstick is durable and scratch resistant—so not only do they make cooking and cleanup easier, your bakeware will look newer longer and last longer.


And honestly, who doesn’t need a good baking sheet?

…or a good loaf pan?

And I am dying to try this recipe from the Teflon© website

So who wants a gorgeous baking sheet and loaf pan from the nice folks at Teflon©?

All you have to do is leave me a comment here letting me know what you would bake first with your new Teflon© pans!

One entry per person, please 🙂


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Giveaway is open until 5/19 at 11:59 pm EST


The winner is Angela, comment # 56!


This post is sponsored by Teflon©.  All opinions are my own.

379 Responses

  1. Janet

    What else would I bake….Chocolate chip cookies! My family would insist on that. With new pans the cookies would just slide right off and into their mouths. lol

  2. Beth Wadsworth

    A Loaf pan for Reese Peanut Butter Bread!!! Was going to get a new one because mine always brown too much inside the pan. Wasn’t sure my hubby could handle that purchase for Mother’s Day, so I didn’t ask. Free would be good. Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. Victoria

    Zucchini bread! I still have about 10 pounds frozen and shredded sitting in my freezer from last summer and I just put the garden in for this year so I have to get rid of it. Besides I’m down to one loaf pan after my husband helped me in the kitchen and killed my 2nd loaf pan.

  4. Courtney

    I’d definitely make some apple cinnamon cookies, once I managed to get the recipe from my sister! If I promise to trade her some of the finished product, I’m sure that won’t be a problem 🙂

  5. Patti Keil

    I would make Dulce de Leche Thumbprint cookies. My current baking sheets always make them too brown. All my bakeware is too old and needs to be replaced!! 🙂

  6. Erin Maloney

    Red Velvet Cake Bark – definitely need a good non-stick surface for that, been wanting to try that for a while now!!

  7. Oh what to bake…. hummmmm I think it would have to be cookies! Best chocolate chip cookies in the world. But homemade bread sounds delish! I might have to do that… Monkey Bread?? Oh what to bake….

  8. Ashley

    I would make really yummy chocolate chip cookies or that Lemon Loaf cake that I had a huge disaster with last time I tried it lol.

  9. Christina

    With my new cookie sheet I would make chocolate chip cookies and with my new loaf pan I would make pumpkin bread!

  10. Jess Kaurala

    I would love this, I would like to try and make my mother’s cinnamon bread, or make my family try out a new recipe that I am always looking for!! Or maybe the family’s favorite chocolate chip cookies!!

  11. Angela

    I wouldn’t bake anything, I would give them to my mom! My dad is forever stealing her good bakewear and ruining it, so she could definitely use these! Then I’d bake our oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with her, they have been my fave since I was little!

  12. Juanita

    With the loaf pan I would be obligated to make banana bread, pound cake, and meatloaf.
    With the baking sheet I’d make some of my favorite chocolate “brownie cookies”

  13. Morgan

    I would love to have a fancy answer like homemade snickerdoodles or cinnamon rolls, but let’s be honest, it will probably be a frozen pizza. But even frozen pizza tastes better on a nice new pan!! Love the blog!

  14. Raysha

    I would love to make a vanilla honey pound cake in a new loaf pan and roast some beautiful strawberries with balsamic as a topping in a new cookie sheet!

  15. Claudia Cristina

    I would make lemon strawberry pound cake! And chocolate crinkle cookies too…those always stick to my pan…

  16. Gina

    Well, since they would be wonderful, nonstick new pans, I would probably get over my fear and try those fluffy macaroons that I’m so scared to try. And my favorite banana bread in the loaf pan.

  17. Patricia Brady

    I would help my 10 year old son bake his favorite cookie…chocolate chunk. He’s really been into helping me in the kitchen lately, cooking and baking! (Unfortunately he’s not so into cleaning up after.)

  18. Sarah reyna

    I been wanting to bake phinweel cookies so that would probaly be the first and then chocolate chip cookies Yummy !

