Golden Oreo Cheesecake Bars

The eternal debate.
No, I am not talking about Good vs. Evil, Democrat vs. Republican or even Jolie vs. Aniston.
Well, maybe Jolie vs. Aniston…but not today…
I’m talking Chocolate vs. Vanilla.
I mean, it truly is a hard choice…so many different factors play into the ruling…
If it’s ice cream, chocolate wins all the way.
If it’s cake, vanilla is the victor.
Chocolate chips or white chips…hmmm…now we have a problem.
Forget it, I don’t have to choose, I’ll take both!
My house is divided…50/50
BUT if you talk to my husband, vanilla comes out on top 99.9% of the time…only occasionally will he allow chocolate frosting on top of white cake.
When we buy Oreos in our house we buy regular for the kids and Golden for the elders.
Have you seen those Golden Oreos?
They are delicious…the only thing better is the Double Stuff Golden Oreo…I mean if we are going there we might as well go Double Stuff.
You only live once and all that.
I have seen many versions of regular (chocolate) Oreo Cheesecake bars…it seems like a perfect combo…until…oh yeah, you guessed it…
The Golden Oreo Cheesecake Bar.
 A standing ovation would be appreciated but not entirely expected.
Thank you, thank you very much.
It seems like quite an obvious dessert, but these beauties are new to me and every bit as delicious as you would imagine.
So, to all you people out there where vanilla rocks your world, these are from me to you…with love 🙂

Golden Oreo Cheesecake Bars
  • 28 Golden Oreo Cookies, divided 18 and 10
  • 3 Tbsp. melted butter
  • 20-24 wrapped caramels (or a 5.5 oz. bag)
  • 1 Tbsp. water
  • 2 pkg. (8 oz. each) Cream Cheese, softened
  • 1 cup Marshmallow Fluff
  • 1 egg
  1. Preheat to 350.
  2. Crush 18 Golden Oreos (cream and all) in a ziplock bag (or food processor) until they are a fine crumb.
  3. Pour crumbs into a 9" square pan. Add 3 Tbsp. melted butter and combine using your fingers. Press firmly into the bottom of the pan to create a crust.
  4. Bake crust for 10 minutes or until golden and let cool for 10-15 minutes.
  5. While crust is cooling unwrap your caramels and put into a microwave safe bowl with 1 Tbsp. of water. Set aside
  6. Now coarsely chop the remaining 10 Oreos. Set these aside as well.
  7. With mixer beat the softened cream cheese and Marshmallow Fluff on medium speed until combined and smooth, scraping down the sides half way through.
  8. Add your egg and beat for approx 30 seconds on medium until incorporated.
  9. Stir in your chopped Oreos.
  10. Pour this batter into the prepared crust.
  11. Now, microwave your caramels and water for 1 minute on high heat, stirring once after 30 seconds.
  12. When melted drop by spoonfuls onto the batter.
  13. Using a knife, swirl the caramel into the cream cheese batter.
  14. Bake 20-25 minutes until center is set.
  15. Cool for 20 minutes on wire rack and then transfer to refrigerator for 4 -24 hours.
  16. Cut into squares when completely cooled.
adapted from Nabisco

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1. How awesome is it that I am leaving the first comment.

2. Unless someone else is leaving a comment right now and then I'm gonna look pretty dang stupid.

3. Golden Oreos all the way.

5. Team Aniston, no question.

6. These look completely delicious.


I would almost always say chocolate but your cheesecake bars look amazing. In this case I would say vanilla!


When it comes to Oreos I have to say Chocolate, but that looks REALLY good!


I'm a vanilla fan 99.9% of the time. Ice cream, cake, icing, etc, etc. But I've never tried the Golden Oreos! This recipe looks awesome!


These look so Yummy! May have to try some of these this week. I have never had Golden Oreos before.

Oh yeah – Team Aniston all the way!

Lori R.

ohhh my,,, this I will be trying…


In regards to oreos, I have to go with the original – chocolate. Though this recipe may convert me.


Everything you make looks incredibly decadent. Though I am a hardcore chocoholic for sure, cheesecake with caramel and golden oreos sounds pretty darn good to me too:)

Brenna Hawley

These look wonderful! And I'm definitely a vanilla girl 🙂


I have to say, I'm with your husband. I'm a vanilla girl. All the way. Unless you throw caramel into the mix. THAT would be tough.

Love these bars! I actually have never had Oreos…but I will certainly be picking some up so i can make this!

Cookie Sleuth

Can I pick both?!? 🙂 Happy 4th!


I love love vanilla. And I adore vanilla flavored oreos…I buy the "natural" kind at Whole Foods, and I could probably devour the whole box in one sitting. This looks beyond delicious, and I have two packages of cream cheese in my fridge…perfect!

Dream It Up Cookies

Anything that has chocolate in more than one way in the title is what i'm all about. But I can still appreciate the sound and taste of "Golden Oreo Cheescake Bar" Looks delicious 🙂


I could eat a whole pan of these…I'm more of a vanilla kind of guy.

Linda V

Yum golden oreo's, wonder if we will be able to get them here in Australia. I just made some Black Bottom Oreo Cupcakes, it's amazing how yummy they are baked into other things.


awesome, awesome bars. i used to be all chocolate all the time, but i've switched teams–now it's vanilla for me!


