Trick or Treat!

Overhead view of Halloween cookies decorated as a pumpkin boy, ghost, and mummy
Here are a few cookies I just made for a a recent order. It was one of those orders where I could basically make whatever I wanted, no specific instructions, except for “Halloween”. Sometimes a little guidance is encouraged, but in this case I had this idea I wanted to try and this was the perfect opportunity.
Trick or Treaters!
Don’t you love the ghost? Just like Charlie Brown 🙂
…and aren’t the little pumpkin boys cute??
cats and bats too…
a little closer
Here they are all bagged up and ready to go…
Trick or Treat!

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11 comments on “Trick or Treat!”

  1. Ok so have I told you I love you. No really I do. I have to say those are the cutest cookies I have ever seen. I love love love them!

  2. These are my favorite Halloween cookies you've (or anyone else so far) baked and decorated. Great, great job!

  3. cookies and cups

    bridget ~ no special cutter, did it freehand, though I thought after that I could have adapted my gravestone cutter. Probably would have been easier!

  4. bridget {bake at 350}

    I LOVE them! That GHOST!!! Too cute! Is it a special cutter?

    I have plans to try a mummy cookie next week. We got scheduled to bring snacks to my son's soccer game ON HALLOWEEN. How perfect is that?!? I can't wait!

  5. The Duchess of Wessex

    These cookies are simply Ah-dorable! VERY creative use of the Gingerbread man cutter. Never would have thought of it… The ghost is too darn cute! Yes, just like Charlie Brown – perfect!

    Thank you for sharing your creative ideas!

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