  19. Jessica Skipper

    Using the baking sheet I would definitely bake my famous chocolate chip cookie recipe that everyone at my husband’s work asks for and using the loaf pan, I would definitely bake my sweet coconut bread. Yummo! Also I can’t wait to try your avalanche bars 🙂

  20. amy

    i’ve been drooling over those key lime shortbread cookies. they look too yummy! don’t know if I can wait to win the cookie sheet 🙂

  21. Heather G.

    I’d make Pumpkin Cookies with Penuch Frosting on the cookie sheets and my famous Banana Bread in the loaf pan.

  22. Catherine

    After much thought it would have to be Snickerdoodle Bread in the fantastic loaf pan and for the OH SO NICE cookie sheet I would do the Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Tenders that have been rolled in brown sugar and spices. I can smell it all now!

  23. ColleenB

    Boy, oh boy, could I ever use some nice new pans.
    The loaf pan I would use for my frozen fruit saldd and on baking sheet I would bake a cake and make a cake log.
    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity

  24. Esther T.

    I just pinned a recipe for Chocolate Cranberry Shortbread Cookies on Pinterest, and that would be my first use of the cookie sheet. For the loaf pan, a sweet potato bread that I got for Christmas, that I’ve been wanting to try and recreate. Thanks

  25. Julie M.

    I would make a fruit pizza using lots of fresh fruits like strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, kiwi, peaches and plums! YUM!

  26. Brianna

    I think I would make… this Cinnamon Raisin Bread I found on Pinterest and have been dying to try, and with the baking sheet I would make a homemade pizza!

  27. Shelby N.

    I recently found a recipe for browned butter chocolate chip cookies. I think those would be perfect to try out on this new pan!

  28. Star

    I would whip up a batch of cookie dough whoppie pies on the baking sheet and to break in the loaf pan I would make a banana toffee loaf.

  29. Heather

    I honestly thought that every pan was Teflon and every bakeware was Teflon–till I got some pans for my wedding.. and while they don’t stick.. they scar–so, I’d LOVE some pans. 🙂 I mean, I have ONE large cookie sheet and one small.. and ONE loaf pan. Yay for opportunity! 🙂

  30. Ooh lovely giveaway, thanks! I’m desperately in need of a new baking sheet… My first baking would probably be cookies, though I’m not sure what type! Although I’m also desperate to try making bread again – last time it literally welded itself to my tin, so this might make the difference!
    Helen x

  31. In the bread pan I would bake a loaf of Beer bread with jalapenos and cheddar cheese. And on the baking tray I would bake nutter butter cookies to turn off the heat of the bread. Thanks luv your blog and I love Teflon. I hope to win.

  32. Chrissy

    Most definitely make Strawberry Bread with whipped Strawberry Butter and a delish
    Banana Sheet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting!!

  33. Jules

    I would make peanut butter cookies on the cookie sheet and in the loaf pan I would make a rhubarb bread!! YUmmm Yummmm!!!

  34. Katy Judy

    I would share with the hubby because he makes wonderful shortbread and Russian tea cookies~ so while he plays with the cookie sheet, I will be making English Muffin Bread in the loaf pan!!

  35. Margi

    I’ll make biscuits for shortcake with the fresh strawberries available right now. Then the cookies in this email. :>)

  36. Ann

    I’d make the white chocolate macadamia nut cookies that I’ve been meaning to make for my mom and white chocolate chip, milk chocolate chip, macadamia nut banana bread.

  37. JoAnn Stoker

    I would bake the Worlds Best Chocolate Chip Cookies with the recipe from Cooks Country Magazine. I tried freezing some so I wouldn’t eat them all in one day and found out that they taste just good if not better frozen!

  38. I really need me another baking sheet as I only have one so far and it somewhat restricts making cookies since I have to wait to re-use the same sheet.

    As for what I’d bake, easy… has to be cookies. I need to practise making cookies more so it’s an easy choice for me. I might even consider making some funky Teflon ones if I won, heh!