These look amazing – gotta try them! Vanilla rocks!!!


Oh man. Those look incredible! Great idea! The debate is a tough one… I have a little vanilla in my coffee every.single.morning. Would love to have one of your bars to go with my vanilla coffee. Mmmmmm.


As long as we're sticking to double stuff oreos, I would happily play for either team.

I have to say, though, that these bars look positively delicious. I'm not sure they'd have the same ooh and ahh factor in chocolate.


I am totally with your husband on the vanilla wagon. I get razzed for it and people can't believe I would choose vanilla ice cream over chocolate, but that just weird-old-me! Thanks for the sweet recipe. Never thought of it, but now that you presented it – I'll give you a standing "O".
(team Aniston, I mean, does everyone forget how weird Angelina used to be?! Wearing a vial of blood necklace and frenching her brother…)

Whimsy Cookie Co.

This looks soooo good!! I will definately have to make this. I am totally a chocolate oreo all the way!!
And Team Aniston!! Angelina…weirdo!!
Thanks for sharing!!


Wow this looks incredible! Sinfully delish!


Vanilla, baby! Hands down no question asked!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! That looks insanely good. I SHALL be whipping it up for myself quite soon. I'm thinking it would make a fine birthday dessert.

Diane {}
Diane {}

Looks delicious, I'm a chocolate girl, but not with my cheesecake or other truly rich desserts then vanilla is the winner 🙂


My daughter was just over my shoulder gasping at how yummy these look, and telling me that we need to go buy some Golden Oreos. She makes me laugh!!

Erin @ Celticheart Designs
Erin @ Celticheart Designs

Gosh that looks so good! I'm gonna make these real soon!

Chef Dennis

caramel and cream cheese batter…your killing me!! those looks so very very good……
great job with the golden oreo's!!


this looks like heaven!! it looks so amazingly good, i would have to say that i am a fan of vanilla all the way, frosting, cake, ice cream..but not on the oreos..chocolate oreos are the only way to go haha. although the golden ones are extremely tasty.


OK, now we're talking vanilla here! And that is my choice, even in ice cream. I have NOT seen vanilla oreos. Have I been under a rock???

These look gooey, decadent, vanillaish, caramelly…all those things I love. Deeeevine!


I'm definitely on the vanilla side of the debate, and this cheesecake looks absolutely heavenly.

Also, your blog has received the Sunshine Award. Stop by my blog to pick it up 🙂 Congrats!


I was just having this debate earlier today! But that is such brilliance, immortalizing golden oreos in a cheesecake bar.
Oh, and Team Aniston ftw.

~Kurious Kitteh


I just melted into a puddle! These are positively divine! Golden oreos and caramel? Heaven!


Love the blog.

I cannot choose between the two, it is like choosing between my children.

You make vanilla look sexy though.


Oh my GOSH. That's amazing! And I don't discriminate between my Oreos. We're equal-opportunity eaters in this household!


ok so i wasn't that interested in these…..until i scrolled down and saw the caramel!!! i love anything w/caramel 🙂

Kristie Maynard
Boy do those look tasty. I have a confession to make, I have never, yes I did say never, had a vanilla oreo! GASP!!!! I know, I'm totally deprived. Well there are a couple reasons.1) in the past couple years my hubby has been listening to some friends and there are some foods that he doesn't want in the house. I know a terrible thing, but he thinks Oreos are the worst snack ever made. Personally, I think he doesn't want them around because he can't resist them. Anyway, we haven't had Oreos in our house for a long time.… Read more »

Fabulous and fun from #631!!! Thanks.


I just found your wonderful blog! I like both chocolate and vanilla. I live chocolate ice cream but if there is chocolate cake I like it to have vanilla frosting. Great recipe by the way.


I never thought it was a terrible, terrible thing that they don't sell golden Oreos in France. Now I really do. This is seriously an awesome, amazing, delicious-sounding recipe!

Alicia (The Red Deer)
Alicia (The Red Deer)

You are leaving me drooling here again!

I have to say that I am a vanilla fan – I didn't even like chocolate when I was young :o|


Holy cow! I love golden oreos. These look amazing! I have to try them. Thanks for the recipe.


Those look A-ma-zing!!! My husband will pass out due to excitement when I make these for him.


I love these bars. I've never cooked with the golden oreos. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I've become a follower of yours.

Jessie -- The Messie Kitchen
Jessie -- The Messie Kitchen

Me: Chocolate
Boyfriend: Vanilla

However, THIS could convert me. I twice gave up chocolate for dares/bets/what have you and discovered the golden oreo. This recipe is honestly, truly something I will make. For sure! Please keep them coming!!


Vanilla! Don't get me wrong i enjoy chocolate. Love this bar recipe. Great job!


wow…this is an amazing bar… ?


I am standing and I am clapping! This looks SO delicious!!!


All I can do is just stare at the picture…That must mean I have to make this asap.


I'm in your same possition. We have some die-hard chocohlic's and some vanilla lovers. Personally I think there is place in the world for both. Your bars really look wonderful and I haven't even thought of using the golden's as a base. Delicious 🙂


oh my I love both, yup both..maybe I can use half and half of each in this recipe…girl these look fab…