  39. Shari

    I’d bake some of my yummy chocolate chip cookies in the cookie sheet and chocolate zucchini bread in the loaf pan. 🙂

  40. Kim Yue

    I’ve been doing more baking with my daughter of late, so I would have to say some sort of cookies for her. I feel like uber-mom when I have them ready for her when she gets home from school 🙂 thanks for the opportunity to win! I could really use another cookie sheet–one is NOT enough!

  41. Kathy W

    Have a great recipe for Lemon Blueberry Bread that always sticks to my stoneware! Teflon…help save the day!!!

  42. Lisa

    reading all this is making me hungry! I’d probably do a banana bread and chocolate chip and coconut cookies – I wish I was Samantha on Bewitched and wiggle my nose and they’d be there!

  43. cindy riley

    Being the carboholic that I am, I would make the children’s favorite chocolate chip coookies and banana bread.

  44. Lisa L.

    I would make my yummy pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and some classic banana bread! That recipe looks yummy! Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  45. I would love to have new baking pans! I’d make those Key Lime Shortbread cookies and Lemon Bread…love citrus flavors.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!


  46. Ashley P

    I would definitely start with those citrus shortbread cookies you posted last week, and some chocolate chip bread, I think.

  47. Lynn Knepp

    Since strawberries are in season I’d use the loaf pan forsure and make my delicious strawberry bread…..and love to bake cookis and sheet cake with the cookie sheet

  48. Cheryl Kauffman

    I’d make my favorite super moist Banana Bread in the loaf pan and start practicing Sugar Cookie Favors for my niece’s baby shower!

  49. Lindsay M.

    I would make a loaf of coffee cake and a batch of snickerdoodles! Love cinnamon sugar. Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. kathy d

    I have a bunch of cookies I have to make for my nieces wedding coming up so I could really use a new pan to help accomidate all the cookies I will be making for her

  51. carly

    I have been dying to attemp to make Zuccini Walnut Loaf. I love Starbucks brand but would like to try my hand at baking it myself!

  52. Karen

    I can’t wait to try those “Key Lime Meltaways” that you posted a couple of days ago….and now when the basil comes in….those cookies you posted today!

  53. Anthony Mooney

    I’d love to have this Teflon baking sheet to whip up a batch of Mexican Chocolate Chip cookies from Ink restaurant. I love that recipe…the mixture of bittersweet chocolate and the cinnamon from the Mexican chocolate is delicious! Teflon would sure make baking these cookies much smoother. Thanks for the chance!

  54. Jillian Locke

    Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chip bananarama bread……nomnomnomnooooommmmmmmmm! Hellooooo chocolate for breakfast! 😉

  55. Belinda

    I would definitely chip away at the dozens of Pinterest recipes that I’ve saved. For the loaf pan: a marble molasses cake and then for the baking sheet: nutella cookies!

  56. Elizabeth S.

    I don’t even have a loaf pan, so I would make banana bread. Thick slices of banana bread taste much better than in muffin form.

  57. Love to make PB tandy cake in the cookie sheet and the best yummy banana bread you ever had in the loaf pan……….my mouth is watering already!!!!!

  58. Christine

    I would use the baking sheet to make oatmeal raisin cookies, and I would use the loaf pan to make my mom’s meatloaf. Something for dinner and something for dessert 🙂

  59. I would really like to make my grandmother’s orange cookies with a new baking sheet, and I need to admit that it would be nice to not spend big bucks on parchment paper to make them!

  60. GretchenP

    i’d pick one of the dozens of cookies i want to try off my pinterest board! 🙂 thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  61. Debra Kapellakis

    It’s zucchini season, the loaf pan will be a meat loaf with grated zucchini in it. The cookie sheet will be used for my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. I will also add grated zucchini in them. yummy…

  62. Those look great! I would make a loaf of banana bread in the new loaf pan and I would try out those yummy sounding key lime meltaways and a jelly roll on the baking sheet. 🙂

  63. Ash V

    I think I’d continue experimenting in my search for the ultimate chocolate chip cookie. I’ve used 2 different recipes recently, and I’ve got 1 more I’m anxious to try as well!

  64. Chauna

    I am in desperate need of a new cookie sheet! Mine were ruined when my boyfriend decided to use them as baking racks for ribs… while the ribs were yummy, my cookie sheet are toast! I still love him tho! I have been really wanting to try some of the recipes you post! I show them to my boyfriend and say ‘see, i could have made you that!’ haha

  65. Ivalene

    Definitely Chocolate Chip Cookies ~with lots of chocolate chips!!! Eaten right after cooling just long enough so you don’t scorch your tongue ~ the kind that make you roll on your back like Scooby Doo, hug yourself and say mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmm !!!!!

  66. I would make a loaf of coconut banana bread from all the bananas in my freezer or English muffin bread.. I”m DYING for a new bread pan!!!

  67. Mary :)

    Definitely chocolate chip chocolate bread and spoon drop chocolate chip cookies… all about the desserts here 🙂

  68. Annie

    Sounds boring, but I would so make cookies first for my darling hubby! He loves them soft and melty in the middle and these pans would be perfect.

  69. Brenda Acevedo

    Just stumbled unto your website. I’m enjoying the gorgeous pics and ideas. Can’t wait to try the recipes!

  70. Kelly Elswick

    Ooh I desperately need new baking pans! I would bake our family recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Everyone loves them! =)

  71. Theresa Smith

    Just found your site and I love it. I can’t wait to try all of the recipes I’ve looked at today. I don’t know which one I would start with….everything looks better than the next. I guess one of the cookie recipes would be first for my 5 kids and maybe try the peanut butter banana bread recipe. It would be great to try them all…..can’t wait….love the site!!!!!!!

  72. Heather

    Hmmmmm so many choices but i think i would go with a classic like chocolate chip cookies because they’re my little monsters favourite.

  73. Natalie J Vandenberghe

    Because today is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, the first thing that came to my mind for the baking sheet is Chocolate Chip Cookies 😉
    I actually need a new Loaf Pan, tho–years ago, I loaned a couple of my bread pans to a friend and she never returned them.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  74. Brenda

    I would love to win these pans. I would make Banana Nut Bread as that is my favorite. I would make Chocolate Chip cookies with the sheet pan. Thanks for giving away these great pans. I know everyone would love to win these.

  75. Aneasa Keen

    I would bake Sugar cookies and use my Cake Cricut to cut out the sugar cookie dough, along with your royal icing recipe! I have only used my Cake Cricut twice; once for fondant and once for cookies…but my HORRIBLE cookie sheets burn anything I bake on them. I am in need of a nice baking sheet or two! Pumpkin and Zucchini bread in the loaf pan…my husband’s favorite!!!!

  76. Jill Bybee

    If I won these pans I think I’d have to make my mother’s recipe for banana zucchini bread and on the cookie sheet….Brownie Krinkles! Cookies made from a boxed brownie mix, oh yeah, they’re awesome!!! Love your blogs and recipes!! Have a great one! 🙂

  77. dawne

    oooh blueberry muffin bread, i have been on a major blueberry craving this week. we had blueberry pancakes for dinner last night 🙂 or maybe banana nut bread, i have some bananas getting ready to go over the edge.

  78. Dawn George

    in loaf pan i would like to try a peanut butter banana chocolate chip bread, and in the baking pan i would love to try your newest recipe of salted caramel kiss cookies as the kiss cookies remind me of my grandma making those for us when kids…

  79. Rachel

    The first thing that I would bake would be a Strawberry Loaf Bread in the Teflon Loaf Pan. Our local HEB prints out their own HEB magazines every month and I just found a recipe for a Strawberry Loaf Bread. It looks delicious and I am sure my 18 month old daughter would love it. She just discovered strawberries and she loves them!


  80. Angela Cook

    I just found this site,so… I want to try all the recipes on this site! I love them all. I can’t wait to start baking. YUMMMMM!

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